Avalon 197

Chapter 197

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 The stone walls are crumbling away here and there, piled up with debris.

 The floor also crumbled in various places, leaving gaping holes everywhere.

 Ragged flags are waving in the wind, and carpets are torn and burnt.

 ”–Blue, huh?”

 Alexis mutters to himself as he looks up at the ceiling.

 He had fallen into the ruins of the castle, still in his armor, and was lying on his back, looking up at the sky from here, where the ceiling was gone.

 The sky in Sagrado is blue most days. Looking up now, he suddenly remembered that.

 ”…Good work, Alexis-sama”

 He turns his head to look at Fransisca, who is sitting down and smiling at him. The cup of dispel is still clutched in her hand.

 There are swords, shields, and spear swords lying around. There is also a skeletal staff with black horns that belonged to the god of the dead.

 The cup of the dispel was filled with silver liquid again, as if it had not finished its work yet.

 While he is gazing at the glow, Fransisca begins to speak, +I think it’s over.+

 ”By the power of the Grail, Avalon seems to have disappeared. …and Gorlois’ body as well”

 Alexis sighed with relief.

 ”So God can’t interfere with us now, huh?”

 ”Yes, … maybe. At least… not without the chance to take physical form.”

 ”That can’t happen anymore, can it?”

 Alexis smiled.

 ”The labyrinth of Avalon has attracted the underworld. Gorlois’ ambition of eternal life, an ambition that violates the providence of life and death. Now that it no longer exists, there is no reason for the God of the Underworld to come here.

 After saying this, Alexis turned his eyes back to the sky.

 ”Oh, but still…”

 The sky seemed too dazzling, and Alexis closed his eyes.

 ”…I’m tired. I can’t move…”

 ”Yeah, I feel so tired too… –Ahh…”

 Fransisca suddenly looks back as if she has noticed something.

 The members of Fatima, Sara, and Valencia climbed up the cobblestone stairs.

 ”Your Highness!”

 Fatima ran to them with tears in her eyes and hugged Fransisca tightly.

 ”Ah, thank God! I’m so glad you are safe…!”

 ”…We really won, didn’t we? Against God…”

 The one who sounded so stunned was Valencia.

 ”It’s great. Alexis-sama, that’s amazing…!”

 Valencia looked at Alexis with respect, and Alexis felt embarrassed.


 Sara immediately rushed to Alexis’ side and crouched down.

 ”Alex-kun, you’re badly injured… Wait for me…! Hold on… I’ll heal you in a minute!”

 Alexis’ body heals little by little as Sara puts her hand on it and casts a spell.

 ”You’re really… reckless. You’re my precious king, don’t be reckless again, okay…?”

 Sara’s words were preachy, but her voice was tearful. Alexis looked at Sara’s face in surprise.


 Sara gives her a look of embarrassment that is rare for her.

 Alexis swallowed her words.

 ”No… nothing”

 Again, Alexis turns his eyes back to the sky. This time he felt no glare.

 (Even Sara cries sometimes…)

 He suddenly thinks about it. But he pretends that he did not notice the tears he saw just now.

* * *

 The rumor of the disappearance of Avalon spread quickly to the neighboring nations.

 Only now, other nations began to clamor for the artifacts that had been scattered throughout the land of Sagrado.

 But with a glance from the Krangal Kingdom, their voices were silenced. With someone fierce enough to conquer the dreaded Avalon, no one would have been inclined to wage war head-on.

 Still, there were times when individuals claiming to be treasure hunters invaded the land. However, the survivors of the monsters that crawled out of Avalon still roamed the land of Sagrado, and in time they became a small minority.

 This, however, was a problem for the soldiers who were defending the town..

 At the same time, the survivors of Sagrado, who had fled to various places, gradually returned to their lands.

 And with the support of King Krangal, who had become a friend, Sagrado’s recovery began to make progress.

 Fransisca was now in command of Sagrado, and as for Alexis.

 ”I keep my promises, don’t I? I’m giving you enough support. Why don’t you assist me for a while?”

 The smiling King Krangal had taken him back to the Krangal Kingdom.

 Alexis wish he was just become his assistant, but he is a stubborn father.

 For a while, he is sent from one country to the other, negotiating with the princes and nobles of other countries, securing new routes, and doing other merchant-like work.

 This is a much more unpleasant activity for Alexis than being sent to the battlefield.

 However, Alexis now seems to be the best candidate for diplomacy because of his title as an Avalon conqueror.

 Besides, he is asked to work in this activity for two years.

 ”Damn it, it’s for your son’s sake! What a stubborn father!”

 Alexis had tears in his eyes, but he still had a reason to endure.

 (After two years… the cup of dispel is waiting for me! Finally, I can get my crotch back!)

 That was the only thing that encouraged him.

 No, he can’t say that he hasn’t had a good time. But he’s a human boy. He miss his +son+. And he can’t have this monster as a +son+.

 So Alexis endured day after day.

 Although Fransisca misses him again, they will be together forever after this period of time.

 Now, Eden accompanies Alexis on his official duties. And for some reason, even Maria is with him. Apparently, she passed the exam the other day and has been promoted to the position of his assistant. She’s smart, so it’s understandable.

 (Still, why did she have to be my assistant?)

 According to his father, +I’m worried about your diplomacy alone+.

 Still, his title as a conqueror of Avalon must be more significant than that.

 Anyway, ignoring that, Lily and Dorothea went to Sagrado’s side, saying that they would cooperate with Sagrado’s recovery. Lily was half forced to go with Sara, but she decided not to worry about that.

 And until now, he has not seen Lorenzo.

 However, from time to time, deep in the Sagrado forest, there are testimonies of soldiers who claim to have seen the horned saint fighting monsters, and now he is called the +Guardian of the Forest+.

 Two years passed in the blink of an eye. And then…

* * *

 ”…Finally, I’m back…”

 Alexis sits on his throne in the castle of Sagrado and murmurs sullenly.

 Although he is back, he does not feel it.

 It was the first time he had seen the rebuilt castle and the first time he had sat on this throne.

 ”Welcome back, Alexis-sama!”

 Fransisca smiles at him, her beauty enhanced by the time he has not seen her for a while.

 Her silver hair, adorned with a tiara, was shimmering like a galaxy, and her mild smile was as innocent and lovely as ever. Her warm smile is as innocent and lovely as ever, and it goes well with the white dress she is wearing right now.

 Looking at her closely, he feels that he has finally returned home.

 ”I’m back, Fransisca”

 As he answered, the door to the throne room suddenly opened.

 In through the door was Fatima, dressed in a priestly maid’s outfit.

 She walked straight up to Alexis and said, +I brought it. It took me a while to get permission from the keeper of the treasury, Valencia.+

 With that, she handed Alexis the cup of dispel.

 In Alexis’ hand was a silver cup filled to the brim with a glistening liquid of light.

 ”Oh… finally, this is in my hand…!”

 Alexis is impressed.

 Fransisca asks a question.

 ”…Uh… Why do you need something like that?”

 ”Well, that’s the thing…”

 Alexis was in a good mood and spoke with great enthusiasm.

 He told them that his thing was actually the result of the effect of the artifact. And he had a dream of having his thing restored to its original state.

 He felt that he could reveal this to his current lover.

 And they would accept it.

 ”I see…”

 Fransisca’s eyes twinkled as he finished her story.

 Fatima, on the other hand, nodded her head.

 ”Alex, that kind of situation…”

 ”…That’s right”

 Alexis raised the cup high and tilted it toward his crotch. At that moment, the cup burst from his hand with a bang.

 Fransisca leapt and kicked the cup far away. Apparently, after all these two years, she still has her nimbleness.


 Fatima answered in response to Fransisca’s voice, +Yes+

 She rushed to the cup and placed it on the floor before Alexis, who had risen from his throne in a hurry, saw her.

 ”Wh-What are you doing!?”

 Before Alexis’ stunned eyes, Fransisca quickly pulled out the sword that one of the knights of the Kingsguard was carrying at his waist.

 The sword is made of magic crystal, which is more powerful than any other sword in the world, and which Dorothea had once forged.

 Alexis’ face turns pale.

 ”F-Fransisca. No way…!!”


 Fransisca’s voice is filled with energy and the sword flashes down.

 –No way! Please don’t break! After all, it’s a powerful artifact made by Gorlois, isn’t it? Please tell me it’s so!

 In spite of Alexis’ efforts, the cup shatters with the sound of shattering glass.

 Even though the artifact was created by the ancient mage, it was no match for the ore of the underworld, even though it was made from the materials of this world.


 Alexis’ exclamation echoed around the room.

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