Avalon 20

Chapter 20 [Maid] Trying to Remove a Parasitic Monster from the Anus

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 Alexis and Fatima decided to explore the dungeon alone.

 As this was the third dungeon, the whole of which was still largely unseen. They do not know what kind of monsters might be lurking in it. In fact, the first dungeon and the next dungeon had different kinds of monsters, and the next dungeon would be different. They know that it is dangerous to split into two groups.

 However, it cannot be helped if Fransisca is not detoxified.

 ”I hope Her Highness are all right…”

 Fatima, walking behind Alexis, sounds anxious.

 Alexis answered her.

 ”She will be fine. Sara, who is a healer and has medical knowledge, is watching over her, and Lorenzo, with his muscles. They can hold the front line. Besides, the place where we set up camp was right after we entered the dungeon. From my experience, I know that area is relatively free of monsters”

 But then Alexis’ expression immediately tightened.

 ”――Well, I guess we should be more careful. We’re the ones who are entering the lair of the monsters”

 Fatima nodded her head, and her mind was also tightened.

* * *

 Soon, as expected, they encountered monsters.

 The monsters in the first and the previous dungeon were mostly in the shape of beasts, but this time they looked more like caterpillars, or a lion’s body had spider-like legs, or something like that.

 ”It’s not cute…”

 Behind Fatima, who was unexpectedly disappointed, Alexis was holding a big shield.

 ”Let’s go, Fatima, I’m both a guardian and an attacker, okay? So, cover me and help me out!”


 When he sees her start chanting, Alexis jumps on the monsters.

 He focuses on his role as a guardian and attacks them whenever he sees an opening.

 Even so, Alexis was not used to facing so many monsters. The situation was such that they could slip through his guard at any time.

 However, by adopting a half-hearted strategy, he was able to cope with the situation, and Fatima’s fire attack was able to kill the enemies.

 ”Hah, hah!”

 By the time he had finished, Alexis was breathing heavily.

 (I’m getting worn out. I guess it’s too much for just the two of us. No, it’s more than that, the strength of the enemy is getting stronger…)

 And then…


 Suddenly, Alexis hears a scream from behind him and turns around.

 ”Fatima, what happened?!”

 Fatima was holding the staff, her body was shaking, and she was in tears.

 ”Uh-oh. Something… Something’s inside…!”

 ”Inside? What do you mean, inside”?”

 Then Fatima’s face turns bright red.


 Fatima’s body jumped.

 ”No, no, no, beyond that…――Hi, hiiiiiii!”

 With a clatter, her staff in her hand fell down, and then Fatima’s knees collapsed to the ground. Then, her big breast, which were pushed up against her robe, swayed up and down.

 (This is not the time to follow the scene with my eyes)

 ”Ahiii, hii, hyaaaaa!”

 Fatima is shaking her body with her buttocks raised high, lying on the ground.

 Alexis blushed at the outrageous pose, but ran to her.

 ”H-hey, are you okay…?!”

 ”No, I’m not all right, not at all!? No, let it out! Let it out!!”

 ”O-okay. I’ll let it out right now!”

 With that, Alexis removes the gauntlet that is making it hard for him to move his fingers, but he does not know what to take out from where.

 Then Fatima cries, “Here, here!” and sticks her butt out.


 In front of Alexis’ reddened eyes, there was no more time to talk about anything else.

 Fatima reaches under her robe and slips her panties down to her knees.

 ”Here, it’s in here… Nnnnghhhh!”

 Fatima’s body shakes violently.

 Turning her eyes to her bare buttocks, she sees what looks like an octopus foot without a suction cup, just on its way into her asshole.

 ”No, nooooo, hyaaa!”

 Fatima screams in a panic, as if she senses something.

 Alexis rushes to grab the monster’s foot, but it slides inside before he can grab it.

 ”Eeeeeek! It’s squirming around inside――Hyaaahhh!!”

 Fatima was twisting and turning red with tears in the corners of her eyes.

 Every time she did so, her huge breasts, which could be seen through her robe, were moving softly.

 Alexis couldn’t help but gulp at the sensational sight.

 Fatima is a beautiful woman, though she speaks in a blunt manner. She is often smiling with a face of a cool and intellectual impression.

 But now she is screaming and twisting her body in an ungodly way, presenting her buttocks to Alexis.

 Her buttocks are white and bulging, and they look really soft.

 Her waist is thin, but her breasts and hips are probably one size larger than Fransisca’s.

 (I-it’s okay, right? This situation, is it okay, right…?)

 Alexis asks himself.

 But in front of him, Fatima shakes her butt and says, “Let it out!? Please, let it out!” to Alexis.

 He has no choice. If he doesn’t do it, who will?

 So, Alexis was fingering her anus.

 And Fatima’s ass shakes.

 ”Excuse me, I’m sorry”

 After calling out to her to make sure, Alexis slowly inserted his finger into her asshole.

 It seemed that there was still some fluid secreted by the monster, and his finger slipped into her ass.

 ”Ahhh, quick, pleaseeee…!”

 Fatima’s fear of what has entered her intestines seems to be stronger than her embarrassment. She pushed her buttocks toward Alexis.

 Alexis inserts her finger into the base of her ass, but he can’t touch anything but the tightening sensation of the intestinal wall.

 What? Huh? Fatima’s body jumps up again as Alexis keeps fiddling with her anus.

 ”Aggh――Uh, uhn…!? Ah, no, it’s in the far inside..!!”

 Fatima was spilling tears.

 Alexis hurriedly looked around for something longer than his finger.

 A sword hilt… no, it’s too short.

 Fatima’s staff… long but bumpy and likely to damage the intestinal wall.

 And then he realizes…

 (Huh? This… this could work?)

 Alexis’ gaze falls on his crotch.

 Because of the situation, but also because of Fatima’s ungodly appearance, his own monster is still pulsating under his pants.

 (I can stretch this thing as far as it will go, so it will definitely reach the monster… and I don’t have to worry about damaging the intestinal wall…)

 Alexis gulped and shook his head no.

 (N-no, that’s not good… I mean, I’m not such degenerate, am I? Wait, I made the Princess-maiden my slave, but that’s not the same thing!)

 But Fatima shouts, “Quick, do something!” and interrupts Alexis thought.

 ”The monster―― is attacking me inside my stomach! Eeeek!? Please, please, Alexxxx!”

 Fatima is shaking her hips with tears streaming down her cheeks.

 (…I have no choice. This is unavoidable. There’s no choice, okay…!)

 After making excuses in his mind without telling anyone, Alexis reaches under the mail and loosens his belt and pants.

 Then he reaches out his tentacles and asks Fatima, who is still trembling.

 ”Well, I’ll use this on you… but, if it hurts, tell me right away, okay? I’ll do my best to help you…”

 ”Anything? I don’t care what it is, just do it!!”

 Fatima said so. And Alexis put his hand on her ass and pushed his cock into her.


 Alexis frowned at the tight anal sensation.

 (Whoa, this is something that vagina never has…)

 While Alexis was thinking like that, Fatima started to move her hips wildly again.

 ”Haaaaah? No, no, not thereee!!”

 It seems that the monster is misbehaving again.

 It’s not going to be fulfilled if it gets out of control, so it’s better to make Fatima focus on other things somehow rather than making her ass stiff.

 (…it can’t be helped)

 Alexis extends her hands to cover Fatima’s back.

 He grabbed her full breasts through her clothes.

 ”Eeek?! What are you doing, Alex?!”

 Fatima protests, but Alexis said.

 ”It’s okay. Focus on the sensations in your breast as much as possible. Forget about the ass. If the monsters get out of control, there’s nothing you can do about it”


 Fatima quieted down, and Alexis squeezed both of her breasts.

 Soon a different voice comes out of Fatima’s mouth.

 ”Haah, ah, ahh…――Fuah―― what’s this…? What’s going on?”

 The sweetness in her voice is beginning to show. If this happens through her clothes, Fatima must have weak breasts.

 ”It helps you to be a little distracted, doesn’t it?”

 Alexis asks, and Fatima nods her head.

 ”Keep it up, keep concentrating on your breasts”

 Alexis makes this remark, and then moves his object further in.

 ”Hau, ah, ahh, ah…”

 Fatima’s face was filled with ecstasy as her breasts bounced and swayed.


 Alexis gritted his teeth at the tightness.

 At least the tip of his thing was against a resilient being that appeared to be the monster…

 (This is…not good. I’m going to die before I can do something about it…)

 Alexis tries to screw his dick into the gap between Fatima’s intestinal wall and the monster, in order to try to scrape out the monster somehow.

 But – on his hands, he feels the soft and debaucherous touch of a woman, even through her clothes.

 A strand of blonde hair, tied up in a knot in front of him, spills out onto the nape of the neck. And there is a whiff of her meth on his nose.

 Moreover, Fatima herself, now lying on the ground with her body on the ground, moans, “Haa… U-uuhh… Mmm…”. A voice that so lewd.

 Fatima usually has a calm, low, alto voice, but only at times like this she has a sweet, high-pitched voice.

 ”Ah, crap!”

 Alexis pulled back as quickly as he could, but his tentacle-like thing stretched out as fast as he pulled back. In other words, it was a pointless action.


 In the end, he shoots his semen into Fatima’s anus.


 If it comes out, there’s nothing he can do about it. Thinking that it might flow out together with the semen, Alexis take the opportunity to spew it all over the elastic object which seems to be the monster.

 ”Kuah… T-there’s something in itttt?!”

 Fatima can’t seem to ignore it, and her body is trembling.


 In the end, Alexis let it all out.

 And he took his load out of Fatima’s anus.

 ”Try to hold it a little straighter”

 Alexis then pulls Fatima’s body up and hugs her from behind, holding her in place.

 When Fatima pulls up her robe and the skirt she is wearing underneath to prevent it from getting dirty, her abdomen is bulging out as expected.

 More importantly, Fatima’s panties and garter belt are black in color. Surprisingly bold.


 Fatima was turning red, as if she was embarrassed to be exposed her whole lower half.

 While she was turning red, she was struggling with her inner thighs. Probably, she is trying to hold back the semen that is about to flow out of her body, because she thinks that she is having a bowel movement.

 ”Relax your buttocks and let out all that you have put inside!”

 When Alexis gives this instruction, Fatima shakes her head significantly, as expected.

 ”Ehh?? I-I can’t!? That’s impossible…!”

 ”Don’t worry, what’s in there is what I poured into it. When you let it out, the monster might flow out with it”


 ”It’s okay,” Alexis spoke again, patting Fatima’s tear-stained hair.

 ”Just relax and do as I say”


 Fatima closed her eyes tightly and seemed to obey Alexis.

 Drip… Drip…

 A pool of semen was formed at her feet.

 ”――Haaah, haaah, haaah…”

 Fatima’s body trembled with shame, but she exhaled with a sense of release from what she had been enduring.

 Her stomach seemed to have flattened out after the semen had been released in one go, but there was no monster-like presence in it.

 ”How is it?”

 Just to be sure, Alexis asked her. And Fatima gave a small nod.

 ”U-umm…. I- I don’t feel anything anymore… it seems…”

 ”*Huff* I’m glad”

 Alexis exhales in relief.

 ”――But I’m worried about the absence of monster. You’d better ask Sara to take a look later, just to be sure”

 Fatima nodded her head silently when Alexis said so.

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