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Chapter 17 [Princess-maiden] Bathing Together (Foreplay)

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 ”Why did you offer this?” Alexis asked

 ”Because if I stay with you, I would know if someone comes and I can protect you,” Fransisca said this after Alexis asked her, but she herself was fully aware that it was a contrivance

 (A-Alexis-sama… will take away my tingle, won’t he…?)

 Fransisca opens the door to the changing room, choking with anticipation and nervousness

 ”R-Right now, no one will see you now. Come in”

 Fransisca says, glancing anxiously into the passage

 Alexis is there, stepping into the changing room for the first time in a long time

 The women’s changing room

 It had been a long time since Fransisca had kicked him the first time he made a mistake

 ”Come to think of it, I was beaten up by Fransisca here before…”

 Alexis is immersed in his memories

 ”A-Alexis-sama?? U-umm… please forgive me, because I didn’t know that you were a prince…”

 Fransisca’s mouth quivered with a panic

 But Alexis giggles

 ”…No, that was my fault. Even if the other party was a prince, normally he would have been beaten up if he had entered the women’s bath”

 ”I-It’s true…”

 ”But the current situation is more unusual, isn’t it?”


 Fransisca blushes curiously but then, Alexis says, “Oh whatever”

 ”Then, I’ll come in, and you take care of the rest”

 Alexis stood by the shelves of a modest changing room and quickly began to undress

 This was because he had taken Fransisca’s words to mean that she was willing to be a watchman for him

 In any case, he had asked her that if someone came, she would tell him, and that she could cover him

 As Alexis has taken off all his clothes, he says, “Well, see you later” and goes to the bathhouse

 There was no intention to do anything else, but it was just a nuance that Fransisca seemed to be a watcher of nighttime bathing, so he would get today’s hot water first

 ”Y-yes. Please go ahead…”

 Fransisca responded by clasping her hands tightly together in front of her belly

* * *

 Alexis had just poured a hot water and was scrubbing his body with soap when he heard the door click open


 Someone’s here?? Where is Fransisca?? Alexis noticed it when he looked in that direction

 ”Oh, umm…”

 Fransisca’s cheeks turned bright red as she covered herself with a towel, wriggling and rubbing her legs together

 ”L-let me wash your back…”


 Alexis was surprised

 He had never expected such an action on her part

 To begin with, Fransisca was not interested in being a slave, was she?

 (What is this? What’s going on?)

 While he was thinking this, Fransisca started to come on to him

 Then, she kneels down right next to Alexis and reaches out her hand to the soap that Alexis is holding

 Her thin white fingertips touch Alexis’ hand as well as the soap


 Alexis looks into her moist eyes, which are fringed with quivering lashes, and he gulps

 Of course, his tentacle-like object grows in length and begins to raise its head

 And without a word of warning, Fransisca picks up the soap and leans close to him, holding her towel with only one hand

 ”Please tell me if you feel itchy”

 With these words, Fransisca rubbed the soap onto Alexis’ back, which was not yet covered with foam

 Even Alexis felt sorry for this

 ”No, you’re a princess, right? You shouldn’t act like a servant… it might cause international problems…”

 ”Don’t worry, it’s a secret. And I’m not exactly a princess now”

 Only when she said this did Fransisca look somewhat sad and as if she were enduring something painful


 Alexis is a bit sad

 If only Avalon’s dungeons had not swallowed the entire Sagrado kingdom, she would still be a Princess-maiden, and, moreover, she would not become a slave for herself

 ”After all, you’re—”

 Alexis was about to say something, but Fransisca, who was washing his back, accidentally tugged on his arm

 ”Hey, you. Is that what a princess does?”

 He was about to tell her to keep a little pride when Fransisca fell down with a small cry

 But the soapy foam on her feet had made them slippery


 Alexis quickly extended his arm and caught Fransisca in his chest. Then the towel she was wearing fell off, and Fransisca’s belly was pressed tightly against Alexis’ thing


 Fransisca’s face flushed bright red

 ”A-Alexis, sama…”

 Alexis was startled to hear her pounding heartbeat from her breasts, which were pressed tightly against his chest


 When his eyes meet Fransisca’s, she quickly looks away

 ”Ah, uh. Umm…”

 Fransisca blushes more and more when she realizes that her heartbeat has been heard

 She can’t stop her breathing from rasping. But it is inevitable. The tingling in her secret place has swelled to the point that it can no longer be ignored

 Seeing Fransisca’s hot exhale, Alexis is sure

 ”…you, don’t tell me you want to be banged by me?”

 He pulls her arm and checks Fransisca’s expression

 ”Uh…uh. T-that’s…”

 Fransisca’s gaze drifts up and down

 She doesn’t come clean, but Alexis smiles at her

 ”Ah, I see. So, it’s not a big deal…”

 He decided to start with that

 ”Of course. You don’t like this, do you?”

 He moves his tentacles and pokes Fransisca’s breast

 Fransisca turns her eyes to Alexis’s p*nis, which was twitching, and says, “Eh, you know…”

 ”I-I don’t… dislike… it that much…”

 That is Fransisca’s real feeling

 Since his tentacles have brought her pleasure on several occasions, she can no longer see it only with disgust

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