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Chapter 57 [Maid] Bondage and Anal in Front of the Lord’s Eyes

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 Fatima choked, and she was aware of it

 It was twitching and writhing, waiting for Alexis’ stroke

 ”Don’t you like it when you don’t have this?”

 Alexis says, and presses his cock against Fatima’s anus


 ”Here, I’m going to give you this, which you’ve been waiting for, and you’re going to eat a lot of it.”

 As soon as he said that, Alexis pushes his cock into Fatima’s slimy body


 Fatima squealed out in an uncontrollable voice

 ”Haaaaahhh, ahh, Alex…”

 With tears in the corners of her eyes, Fatima looked at Alexis, but there is nothing she could do about her melted expression

 Every time Alexis’s cock rubbed the wall of her intestines, she knew that this is the sensation she had been waiting for

 The place where she used to feel a foreign sensation now gives her nothing but a trembling, thrilling pleasure

 ”Ahh, ah, huff, ah!”

 She couldn’t hold back her voice

 And with that, she felt a tingle in her womb

 She had never felt anything but pain, but she could already taste the taste of Alexis’s p*nis… – Even though she knew it was painful, she wanted to have it

 Now, Fatima is confused by these two contradictory feelings as Alexis fucks her anally


 Alexis’ tentacle-like thing dives deep inside her..


 Slowly this time, Alexis’ tentacle is pulled out from inside Fatima’s intestines

 The long strokes are beyond the capabilities of ordinary men, and the sustained sensations quickly crush Fatima’s back

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 Fatima seemed to have reached her goal. After all, her whole body trembling

 ”Oh, come on, that was fast. You really wanted to be fucked by my dick, didn’t you? I told you to tell me when you’re cumming, didn’t I?”

 Instead of releasing her wrists from behind, Alexis pulls hard the cord

 Fatima too just throws her hands on the bed and doesn’t try to resist

 She is breathing heavily and moaning softly

 ”Ah… I’m sorry, Alex…”

 ”You know, it’s just… The way you call me that. If you’re a slave, you have to address me properly, don’t you? I’m your master.”

 He points out and again makes his cock penetrate deep into Fatima’s anus

 Alexis’ smile deepens at the sensation of the anus clamping down on his cock as it twitches and twitches

 And Fatima herself seems to be overcome with a sense of resistance as she is tied and penetrated

 ”Ahhh… Master, sir…”, Fatima said

 ”Yes. Great job, Fatima.”

 Alexis patted Fatima’s head and praised her, although he felt as if he had stolen a vassal from another master

 In fact, Fransisca seems to think the same thing and turns her eyes toward Alexis as if she wants to say something. However, she seems to be more intrigued by the lewdness that is going on in front of her..

 ”As a reward, I’m going to put my cock deep inside you again.”

 Fatima’s face changes color as Alexis begins to work his cock deep into her bowels again

 ”Ah… Ah, no, please forgive me… Ah, ahhhh! Ah, no, no more, no more! I’m going crazy… ah!”

 Fatima twists and shakes her ass, trying to resist the pleasure

 ”Ah, ah, ahhhh!”

 She shakes her head no, shaking her body

 ”If it keeps going like this, I’m going to cum again…”

 ”If you’re going to cum, why don’t you say so?”

 ”Ah, no, not in front of Her Highness, not like that…”

 Tears stream down Fatima’s cheeks, but it’s not long before she says

 ”Ahhh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumnnnming!”

 Fatima screamed uncontrollably

 ”Oh, you’re coming? You know that monster are quiet, but your pussy wants my cum?”

 ”Yes, I want it, I want it, Master…!”

 Fatima rubs her ass against Alexis. And then

 ”Ahhh, ahhhhh!”

 She climaxes a second time with anal stimulation, her whole body trembling

 ”――Kuh, ah!”

 Alexis gasps as the tightening intensifies

 ”Okay, I’m going to make you cum a lot. That would make you happy.”

 ”Uh… I’m happy, I’m happy…”

 After saying that, Fatima let out a small mumble and spilled a few tears

 It looked like she is half in joy and half in resignation

 Still, Alexis poured a lot of semen into her intestines

 Fatima lets out a big breath, feeling both pain and tingling from the sensation of the cum flowing into her intestines

 ”Haah, ah, ah…”

 After that, Alexis pulls out his p*nis, and he finds his p*nis sloshing with semen and other fluids

 He then puts the shriveled p*nis down on the sheet and breathes

 ”Hmm, it’s filthy. Can someone please clean it up?”

 He said deliberately, and soon Fransisca rubbed up against it

 She seemed to be aroused by the previous affair and turned her wet eyes to Alexis and let out a sweet “Alexis-sama” under her shallow breath

 ”Can you leave it to me, please?”

 The flirtatious look she gives him makes Alexis feel both superior and submissive

 ”Yeah, sure. Then lick it off.”


 Fransisca takes a big gulp of her spit, then she gets down between Alexis’s legs and begins to run her tongue over the object

 ”Mmm… Mmm…”

 She seems to get aroused, closes her eyes with a mellow expression on her face, and moves her tongue and face around like a maniac

 At the same time, Fransisca reached down to her own lower body and found herself sucking on Alexis’ cock while running her fingers over her secret place

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm…”

 She seemed to be getting pleasure from it, stroking the p*nis with her mouth while at the same time wiggling her ass back and forth and rubbing her finger against it

 ”Oh, you’re masturbating? Why would you do that without my permission?”

 Fransisca shivers at the sound of Alexis’ exasperated voice

 ”Ahhh… Mmm…. Kiss… Puha…. Because I couldn’t resist…”

 After answering this, Fransisca once again takes Alexis’s cock into her mouth and slurps down the bitter white spunk into the back of her throat

 ”Haah, haah, mmm, Alexis-sama’s smell… Mmm, kiss, slurpp, hwah”

 As Fransisca is sucking the cock with her eyes squinting in fascination, Fatima watches her with a confused look on her cheeks while she is trying to catch her breath

 Alexis notices Fatima and puts his hand on her head

 ”Do you want to clean it up?”

 Alexis pushes the back of her head, and Fatima leans forward

 She leans forward, feeling the semen still poured into her intestines

 As she moves her face to Alexis’ crotch, Fransisca taking her mouth away from the thing and pulling herself a little closer to the opposite side of Fatima

 ”Fatima, this is how it is done.”

 Fransisca smiles happily and licks the side of Alexis’ pole

 Fatima follows her, confused, and flicks her tongue along the side opposite to Fransisca’s

 ”…Mmm, ugh…”

 It’s the first time she tasted a man’s thing on her tongue

 No, it’s not the first time. She had tasted something similar in her mouth once before

 Yes, Alexis once shoved something into her mouth, pretending it was a stick

 (I see… This is…)

 Fatima closes her eyes in embarrassment and, together with Fransisca, runs her tongue over Alexis’s member, chewing the taste of the white molasses

* * *

 ”I felt refreshed. Now that my head is clear, let’s get on with our work today!”

 It was Alexis who lifted up his pants and said with satisfaction

 Along with him, the two women put their clothes back on. However, both Fransisca and Fatima are in a daze

 Alexis is the only one who looked refreshed

 ”Come on, Fransisca, get your head on straight!”

 Alexis says and Fransisca straightens up in a hurry

 ”Fatima, you’re still holding back, aren’t you? Go to the bathroom now.”

 ”Uh… okay, okay…”

 Fatima puts her hand on her stomach and reluctantly gets off the bed

 ”Haah… is this gonna go on like this?”

 Fatima blurted out

 ”…I guess so…”

 Fransisca replied with a wry smile

 ”What the hell, guys? You’re not complaining, are you?”

 Alexis pointed out, and they both shook their heads at the same time, looking flustered

 ”To be honest, I’ve been longing for a life like this…”

 Alexis confides in a passionate tone

 Fransisca and Fatima look at each other again, and both let out a sigh

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