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Chapter 83 [Female knight] Sex Education for New Knight, Part One

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 Valencia did not speak again

 Instead, the thumping sound of her heart and the tense expression on her face showed that she was nervous

 ”Come on, relax.”

 Alexis’ hand slowly strokes Valencia’s hair two or three times

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 Alexis’ unexpected action made Valencia relax her body gradually, though she was puzzled

 ”…It’s not what I expected…”

 Valencia blurts out, turning bright red as her head is patted

 ”What is it?”

 ”Well, because… Alexis-sama, you haven’t done anything naughty at all… I was expecting you to push me down or touch me in embarrassing places…”

 ”…Well, I guess you could say it’s for both of us.”

 Valencia’s eyes twinkled as she heard Alexis’ reply

 Reaching out from her hair to her ear, Alexis replies

 ”Sex is only about making each other feel good, okay? You’re being too uptight. You’re not going to feel good if you’re too rigid.”

 Alexis tickles the back of Valencia’s ear with his finger

 ”T-That tickles…”

 Seeing Valencia’s reddening reaction, Alexis says, “Are your ears weak?” and he gets an idea

 ”Eh? Weak… Hyaaa!?”

 Alexis suddenly lowered his face and kissed Valencia’s earlobe, which caused Valencia to scream out in a crazy voice

 ”W-W-What are you doing?”

 She pulled away, but Alexis hugged Valencia again, “Stay still, I’ll make you better,” he said


 Valencia gives him a sullen look

 ”W-Why am I!? I don’t mean that you want me to teach you s*x… I-I just want to make Alexis-sama feel good…?”

 Alexis puts her lips to Valencia’s ear again


 As if anticipating this to some extent, Valencia holds her tongue and holds back her body from bouncing this time

 ”I-I said— I-I can’t learn it… H-Hey, are you listening…?”

 Holding her breath, Valencia speaks to Alexis, whose lips are tracing his ear insistently

 ”Okay, I told you to relax, didn’t I? You’re getting stiff again.”

 When Alexis pointed out the problem to Valencia, she replied, “Isn’t it obvious?” without thinking

 ”B-Because Alexis-sama is acting weird… why do you keep touching my ears?”

 ”Well, because you seem to be relatively sensitive on there.”

 Saying this, Alexis licked Valencia’s earlobe


 Valencia’s voice comes out

 ”I-I’m getting a tingle now…! I-It’s because Alexis-sama is acting weird…!?”

 Alexis licks her ear as he replies to Valencia’s angry voice, “That’s all right…”. As he does so, he licks the palm of his hand

 Then, he covered Valencia’s breast with the palm of his hand and started rubbing it lightly

 ”Hyah, ah…kuh, mmm, mmm…”

 Valencia’s eyes were tightly closed and she seemed to be trying to hold back as usual

 ”Haah, haah… that’s not what I want…”

 Valencia manages to squeeze out a few words in between

 ”I just wanted you to teach me how I can make Alexis-sama feel good… Tell me how to touch… mmm…— I don’t want you to makes me feel good… mmm—”

 Valencia’s body trembles as her ears turn red

 It seems that she can no longer suppress her trembling

 ”Ha, ah… ah… Mmm— uh. Huh? This is weird, this is…”

 —Valencia’s puzzled words finally leaked out, and Alex asked, “What?”

 ”B-Because… Mmm, mmm.”

 Valencia replies with a firm but broken voice because Alexis does not stop caressing her

 ”I-It’s thrilling. I can’t stop it… hwahhh… mmm… my ears, my breasts… here, in these places… ahh, hmm…”

 Valencia’s chest rises and falls, and she turns her head to Alexis with a surprised look on her face, then comes to her senses and turns her head down in a hurry

 ”This… this… strange… feeling… Ah… Mmm…”

 Valencia tries to keep the occasional outburst to a whisper

 But Alexis thinks it’s time for him to move his hands down from touching her breasts

 He lightly strokes her bottom hair. Valencia’s body jumps up and down at this

 ”Hwahh…! That… place…”

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay.”

 Saying this, Alexis moved his index finger up and down a few times to feel the softness of the crack, and then inserted it between the crevices

 ”Oh, oh…!”

 Valencia’s body trembles

 Valencia’s hot and moist pussy welcomes Alexis’ finger

 Alexis stroked up and down inside her crack, and her love juices started to ooze out

 ”Oh, oh… Ah, ah…!”

 Valencia shakes and trembles, as if she can’t take it anymore

 ”D-Don’t touch it. It’s dirty…”

 Valencia lectures, turning bright red

 ”But it feels good, doesn’t it?”

 Alexis points out as he moves her fingers, and Valencia shudders

 ”That’s why I wanted you to stop…!”

 She exclaimed as if she was going to spit it out

 ”This is so weird! My ‘that’ is getting so hot from being touched by a man…”

 ”Not your ‘that’, but your ‘pussy’, isn’t it?”

 ”Oh, pussy. Something’s wrong with my pussy, Alexis-sama!”

 Valencia squeezes Alexis’ body so tightly that her ample breasts are pressed against her

 ”I think something is wrong with my body… Alexis-sama, please touch me more…”

 As he told so, Alexis touched Valencia’s vagina with his index finger

 She was a virgin and her vagina was tightly closed, but it seemed to be slippery with her own secretion

 ”…Is it about time to put it in?”

 Valencia didn’t seem to have missed Alexis’s murmur

 ”P-Put it in?”

 Valencia asked, and Alexis nodded

 ”Yeah. I’m going to put my dick in your pussy. That’s how s*x is supposed to be.”


 Valencia looked a little nervous, but immediately nodded her head

 ”T-That was my intention from the beginning.”

 Valencia then laid down on the bed

 ”P-Please put it ini, Alexis-sama…”

 With these words, Valencia opened her legs

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