Avalon 147

Chapter 147

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 Alexis went inside the mansion.

 ”Alexis-sama! Are you sure the place is small enough for you…?”

 Fransisca asked as she followed Alexis in the lead with the other members.

 ”Yes, this is fine!” Alexis responds without stopping.

 ”But in this big area, a sword like mine with a short range or Eden’s spear with only a straight attack, but a long-handled and cleaving weapon like Alexis-sama, will not be able to handle it… Fatima’s magic also becomes challenging to use with all the obstacles.”

 ”Well, that can’t be helped. I’ll stick to using my shield and leave the direct attacks to Fransisca and Eden.”

 ”Wouldn’t that reduce our strength? The monster has a solid defense, right…?”

 While discussing this, they seemed to have arrived at their destination.

 Alexis arrived at a hall located at the back of the mansion.

 And in the center of the room, there was a long wooden table with several chairs with cushions. It was supposed to be a conference room.

 Then, having pulled in Dorothea and Eden, who arrived a little later, Alexis overturned the table to the side.

 ”…Well, this will help a little. —So, Dorothea, how many traps did you set?”

 Alexis asks, and Dorothea answers breathlessly.

 ”—I’m on the run, so that’s not much… maybe three”

 ”Well, about right. That should be enough to delay”

 ”..So what are you going to do, Alex?”

 Fatima asked this question.

 To Fatima, Alexis said, “I have good news”.

 ”You know, he is stronger than me when I challenge him head-on! That was true even before I was born. So it’s no wonder that the monster’s strong too. —But he has one drawback…”


 Lily, who had just finished regulating her breathing, gulped hard.

 ”…He’s too simple. Strategy is a total no-no for Aniki”

 Alexis had said it clearly.

 Eden responded with a small “…hmm,” as if she had some thoughts on the matter…

* * *

 At any rate, Alexis’ plan was carried out.

 A few minutes later, there was some kind of noise, and then, *Boom! The door is broken down, and the surrounding walls are smashed down.

 ”Jerome” rushes into the room with its body slam.

 Just as Alexis said, “Aniki will probably come after getting caught in all the traps” the monster’s body is covered in nets, spines, and thorns, making it very difficult to move.

 It seems annoyed by these things and neighs loudly several times in anger.

 And the first thing the monster saw was the table that had been overturned in front of it. This created a blind spot.

 The monster probably thought Alexis and the others were hiding behind the table. So, it swings its claws and immediately smashes the table.

 At that moment, Eden and Fransisca, who had been hiding by the wall, attacked the monster from behind.

 ””Ha!”” both breath in unison and simultaneously aim at the monster’s hind legs from both sides with the power of the enchantment that Lily had given them beforehand.

 The monster was hit by a surprise attack with the increased power of the enchantment on each of its legs. It fell down on the place where the table was, losing its balance as it stumbled forward with a puff of smoke coming out of its legs.

 There was a fourth trap that Dorothea had set in advance.

 The trap worked perfectly, and with a muffled and dull explosion, the lower half of the monster’s body fell to the floor as if it was going to be pulled shallowly through the floor.

 Dorothea, who had been hiding behind a pile of chairs in the corner of the room, muttered quietly, “We did it!”.

 ”Grrr,” snarls the monster, trying to beat its free feet.

 ”Do it now! Fatima, get him!”

 Alexis, who had been hiding by the wall, shouts.

 Then Fatima extends her staff from outside the window facing the room.

 ”Magic arrow!”

 The tip of the staff glows with a chanting voice.

 Several arrows of light flew out one after another, and then they struck not the monster but the ceiling above the monster’s head.

 As the arrows hit the ceiling, the vibration gradually increased, and finally, the ceiling fell down.

 The pillars, the ceiling, and the furniture on the second floor fell one after another on Jerome.

 At that time, the monster had just begun to shake the place lightly with its earth magic so that the surrounding floor and ceiling also fell on the monster in a synergistic effect, completely covering the place.

 Since the mansion was a solid stone house, it must have been very heavy and powerful. After all, the monster could only let out a pained roar.

 But now it seems to be completely stuck.

 ”This is your grave! I’ll make you come to your senses!”

 Alexis shouted and added, “Lily, give us a bunch of enchantments! All of them!”.


 Lily, who had been hiding outside the same window as Fatima-san, climbed over and entered the room.

 She rushes straight toward Fransisca and Eden, chanting an enchantment.

 ”Let’s do it, Eden-san!”

 Fransisca said with her sword at the ready, and Eden nodded in agreement.

 The two of them move toward the monster at once and attack it one after another through the debris until it is completely irresistible.

 Alexis watched the scene and breathed a sigh of relief.

 ”If we can beat him to a pulp like this, even Aniki, who was a physical fool, will come to his senses…”

 Dorothea came out from behind the chair where she had been hiding and asked a question from next to Alexis.

 ”By the way, why is Prince not attacking?”

 ”Well, I can’t do it, not with this weapon,” Alexis said, showing his spear-sword.

 ”I’m sorry to say that you’ve made it well for me…”

 At that moment, the monster rises from the rubble.

 ”Ah…” Dorothea is speechless.


 Alexis smiled bitterly.

 The creature was covered in wounds, black blood was pouring out, smoke was rising, and it was breathing softly.

 ”You’re a tough one, Aniki…”

 Just as he muttered, the monster waved his hands frantically.

 ”Back off, both of you!”

 Alexis immediately started to run. He held up his shield to protect Eden and Fransisca, who had retreated in a panic.

 Somehow, Alexis managed to get out of the way in time, and his shield blocked the blow with full strength.

 Instead, he was blown backwards and fell on his back.

 The shield cracked, and Alexis bit his teeth as he fell to his knees.

 ”Why at a time like this…!”

 Alexis looks at the monster in a panic.

 Eden’s shield still seems to work. Then he has no choice but to ask Eden to change the guarding role to her.

 As he thinks so, the monster takes a step or two toward him.

 (No shield, no weapon in this narrow space, am I useless?)

 ”Is this the end?” That is when he thought that it was finally bad.

 The monster suddenly fell to its knees. Then, it slumps its massive body onto the floor and stops moving.

 Slowly, a black mist begins to rise from the monster’s body…

 ”So… that was the last power. That’s just like Aniki…”

 Alexis mutters with mixed feelings, but Fransisca puts her sword away and rushes toward the monster.

 ”Hey, Fransisca! What are you doing!”

 Alexis tried to stop Fransisca in a hurry, but she went so close to the monster that she could touch it.

 She touched what used to be Jerome, crouched down, and started to sing a song.

 It was a requiem.

 Her clear voice, which had a sad and mysterious impression, echoed in the place.

 Before long, Fatima, who was outside the room, came in through the window.

 Eden also took off her helmet and bowed her head in silent prayer.

 In this silent place, only Fransisca’s singing echoes.

 (Well… that’s right. Aniki was…)

 Until the last vestiges of him disappear into a black mist.

 Alexis just stood still, watching his brother’s last moments.

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