Avalon 205

Chapter 205 [Female Merchant] A Dream Only for Today

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Even if she thinks she is soiled, a fresh girl is still a fresh girl.

 So, thinking about it, Alexis takes off his clothes first and waits for her in the bathroom.

 When she doesn’t come, he asks her, “Are you done yet?”

 ”Ah… A, A little more…”

 That’s all Alexis hears through the door, so he opens the door and extends his hand.

 ”Did you take off your clothes?”

 He asks her, and she replies, “Well… yes.”

 ”When you’re ready, take my hand.”

 Alexis hears her gasp at his words.

 But at least it was easy enough for her to touch, and soon her hand was on Alexis’ palm.

 Being a merchant’s daughter, she has to be more concerned about her appearance than others in her work.

 Probably because of her job, her hands were smooth down to the tips of her fingers, and her nails were well-groomed and in good shape.

 He pulls her hand and pulls her in behind the door.

 He then gently covers her eyes with his hand to prevent her from feeling shame when she recognizes a naked man and woman.

 ”Ah…” Ilaana takes a small breath.

 ”This hand…”

 Ilaana’s bare skin touches Alexis’ body.

 ”Today, too, this is how Conqueror protected me, isn’t it?”

 Ilaana’s body is close to his, and Alexis can feel the sensation of her modest but firm, soft breasts and her heart pounding in her chest.

 Thinking it again, Alexis had never held a brown-skinned woman before.

 So he stares at her beautiful, shiny, wheat-coloured skin.

 Well, many of the people in the Dushan Kingdom, which is located further south than Sagrado and Krangal, are relatively dark-skinned. Among them, Ilaana’s skin is exceptionally shiny and beautiful.

 Her skin colour is beautifully reflected by the bright red color of her wavy hair.

 While he was staring at her, the tentacle between his legs started to move.

 When the tip rubs against Ilaana’s thigh, she shudders.

 ”Then… Are you ready to settle down now?”

 Ilaana slowly opened her eyes, which had been closed.

 ”If you like my cock, I’ll do it. So much so that there won’t be room for any other man. —Are you sure?”

 Alexis’s cock moves, wiggling, asserting its presence.

 Ilaana was speechless when she turned her head and saw it.

 ”Eh… What’s going on?”

 After a few beats, Alexis’ eyes widened.

 ”Well, there’s been a lot going on. And it’s just a little youthful indiscretion.”

 ”I don’t think it’s a youthful indiscretion…”

 ”Well, more importantly, what do you think? If you don’t like it, I’ll stop”

 As Alexis was about to say this, her fingertip touched something.

 ”No, it’s not gross. It’s more like…”


 Ilaana smiles awkwardly at Alexis, who is puzzled.

 ”Conqueror’s thing, it’s so different, it doesn’t scare me at all. Oh, I was worried that I might scare you even though I said so myself. I’m afraid I’ll remember what you said before. But this is from Conqueror…”

 Ilaana’s eyes are fixed on the object.

 ”It’s strange. It doesn’t look like a man’s genitalia.”

 Listening to her words, spoken with a downcast look on her face, Alexis felt mixed feelings about whether to be happy or sad.

 But if it makes her feel better, he should interpret it as a good thing in this case.

 So, he regains his composure and reaches for the shower.

 When he pulls out the water from the shower, she shudders, perhaps startled by the sudden splash.


 The water rinses her body, which seems to be tense and stiff.

 Under the shower, he hugged her again and reached out his hand to her breast.

 When he strokes them gently, her breath escapes from her lips.

 ”Oh, um, mmm…”

 Her response is awkward.

 She is still nervous, Alexis thinks.

 Still, Ilaana’s breasts are modest but well-shaped and soft.

 He touches the tip of her breast, to the bud that has not yet begun to assert itself but is still very fresh.

 ”Mmmm,” she lets out a small moan.

 ”Haah, haah… Conqueror… Mmmm…”

 Ilaana wriggles, her face bright red, and Alexis asks, “You don’t want it?”

 She shakes her head.

 ”No… well… I’m the one who asked you to do it. It’s just—”

 Ilaana’s eyes look up at him, still uncertain.

 ”I’m just wondering because I’m soiled. I’m worried that I’m making you force yourself…”

 At these words, Alexis covers her lips with his instead of answering.

 Ilaana turns red and closes her mouth against the light kiss.

 ”Haaah, hmm. Haaahh—hmm, hmm…”

 Her voice gradually becomes sweeter and sweeter.

 The tips of her breasts are hard to the touch of Alexis’ hand.

 Then, while leaving the shower running, he touched her breast and kissed her for a while.

 The brown girl’s first reaction makes his p*nis groan with a desire to enter her, but Alexis is patient. Because Ilaana’s hand did not touch his p*nis at all.

 The first touch was light, but her hand was wandering in the air the rest of the time.

 It is a sign that she still cannot shake off her resistance.

 Finally, Alexis takes her hand.

 At the same time, Ilaana’s eyes closed open.

 He catches a glimpse of a frightened expression on her face.

 (As I thought, she is afraid even if she is not afraid)

 She must have thought that he would force her to touch his p*nis.

 So, he pulled her hand and made her put it behind her back and stroked her red hair as they embraced in a close embrace.

 ”It’s a beautiful color”

 Alexis says, and her eyes flicker.

 ”Your skin color is beautiful, too. In my country, this kind of skin is rare—And I think it’s very, very beautiful”

 He touches her thin neck with his lips, and her body jumps.


 Her stifled, but loud voice leaks out.


 Ilaana covers her mouth with her hands as if she is upset.

 Still, Alexis traces his tongue along her neck, holding her close.

 ”Ah, ah…”

 A tingling sensation crawls up her body.

 Her eyebrows are furrowed, and her body shivers.

 ”Haah, haah, C-Conqueror…!”

 Her hands press against Alexis’ head with a voice filled with agitation. She is resisting.

 ”Stop, I have a strange sensation. I can’t believe I’m feeling this…”

 But ignoring her tearful voice, Alexis runs his tongue up to the cleavage of her breast.


 Her body trembles.

 Her knees were shaking, and she was about to fall down, but she held herself up with her hands.

 ”Ah, no. Don’t do that, ahh!”

 She pushes Alexis’ head again and tries to pull away, but her strength is too weak.

 Now Alexis gently runs his tongue over her breast. At the same time, he strokes her thighs so that the tip of his p*nis is entwined with her thighs.

 ”Ahhh, no… Conqueror, don’t do that…”

 For Ilaana, this is something she never expected to feel.

 She had never expected to feel such sweet sensations crawling up her body.

 Imagining herself in disarray is horrifying.

 The thought of herself being disturbed by the hands of this noble man makes her feel terrible.

 (But I…)

 If only she could be soiled by his hands… If the stain is given to her by this noble person, she won’t think it’s dirty. At least, that’s what she thought.

 (That’s why I…)

 She’s not going to look at a noble man with dirty eyes and feel for him.

 If such a thing happens, she will feel dirty like the man who defiled her.

 ”No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please, no more. I don’t want to feel it, I don’t want to feel it too much…”

 Even if she says so, Alexis does not stop but says, “It’s okay, even if you feel it,” and he finally extends her tongue to the nipple.

 He rubs her breasts with both his right and left hands.

 And the Cowper juice from his p*nis rubbing against her thighs makes a gurgling sound.

 ”Ahhh, ahhh, Conqueror…”

 Ilaana knew clearly that everything in her body was going wrong.

 It is not only his tongue that brings out the immoral feeling. The feeling of a man’s p*nis crawling on her body awakens a zinging heat.

 She clearly understands that her secret place, which she can’t touch forever, has a sweet heat.

 (It can’t go any further…)

 She closes her eyes tightly, trying to at least keep the lusciously moving p*nis out of her sight. But

 ”If it goes any further… I’ll want it…”

 These words leaked out of her mouth unconsciously.

 Immediately, she covers her mouth with her hands in a panic.

 And hearing this, Alexis’ green eyes are staring at her.

 ”You want it soon? Do you want this?”

 He asks, wiggling his dick.

 Ilaana turns her head.

 ”Ah, no. That’s…”

 Ilaana puts pressure on her hands, which are still covering her mouth.

 ”No, that’s… that’s…”

 The greatest perplexity is her own desire.

 She couldn’t believe that she actively wanted him to do something that had caused her so much pain.

 She couldn’t believe it herself.

 Then, after a while of silence, Alexis smiles at her.

 ”What do you think? This act is… quite different depending on who you’re with, isn’t it?”

 A big male hand reaches out and strokes Ilaana’s hair.

 And Ilaana likes this hand.


 Ilaana’s eyes close involuntarily from the comfort.

 ”Do you feel hesitant to get dirty with me? Or do you feel like you’re defiling me?”


 Ilaana trailed off, and Alexis laughed.

 ”What is it? Didn’t you ask me to do it?”

 ”Well, that’s… true, but… But I didn’t expect you to do this…”

 Ilaana’s lips pout, forgetting her position.

 ”I wish you would at least show me a little of your male dirtiness. Then I would have felt a little more like it was mutual. I wouldn’t have felt this way…”

 ”Would you have preferred me to be a little more forceful?”

 Saying this, Alexis picks her up in his arms.

 ”Hyaa,” she lets out a little squeal as Alexis turns on the faucet and turns off the water to the shower, still holding the merchant in his arms.

 ”I’m not trying to say that I liked it better when you were forceful…”

 Ignoring her words, he left the bathroom while holding her in his arms.

 She seemed to be getting used to naked men and women, so Alexis returned to the room and made her lie on the bed.


 She seemed to feel shame again in that situation.

 Ilaana’s cheeks turned red, and she closed her mouth.

 ”If you’re a merchant, you should have a better poker face and be more articulate, shouldn’t you?”

 Alexis teases her, and she turns away.

 ”Well, you could say that. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be with you either. I’d do a lot better if it weren’t for you.”

 ”I see,” Alexis said, smiling.

 Ilaana stiffens again and shuts her mouth as he leans over her.

 ”Well, you’ve lost some of your energy, but it’s back!”

 He bent down to cover her lips with his lips.

 With that, Alexis finally reached out his hand to her secret place.

 When his fingertips touched her inner thighs, she shivered, and her legs closed tightly together.

 ”Hey! I can’t touch it unless you spread it.”

 He lightly scolds her, and Ilaana growls, “Ugh.”

 ”I don’t know what to do…”

 ”It’s not good to be conscious. Just don’t need to think about it”

 Alexis covers her eyes with his hand.

 He guessed that her stare might be bothering her.

 And it’s true. Her legs relaxed.

 Seeing this, Alexis slips his hand in.

 His fingertips then touch her pubic mound, which is covered with the same red hair colour as her hair.


 Ilaana’s body jumps sharply.


 Alexis wonders, seeing her clearly sensitive reaction.

 But then he continues to run his fingers through her hair and into the crack of her pubic mound.

 ”Ah, ahhh!”

 Ilaana’s body twists.

 A sticky, clear liquid trickles onto his fingertips. Her love juice was already oozing from her crack.

 Still, he stirred the bottom of the muddy pool, letting the liquid lubricate his fingers.


 Ilaana squeezes the sheet tightly.

 Her knees are shaking.

 ”Ahhhh, dwon’t… That’s too much… That’s, ahh…!”

 Her hips bucked and jerked repeatedly.

 ”It’s so good… it’s coming Conqueror…!”

 Ilaana’s hand reached out.

 Alexis reached out to grasp her hand with the hand that had been blocking her vision.

 But then, she shakes her head and says, “No, no…” even though she finally speaks out her true feelings.

 ”Please keep my eyes closed. Don’t open them.”

 Seeing her wet eyes pleading with him, Alexis realizes.

 ”Hey, you…”

 Naturally, a grin breaks out on his face.

 ”You like to be blindfolded, huh?”

 He covers her eyes with his hand again, and her body shivers.

 ”Haah, haah. Don’t say that…”

 But when he lightly touch her secret place with his hand.

 ”Ah, ahhhh!”

 Her violent response confirmed it.

 ”Ah, no. I’m not like this. Because… Ahh!”

 Just by lightly probing the muddy depths of her honey pot with a finger, her reaction becomes even more intense.

 ”No, don’t do that…! Ah, ah, ah, please don’t tease me, ahhh!”

 Her hips are turned away, her body trembling.

 ”Ah, ah— ahhhh!”

 Her voice is rising. It’s like she’s about to come.

 But at that moment, Alexis stops his hand.


 Her voice sounds as if she’s lost in thought.

 Alexis pulls off the blindfold and covers her body again.

 ”Haah, haah, C-Conqueror… W-Why…?”

 Ilaana’s eyes are completely wet with lust. She clings to Alexis on top of her body with her arms outstretched.

 ”Please, don’t stop. You promised you’d clean me up—”

 She wriggles as she rubs herself against him, and Alexis replies, “Of course—” as he extends his tentacle p*nis.

 ”I’m going to do it right now”

 Her body jumps up when Alexis’ p*nis rubs against her secret place.

 ”Hwahhh. Ah… Y, Your p*nis—”

 Ilaana comes to herself, her cheeks turning bright red as she looks down.

 It’s as if she had forgotten about the existence of male genitalia until now.

 ”Ah, right, I’ll have to keep your eyes closed.”

 Alexis covers her eyes with his hand again. Then, as he does so.

 ”I promised you I’d clean you up, didn’t I?”

 It was Alexis’ turn to confirm the promise.

 She turned away with a start just as he probed the honeycomb with his object.

 Alexis touched it lightly and then separated from it repeatedly as if he lightly kissed it at the tip.

 Then, a squeaking sound was heard.

 ”Ah, ahhh!”

 Her body jumps up.

 Her body is pushed to the limit and receives even the sensation of the male organ as pleasure.

 Finally, Ilaana wiggles her hips and rubs her petals against Alexis’ p*nis.

 ”Hurry up, Conqueror, don’t tease me. Please… Please, Conqueror… dirty me. I want you to make me a mess… I’ve never been like this before! P-Please… haah, haah, it was really true… I’ve never had s*x like this before…”

 Alexis thought he never got tired of seeing so many women who wanted his whole body.

 And thinking this, he stroked her hair and whispered to her earlobe as if he was breathing on her ear.

 ”Ah, okay”

 ”Ah, ahhh—”

 It is one of Alexis’s pleasures to hear the woman’s breath when he gives permission.

 Alexis slowly penetrates the muddy depths with his tentacle.

 ”Nnnn, nnnn, nnnn!”

 Ilaana’s voice changes.

 It becomes a little harder.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, mmm…”

 Her breath was a mixture of pleasure and pain.

 Alexis felt her wet vagina tighten tightly against his dick.

 It must be a mixture of tension, pain, and pleasure.

 ”…First, I have to get rid of the dirt from the last guy…”

 After saying this, Alexis started to move his p*nis slowly.

 He moves his tentacle deep into the vagina, wiggles them, and slowly pulls it out.

 ”Oh, oh, oh—”

 At this movement, her body trembled.

 ”C-Can you get it out? Conqueror… are you okay? My…”

 Ilaana is probably worried because she can’t see it clearly.

 ”Yes, I’m fine. I’m scraping it out”

 While saying this, Alexis repeats the same action over and over again.

 Perhaps this comforted her—Ilaana tightened her hold on him.

 ”Haah, haah… Conqueror…”

 She sounds somewhat sweet.

 ”It’s strange… It’s painful as if I’m on a stake, but it feels so good, like my core is numb—Ah, please put it in deeper”

 In response to her request, Alexis deepened the penetration of his p*nis, which he had tended to shy away from.

 ”Ah, ahhh!”

 Her jaw arched up.

 ”Haah, haah, haah. It hurts, but this is good…”

 She cries out, her whole body trembling.

 ”Conqueror is deep inside me, my whole body is filled with Conqueror…”

 At the same time, Ilaana’s hips start to move slowly.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhh… Conqueror, please fill me up even more. If you do that, it will make me happy. I want you to dye me with your stain…”

 Her first reaction was cute, as she asked for it with her whole body.

 Alexis nodded his head, took away his reserve, and increased the movement of his tentacle.

 ”Ah, hwahhhh!!”

 Her body twitches wildly.

 ”Conqueror! Conquerorrr!”

 She seems to have climaxed, calling Alexis in a sweet voice.

 Her whole body is stiff, and she shakes tremblingly.


 A sweet numbness filled Ilaana’s body, and she could not think of anything else.

 The big hand covering her eyes, the man himself penetrating her, everything felt so good and comfortable.

 ”Ah, ahhh—”

 As the waves settle down, Alexis’s tentacle bounces inside her vagina.

 ”Ahh… I’m going to cum, Ilaana”

 Ilaana knew immediately what Alexis’ whispered word meant.

 And Ilaana, still feeling the sweet numbness in her body, spontaneously “let it out” in her voice.

 Soon, her pulsating vagina filled with hot fluid.

 Alexis’s cock never stopped pulsating.

 When the semen started to overflow from the vaginal hole, Alexis pulled out his cock sloppily, which did not stop ejaculating.

 It was her body that was drenched in a thick white mist.

 The hand that had been covering her eyes was also removed.

 Now, her turquoise eyes, filled with the color of ecstasy, are made to firmly see the tentacle that sprays her body with the white fluid.

 ”Ah, ahhh…!”

 Ilaana let out an exclamation of deep emotion.

 ”Ah, everything… dirtying me up. This is the smell of Conqueror… This is Conqueror…—”

 Ilaana closes her eyes in fascination.

 Alexis, who had finished ejaculating, gently strokes her hair.

 ”Yeah, Ilaana. Did I make you feel better? I’m glad you talked to me so naturally.”

 Hearing that line, her closed eyes opened.


 She looks as if she’s about to make a mistake. And it seemed that she had done so inadvertently.

 ”Ah! What have I done to Conqueror? Please forgive me! Please forgive me!”

 She looked like she was about to cry, and Alexis couldn’t help but smile.

 ”No, it’s okay. It’s easier for me if it’s not so formal”

 ”Huh, what? You’re a conqueror…”

 Ilaana’s face turns bright red, and she covers her mouth with her hands.

 ”Oh, no. I can’t do this, I…”

 Alexis stares at her as she stares down at him.

 ”Well, you don’t like it?”

 ”No, it’s not that. But…”

 Ilaana sighs and mumbles.

 ”You’re such a noble, honourable man… with no pretense at all. Such, such a person.”

 She turns red and shivers.

 ”Once I know someone like you, I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with any other man. I’ve already fallen in love with Conqueror…”

 The last part of her voice sounded like she was about to disappear.

 But Alexis knew this and blushed.

 ”—but you’re someone I can’t have. You’ll be gone before I know it, after today. I understand it. But that’s why—”

 Ilaana leaned forward and looked Alexis in the eyes.

 ”…I think I can pretend that everything that happened today was a dream. Thank you”

 Ilaana smiles with a tearful expression.

 Her smile is so fragile that Alexis can’t help but think that she is in trouble.

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