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Chapter 58 [Loli Doctor] She Tries to Observe Me, but I Violate Her and Make Her Pee

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 But every time Alexis move his glans back and forth in her slush, a wet sound is emitted

 ”Oh, is it very wet here?”

 Sara growls reproachfully at Alexis, who blurts out

 ”Uh-uh… Alex-kun, you’re so mean…”

 ”Mean? I didn’t mean it. I just couldn’t keep my dick still.”

 As he says this, he stirs Sara’s slime, and Sara’s body jumps and shudders

 ”Hyah… ah, ah, ahn…”

 Sara clutchs Alexis’s clothes tightly, unable to keep her voice down

 ”Ugh. I told you to stay still, didn’t I? Can you listen to me?”

 ”Well, you look like you want something”

 Alexis responded, but he did not stop rubbing his cock against her bush

 At this, Sara can’t help but shiver and tremble

 ”Ah, ah…ah, mmm…. Well, even if you say so…. This is going to make it hard to take data.”

 ”But if you’ve been soaking wet like this, you probably wanted mine sooner or later, didn’t you?”

 With these words, Alexis placed his glans at Sara’s twitching vagina, which was dripping with Sara’s love juice

 Sara shuddered and let out a big gasp

 ”I-It can’t be helped, can it. I’ve been holding back too…”

 Sara looks like she has given up, turning bright red as she squeezes out her voice

 But, while stroking the entrance of her vaginal hole with her glans, Alexis asked, “What do you mean by ‘holding back’?”


 Sara’s body shakes again, and she moves her body tremblingly. Alexis’ tentacles contract as if to escape, leaving only the glans at Sara’s entrance

 ”Haah, haah…”

 It made Sara gasp for air

 ”Hey, hey. I can’t believe you went through all this trouble and didn’t let it in…”

 Sara said, but Alexis responds, “You didn’t answer my question first”

 At this, Sara sighs and glares at Alexis, saying “You’re still mean to me.”

 But Alexis smiles back at her

 ”I don’t mean to be mean. It just makes it harder to get data, if you didn’t answer it”

 ”Ugh,” Sara grunted, and then she reluctantly confessed

 ”N-Now that I know what Alex-kun’s p*nis tastes like… it would be strange if I don’t want to insert it when I see it so close up, okay?”

 Sara says with a bright red face

 ”But it’s going to be hard for you to get the data, isn’t it?”

 Sara looked dumbfounded at Alexis who was still saying mean things even after she had confessed to me

 ”What, what is that? Why!”

 Seeing Sara moving her hips with tears in her eyes, Alexis was sure of his victory

 ”I’m just trying to make it easier for you to get the data. Don’t you think so? Then, can you give me a hand job after that?”


 Sara couldn’t hold back any longer and squeezed her arms around Alexis’ neck

 ”I-I don’t care how easy it is to get the data anymore… So, haah, haah… C-Can I have it? To be honest, I wanted to taste Alex’s p*nis again… So, please… Please…”

 When she whispers sweetly in his ear, Alexis is Alexis, and of course, he will put his cock in her

 But he is careful not to disrupt the situation in which he is currently in the top position

 So, after saying “I can’t help it”, Alexis stretches out his cock

 And *Squelch…! Sara’s small vaginal hole swallowed Alexis’ cock


 Sara welcomed it with a look of melted and debauched

 ”Oh, ah, ah, ah… ah… this, this…”

 Sara moves her hips with an entranced look

 ”Ahhhh… it’s amazing… it feels so good. You know, Alex-kun? It feels so good inside of me.”

 Sara’s lips are placed on Alexis’ earlobe as she whispers to him

 She kisses his earlobe, and Alexis lets out an unintentional “oooh”

 ”Hey, you――”

 ”Fufu… Kiss… Lick… It feels good to be licked here?”

 Sara licks Alexis’ ears while moving her hips, and Alexis feels his hips tremble

 ”Kuh… Hey… you…!”

 Alexis is determined not to come first. After all, he’s stubborn

 So, he grabs Sara’s cheek with his hand and pulls her off with all his might. It’s a feat of sheer strength that only a man of his stature can pull off a small girl

 As he does so, he pushes his cock deep inside her

 ”Mmm… ah, ahhh!”

 Sara’s hips are shaking and trembling

 Alexis, seeing that Sara is about to cum, pushes his lips against Sara’s face, which he had been holding in her hand, just to get back at her

 ”Mmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmm!”

 Sara looks at Alexis with teary eyes, but she chooses to open her mouth for a moment. At this point, she is already fall

 Seeing her mouth open, Alexis’ tongue slips into Sara’s mouth

 Sara’s mouth was small and narrow in proportion to her size. Her tongue was also weak

 But Alexis scooped up his tongue and mixed it with a lot of saliva

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm…”

 Sara’s vaginal walls also writhe as it licks Alexis’ cock from base to tip. Perhaps she is about to cum

 Alexis, too, is about to ejaculate, and he changes the movement of his cock to a more intense one

 He gives long strokes with small movements and light vibrations. Then Sara’s reaction changed obviously

 ”Nnghhh, ah, ah?!”

 Sara’s body trembled with tears in the corners of her eyes at the movement of a thing she had never felt before

 Alexis then pulled his mouth away from Sara’s mouth because she was about to bite his tongue

 Sara’s mouth is stained with saliva, which she does not wipe away, but turns her chin back in ecstasy

 ”Ah, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it… a-amazing, amazing――”

 She said in a slurred voice, and then she shook her body tremulously

 ”I’m cumming… I’m cummmming!”

 This is the first time for Alexis to see Sara’s reaction

 She is shaking her body violently and spurting out the liquid from her secret hole

 ”Ah, ah, ahh…”

 In no time at all, the smell of urine filled the examination room

 Yes… Sara had peed like a child. Sara’s secret passage dripped water and stained Alexis’s pants and bunk in no time

 Alexis felt a sense of accomplishment when he succeeded in making Sara cum first, but Sara immediately looked like she was going to cry when she realized what was happening

 ”Eh, no. I…”

 Sara really embarrassed, which was the first time for Alexis to see such a look

 This made him so excited that he is spraying her cum into Sara’s vagina, which he had been trying to hold back

 The semen swelled up in Sara’s abdomen with a great force

 ”Ehhhhhh… no, stop it…!”

 Sara tried to hold back, but the cum is pushing against her bladder, causing the remaining pee to trickle out

 ”Ugh, uhhh!”

 Sara is about to cry, not having enough time to enjoy the afterglow of her climax

 ”Ah, I’m sorry”

 When Alexis had finished cumming, he apologized to Sara

 ”I didn’t put it in the jug”

 ”Uh… that’s okay… well, I messed up a lot when this happened.”

 After saying that, Sara groans

 She seems to be very embarrassed, and presses her head against Alexis’s chest, trying to hide her face

 ”No way… A-A-At this age… I-I’m peeing…”

 Hearing this, Alexis wonders how old Sara really is

 It is a matter of great concern, but no matter how old she is, she is still a child

 A small bladder, a small vagina. Immature sphincter. That’s all there is

 ”Oh, you peed my pants so hard. Sara’s such a kid.”

 He said this to her, rocking his hips lightly, and Sara groans

 ”Die, die, die!”

 Sara slaps Alexis’s chest with her goo, spitting out the not-so-gentle words

 It doesn’t hurt or itch because of her lack of strength, but she still seems to be seriously hurt

 But Alexis is Alexis, and he isn’t going to back down

 After all, it just a pants. Still, he had to tease her a little more to make her feel better

 ”Oh, Sara, you’re still a child, aren’t you?

 ”I’ll kill you! I’ll assassinate you! I’ll serve you a dose~!

 The words are starting to sound realistic

 Alexis felt that he might be seriously poisoned if he continued the conversation any longer, so he decided to stop

 ”Well, I guess I had no choice this time.”

 Sara groaned in frustration as he put his hand on her head

 ”I-I can’t believe I screwed up… I’ll do better next time. I’ll revenge you next time! And please don’t pat my head.”

 Although the hand on top of his head is brushed off, the next time is assured again

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