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Chapter 2 – 1

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 The more he listened to the story, the more troublesome the request of his father king was

 To tell the truth, at first, he thought that he should just refuse the request without a hitch. After all, Alexis is the kind of person who would refuse any request from his father, no matter how much the father king asked him

 However, after listening to him carefully, he told him that Avalon Dungeon is a dungeon created by an ancient great mage

 (That means I might be able to find a way to restore this cursed thing between my legs!)

 This gave Alexis some hope, and he agreed to go with a rare nod

 And his father king seemed to be pleased with this and said, “Alexis has grown up a little”, but he never knew that his son had turned into a monster

 Alexis thought that it would be better for his heart not to tell him, and left for the front without saying a word

* * *

 Two days later, Alexis was in Fort Rohka

 Beyond the castle, which was built in the middle of the forest and made of stone, he could see a scene of darkness as it was rumored to be

 Around the darkness surroundings are several handmade fences and shields, and behind them are soldiers armed with swords, spears, and armor, as well as magic soldiers clutching wands

 Alexis enters the fort and is immediately led to the command center

 Looking over the desk, seated in a wooden chair was the princess maiden, Fransisca Arias Sagrado

 Her silver hair was reaching down to her bosom, as if threads spun with platinum were spilling out. Her eyes like amethyst, beautiful to see up close. By all accounts, a beautiful girl of her age with nothing to complain about

 Her white, soft-to-the-touch skin is clad in a one-piece dress with a special slit for exercise and cold, hard iron armor

 The most striking thing was her expression, which should have been beautiful and lovely, but instead was stern and mousy with her eyebrows furrowed, and her expression was rather sullen

 It was a far cry from the mild and ladylike impression of the princess-maiden Alexis had seen before

 ”Again? New Krangal soldiers deployed?”

 As soon as she opened her mouth, what was uttered was a voice with a tone of annoyance

 This ruined the lovely tone of her voice

 ”I wonder what your king is thinking, sending us all useless things… no, don’t mind what I just said. I don’t expect anything from you anyway”

 Fransisca picked up a strand of hair that had spilled down her chest and tucked it behind her earlobe

 The silky silver hair flowed over the steel plates covering the soft, moderately protruding bulge and behind her shoulders

 As Alexis followed the beautiful stream with his eyes, Fransisca glared at him, saying, “Where are you looking?”

 ”And it looks like “you” are a misfit, too. …Well, I guess you’re just the right pawn to throw away. In the meantime, I’ll ask you for a name and you can give it to me”

 She’s a terrible princess. Alexis thought and answered

 ”My name is Alex Rein”

 Fransisca nodded simply, “Then, Alex”

 There is a reason why Alexis uses a false name

 He was asked by his father, the king, to make sure that no one would know that Alexis was a prince

 He said that he wanted to know how things were, not how they should be

 It is no wonder that he was appointed to go instead of his Sparkle Brothers

 After all, Fransisca seems to know the faces of the five princes

 As for Alexis, she had never met him before because Alexis himself usually stays away from the castle

 ”I will decide your positions by tomorrow, so today you will be guided around the fort by the men in the area”

 Alexis nodded “yes” to Fransisca’s curt words, though he was surprised inside

* * *

 (What’s with that princess, she’s not at all what I imagined. She’s a princess with a bad attitude that I don’t see even in other neighboring countries)

 Although he was surprised still, Alexis had started to inspect the fort as soon as he saw it

 And soon he noticed a serious problem prevailing in the fort

* * *

 Currently, there are a little over 300 soldiers stationed in the fort

 They seem to surround Avalon in three shifts of about a hundred men each, and are working to defeat the monster crawling out of the darkness before they can do any harm to the neighborhood

 In addition, there is also a unit called the “Capture Team”, which is responsible for conquering the dungeons that spread throughout Avalon

 This is a small elite group of fifteen members, including Princess Fransisca

 ”Heh~, that princess, she not only looks good, but she can fight?”

 The one who responded to Alexis’ unintentionally raised voice with “Of course she can!” was a mature-looking soldier with a scarred face who happened to meet him at the military diner

 ”You’re a new recruit so it’s not surprising that you don’t know that as Princess Sagrado, the princess said that she would take responsibility for the emergence of Avalon just as soon as it appeared. You see, two years ago, his Majesty did not take it seriously at first, and told her again and again to leave it to the Fifth Prince. But the princess, amazingly, learned swordsmanship in no time at all and went to the front a year later”

 By the time Alexis finally got hold of this information, evening was already approaching

 It was no wonder, for the soldiers filling the room were truly terrible

* * *

 After leaving the command center, Alexis approached a soldier nearby who was not busy, hoping to get a tour of the fort as Fransisca had instructed

 When he told the soldier that he was a new recruit, the soldier immediately grinned at him

 ”So you’re one of them, huh?”

 ”One of them?”

 He asks him and the soldier replies, “Don’t play dumb with me~!”

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