Avalon 149

Chapter 149 [Personal Guard] Commit and Make Her Swear Allegiance

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 Eden removes parts of her armor one by one to reveal only her clothes.

 She wears a simple, tight one-piece dress with a slit that clearly shows the lines of her body as if she wears it only to wear the armor.

 When she takes it off, it reveals her even and uniform style.

 Her muscles are well-developed beneath her feminine flesh, which is firm and toned despite its unevenness.

 The panties covering her pubic area are also simple, and Eden takes it off.

 ”Master… my Master…”

 Saying this, Eden leaned down to press her bare skin against Alexis.

 ”I swear my allegiance to you. I give you my body and my soul. So…take me, please”

 She hugged Alexis’s neck and spoke in a faltering honorific, then leaned close to his face. Eden’s breathing was on the tip of Alexis’s nose from a close distance.

 ”Hey… Eden, you…”

 Alexis hesitates for a moment.

 But there was a naked woman in front of him. Who can say no to a woman’s soft, supple skin pressed against him? No, there isn’t.

 ”I didn’t mean it that way…”

 He almost said that, but “…well, I’ll take what I can get…”

 With that thought, Alexis reached out his hand to Eden.

 When he stroked Eden’s tight back muscles from the nape of the neck several times, Eden’s body trembled a little.

 ”Nn, Mas… ter…”

 Alexis holds her in his arms when her sleepy eyes start to take on a soft color.

 Eden’s eyes blinked for a moment, then quickly softened.

 Drawn by Eden’s blank expression, Alexis presses his lips to hers.

 Eden’s muffled voice spills out “…hmm”, and when her lips part, she gives Alexis a somewhat puzzled look.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 Alexis asks, and Eden’s cheeks flush, and her gaze drifts.

 ”…mmm. I mean…”

 Eden replies in a muffled voice as if she is having trouble saying something.

 ”…You’re so gentle, Master. It’s just… very…”

 Alexis giggles.

 She looks as if she finds it surprising.

 (…Well, it’s no surprise. The last time we did it was torture)

 ”Do you want me to do it hard until you apologize like before?”

 Intending to be mean, Alexis pulls his bulging tentacle out of his pants and presses it against Eden’s cheeks. Eden let out a muffled moan…


 She was looking at him shyly with her small eyes, letting out an ambiguous voice.


 Such a reaction ignites Alexis’ desire to be tortured.

 Alexis grabbed Eden’s arms and made her get into a slapping posture, then he pushed her down on the bed.

 ”Don’t tell me that the iron-clad knight of the Kingsguard actually prefers to be screwed in a torture room like that?”

 With a smirk on his face, Alexis looks at Eden’s body with a licking gaze.

 Eden, perhaps embarrassed by this, squeezes her closed inner thighs.


 Eden looks uncomfortable, falls silent, and lets out a small exhale.

 Alexis takes that as a response, and her smile deepens.

 ”You really liked it, didn’t you?”

 Alexis holds Eden in a prone position and slowly extends his tentacle. He can feel Eden’s body shaking and twitching as he strokes Eden’s lower abdomen, chest, breasts, and neck.

 Sometimes, Eden would repeatedly look away from Alexis with her eyes down, letting out a hot breath.

 However, her breathing became increasingly ragged, and she occasionally looked at him with a hot and moist gaze. It is evident that she was getting aroused.

 Finally, Alexis pokes Eden’s pointy nipple with the tip of his p*nis.

 A muffled “Mmm” escaped Eden’s lips.

 Alexis continued to caress her nipples, making Eden’s breasts move up and down.

 ”Ah, ah…”

 Eden’s deep scarlet eyes turn to Alexis.

 ”M-Master, I don’t know…”

 Eden closes her mouth.

 She is not a good talker.

 Instead, Eden lets out a heated sigh whenever an unfamiliar-shaped p*nis crawls on her breast.


 Eden’s eyes narrow as she watches her Master, Alexis’ tentacle crawl over her body.

 (It’s as if… really I belong to Master… I feel as if Master is making me succumb to him…)

 Eden thinks that this is something the previous Master “Jerome” had never done, and then she realizes it is not the same.

 (…So, this is what it means to succumb…)

 Eden realized it.

 At that moment, Alexis’ tentacle crawls up to Eden’s lips.

 With his pre-cum all over Eden’s body, smeared with the smell of Alexis, Eden was convinced by the situation that she would be his.

 As Eden thought so, Alexis smiled thinly, “Open your mouth”.

 Eden did as she was told.

 Alexis’s tentacle slides into her mouth, slickening it with his fluids.

 ”Mmm— Hmm…”

 Eden lets out a muffled cry.

 The feeling of Alexis’s body being covered with her own liquid was pleasant.

 Everything is getting dirty from the tip of her toes to the tip of her head, and it feels good for her.

 The situation makes Eden more sensitive, and the touched part by the tentacle, which is still crawling on her body while she keeps putting it in her mouth, starts to contain a hot and numbing pleasure.

 Eden’s eyes melt, and she lets out a muffled cry while her mouth is covered with the p*nis.

 Her arms are held with one hand, and Alexis lowers his other hand and touches her breast directly.

 While moaning, Eden’s hips jumped up.

 ”You’re mine from now on. Body and soul”

 Alexis smiles and lightly strokes her breast as he says this. Eden’s body shudders as if she feels pleasure just by stroking her breasts.

 ”This is the proof. It feels good when I touch you, doesn’t it? That’s the proof that you’re giving in”


 With her cheek on his p*nis, Eden lets out a charming sound instead of a reply.

 Then, Alexis pulls his p*nis from her lips with a plop.

 A mixture of Cowper’s fluid and saliva drips from Eden’s lips to her chin.

 ”You know what? Everything in your body wants me”

 Alexis slowly lowered his p*nis and placed it against her already moist and soaked pussy. There was a slurping sound.

 ”Look, you’re so wet… you were like that before, weren’t you?”

 When Alexis moved his p*nis to rub it between the folds, he heard a squishy sound.

 Eden’s body jumps up and down as if the stimulation is intense.

 ”Ahhh, ahhhhh—!”

 Eden’s chin is turned up, and she begins to utter a clear voice.

 ”You really wanted to succumb to me, didn’t you? You wanted to forget about Aniki. You wanted to give in to me. Didn’t you?”

 Alexis says something to Eden, but Eden doesn’t reply.

 However, her secret passage is slowly producing more and more nectar. The stain gradually spreads on the bed sheet by sucking the sanked love juice.

 ”Look, you’re drooling like this. You want me to fill you up.”

 Alexis put his glans against Eden’s honey pot. Immediately, Eden’s body jumped up and down.

 But he kept moving the glans in and out of the entrance of the jar, making a gurgling sound. Eventually, Eden’s body trembled with the impatient movements.

 ”Mmm, hwaaa—!”

 Eden opens her legs as if she can no longer stand it.

 Alexis smiles wickedly at Eden, who is shaking her hips and seeking him like that.

 ”What? You can’t tell me if I don’t tell you. Shouldn’t you say something like this? Please control me”

 Alexis’ hand caresses Eden’s head.

 Eden narrows her eyes and says.

 ”A-Alexis, sama… My Master…”

 Eden speaks in a hushed voice.

 ”I…I want to be…your… loyal servant… Please, control me…”

 Alexis giggles and mutters, “I knew it”.

 ”Aniki wasn’t enough for you, was he? I’m better for you, right? What do you think, honestly?”

 Alexis covered Eden’s body as he slowly sank his p*nis into her.

 Eden jumped up and down as she felt the cock slurping deep into her vaginal canal.

 ”Nnghhhh, haaaa, nnhhhhhhh—”

 Eden reaches out her hands and clings to Alexis, her body shaking and trembling.

 ”I-It’s good—this is—”

 Eden’s expression is one of debauchery, and she begins to move her hips.

 It must feel so good to be able to feel without fear.

 ”I want Master, Master is good, I want you, Alexis-samaaa”

 Eden moves her hips as if bursting from something she had been suppressing.

 She presses her secret place and wiggles her hips to taste more of Alexis’s pistons.

 ”Hwaaaa, stop it, me—”

 Eden speaks up.

 ”But I couldn’t forget this—I couldn’t get it out of my head—I’ve always wanted you to screw me…!”

 Alexis giggles and says, “I knew it.”

 ”You like mine, don’t you? You liked my dick that much, didn’t you? All that torture I’ve been giving you?”

 Eden nods broadly and replies in a muffled voice, “Yes”.

 ”This cock, crawling all over me—Ah, hwah, hwahhhh—”

 Eden seemed to love the sensation of Alexis’ cock crawling inside her vagina.

 She shuddered and shook her body, and her legs were wrapped around Alexis’ back, dripping more and more of her love juice-like peeing.

 ”C-Cumming, I’m going to cwum— Masterrrr, My Masterrrrr—”

 Eden’s wet eyes are full of ecstasy, and an ecstatic smile appears on her lips.

 Alexis swallows his ragged breath, smiles, and slides his cock deeper into Eden’s vagina.

 ”—You know what? I bet Aniki has never reached this place of yours before, right? But my dick can go in there. So, from now on, this is mine. You’re mine”

 He poked Eden’s cervix, and she responded with a rapturous “Yesssh!”

 ”That’s not all. I own your vagina, mouth, hands, feet, everything. You belong to me!”

 He pushed his p*nis into her, trying to pry her cervix open.

 Eden responded with a shudder, “Yessh!”.

 ”I’m yours, Master! Haah, haah, so, so, ahhh—”

 Eden moves her hips frantically.

 The pleasure is so intense that she has completely lost all sense of reason.

 ”—Oh, here it is. Succumb to me”

 When Alexis said this, Eden’s hips trembled.

 ”Hwahhhhhhhhh—I’m cumming, cummmming—!!”

 Eden’s body trembled, and her whole body was filled with ecstasy.

 As Alexis ejaculated deep inside her, he spoke to her, “Eden”.

 ”Forget everything. Forget about your former Master… You’re mine now, after all. Everything’s mine now. Don’t you get it now? Aniki is not a good enough Master for you. I took you from him”

 Alexis’ words must have been intended to assuage Eden’s guilt.

 Eden’s eyes widened for a moment when she realized this.

 But then Eden turned her eyes to her enormous, bulging abdomen and moved her breasts up and down, then narrowed her eyes and nodded her head “…yessh,” with a slight nod.

 After that, Eden breathed for a moment after being filled by Alexis.

 ”…Master, you’re so gentle”

 Eden whispered softly, and Alexis couldn’t help but respond, “Shut up”.

 ”Master… Fufu…”

 Eden gives a faint smile.

 Her expression on her face is still somewhat childish, but it seems like she has let something go.

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