Avalon 204

Chapter 204

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 There is a reason why Alexis did not return straight to the capital of Dushan.

 Instead, he went to a small town located in the opposite direction from where he was supposed to go.

 Now, after getting accommodation there, he asked Maria to send him to buy some clothes for Ilaana.

 And with a little bit of extravagance, they got a room with a proper bathtub.

 Ilaana was finally put down on the floor there. Alexis had to do that because she couldn’t walk properly on the way to the hotel.

 He then said, “I will bring you clothes later. You should clean yourself up first.”

 With these words, Alexis left the room with Eden. But as they were leaving, Ilaana squeezed him tightly in the back.

 She still looked pale and trembled.

 ”—Conqueror,” she said, her voice trailing off.

 ”Don’t go. I know it’s selfish. But…I’m scared”

 Alexis felt a thin arm in front of his chest, holding him close, trying not to let go.

 At first, he was troubled and looked at Eden. But Eden looked at her. She looked at him as if she wanted to ask him what to do.


 Alexis sighs.

 There is no way he can just shake off her hand and walk out of the room.

 In the past, he would have snorted at such a situation, but unfortunately, now that he is surrounded by many beautiful women, he is not particularly disturbed by it.

 However, being in the same room with such an unreliable-looking woman is not good.

 So he asks, “What about Eden?” but Ilaana refuses to relax her arms.

 ”…Master. She wants you. She wants you the most”

 Eden spoke up in a whisper.

 ”You know… She’s not a pet.”

 ”She’s in pain.”

 ”Huff… I know that.”

 Alexis growls.

 ”…I’m sorry.”

 Ilaana’s voice sounded muffled. But thinking this was an unsettling exchange, Alexis touched her arm.

 ”Don’t worry about it. Okay, I’ll stay here until you calm down.”

 He said this, but she did not move away from him.

 And since she is holding him, wearing only a thin sheet, he would normally be able to feel her body heat and softness.

 Fortunately, he is now wearing armor. So Alexis doesn’t feel the woman’s softness and can avert his lust.

 ”…I can’t help it.”

 Alexis looks back at Ilaana.

 But then, Eden asks, “Master, what about me?”

 Thinking that she was referring to her role as Ilaana’s companion, Alexis replied, “Well, wasn’t it you who said I was the best to watch her?”

 ”…Hmm, I got it.”

 Eden snaps back.

 ”Master, I’ll leave you to it.”

 ”What? Hey…”

 How can he be alone in a room with a woman?

 While thinking so, he suddenly notices Ilaana’s worried look in his eyes.

 In the end, before Alexis can say anything, Eden leaves the room.

 (What about me? Did she mean it was okay for her to return to her room?)

 When he was in deep trouble, Ilaana said, “I’m sorry”.

 Ilaana apologized again.

 ”I’m sorry for bothering you. I wanted to help you. I didn’t mean to do that. But…”

 Watching her crouching down and feeling her fear, Alexis touches her head.

 Ilaana looked up at him. Her eyes are clinging to him, and he can’t ignore her.

 ”This is the least I can do to help you… Shall we talk for a while until things calm down?”

 Alexis was going to talk with her about random and irrelevant things to make her feel better.

 For example, the Avalon conquest, which he had talked about many times. He had told it many times in his travels.

 So, when they found a chair in the room, they sat in it and began talking.

 Soon, Ilaana said to him sincerely.

 ”…The Conqueror is strong, isn’t he? You have defeated the monster and conquered the unknown dungeon…”

 ”Ah, no… That’s not true—”

 He wanted to add that it’s because he’s with his friends. But…

 ”…I thought I could do it too”

 Ilaana interrupted his word while slumped over.

 ”Those robbers are my father’s enemies. That’s why I wanted to do it with my own hands. Besides the sword, he had a knife. With a woman, they’re more likely to attack. That’s what people told me. But there was something else. —A woman might be able to get close to the boss. So, I thought if I was careful, I could do it. But I was so shallow”

 Ilaana shakes her shoulders.

 ”…I didn’t know. I didn’t know men could be that strong. I didn’t know men could be so scary”

 ”Ilaana… you shouldn’t remember that”

 Alexis tries to stop her, but she can’t stop shaking.

 ”I’m soiled. I have to wash it now… yeah, I have to wash it.”


 Alexis walks over to her.

 He bends down and pulls on her arm, looking insane.

 ”Calm down”

 But she doesn’t stop shaking.

 ”Ah, Conqueror. Please help me…”

 She begs in a tearful, muffled voice.

 Alexis finally pulled her close and embraced her.

 He wraps her tightly in his arms, and her trembling seems to subside.

 ”These hands helped you, didn’t they? …Conqueror.”

 Ilaana breathes, finally calming down.

 ”Oh… I’m…”

 Ilaana’s brown ears, peeking out from her red hair, are stained vermillion.

 ”I don’t feel safe unless it’s you…”

 She said.

 Alexis’ eyes widen in surprise.

 He is too surprised to speak, even though he wants to. Before long, she hugs him tightly.

 ”…Conqueror… Umm…”

 Her eyes are fixed on Alexis as if she is asking him a question.

 ”I know it’s impolite. But…I don’t think I can stand it like this, so… can you please clean me up? Please.”


 Alexis exclaims, and Ilaana turns her head back to hide her red face.

 ”I know I’m just a merchant woman, and you’re a foreign king. But you should be willing to let me dream for one night only. I’m not saying I want to join your harem. But can’t you at least treat me tonight?”

 She tightened her arms around him.

 ”If you do that, I think my body will be a little cleaner. —Or do you not want a soiled woman?”

 She leans forward, and she stares at him at close range. Alexis thought they were the color of the sky.

 ”No, it’s…”

 Alexis is speechless.

 Inwardly, he rolls his tongue, thinking she’s a cunning woman.

 And she knows it. She knows there’s no way he can refuse an invitation in this situation, which is why she’s approaching him.

 But there is only one question he wants to ask her.

 ”Are you sure it’s me?”

 A simple question.

 The complex he developed from surrounded by his gorgeous older brothers is now long gone.

 But he still thinks.

 ”Surely, I am a king. And I’m in a position where I have no problem with women from the outside. —But I’m afraid I don’t have the body of a normal man.”


 Ilaana blinks.

 ”If you’re curious, why don’t you join me? There’s a bathroom at the end of the hall.”

 Alexis points to the bathroom door at the back of the room.

 Ilaana’s eyes drifted hesitantly for a moment, but she nodded shortly.

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