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Chapter 57 [Maid] Bondage and Anal in Front of the Lord’s Eyes

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 Fransisca, who is still lying on the bed looking pouty and catching her breath

 Next to her, Alexis gestures to Fatima

 ”Eh… H-Her Highness is so close…”

 ”She can see us anyway. Wherever we do it, it’s the same, isn’t it?”

 Fatima groans as she notices that Fransisca’s amethyst eyes are vaguely turned toward Fatima

 Indeed, the bed is large enough to comfortably sleep four people, even three..

 ”E-Excuse me…”

 Fatima said no to no one and climbed into bed with Alexis. No, she must mean to Fransisca

 The Sagrado people had always been monogamous since ancient times, regardless of whether they were commoners or royalty. This is a rare custom in the world. As in Krangal Kingdom, it is more common for royalty and nobility to be allowed to have multiple wives

 Nevertheless, whatever the general public may think, it is obvious that the current situation is impossible for Sagrado sensibilities

 This makes them feel like they are doing something terribly abnormal and wrong

 Anyway, Alexis sits cross-legged and speaks to Fatima, who is reddening and fidgeting

 ”If you are a slave, you have to take off your clothes voluntarily when your master calls you on the bed, don’t you?”


 Fatima begins to undress as she was told

 First, she loosens her ribbon and then unbuttons her blouse

 She feels that she is an unfit caretaker to do such a wrong thing in front of the pure and innocent princess

 Still, Fatima’s blouse had been unbuttoned, and she spreads it to the right and left, revealing her breasts

 Alexis smiles at the full breasts that spill out

 ”You still have nice tits, don’t you? Come on, let me check them out. Try to handle my dick with them.”

 ”Eh… what do you mean, handle it?”

 ”You’ve done it before, right?


 Seeing Fatima’s doubtful look on her face, Alexis remembered

 Yes, she had. But she was always blindfolded, so she probably didn’t know what she was doing

 ”That’s how it’s done”

 Alexis pulls Fatima’s arm and pulls her close

 He grabs Fatima’s chest from both sides as she falls down, and squeezes her breast into his legs

 The soft, yet smooth fruit envelops his p*nis

 As he moves it up and down, Fatima lets out a puzzled cry

 ”W-What… Ah, ah…”

 Fatima stares at Alexis’ p*nis as it slides in and out of her breast

 She gets nervous because Alexis is muttering under her breath, “Huff… it still feels good as usual”

 (I0I can’t believe my breasts are being used like this… I always thought they were too big, but now they look like a naughty tool to make Alex’s p*nis feel good…)

 Fatima chokes up with excitement

 Her eyes are wet with excitement as she gazes at Alexis’ cock and the movement of her breasts, while her body is stiff and still, as if she is trying not to move at all

 Noticing her discomfort, Alexis stops moving his hand once

 ”What’s the matter? Are you nervous?”

 ”Uh, ah…”

 Fatima’s gaze drifted

 ”Ah, yeah. I just, I don’t know… something’s not right, and I’m worried…”

 ”Hmm… okay. Well, why don’t you take off your clothes and wait?”

 Alexis says and gets off the bed

 ”What?”, Fatima mumbles and freezes

 Then, Fransisca, who had been beside her, said to her, “You’d better take off your clothes”

 ”Alexis-sama told you to take it off, didn’t he?”

 Fransisca finally got up and turned to face Fatima, who was blushing bright red at the sight of each other


 ”Are you worried? Don’t worry, he won’t do anything really bad.”

 With these words, Fransisca moves her hands on Fatima’s clothes and starts to take them off slowly, which makes Fatima upset

 ”Y-Your Highness…”

 Fransisca smiles as she looks into Fatima’s eyes

 ”If you really don’t want to do something, you can stop and apologize to me. He did this because Fatima really didn’t mind. Do you understand?”


 Fatima exclaims, feeling as if her feelings have been gouged out of her

 But Fransisca still slides Fatima’s maid’s dress off her shoulders and takes off her blouse

 ”I think you can trust him. You are here because you think so too, aren’t you?”

 At Fransisca’s question, Fatima remained silent for a while

 But then, she nods her head “…yes”

 By the time Alexis returned to the bed, Fatima had properly undressed, although Fransisca helped her

 She is holding her body without a single piece of cloth, fidgeting and clutching her body in an uncomfortable manner

 Alexis watches for a while as both of her breasts, crushed by her arms, change shape

 ”Ugh… D-Don’t stare at me, Alex…”

 Fatima protested, turning bright red

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Alexis said, pulling out a rope

 ”Eh… are you going to do that? In front of Her Highness?”

 Fatima concerned about the presence of Fransisca, who was still sitting next to her. Fransisca also seemed to be in a daze, not knowing what Alexis will do

 ”Yes, of course”, Alexis said crisply and climbed onto the bed

 ”Here, stay still.”

 ”Ugh. I can’t be still!”

 ”Fransisca, control your poor maid!”


 Fatima could do nothing but grunt and groan as Fransisca held her back

 Compared to Fatima, Fransisca is smaller than Fatima, but whe is usually a vanguard attacker. So, she could seize Fatima more firmly than she expected

 At this moment, Fatima secretly regretted her lack of exercise

 Meanwhile, Alexis applies the rope make-up to Fatima

 Fatima feels embarrassed to be tied directly to the rope over her naked body, as if she will burst into flames. However, because of Fransisca’s restraint, Fatima could not resist

 ――Or did she not try to resist?

 ”A-Alex… no, not like this in front of Her Highness…”

 Fatima, who had finally been bound in turtle-shell bondage, could do nothing but tremble with her whole body turning bright red

 When she is bound with the ropes, her breasts and body are emphasized, making her look more attractive

 This is evident as Fransisca’s reaction is breathtakingly silent

 ”This makes you feel safe, doesn’t it?”

 Alexis extends his hand to her

 But being told like that in front of the princess, Fatima can’t be honest with her

 ”S-Stop… Don’t make me look like a pervert!”

 Fatima twists her hips but Alexis hugs her

 ”But you’re a pervert, right?”

 Alexis restrains Fatima’s body, and then reaches for her secret place

 ”ah, no, no…”

 Fatima had no choice but to resist weakly. Because..


 Alexis’ fingertips made a muddy sound

 ”――It’s a wet, after all”


 No matter how hard she tries to keep up appearances, her body cannot lie

 Fatima turns her head down, feeling that her true feelings have finally been exposed

 (T-That’s right. I’m… I’m such a pervert. I’m the kind of pervert who gets aroused by Alex’s dirty behavior while Her Highness is watching…)

 This feeling arouses Fatima’s excitement

 And as Fatima felt this, Alexis moves his fingers along the rope in the muddy water

 ”Ahhh, mmm…”

 Fatima wriggles involuntarily, and Alexis whispers in her ear from behind

 ”Don’t keep your voice down. Just squeal like you always do.”

 ”A-As usual? Hiiii”

 Fatima shudders and turns red

 ”No, don’t. I don’t want to teach Her Highness something she shouldn’t know.”

 Fatima tries to keep her voice down, but her body reacts no matter what she does, and her cheeks turn redder and redder

 ”You don’t want to teach her what not to do?” Alexis laughed

 ”What are you talking about? Fransisca has more experience in this.”

 ”Ugh. Alex is terrible. Alex is the worst…”

 Fatima complains, and Alexis push her down on the bed

 Since she was only bound with a turtle shell, she tries to resist with her hands, but Alexis grabs her hands and holds them tightly


 She gave him a frustrated look

 But Alexis responded, “You like it when you can’t move, don’t you?”

 ”No. But…”

 ”You’re usually so open about it”

 ”No, I can’t admit it in front of Her Highness!”

 Fatima’s tone gets a little tense, but Alexis says, “Well, it’s okay.”


 ”Because, you’re so honest here when I done it on here”

 Alexis moves his hand on Fatima’s butt

 Since she is on all fours, he can get a good view of her anus

 The ropes were spread out to the left and right so that they would not get in the way, and there was no way to cover them

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