Avalon 84

Chapter 84 [Female knight] Sex Education for New Knight, Part Two

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 Alexis nodded, took off his pants, and covered Valencia, who was waiting for him with her legs open.

 At the sight of Alexis’ tentacle-like thing, Valencia murmured a small “ah,” and then said.

 ”Before, I thought it was amazing when I saw it in the bathroom earlier… but Sara-san told me that Alexis-sama’s p*nis has a special shape.”

 ”Well, I guess Sara is the only one among you who can tell that it’s special. The rest of you… only know mine.”

 Hearing Alexis’ answer, Valencia smiles.

 ”…But it’s very good, isn’t it? Her Highness said so.”

 ”What were you guys talking about in the bathroom after I left…?”

 Alexis let out a sigh, but composed himself and decided to penetrate.

 He lightly poked Valencia’s pussy with his dick, and Valencia jumped.

 ”Haah, haah… Alexis-sama’s p*nis, is so hot…”

 Alexis kissed Valencia’s ear as he hugged her tightly and replied, “Yours is getting hot, too…” Then he slowly pushed his cock forward.

 *Thrust… Alexis’ cock slowly penetrates into her virgin hole.


 Valencia’s face is twisted, but she seems to respond to the pain with a deep exhale.

 ”How are you feeling? If it’s painful, I can stop if you want.”

 Alexis said, and Valencia blinked her eyes, saying, “Don’t stop, I’m fine,” and then she smiled.

 In fact, the tension in Valencia’s body seems to have relaxed a little, so Alexis takes another deep penetration.

 ”Ah, ahh. Mmmmm…”

 Valencia closed her eyes and tightened her hold on Alexis.

 With a snap, the tip of the cock finally breaks through her virgin membrane.

 ”Look! You just lost your virginity.”

 Alexis says, and Valencia opens her closed eyes.

 ”—Haah, haah. I-I’m a woman now, aren’t I?”

 Alexis gulps as Valencia suddenly smiles.

 ”…Y-You know, that’s not what you’re here for, is it?”

 When he said this shyly, Valencia gave a small laugh.

 ”Yes, but…. Alexis-sama, you are very kind…”

 Valencia’s eyes narrowed and her body relaxed as she was penetrated.

 ”Haah, haah… it’s painful, but… I think I don’t mind it…”

 ”Okay, but the real work will start.”

 Saying this, Alexis started to slowly move the inserted p*nis.

 As he judged that the pain would still be too much for the piston movement, he started to rock it inside with vibrations.

 Sure enough, the movement did not seem to cause much pain, and “Ah, ah,” came out of Valencia’s mouth.

 ”Haaah, i-it feels strange, Alexis-samaaaa!”

 Valencia turns bright red and looks at Alexis with wet eyes.

 ”How it feels?”

 Alexis asked, and Valencia nods her head and tightens her arms around Alexis.

 ”How I feel…? Nkk, ah, ahhhh!?”

 Even Valencia can’t stand it any longer, and she finally lets out her voice, and the vermilion on her cheeks becomes more intense.

 ”D-Don’t! I can’t take it— anymore— Ah, no, noooo—!”

 Valencia shakes her head no, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

 ”Hahhhhhh— The thrill spreading through my bodyyy— My waist going to breakkk— I-If it keeps going like this…! I-I’m going to crazyy—!”

 At this sight, Alexis thought, “I’ll give her a taste of defeat,” and he increased the movement of his p*nis.

 Valencia’s reaction is even louder.

 ”Ahhhhh! N-Nooo, Ah, it’s great— Nhiiiii—!”

 Valencia seems to have reached the end of her rope. After all, she is wobbling and shaking.


 Her expression then changed to a blank stare after she dropped her head onto the bed and relaxed her body.

 ”I… I… I lost…”

 She muttered in a daze, then came to herself and started muttering, “No, not yet…”.

 ”I-If only I could make Alexis-sama ejaculate, then…!”

 Valencia’s angry tone makes Alexis want to be mean to her.

 ”—Well, let’s get this over with, shall we?”

 Valencia was clinging to Alexis in a panic as he tried to pull it out.

 ”No, no, I’m not finished yet…”

 Valencia’s eyes teary and she gives a pouty face.

 ”It’s my turn to make you feel good…!”

 Valencia pulls Alexis close to her and tries her best to shake her hips while enduring the pain. However, she seems to be shattered from what just happened and can’t seem to move her hips properly.

 ”Ugh. I can’t make Alexis-sama happy like this…”

 Valencia looks like she is about to cry, probably not knowing that a man’s p*nis feels good enough just to be inside of her.

 ”Haah, haah, mmm…”

 As she wiggles her hips, she seems to be getting more and more sensitive, and Valencia begins to make a melting expression on her face. However, she soon came back to herself and shook her head.

 ”No, don’t feel it! It doesn’t matter if it makes me feel good…!”

 Alexis watched Valencia’s soliloquy for a while, but as he watched Valencia getting more and more tearful, he began to think that it was time to give her a break.

 ”Ugh. *Sob* As I thought, I’m still no good at all… *Sob*. A-Alexis-sama, it musn’t feel good, right…?”

 With tears in her eyes, she looked up at him, and Alexis couldn’t help but break into a smile.

 ”Really, you are so stubborn.”

 After saying this, Alexis moved his dick. Then, a sweet voice escaped from Valencia’s mouth, “Hyahhh”.

 ”Haah, haah… As I thought, please stop… I-I’m just feeling better… Please… Forgive me…”

 Alexis patted Valencia’s head as her shoulders slumped.

 ”But, it’s not that bad, right? I feel good enough too”

 ”Eh, But… I’m the one making all the noise…”

 Alexis responds, “Well,” as Valencia’s cheeks turn bright red.

 ”That’s how men are.”

 ”I-Is that so…?”

 ”Yeah. If it feels good, you should feel it without holding back too.”

 ”But if I do, Alexis-sama will…”

 ”As I said, it’s okay,” Alexis says, ruffling Valencia’s hair.

 ”You know, men are more sensitive when they see a woman who feels good.”

 Valencia turns red up to her ears when she hears Alexis’ words.


 ”Yeah. So, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t hold back.”

 Valencia nodded as she heard Alexis’ words.

 ”T-Then, I won’t hold back anymore…? So, I could make you feel so good?”

 ”Yes. It’s better for me if you do that.”

 ”Well, then—”

 Valencia wrapped her legs around Alexis’ back.

 ”Now, can you do it like you did before? Move your cock inside me, move it around a lot…”

 In response to Valencia’s request, Alexis inserted his cock deep inside her, where it vibrated.

 ”Ah, ahhh,” Valencia’s jaw dropped back.

 ”This, this is—this is so… good. I can’t believe you did this to me… Ah, hwahhhh!”

 Valencia’s whole body shakes, and then she turns her face to Alexis in ecstasy.

 ”Hwahhhh—I’m going blank, I’m going crazy—”

 Valencia’s hips bucked.

 ”Haah, ahhh, another great one—another great one is coming! Alexis-samaa—!”

 Valencia lifted her hips up.

 ”This, this is gonna knock me over—Ah, it’s coming! It’s cominggggg!!”

 Valencia trembled and shook all over.

 At the same time, her narrow vaginal hole squeezed Alexis’ cock.

 ”Haah, haah… Okay, I’m going to cum.”

 Alexis whispers in Valencia’s ear, and Valencia moves her body.

 ”Hahhhhhh… Don’t talk on my ear…”

 Alexis looked at her drifting in and out of consciousness and thought, “Oh, no.”

 (Well, I’ll only make the bed dirty if I put it outside. I guess I should just put it inside…)

 Alexis pokes Valencia deeper and deeper, and releases his cum there.


 Valencia was shaking again from the hot sensation.

 ”Oh, oh, oh…Alexis-samaaaa!”

 Valencia hugged Alexis tightly again.

 ”I made you cum inside of me… Hehe… Yay… even I can be Alexis-sama’s partner.”

 As Alexis ejaculated inside Valencia, who had a soft smile on her face, He wondered, “Well, if Valencia is satisfied, then I guess it’s good”.

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