Avalon 88

Chapter 88

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 Fransisca must be in a lot of pain to endure it.

 After all, she has been soaked in tentacle day after day, and she has become an addict. She also has been disciplined to the point where even doing it herself is indispensable.

 Moreover, she didn’t do it yesterday, and today she is halfway stimulated so that she does not climax today.

 In this condition, Alexis has forbidden her to climax. He ordered her to just be normal.

 Since Fransisca is willing to obey Alexis faithfully, she would have felt a lot of resistance to disobey the order.

 As a result, Fransisca had no choice but to try to behave as Alexis ordered.

 ”Are you all right, Your Highness?”

 Valencia, who knew what was going on, asked Fransisca anxiously.

 Fransisca answered, “Yes, I’m fine,” but her cheeks were still flushed and she looked quite dazed.

 Valencia had already cleaned herself up in the bathroom at Alexis’ request just before the end of the break, and therefore, she was not soaked in fluid already.

 Now, after the break, Alexis and his team continued theird discussion on the Avalon case in the command center.

 This time, however, with all the main members present. The purpose is to review the structure of the previous dungeon and explore new strategies.

 Surrounding the table in the command center are Alexis, Fransisca, Valencia, Sara, Maria, and Dorothea.

 The other five, except Maria, must have known the situation with Alexis, but even so, Fransisca seemed to be a bit embarrassed to be publicly dressed up, even though it was a serious scene. Fransisca is therefore not ashamed of the fact that she is not asked to do so.

 Fransisca, therefore, decides to hold back and tell no one.

 (Don’t worry. It’s okay, as long as I keep my mouth shut. If I just keep quiet and let the moment pass, I can manage…)

 Fransisca thinks.

 ”So, about the dungeon—”

 Alexis starts talking quietly, but does not look at Fransisca.

 He ran his pen across the paper and used illustrations to make his story clear to everyone present.

 ”We have been advancing through the dungeons by finding stairs and descending to the lower layers, and in each dungeon, there is always a monster that seems to be the boss at the “Boss layer”. If we defeat the boss, the next time we enter the dungeon, it will be a different dungeon—assuming we call this an area, we are currently in the fourth area.”

 Alexis had intended to represent each area as a box shape and to write down the objects he saw there, but…

 ”…Alexis-sama! May I make a point?”

 Valencia raises her hand cheerfully.

 ”Good, say it!”

 Alexis encouraged her to raise her hand, and Valencia said with a serious look on her face.

 ”Yes! Frankly speaking, I don’t know what you are describing!”

 ”…She’s right, Alex-kun, you’re not very good at drawing…”

 Sara follows with a wry smile, and Alexis grunts, “What?”

 ”Then you should draw!”

 Alexis points a pen at Sara, “Oh, I think I’ll pass,” but Sara smiles.

 ”I’m not a good drawer either… Though, I’m used to drawing medical records.”

 ”…Oh. Sara-san, have you improved? I remember when you were at the court, your charts had a reputation for being exceptionally difficult to read…”

 Valencia’s words were rude, as if she had just recalled, but Sara readily admitted, “Well, I think it’s the same now,”.

 ”…That’s mean… You’re no good…”

 Alexis pulled back the pen he was holding out.

 ”Can anyone draw?”

 Alexis asks, and Valencia smiles.

 ”Alexis-sama, you didn’t tell me to draw…”

 ”Well, to be honest, I don’t think a rough type like you can do the delicate work of drawing.”

 Alexis replies crisply.

 ”That’s terrible, Alexis-sama! …But that’s true…”

 Alexis responded to Valencia, “As expected,” he added.

 ”Well, that’s not the first problem. I mean, how can you describe the characteristics of the other areas if we only know the fourth area?”

 Alexis nodded his head reluctantly.

 ”Well, that’s true, but…”

 ”…Hmm. In that case, I was thinking of drawing it myself, but that seems to be difficult too.”

 It was Dorothea who murmured as she folded her arms.

 Certainly, Dorothea would have enough skills to draw blueprints and pictures of the finished product since she usually works as a blacksmith.

 ”Well, then, is there anyone else I can ask?”

 All eyes in the room were focused on Fransisca.

 Fransisca, who had been in a daze, was startled when she noticed the gaze.

 ”What is ti…!?”

 Fransisca replies hurriedly, but bites her tongue.

 She takes a deep breath to make up for it, but the fire in her cheeks doesn’t seem to go away.

 ”Oh, um… What is it?”

 Fransisca manages to reply, but it seems that the people around her have sensed that she is out of her usual routine.

 ”What’s wrong, Your Highness? Are you not feeling well or something?”

 Dorothea asks, and Fransisca shakes her head sharply.

 ”Heh. Oh, no, I’m fine! I’m… fine, that’s why…”

 Fransisca turns bright red and turns her eyes toward her knees.

 Under the table, she fidgets her legs. Fransisca is startled when she hears a small sound from the still wet and soggy secret place.


 Fransisca bit her lip and tried to hold back the urge to move her legs.

 And as a result of her obedience to Alexis, Fransisca is not wearing any underwear today. Consequently, Fransisca could not do anything but keep silent, although she knew that her love juice was soaking the chair.


 Sara seemed to have noticed something and uttered a small sound, then she turned her eyes toward Alexis. She looks at him with a questioning look, and Alexis decides to smile back at her. Then Sara’s gaze changes to a look of dismay.


 ”What is it? I mean, Fransisca seems to have a talent for drawing, doesn’t she?”

 ”Indeed, Her Highness has always enjoyed painting and embroidery in her spare time.”

 After Valencia blurted out the words, she noticed Fransisca’s reproachful eyes on her.

 ”Ah! I’m sorry, Your Highness! I didn’t take your current situation into consideration…”

 ”Current situation? What’s wrong?”

 Dorothea’s question is directed to Valencia.

 Maria, who is not the type to speak out, remains silent, but the look Dorothea gave showed that she was concerned about the situation.

 ”No, nothing! I mean, it’s nothing!”

 Valencia answered quickly because she herself has a strong sense of morality. However, Valencia was not good at making things up as she went along, which made Maria and Dorothea look at her more suspicious than she had intended.

 ”—Well,” Sara offered a helping hand.

 ”I think it’s nothing too. Her Highness just a little tired. After all, she didn’t have a life like this before, but she’s been on her guard ever since Avalon broke out.”

 Sara’s offer of help came as a surprise to Fransisca.

 ”Uh… Ah, yes…”

 Fransisca nodded her head slightly, looking puzzled.

 But no matter what Valencia and Sara thought, they could not drown out Alexis’ naughty thoughts once they were turned on.

 ”Just as well. I’ll leave it to you then.”

 Alexis handed her a pen, and Fransisca had no choice but to accept it without saying anything.

 (Oh, um… Please don’t make me do this right now…)

 Fransisca tries to get Alexis’ permission by just looking at him, but Alexis’ gaze is telling her to do it. So…

 ”I… I understand…”

 Fransisca eventually responded in a muffled voice.

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