Avalon 212

Chapter 212 [Maid] Unable to Suppress Her Feelings, She Comfort Herself

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 Alexis calls Fatima to his private room.

 His private room is shared with Fransisca’s room.

 And there is a king-size bed in the middle of the room where they usually sleep together. But to think that from now on he will have to sleep alone is lonely.

 So, Alexis needed to call Fatima at any cost.

 After all, the priests were watching him closely in this court.

 Well, the queen’s presence—or rather, the presence of a concubine—was indispensable. In many ways.

 And now, while Alexis was sitting at a table in the room writing, there was a knock at the door.


 Fatima’s voice can be heard. Finally, the person whom he had been waiting for had arrived.

 Alexis got up from his seat and opened the door.

 Fatima was standing there with a surprised look on her face.

 ”…You didn’t have to open the door for me…”, Fatima said.

 There were two priests behind Fatima.

 Fortunately, however, they were only subordinate priests and not Benedict, who was the most nagging. Maybe that’s why she was not speaking respectfully.

 But because of this, Alexis smiled.

 ”—Why is there a bonus?”


 Fatima clears her throat.

 ”When a Priest-king has contact with the opposite s*x, there must be someone to witness it. That’s the custom”

 ”Didn’t you say that the queen is an exception?”

 When Alexis reaches out to touch Fatima’s shoulder, she backs away and avoids his hand.

 And because his hand is in mid-air, she has no choice but to bend in frustration.

 ”You’re so cold now…”

 This attitude despite Benedict’s absence.

 Sometimes Alexis feels as if Fatima does not like him.

 Moreover, she replies “not really” with a cold face. This makes him feel that way even more.

 ”It’s the distance of a priestess.”

 ”You’re my wife, remember?”

 ”Yes, I haven’t forgotten.”

 Fatima says yes. she hasn’t forgotten. Alexis mutters to himself.

 ”Well, come in. I want to talk about the future”

 Fatima nodded and entered the room. Naturally, the two priests entered as well.

 ”The queen is an exception, isn’t she?”

 Alexis pointed out.

 ”Because the queen is Fransisca-sama”

 Fatima said.

 With some reluctance, Alexis allowed the two priests to sit with them.

 They sat down facing each other across the table.

 ”Well, now that Fransisca is away for medical treatment, I would like to ask Fatima to take her place”

 When Alexis mentioned this, Fatima answered, “I was prepared for that too.”

 He was relieved to hear that.

 Sara had told him something. Although she was worried about it, Alexis seems to be cool about it. But if she is willing to do so, as Sara guesses, there is no need to hold back.

 ”Well then, can you do me a favor for a while? I’d like you to assist me as the queen”

 ”Alex, about that, I have a compromise”

 Fatima speaks plainly as soon as she opens the door like this.

 ”I talked it over with the priests. It is indeed inconvenient that no one can play the role of the queen. So I will take her place. But in a place that does not involve the sanctuary. As long as it is a task that does not require royal connections, I will take the queen’s place. Then no one will object.”

 ”Hey, Fatima!”

 Alexis was surprised.

 ”No one can fill the role of the queen? What are you talking about?! Normally… That role is yours, isn’t it? It should be yours, right?”

 Fatima’s eyes drift for a moment as if she is surprised by his brazenness.

 Then she opens her mouth.

 ”…I am a priestess”

 Alexis was startled into silence.

 Fatima rises from her seat, “…that’s all I have to say,” she says in a small voice.

 ”So… it might be a heavy burden for a while. But as a priest, I’ll be here to help you as much as I can. Thank you.”

 Fatima bowed her head.

 Then, as she was leaving the room, she said “Ah” as if she had just remembered.

 ”Oh, by the way, you’re the one who called me. What did you want to do Alex? Are you sure about this?”

 At her words, Alexis turned, walked over to Fatima, and pulled her hand.

 ”Don’t forget, Fatima”

 Alexis whispered.

 ”You’re not a priestess in your own right. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made you my wife in the first place.”


 Fatima breathed deeply.

 Her clear blue eyes, cold and cold, look into Alexis’.

 ”…Alex, I am not the queen. You must not touch me”

 She said in a calm little voice.

 She doesn’t shake his hand away, but she rejects him verbally.

 And Alexis slowly removes his hand.

 Fatima then thanked him again and left with the priests.

 ”I’ll be back as soon as I finish the paperwork,” she said.

 Her hand remained in her palm, warm and soft, the first time she had held it in a long time.

* * *

 ”Mmm… Mmm, mmm…”

 A pained breathing.

 A squishing sound.

 Fatima’s head is pressed against the wall in a private room of the bathroom.

 One hand is on her breast and the other is reaching for her butt.

 The robe of priestess is pulled up to the waist, and Fatima’s white buttocks are fully exposed.

 The index and middle fingers of Fatima’s hand are inserted into her own anus.

 She moves her hand back and forth, pulling them in and out, while her other hand pinches her pointed nipples through her clothes.


 She makes a stifled, charming sound. Her body trembles.

 ”Haaah, haaah…!”

 Occasionally, a tear slips out of her eye.

 She was tormented by a terrible sense of guilt.

 She felt bad that she had to stay in the bathroom during her office hours and masturbate herself.

 But she could not resist. There was no way she could resist Alexis’s touch.

 ”Ah, ah…”

 The voice she had been suppressing finally leaks out.

 Her love juice was seeping out from her vagina, and it was soaking her panties which were down to her knees. And by the time Fatima pulled down her panties, it was already soaked.

 Still, Fatima caressed her asshole with her own juices and inserted her finger into it. At the same time, a wet, lascivious sound was heard.

 The sensation of the finger rubbing directly inside her body made her shiver.

 ”Haah, haah, Alex… Alex…”

 When she calls his name, the sensation is even more intense.

 She then moved her fingers back and forth between them, and a thrill of delight rose in her heart.

 ”Ah, ah…”

 Fatima thrust her ass out. She pinches her nipples, and more pleasure climbs up.

 ”Alex, tease me. I want you to tease me more…”

 Fatima closed her eyes and a single tear fell from the corner of her eye.

 ”Alex, ah, I’m sorry… Please forgive me for having such a lewd feeling toward the Priest-king…”

 But the guilt makes Fatima’s sensitivity increase.

 ”I’m cumming, Ah, Alex… I’m cumming, look at me…”

 Fatima moaned softly, her chin turned away, and her whole body trembled.

 ”Mmm, ah, ahhh…”

 She is both ashamed and comfortable with the fact that her fantasy with him has brought her to the point of s*xual arousal.

 That was Alexis who made her like that. And yet…

 (I can’t get close to him. I’m not supposed to get close to him. If I do, I’ll ruin his reputation, even though he is recognized as the precious Priest-King of Sagrado…)

 That was all Fatima cared about.

 He had taken her as a concubine, and that alone raised eyebrows. But the priests tolerate it because Alexis is the priest-king.

 However, if she gets close to him, the priests may start to distrust him. The position that he has built up will be destroyed.

 (That’s… not good.)

 Fatima can’t let herself be a stumbling block.

 Therefore, she should keep the title of “Concubine” given to her as his mercy.

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