Avalon 195

Chapter 195

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 If the God of the dead has mercy on the dead, it is a lie.

 At least he has no mercy for the living.

 And now, as the black wind dissipates, the living will return to nothing.

 It can be seen right now because the abyss of Avalon is silent.

 Only the God with his black staff and Alexis with his shield and spear-sword could be heard. It was so quiet that nothing could be heard except for their breathing.

 The other members, such as Sara and Fatima, have disappeared.

 ”…did they return safely from Avalon?”

 Alexis murmured.

 ”No, they returned in the winds of the Underworld,” the God roared.

 ”There is no one in the world who can survive such a wind…”


 Alexis gritted his teeth.

 God grimaced, his wrinkled face contorted.

 ”Finally, the entertainment is over. And now for the real thing… Through my compassion, I will bring your friend back to life as they were before their deaths, but as my companions!!”

 God laughed loudly and waved his staff. But…


 God let out a quizzical voice. The dead did not appear.

 Alexis, who had been standing there for a long time, smiles and says.

 ”Too late. They got out first, didn’t they?”

 God gritted his teeth.

 ”Tsk… Damn it!”

 ”Now it’s my turn!”

 Alexis readied his spear-sword and leaped forward.

 If anyone is going to attack, now is the time to strike when the attacker has stopped.

 ”I’ll pierce through!!”

 He moves his shield to the left and thrusts his spear sword sharply and straight.

 A dull, sharp sound, a mixture of tearing silk and piercing flesh, can be heard.

 Alexis’ attack pierces through the middle of God’s abdomen with the whole robe.

 ”You… you…!”

 God glares at Alexis with his amethyst eyes. His eyes were so menacing that any living man would have shrugged his shoulders.

 But Alexis did not flinch and shouted.

 ”It’s your own fault for being so careless, you arrogant God!”

 ”You fool!!”

 God raised his staff in his hand.

 The head of the staff, which had lost its light, shines brightly again.


 Alexis is startled. Then one, two, and three jet-black figures grow out of the ground, surrounding him.

 Skeletal soldiers with weapons in their hands appeared. Each of them holds a spear, an axe, and a sword.

 ”I can summon many dead!!”

 At God’s words, Alexis muttered, “…I know.”

 ”But do you think I will die just because of this?”

 God grips the hilt of Alexis’s spear and sword.

 ”Just hold it there. You are not worth my touch. Let my men butcher you slowly!”

 ”Does this guy feel no pain?!” Alexis is surprised to see the smiling God.

 Seeing the skeletons gnawing at him from around, Alexis pulls his spear sword out of his hand in a panic. But God grabbed the sword by the hilt and wouldn’t let go.

 God’s power is extreme. It is a clear reminder of what no human body can overcome.

 ”Khh… Let go of it!”

 While Alexis’ face contorted, God said, “I won’t let you go!”

 ”You will become a corpse and become one of us. However, your appearance is irksome to me. I will give you a better body. You will thank me”

 ”What!? I’ve come all this way to have my looks disrespected!?”

 Alexis hates it, but he’s dealing with a god of the dead on second thought. He has turned even his good-looking brother Jerome into an ugly monster.

 (—That means that his standard value of beauty is a monster. So at least I’m not as ugly as a monster.)

 ”I’ve good news!” Alexis exclaimed.

 ”What do you mean…?”

 The spear sword was still thrust into the belly of the scowling God. But Alexis takes a hard blow to the butt of its hilt and retreats far back.

 The next moment, the skeleton soldiers’ swords, axes, and spears are flung down on his former location one after another.

 Because of the sudden disappearance of Alexis, the skeleton soldiers who have surrounded each other and swung down their prey are hit by the weapons of each other’s allies.

 The sound of bones cracking can be heard.

 ”Well, compared to the monsters of Avalon, I’m not so bad. That gives me a little more confidence”

 Hearing Alexis’ light tone, God’s face contorts.

 ”You… you bastard…”

 God stumbles slightly and hits the floor with the bottom of his staff.

 A thick trickle of red blood drips from his abdomen.

 Alexis has just kicked his foot in retreat, and the blade of the sword has pierced deeper and deeper into his abdomen, down to the base of the sword blade.

 God grabs the hilt in disgust.

 ”You underestimate me! I won’t even let you into the underworld!”

 ”…What? You won’t even let me in the underworld”

 Alexis readied his shield. He let go of his spear and sword, but he knew better than to die.

 The skeletal soldiers are piling up each other’s crumpled bodies. It seems that the dead have a cute side as well.

 However, God pushes them aside and takes a step forward.

 ”You seem not to know the horror of not being able to enter the underworld… and the mess of angering the God of death, do you! After you die, your soul will remain floating between life and death without being purified forever!”

 Alexis did not know what exactly was so terrifying about it. However, he did know.

 ”Knowing that doesn’t change my decision!”

 Alexis stares into God’s eyes.

 ”I’ve made up my mind. I’ve decided to help Fransisca. I’ve decided to save Sagrado—that’s my reason, that’s enough!”

 Alexis leaps forward with his shield held high in the air. He then delivers a shield bash.

 Skeleton soldiers who had finished assembling the bones came out from three sides to protect God, and they took the shield blows with their own bodies.

 At the same time, the sound of bones breaking apart can be heard.

 ”Futile resistance!” God mocked them.

 ”Are you going to fight with only your shield? Knowing I have this in my hand?”

 God pulls out the spear sword, which is still stuck in his abdomen. Blood trickled down from it like a waterfall.

 He held the sword in his other hand, the one without the staff.

 ”Well, this is a good weapon”

 God’s eyes narrowed as he said this.

 ”It is too good to be held by a human body. Let me use it myself. I’ll have to test it on you first”

 ”Which one will be tested?”

 Alexis asks, and the God roars, “Which one?”

 At that moment, there is a ripping sound of cloth, and God’s robes are scattered to the ground in all directions.

 His body is Gorlois, but he is already nothing but skin and bones, and there is a hole in his chest through which his beating heart can be seen. Inside the hole, a cup of dispel had been inserted.

 ”What!?” God looked down behind him.

 There was Fransisca, sword drawn.


 God’s eyes widen in surprise while Alexis pats his chest with a “Whew!”

 ”It’s been hard to provoke you this long without you noticing”

 Fransisca nods her head.

 ”I thought Alexis-sama wouldn’t notice me either.”

 Fransisca mutters quizzically, and God swipes the spear-sword in his hand.

 But Fransisca dodges it with a nimble leap.


 Alexis shouted,

 ”Yes, Alexis-sama!”

 Fransisca moves quickly behind him, and Alexis replaces her in the vanguard.

 ”The blessing of the priestess!” God shouted.

 ”It seems the priestesses are protected, doesn’t it?”

 Alexis smiled at that.

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