Avalon 12 2

Chapter 12

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 Alexis couldn’t help but think so deeply

 But, as long as the princess is like this, he must be firm himself. Fortunately, Alexis had experienced being a captain many times in the past, and he was familiar with the operational field

 ”It can’t be helped. I’ll see if I can’t find a substitute for “just the right artifact” or something. Princess-maiden, please come to the command center later”


 Fransisca was nervous about being summoned by Alexis, even if it was for a mission

 ”Also, Lorenzo, I need you to bring the items you collected yesterday and today to the command center”

 Alexis continued, and Lorenzo nodded his head and said, “Yeah, okay”

* * *

 After removing only their armor and weapons, Alexis and Fransisca gather in the command center

 Lorenzo had already brought the items and put them in a wooden box on the corner of the table

 ”Hmm. So, in the end, there are only five items that we were able to retrieve in the last two days”

 Alexis had spread them out on the table

 An unknown sword, an ancient coin, a wood carving, a mysterious bottle, and a crystal ball with something like ancient writing engraved on it, but in short..

 ”…there is only one thing that could be used as a weapon…”

 Alexis was holding a sword

 It feels quite light for a sword with a broad blade

 ”For now, you, the attacker, try this first”

 With these words, Alexis handed the sword to Fransisca

 Fransisca nodded and accepted the sword, “Yes, I understand.” However, Alexis continued

 ”That being said. We don’t know how good it is yet, and your original sword is also a magic sword, so please carry your original sword with you for the time being”


 ”Now, as for the other four items…”

 Alexis folded his arms and looked at the remaining items

 ”Is this… a coin from an ancient civilization? It looks like something a collector would pay a lot of money for”

 He said so while moving the ancient coins away to the edge of the table

 ”And this… this is an artifact I’ve never seen before. It seems to be another artifact from an ancient civilization…”

 Alexis takes a moment to move the wood carvings to the edge as well

 ”And this bottle. There’s a mysterious liquid inside… what is this?”

 Alexis shakes the bottle and it makes a burbling sound

 Fransisca then tilted her head

 ”…I guess we’ll have to find out for sure”

 ”Who’s going to make sure?”


 When Fransisca fell silent, Alexis put the bottle on the edge of the table as well

 ”So, the last one…”

 When Alexis reached for the crystal ball, his fingertip hit it with a tap and it rolled away

 ”Oh!” the ball falls off the table and lands on the floor, shattering into pieces. The next moment

 *Boom! A cloud of white smoke rose up, and a sweet smell enveloped the room


 ”*Cough* *Cough* W-what is it?”

 All at once, their vision went white

 After a while, when their vision cleared up, Fransisca was the one who came to a conclusion and said

 ”I-I know what it is! It must be an ancient magic tool. Like the pendant and the sword I’m wearing… because in the time of ancient magical civilizations, they had the technology to put magic inside of items”

 ”I see. Then, maybe ancient people used to lock their magic in a crystal ball or something like that. I’ve seen those before”

 Alexis concluded so, but the sweet smell lingered in the room

 ”What’s this? It’s like the smell of molasses”

 ”Yes. …Was it an ancient air freshener?”


 Alexis tilted his head

 ”…Well, then we should actively pick up crystal ball shaped items when we find them in the future. There may be cases where it is a trivial magic tool like now, but it may also contain some useful magic tool”


 Fransisca nodded without any particular objection

 ”…Well then”

 At the end of the strategy meeting, Alexis stood up from the chair he was sitting in

 ”That’s it for today. After dinner, you can come to my room after you clean yourself up”

 ”Here it comes,” Fransisca thought

 ”… well, are you still doing that today… like yesterday?”

 Fransisca asked him fearfully. And Alex answered, “Isn’t it natural? You’re my slave”

 ”Well, that’s right…”

 (As I thought, a slave is… such a thing…)

 Hearing Alexis’ words, Fransisca was convinced

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