Avalon 13

Chapter 13 [Princess-maiden] Make Her Aware of Her Own Lewdness by Reflecting It in a Mirror

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 In the end, Fransisca could not say no and stood at Alexis’ room door.

 And knowing what he was going to do to her, Fransisca could not help but feel a sense of helplessness as she cleansed herself in the bathroom and put on her clothes for this purpose earlier.

 A feeling of shame, a feeling of submission, and a feeling of disappointment also all mixed up in her mind.

 However, the fact that she could not escape from the situation made her feel as if a noose was tied around her neck, and this made her feel more and more that she belonged to him.


 After a few deep breaths Fransisca knocked on the door.

 ”…A-Alexis-sama, sorry to keep you waiting…”

 ”Okay, everything’s just about ready here. Come in”

 Through the door, he said this to her, and Fransisca couldn’t help to think, “Ready…?” but she still opens the door.

 She steps into the room and closes the door.

 There, Alexis is nodding his head in satisfaction in front of the wide mirror along the wall.

 ”I’m glad there’s one in storage that looks just right. If no one else is using it, is it okay if I use it?”

 ”A mirror…?”

 Fransisca tilted her head, but then speaked.

 ”Yes, it is true that no one uses it, after all, men tend to be indifferent about their personal appearance and it seems that only I, Fatima, and Sara keep a mirror in our room. Are you concerned about your appearance, Alexis-sama?”

 ”Well, I usually think the one in the bathroom is enough”

 Hearing Alexis’ words, Fransisca smiled.

 ”Is that so? But I think it’s a good habit to pay attention to one’s appearance”

 ”No, no, I’m not so much concerned with personal appearance”

 After said this, Alexis pulled Fransisca’s shoulders up and had her stand in front of the mirror.

 The reflection shows her standing beside Alexis, a head shorter, with a vacant expression on her face.

 Her neat white one-piece dress and her slender but soft-looking arms and legs are completely captured in the mirror. And the bed is in the background.

 ”Okay, it looks good”

 ”Uh, um?”

 When Fransisca made a curious face, Alexis pulled her to sit down on the edge of the bed and then sat her on his lap. And she was facing the mirror.

 ”Umm, this is…?”

 ”It looks good, doesn’t it?”

 With these words, Alexis put his hands in front of Fransisca’s breast, which made her blush.

 ”Eh――n-no way”

 Of course, that “no way” was exactly what her thoughts were.

 ”Don’t resist”

 After saying a few words, Alexis grabbed Fransisca’s breasts through her clothes.

 They changed their shape with each squeezing.

 ”Eh, no, don’t…”

 Fransisca’s face turned bright red as she saw her situation clearly reflected in the mirror in front of her.

 (I-I can’t believe this is happening to me…)

 Instead of running away in embarrassment, she involuntarily grabbed the back of Alexis’ hand. However, the difference of power between a man and a woman made it impossible for me to resist at all.

 ”No, no, Alexis-sama!”

 Fransisca wriggles with a tearful expression.

 (The sensation is still weak through the cloth)

 Alexis thought so, and ordered Fransisca to withdraw her hand.


 Sure enough, Fransisca resists. She is still not fully conscious.

 ”You’re my slave, aren’t you?”

 ”Y-yes. B-but… n-not like this. In front of a mirror…”

 ”However, this will give me a better view of your cute face, won’t it?”

 ”I-I’m not cute…”

 Fransisca refuted this, but slowly withdrew her hand, trembling slightly.

 And seeing this, Alexis grabbed the gown covering her shoulders and slid it off her shoulders.

 Fransisca gasps when she sees the white skin exposed.

 ”Oh, no, no…”

 She resisted but still looked at herself in the mirror as she was being undressed with a thrill in her heart.

 And with a plop, her breast, now freed from her clothes.

 Fransisca hurriedly put her hands under her breasts and grabbed the clothes tightly.

 ”I-I can’t do this anymore…”

 When Fransisca pleads with a tearful look on her face, Alexis quickly gives up, and says, “Well, it can’t be helped”.

 But then, he grabbed her breast directly.


 It seems that being visually aware of being touched makes it easier for her to feel the sensation.

 After all, Fransisca’s body jerked up.

 ”Look, my hands are squeezing your breast right now. You like it hard, don’t you?”

 Alexis’ hand squeezes the lower part of Fransisca’s breast, and then his extended fingertip grabs her nipple and pulls it.


 Fransisca was freaking out.

 Her nipples were rolled with a thumbs.

 ”Ah, ah…”

 Fransisca’s breath was beginning to hitch as she felt that sweet tingling sensation building up around her breasts.

 And, with a squeeze, Alexis crushed her nipples hard with his fingers.

 ”Kuh, ah…!”

 Fransisca’s body shakes violently.

 (W-what’s this? It’s a lie…)

 Fransisca couldn’t hide her shock at the reflection of herself in the mirror.

 Every time Alexis rubbed her, her own breasts changed shape in a lewd way. Moreover, her face, which she had expected to show nothing but pain and anguish, turned bright red on her cheeks while her breasts moved up and down, and her eyebrows furrowed every time Alexis touched them.

 Even Fransisca, who had no knowledge of such an act, could understand it instinctively. ――This is the face of a female waiting for the male to do something.

 ”Eh, no, no way…”

 Just as Fransisca muttered something, her nipples were pinched again.


 The sensation is a mixture of pain and sweet numbness, and her body shudders.

 After that, her sensitive and zingy nipples are gently rubbed, and this time, she feels a thrilling sensation.

 ”Uh, nn, nhh, uh…”

 As if to make things better, Fransisca shuts her mouth.

 She also closes her eyes, not wanting to see herself jerking involuntarily, but Alexis orders her, “Open your eyes.”

 ”Ah, y…yes…”

 Fransisca opens her eyes with resistance.

 Then she sees herself reflected in the mirror, a reflection she had never known herself to be.

 She never knew that she could be so s*xy, both in her face and in her breasts.

 And as she hears her own heartbeat jump, Fransisca gulps.

 Then, at this moment, one of Alexis’ hands moves down.

 Alexis’ hand touches the skirt of her dress, and Fransisca is startled.

 ”Eh? A-Alexis-sama…?”

 Alexis does not answer Fransisca’s question but pulls up her skirt.

 ”Eh――no, stop, w-what are you――?

 Fransisca’s eyes widen at once.

 But Alexis says, “Don’t resist,” and pulls up Fransisca’s skirt.

 And so, her top is pulled down below her breasts, and her bottom is exposed from her white panties to the garter belt that connects her knee socks.

 Both are feminine designs with lace.

 After seeing this, Fransisca involuntarily closed her legs.

 ”A-Alexis-sama, forgive me…”

 Upon realizing what he was about to do, Fransisca rushed to ask for forgiveness.

 Otherwise, she would look like a mess in front of the mirror!

 But of course Alexis does not forgive her for that.

 ”Open your legs! Do you want to be punished again?”

 ”B-but… such a… such a naughty behavior in front of the mirror…”

 Fransisca turns bright red and looks like she is about to cry.

 But then Alexis immediately pinches the baby-pink protrusion at the tip of the breast on which she had been holding her hand.

 ”Hyahhh――oh, it hurts, it hurts, Alexis-sama…!”

 ”Open your legs”

 ”*Pant* *Pant* yes, yes, I’ll open it, I’ll open it…!”

 Fransisca slowly opened her legs from side to side.

 When Alexis relaxed his hands on her nipples, he started to make her breasts move up and down more rapidly, perhaps because of the feeling of freedom.

 In the mirror, however, she is reflected rather lewdly with her legs loose, her back is leaning against Alexis, and she is breathing with her cheeks uplifted.

 (Ah…I…I never thought I’d look like this…)

 While Fransisca is dizzy, Alexis’ hand touches the crotch through her panties.


 Alexis barely smiled when he noticed that Fransisca was shivering and was wet.

 ”You’re wet”

 ”Eh, eh…?”

 Fransisca, who had been taught by Alexis that being wet = feeling good, turned bright red.

 (No way, in this situation…?!)

 While she was puzzled, Alexis’ fingers were sliding back and forth over her crack through her shorts.

 ”Ah, ah, ah…”

 She felt a sweet numbness, and her hips moved jerkily.

 While she was stunned by her own voice, Alexis’s hand slipped into her panties.

 ”Kku―― Ah, ah, ah…!”

 Now, the sensation of his fingertips on her nucleus was even more intense than yesterday.

 Unconsciously, Fransisca lifted her hips and was embarrassed to see herself in the mirror.

 ”Oh, no, don’t――”

 ”What’s wrong with you? Your body’s happy”

 Alexis makes tutting noises with a mocking smile.

 ”Fuaahhh―― Aah, no, no――”

 Fransisca was shaking with a shiver as Alexis’ fingertips lightly pinched her pubic nucleus.

 ”That, that’s… ah, ahh…”

 The more she tried not to feel, the more the sensation grew.

 ”No, no, no, no…!”

 Fransisca turns her face away in a panic to find Alexis’s face right next to hers. And she turns her away again but then the mirror comes into view, and Fransisca’s eyes meet her own, which has a more mellow expression than she had imagined.

 ”Ahhh… n-no… mmm, mmm…”

 Contrary to her spiteful intention, her body firmly accepts the sweet sensation.

 (*Pant* *Pant* this feels so good…)

 Fransisca’s ears turn red with excitement at the thought.

 (W-what am I thinking? I can’t believe I feel so good…)

 She tried to twist around in a panic, but she felt Alexis’ hand on her breast.


 Fransisca’s body shudders.

 A sweet numbness swells up from above and below, creating a synergistic effect as Alexis twists her nipples and plays with the buds hidden under her panties.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhh!”

 Fransisca’s face is ecstatic as she lifts her hips and presses her secret place against Alexis’s fingers.

 ”Ah, Alexis-sama, please forgive me…”

 Fransisca’s hips moved slightly as she said this, and she let out a “gasp” when she heard a tucking sound.

 ”You look so comfortable”

 Alexis points out, and Fransisca is embarrassed, but she can’t deny it because she sees her reflection in the mirror.

 ”No, no way…”

 Fransisca was spilling tears over her own body, which was not working the way she wanted it to.

 At that moment, Alexis’ hand on Fransisca’s breast was removed.

 But at the same time, Fransisca could do nothing but tremble as his fingers continued to move back and forth over her secret parts.

 ”Fuah, ah, ah!”

 As she pulled back her hips, which would lift up if she was not careful, she felt something squirming under her buttocks.

 As she was wondering what was going on, she saw Alexis’ p*nis peeking out through the gap between her open legs.

 ”Eh, eh――!”

 Before she knew it, Alexis’ hand, which had been hidden in her panties, is removed.

 And then, the hand, which is sticky and transparent, is placed on her breast, and another hand is placed on the other side of her breast.


 Fransisca jumped up and down as her nipples were pinched at the same time.

 Then, Alexis’ p*nis extended like a tentacle and inserted its head into her secret place through the gap between her panties.


 The sensation of the head rubbing in her crack made Fransisca scream, “Aaah!”.

 ”Ah, no, that’s――”

 Fransisca knew by instinct that she was in danger, but Alexis, of course, would not stop.

 He rubbed both breasts with his hands while his’ p*nis rubbed Fransisca’s secret place.

 ”Fu, aaah, aaaaah!”

 Fransisca was out of control.

 (W-what’s this? What’s going onnnl!)

 Fransisca was overcome by the sensations coming from three different places.

 She felt zinging sensations in both of her breasts, and also from her secret place, which was rubbed insistently by Alexis’ object.

 ”Fuahh, ah, ah, ah, it’s so hot, my belly is so hot…”

 It was more like a womb than a belly. Her womb was aching, wanting the sweet sensation that was giving her secret place a sweet pleasure.


 Fransisca was opening her legs.

 The width of her legs was so wide that even a head could be put in between them.

 And now, through the mirror, Fransisca saw her bare breasts being squeezed and the male genitalia squirming in her panties under her skirt, which was rolled up.

 (H-how naughty, how naughty of me…)

 It was only then that she saw herself for the first time and was convinced of it.

 Fransisca couldn’t believe that she could look like this, even though she used to be a Princess-maiden on the altar, and wielded a sword so valiantly.

 But now, what she sees in front of her eyes is certainly the image of herself who is not ashamed, but rather delighted, even though she is made to rub her male genitalia against her shameful place.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, Alexis-samaa”

 Her voice is nasal and sweet.

 ”Noo, no more, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going crazy again…”

 Fransisca was pleading with Alexis as if she were asking for help.

 Then, Fransisca’s hips moved.

 ”Ahhh, ahhh? That’s it, that’s itttt!”

 With a look of ecstasy on her face, Fransisca arched her back.


 Of course, watching Fransisca climax, Alexis couldn’t stand it any longer.

 Besides, the space between her folds was soggy, soft, and warm.

 He really wanted to hold back because Fransisca didn’t want to, but he couldn’t stand it any longer.

 ”――Kuh, ugh…”


 At last, a white spurt came out of Alexis’s p*nis.

 It quickly fills Fransisca panties, making it heavier.

 In no time at all, the spurt of the white spurt overflows through the gap of the panties, and stains Fransisca’s inner thighs, Alexis’ knees, and the floor.

 ――But Fransisca could not bear to have the hot liquid pouring into the sensitive place where she had just reached her climax.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhhhh!”

 Fransisca’s hips bucked and shuddered as she felt the slick fluid clinging to her from the nucleus to the vulva and everything in between.

 ”Haaa? No, noooo!”

 Her voice was sweet despite her reluctance.

 ”Ahhh… again, if you do it so hard, I’m going to come again… Kuh, fuahhhhh!!”

 Fransisca’s hips were shaking again as she came.


 Fransisca unintentionally reached toward Alexis behind her and squeezed her hips.

 She also closed her eyes and exhaled loudly, feeling the liquid trickling down into her secret hole even after Alexis had finished spitting out.

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