Avalon 140

Chapter 140

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 Upon returning to Fort Rohka, a day had passed.

 The distance between the two places was quite long, even though they were in the same kingdom.

 They spent the night in the open, and when they returned to the fort the following day, they were met by the gatekeeper, who looked somewhat panicked.

 ”Prince! We have been expecting your return!”

 The gatekeeper rushed to Alexis as soon as they saw the carriage approaching.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 He leaned out of the back of the carriage and called out to the gatekeeper.

 ”The King…! His Majesty the King arrived early this morning. He’s waiting for you in the command center!”

 ”…My father”

 Alexis’s face tightened.

* * *

 Alexis’ father was sitting on a desk chair in the command center. He was flanked by four or so knights of the Kingsguard and a maid.

 And Alexis had entered this room, filled with a much more ostentatious atmosphere than usual.

 ”You’re late. I’m tired of waiting”

 His father opens his mouth with a stern look on his face.

 ”Yeah. I just got back from a trip. I had to change my clothes, and I’m late”

 ”…I see. By the way, where’s the Princess-Maiden?”

 ”She will be here in a few minutes”

 Hearing Alexis’ answer, his father nodded.

 ”Then let’s wait until the Princess-Maiden comes.”

 After saying this, he became silent.

 By all accounts, he is a handsome man, but now his brow is furrowed, and he is still and silent. There was a heavy atmosphere in the room.

 Alexis could clearly understand why.

 (…It must be about Aniki…)

 Alexis had sent a letter to his father.

 He wrote that “Jerome had been killed in battle at Avalon.” His father must have seen it and rushed to visit him. But he didn’t expect that his father would come soon… Thought he would call him anyway.

 But that’s fine. In fact, it would be better if he didn’t have to make the trip to his home country.

 After a few moments of silence, Fransisca arrived.

 She is dressed in a one-piece dress, which is her usual attire, and as soon as she steps into the command center, the room’s atmosphere is breathtaking.

 In front of her is King Krangal with a stern look. Fransisca was prepared for something terrible to happen.

 Nevertheless, she steps next to Alexis and greets him reverently, “…it’s been a long time”.

 ”When was the last time I had the chance to see the King?”

 ”…Well, it’s been about a year or so”

 ”Thank you for your support”

 ”Yes. That’s all right, I’ve kept my word”

 After he has said all that, the King sighs, “…but”.

 ”I did not mean to “risk” my son’s life. What the hell is going on? What happened… can you tell me more? Depending on your answer…”

 The King’s eyes fixed on Fransisca as if he were staring into her.

 ”…Died in your lands. This could be the beginning of a conflict”


 Fransisca choked.

 The King was right. It was a miracle that he was so calm now. Maybe it is because Alexis is in charge of the situation. If Fransisca had remained in charge, the King might have taken full responsibility for Fransisca without hesitation.

 The presence of Alexis here is the reason for the King’s response.

 ”…This is not Fransisca’s fault. It is not like Sagrado is to blame”

 Alexis suddenly spoke up on Fransisca’s behalf.

 And the King’s eyes turned to Alexis.


 ”Are you protecting the Princess-Maiden?” In response to his questioning look, Alexis responds, “Well, well.”

 ”…I’m sorry I didn’t write more details in my letter. Well, I thought there would be a chance to discuss it in detail later. Anyway, I stopped him. But despite that, it was he himself who went alone into the dungeon”

 ”What?” The King’s face turns pale.

 Fransisca also turns pale at Alexis’ matter-of-fact attitude.


 Fransisca’s voice is hurriedly reproachful, almost muffled.

 ”Well, calm down, calm down,” Alexis said to the King, holding Fransisca by the hand, “We’re in trouble too, Father.”

 ”He died in Avalon and turned into a monster. And since he was strong, to begin with, the monster-formed one is strong too. Thanks to him, we’re having a hard time conquering the place. I really wish you would take responsibility for this and strengthen the support”


 Even Fransisca couldn’t help but interject with his words. Even if it was between father and son, it was none of my business. Sagrado, as Sagrado, has his own face and position.

 And, as expected, the King’s complexion grew worse and worse.

 ”Alexis, you…”

 The King says with a heavy sigh.

 ”…I did not give you to Sagrado. Since when did you become Sagrado’s spies?”

 ”Yeah, yeah, about that, Father—”

 Alexis steps forward and smiles at the King.

 ”The Sagrado. Can I have it?”


 The king shudders. On the other hand, Fransisca shouts, “What?”

 ”Wh-Wh-What is that!? I didn’t hear that!?”

 As expected, Fransisca could not keep quiet after Alexis told him he would get Sagrado. From the beginning, Fransisca had only asked for support, and she herself was responsible for Sagrado.

 Ignoring Fransisca’s agitation, however, Alexis said to his Father King, “Hey, it’s okay, right?”.

 ”Anyway, Father is just trying to get Sagrado in peace, too”

 ”Hey, Alexis! Don’t talk nonsense!”

 The King turns pale and raises his voice.

 ”Yes, Alexis-sama, what are you thinking!?”

 Following the King, even Fransisca protested against Alexis.

 A strange situation was developing here: King Krangal and Fransisca versus Alexis.

 ”Well, you two, you don’t have to be so formal”

 Alexis pointed at Fransisca while smiling at her.

 ”What will you do with this land when everything is over? If you don’t know much about politics and economics, you can’t do anything without me, can you?”

 After saying this to Fransisca, he points his finger at his father.

 ”Then, Father, will you declare war on the oldest kingdom full of artifacts? How many countries do you think there are that are secretly after them? Wouldn’t it be more convenient for me to take the kingdom and make it look like a brother kingdom?”

 Alexis steps closer to the King, who groans and puts his arm around his father’s shoulder, his voice slightly subdued.

 ”…Then how about this scenario? I’ll betray Krangal and declare the occupation of Sagrado. Then, Father will deliberately send the soldiers to cover my ass or something. After some fighting, I pretend to give in to you and make Sagrado a primary state. And then I get Sagrado, saying I’ll keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t do anything strange anymore. You know, it’s hard for other countries to interfere, isn’t it?”

 ”Hmm… but Alexis… wouldn’t it be much more convenient to let one of your brothers marry her?”

 ”That’s why I said I’ll marry her”

 ”You… you’re dealing with Princess-Maiden…? A Princess-Maiden whose fame is so great that many royal families are willing to accept her as long as a single body is enough? Who do you think would be convinced by your marriage?”

 ”You terrible, Father…! But… but… did you hear it? Did you hear Fransisca refused to marry me?”

 ”Well… that’s true, but…”

 ”Just because Avalon seems like trouble and another country waiting to see… but we don’t know when they will come alongside and snatch it away. Then we’d better make our move as soon as possible…”

 ”…uh, Alexis-sama? And King… What are you talking about my country!?”

 ”Whoa!? Did you hear it!?”

 Alexis quickly separated himself from his father, while Fransisca said.

 ”I heard you, from one to ten, exactly!” She nodded her head with a sullen expression on her face.

 ”…Cough,” said the King, clearing his throat to cover his mistake.

 ”Well, when it comes to marriage, there is nothing one of us can do about it. It is better to discuss it among yourselves. But, well, you know…”

 The King tapped his fingertips on the desk and looked at the desk restlessly.

 ”…If Alexis intends to do so, that’s fine. It is much better to have my people rule than someone else’s……oh, no, nothing”

 The King cleared his throat and added, “…that’s all I have to say on the matter”.

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