Avalon 107

Chapter 107

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 After that, they got back on track and continued shopping. The one-day date came to an end in a flash and they would return home the next day.

 Before leaving, Alexis thought he was going to plug Fatima’s butt again today, but he didn’t do anything and told her to put on her underwear.

 ”Eh? Is that okay?”

 Fatima asked, and Alexis smirked at her.

 ”What? Did you want it?”

 ”No…! It’s not like that!”

 She answered quickly, but Fatima’s cheeks turned red.

 Fatima’s cheeks were flushed because she realized how disappointed she was.

 (I-I don’t know what I’m doing again…)

 She realized that she was definitely happy, even though Alexis had been toying with her most of the time during the past few days.

 After all, she monopolizes him and he monopolizes her. He even controls her excrement, making her feel in every corner of her mind that she is his “property”.

 For some reason, she felt something so satisfying that she resisted going back to the way she was before.

 (Really… I’m no good… I become a bad person…)

 Fatima sighs.

 (Alex is royalty. This is the only time I’m going to have Alex all to myself. But… how could I think of wanting him to keep having me exclusively to himself?)

 Instead of being resolved, Fatima’s feelings for Alexis were deepening.

 In the end, before she could sort out her feelings, Alexis finished his preparations and asked her “Shall we go?”, and Fatima nodded her head helplessly.

* * *

 When they went to the stable in the town, Alexis took back the horse that had been left, attached the load to it, mounted it, and mounted Fatima in front of him. They rode the same way they had ridden before.

 ”Tell me if you get tired”

 Alexis said kindly to Fatima, and she nodded her head, her heart beating wildly.

 He then took the reins and started to kick the horse’s flanks to make it run.

 The view that was so sad to leave was getting further and further away.

 Fatima watches the scene and opens her mouth.

 ”…Hey, Alex.”

 Fatima speaks to the warmth she feels on her back.

 ”What?” Alexis answered.

 Then Fatima said.

 ”…I thought I could control my feelings. I thought it would be a one-time thing until today… It was supposed to be like that. But…”


 Fatima speaks without turning her head to Alexis, who is puzzled.

 ”…I’m not sure I can control it anymore. I might be disrespectful to you, a lot…”

 Alexis realizes that her words were meant to express her concern about the difference in status.

 But he replies, “What are you talking about?”.

 ”I told you from the beginning not to worry about it, right? If I think it’s disrespectful, I should have said from the beginning that it’s not okay to call me Alex.”


 Fatima looks back with a look of emotion on her face.

 And with a tearful smile on her face, she says in a hushed voice

 ”I can’t believe you said that. You idiot… you’re an idiot. Really, you’re so idiot…”

 Seeing Fatima’s expression like that was new to me.

 Alexis was so upset that he yanked the reins to stop the horse from running.

 Fatima turned back this time and hugged Alexis tightly.

 ”…Alex, I love you. I love you, Alex.”

 Fatima said, her voice full of emotion.

 Alexis was surprised and fell silent.

 But Fatima still said to Alexis as she hugged him tightly.

 ”So… I want you to keep me under your control. I want you to control me in body and soul. Please let me be yours and yours alone…”


 Alexis gulped.

 ”Does this mean what I think it means?” He thinks.

 She was supposed to be his slave. But before that, she was Fransisca’s personal maid. What Alexis had only been granted is the right to do with her body as she pleases, however, she is a servant of the princess of Sagrado.

 ”…Are you going to be my personal maid? What about Fransisca?”

 Fatima shakes her head with an embarrassed look on her face.

 ”I know. I know that. I care about Her Highness too. But more than that…”

 Fatima’s eyes fill with tears.

 ”You’ve become important to me. Just as much as Her Highness cares for you, so do I…”


 ”What the hell is going on?” Alexis could not help but think.

 He knows that Fransisca is madly in love with him. But does Fatima love him just like Fransisca?

 However, just the other day she said she didn’t mean it when she said she liked him.

 ”…Are you trying to say that you meant it?”

 Fatima nodded to Alexis’ question.

 ”Y-You don’t like me? Of course… You don’t like me.”

 Seeing Fatima’s depressed figure, Alexis shook his head hurriedly.

 ”Of course I wouldn’t hate you! I’m just a little surprised, that’s all.”

 He said that, although he was actually more than a little surprised.

 But, if he says so, for Alexis, it’s not a bad story, not a bad story at all.

 (This means that she is my potential concubine…)

 Alexis observes Fatima intently, thinking such things.

 It is true that the Krangal royal family would not take a woman as their legitimate wife unless she is a member of the same royal family. But it does not matter if she is a concubine. In fact, Alexis’ own mother was a concubine from a commoner’s family.

 In the case of Fatima, her background itself must be much better than that of his own mother. If so, there should be no problem.

 (Hmm. I guess it’s not a bad idea to take Fatima as a concubine, if I keep Fransisca as my legitimate wife…)

 Before Alexis knew it, he had started to think about his future plans.

 Then, he wonders, “…Wait? Can the Sagrado royal family have concubines?”. But in the meantime, he concluded so.

 —Well, that’s it!

 ”Hey, Fatima, are you sure you want to be mine?”

 With this question, Alexis starts to ride his horse again.

 Fatima, who had been sitting facing him, was startled by the sudden movement of the horse and clung to Alexis’ chest in a panic.


 She had not expected such an answer.

 Fatima’s eyes widened and her cheeks blushed.


 Fatima hesitated.

 These words were not intended for an answer in the first place.

 She just couldn’t hold back, couldn’t control her overflowing feelings, and wanted to tell him. That was all she wanted to say—.

 (Ugh, I’m so happy…)

 Fatima thinks quickly and is on the verge of tears.

 (B-But… I don’t want to bother Her Highness…)

 Fatima thinks about that at the same time.

 She knows well enough that the Krangal royal family is allowed to have more than one woman, but what does the princess think about it? She definitely loves Alexis…

 The thought came to her, and in the end Fatima could not nod.

 ”…Don’t mind it, Alex.”

 Fatima tried to contain her sadness and smiled at Alexis.

 ”I might say something like this. I might not be able to hold back when my heart is full of you. But I’m not thinking about that right now. I hope you will think of Her Highness first and foremost…”

 Fatima smiled as she spoke, but her expression seemed to be holding something back and had a hint of sadness in it.

 ”…You are really thinking about Fransisca, aren’t you?”

 Alexis was so impressed that he patted Fatima’s head.

 He thinks to himself that he has never seen such a loyal person among his own vassals. No, but it is not only Fatima. Looking at Sagrado’s vassals…

 Fransisca may be unreliable, but she must have something that attracts her vassals. No, in fact, it may be more than just the vassals.

 Considering her days as a Princess-Maiden, she seemed to attract not only her vassals but also the whole world. He had always thought that Fransisca had a natural voice, but perhaps it is not her voice but her charisma that is her true nature.

 So, it may be more difficult than imagined to be in a position like Fatima, who is always in the shadow of Fransisca.

 Still, she was so adorable as she served her lord so well that Alexis couldn’t help hugging Fatima tightly with one hand.


 Fatima’s cheeks are stained.

 ”You don’t have to think so much about holding back. I admire that about you, but it hurts, doesn’t it? Forgive me.”

 Alexis’ words seemed to strike a chord with Fatima.

 ”Alex, really, you are…”

 Fatima seemed to be moved to tears.

 ”I can’t hold back when you say that. I love you, I love you so much. I really, really—”

 Fatima strengthened her hands on Alexis and for a while she did not want to let go.

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