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Chapter 58 [Loli Doctor] She Tries to Observe Me, but I Violate Her and Make Her Pee

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 ”Eh, again?!”

 Sara couldn’t help but say

 Early on the first night of her day off, Alexis came to the doctor’s office and asked for birth control pills

 She had just given them to him yesterday. And Fransisca had also come to visit

 ”…Aren’t you being a little too rough these days?”

 Even Sara had to point this out

 ”Can you tell that I’m getting closer to the royalty instead?”

 Alexis said with a straight face

 ”Well, I don’t deny it. But if you’re going to be so public about it, why don’t you make an heir?”

 ”Well… that’s that, this’s this”

 ”..Haah, In the first place, you’ve got Her Highness on the other side, don’t you?”

 ”…How did you know?”

 ”Of course, I know! Hey, Alex, you’re still our important person, you should be a little more careful…. What if Fatima-chan finds out about this?”

 ”Hmm? Fatima already knew it”

 Sara’s eyes widen at Alexis’ confession

 She then looks at Alexis’ face for a moment and then asks

 ”Did she say anything to you?”

 ”She did, but I told her not to tell anyone.”

 ”Eh…? How did you get Fatima-chan, one of the most stubborn person in the Sagrado kingdom?”

 Sara leans forward with a curious look on her face, not that she is trying to blame Alexis or anything

 After all, she only wants to satisfy her own curiosity

 ”I can’t help it. You’ve always been good to me, so I’ll tell you…”

 Hearing Alexis’s naked confession, Sara was silent for a while and then let out a sigh

 ”Alex-kun’s p*nis has finally silenced Fatima-chan… Well, I can understand that… After all, your p*nis is kind of foul”

 ”Is that so?”

 Alexis asked back without thinking. As usual, he was only aware of his disgusting crotch that had been mutated by being deceived by an old mage who was an authority on s*xual magic

 ”But, for me, I think Fatima is a pervert…”

 ”…Isn’t that a little too terrible?”

 Sara couldn’t help but smile knowing that Alexis was unaware of it

 But soon after, she cut the conversation short by saying, “Well, it’s okay”

 To Sara, other people’s circumstances are of little concern

 ”More importantly…”

 Sara jumped out of the chair she was sitting in and walked over to Alexis

 ”Do you have any idea how much it costs to make birth control pills? You guys always come and get them for free, but they’re not free. In that sense, could you be a little more careful?”

 Alexis groaned as he is being stared

 Sara is still an intimidating girl who doesn’t match her physique. Or is she a little girl? Or a woman? Anyway, it doesn’t matter

 ”That’s what I’ve been told. Well, if that’s the case, I wouldn’t mind sending a letter to my father for more pay.”

 ”You’re thinking of paying for it? Okay”

 Alexis flinched when Sara folded her arms and looked at her with a serious look in her eyes

 ”No, you yourself said just now that it’s not free, didn’t you?”

 ”That’s not what I meant! Don’t you have something better? To tell you the truth, I’m not interested in anything except unusual things.”

 Alexis moved his upper body as the two people came so close that their bodies were almost touching

 ”U-Unusual things?”


 ”Hmm? What are you talking about?”

 ”Huh. You know what I’m talking about, right?”

 Sara squints her eyes and smiles glamorously, “Don’t tell me you’ll only let me observe it once, right?”


 Alexis doesn’t like being a guinea pig. After all, he is relatively sadistic. No, he didn’t intend to be a sadist at all

 He was supposed to be a man with normal s*xual proclivities. It’s just that Fransisca, who was so pitiful, made him awaken to a new kind of fetish

 ”It’s okay, Alex-kun, as long as you make yourself comfortable. I won’t hurt you. Okay?”

 Sara said with a smile

* * *

 So Alexis ended up sitting on the bunk as before

 He took off his pants and underwear as Sara told him to, and sat on the bunk on his knees

 The bunk in the small examination room is attached to the wall, so he uses the wall as a backrest

 (I don’t like the idea of doing as I am told, or as I am made to do)

 Unaware that Alexis is thinking like this, Sara comes up on the bunk

 ”Nfufu, I’ve prepared everything for today, don’t worry.”

 Sara brought out a large glass jug. It is usually used for drinking water

 ”Hey, are you going to put mine in there?”

 ”Yup. So today is the day you’re going to make sure you get it out of there, okay? In return, I’m going to make you feel so good”

 With these words, Sara picked up Alexis’s p*nis and began to handle it with both hands

 The examination room was filled with the smell of chemicals. In front of him is a girl in a white lab coat with a flat forehead who looks like she hasn’t even started to show secondary s*xual characteristics yet. To top it all off, she is just giving him a hand job

 It’s not too much to say that this is the opposite of what Alexis likes, but Sara’s technique is more than enough to put Alexis’ cock on the warpath

 ”Ugh, ku…”

 Alexis gasps at the sensation of a small palm stroking up with exquisite force

 At this, Sara smiles at him

 ”Are you starting to feel good? You can come anytime you want, okay?”

 Sara’s hand moves faster

 Alexis thinks that he can come anytime and he feels like a loser

 (Damn, this is it…)

 Alexis moves his hands and fondles Sara’s thin breasts through her clothes

 ”Kyaa,” Sara says with a sigh and a pout

 ”No, you have to be quiet…”

 ”I don’t like it when only you do the things.”

 Alexis says this and pulls Sara’s clothes to her upper chest. This exposes not only her young breasts, but also her slim waist, abdomen, and cotton pants with a small ribbon

 ”Hey, wait a minute. Alex-kun!?”

 Even Sara sounds impatient when she is exposed in this way

 But Alexis smiles at Sara

 ”If you want to observe mine so much, it’s not fair if you don’t let me observe yours, is it?”


 Sara said, but she doesn’t reject

 And now, Sara’s small hand is working on Alexis’s cock while Alexis also moves his hands and pinched Sara’s small nipples

 As he rolls his finger over the tip of the pale bulge, Sara’s cheeks become flushed and her breath begins to come in ragged gasps

 ”Oh, ah…, ah, Alex-kun…”

 Sara is dazed and gives him a reproachful look

 But she was beginning to feel it, and there was a sweet tone in her voice

 ”All guys are perverts. Didn’t you know that?”

 Alexis looked Sara, who was a little surprised, and he wondered if it was a matter of pride for Sara

 At this, she replies in a slightly stronger tone, “Yes, I know!”

 Alexis smiled, feeling that he had found an unexpected weakness

 ”Don’t tell me that the more experienced ‘Sara-san’ feels it more than me? Wouldn’t it be a big deal if I was being touched by a little girl?”

 When he dare to call her “Sara-san”, she seems to feel agitated and makes a miffed expression on her face

 ”I-Isn’t it natural? If you understand, Alex-kun, a young boy like you should leave it to this sister instead of competing with her…”

 ”I’m not competing with you. After all, I’m a young boy. You know that I will touch a woman’s body if I was being touched on my dick like this, don’t you?”

 ”Well… yeah, I get it, but…”

 ”Go ahead, go ahead, you can keep going”

 Alexis’ words were a blatant provocation

 But Sara snarls and quietly concentrates on handling the object

 (Yes, that’s right. I don’t need to worry about what Alex-kun said…)

 Sara tries to speed up her hand movements in order to make Alexis’ p*nis come out quickly

 Then, Alex’s p*nis seemed to lengthen its length, and then it escaped from Sara’s palm and went toward Sara’s pants

 ”Hey, hey! What are you doing!?”

 He pinched Sara’s nipples, which made her sound upset


 A high-pitched voice escaped from Sara’s mouth

 ”Haah, haah, ah, Alex-kun?!”

 She is crying as she looked at him and Alexis said, “Oh, my dick is so healthy”

 He then quickly slips his tentacles deep into Sara’s pants as he does so

 As soon as the hot muck kissed the glans

 Sara’s whole body shudders, and then she starts to breathe heavily and rest her small body against Alexis’ chest

 ”No, no, don’t touch me there… Mm, mmm…”

 Sara covers her mouth with her hands, trying to keep her voice down

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