Avalon 77

Chapter 77 [Princess-maiden] When the Protagonist is Sleeping, the Princess-maiden Comes to Him

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 ”Let’s take a nap today, have dinner when I wake up, take a bath, and go to bed,” Alexis planned this for the rest of the day.

 However, not long after Valencia left the room and he lay down on the bed and dozed off, he heard a knock at the door again.

 (Today is a busy day for visitors…)

 Alexis sits up with this thought and answers, “Yes?”.

 ”…Alexis-sama,” it seems that Fransisca has come this time.

 ”What is it?” He asked, and the door opened with a click.

 Fransisca came into Alexis’ room, wearing a one-piece combat outfit with a slit in it, just after she had returned from the dungeon without her armor.

 As she closes the door, she says, “I have something to report…”.

 ”It’s about the artifact we found and about Valencia.”

 ”Valencia came here by herself a while ago. And the artifact? Can we talk about it tomorrow? We’re at the fort. Why don’t we linger while we can?”

 ”But, we should not be lazy in our preparations, right?”

 Fransisca walked up to Alexis, looking disgruntled.

 ”Well, if we were in the military, of course. But when being an adventurer, unforeseen circumstances come up endlessly. When that happens, you realize that while you can only cope with them by preparation, you’ve been a third-rate adventurer.”

 Anyway, the opponent is Fransisca.

 So, Alexis relaxes, lies back down on the bed, closes his eyes, and adds.

 ”…That’s… well, perhaps it’s all right, since you seem quite experienced too…”

 At Alexis’s words, Fransisca sits down beside him and begins to complain, taking advantage of the fact that Alexis is dozing off.

 ”Alexis-sama, you have a lot of experience in everything. You’re experienced in fighting… well, in naughty stuff, too. Even if I’m worried or uncomfortable, you’re always quick to do it. …Hmm, are you listening to me?”

 Looking at Fransisca’s eagerness to be heard, Alexis decided to sleep it off.

 And when he did not answer, Fransisca seemed to think that Alexis had already fallen asleep, and her hand came to rest on his hand.

 ”Haa… what a big hand!”

 Fransisca exclaimed in admiration, and Alexis wanted to say what she was doing, but he held back.

 After all, she was the kind of girl who usually listened to him and did whatever he asked her to do. He was curious to see what kind of complaints she would come up with.

 Anyway, it seems that Fransisca’s complaints were already over, and she laid down next to Alexis and hugged him tightly.

 ”Mmm, it smells so good. I love Alexis-sama’s smell. I love the warmth of your body, your voice, the color of your eyes, the color of your skin…”

 Fransisca rubs her cheek against Alexis’ cheek and murmurs, “I like you”.

 ”I like you, I love you. I love you so much, Alexis-sama. I love you so much that I would do anything for you…”

 Fransisca repeats the sweet words in a sweet voice, making Alexis regret his decision.

 (Why did I decide to sleep? Ah, it itches. It itches too much!)

 He feels like getting up and covering Fransisca’s mouth right now, but Fransisca stretches out on Alexis’ body and starts fidgeting with something before he can get up.

 As Alexis wonders what it is, Fransisca’s hand touches Alexis’ pants, and he feels his belt come off.

 Before he can think of anything else, his manhood is pulled out too.

 ”Ehehe… I love Alexis-sama’s p*nis too…”

 Just as Fransisca said this, she takes it in her mouth with a snap.

 Alexis’s cock swells and begins to stretch in no time as Fransisca sucks and caresses it carefully in her mouth.

 ”Fufu. So cute… I’m going to kiss you a lot.”

 True to her word, Fransisca repeatedly kisses Alexis’ tentacles.

 The frustrating stimulation made Alexis want to penetrate Fransisca, but this seemed to be an unconscious movement of his own.

 ”…hmm, do you want to put it out already?”

 Fransisca whispers to the thing in a tone of voice as if she were talking to a beloved pet or child.

 ”Fufu. All right, it’s okay. My place is also open for you. Therefore, you can come here anytime you want. In the first place, my place is for you to come in.”

 Fransisca straddles Alexis’ waist and opens her legs, exposing her secret place since her panties have already been removed.

 Fransisca uses her hands to spread the folds that cover her sensitive parts, and a s*xual odor rises from her.

 ”Come here, come here. Well, I want to say that but you didn’t have eyes…”

 Fransisca smiles shyly, then pulls the tentacles in and leads it to her own secret place.

 Fransisca’s body trembles as she watches the tentacles find an entrance and return to their burrow.

 ”Haah, ah, ah… Haah, haah… are you comfortable in your house? Me, Me too, I feel… uhm… like… like, very comfortable… when you’re inside me.”

 As Fransisca straddles Alexis’ hips, she begins to move slowly.

 ”Haah..—kh, haah, ahhh… Nnhh… haah, haah. Ah… you’re inside me, you’re filling me up so much…”

 Fransisca shuddered as she felt the hard glans rubbing up and down her vaginal walls.

 ”…I can forget all the bad things… mm, mmm, mmmm…”

 Fransisca presses her pussy hard against Alexis’ crotch and urges it to “come deeper, deeper, and deeper”.

 She sighs in rapture as Alexis’s cock penetrates deeper and deeper into her.

 ”I-I want it all, I want it all to be gone. Everything. I don’t want to be a princess of Sagrado… ah, ahh…”

 Fransisca’s hips buckle and quiver at the sensation of a cock slurping into her cervix.

 ”I want to be with Alexis-sama as a woman… have Alexis-sama’s baby, even if I’m not his wife…”

 Fransisca was shaking her hips when she was sure that the cock was completely inside her womb.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah! It’s entering my womb, and then, just as a woman… ah, ah…”

 Fransisca’s hips were gradually moving more and more, and suddenly Alexis’ hand grabbed hers tightly.

 ”Ah… Ehh…”

 After she let out a puzzled voice, Alexis pulls Fransisca’s flushed cheeks and makes her fall down on his chest.

 And when he brought his face close to hers, he unleashed what he wanted to say to the helplessly naive and sheltered princess.

 ”Don’t tell me you want to lose everything because of me, even though you don’t have the courage to give up your status and elope with me. You’re also naive to think that marrying a foreign prince will get you unconditional access to the palace. And let me tell you I can’t give you the kind of life you want. If that’s what you want, marry my brother instead of me.”

 Seeing Alexis’ half-angry eyes, Fransisca was very upset.

 ”Ah… I-I’m sorry…”

 Fransisca tried to apologize as quickly as she could, but Alexis pushed her back down.

 She fell on her back on the bed, and Alexis stretched over Fransisca, who let out a small scream.

 ”Valencia told me. She said you think I’m generous and kind. What the hell do you see in me? I’m the kind of man who would make you my slave. And I’m a Krangal who’s trying to be cunning… —What do you think you’re dreaming of with a man like that? You think I’ll be nice to you? You think I’m going to help you? Don’t be stupid.”

 Alexis moved his cock hard, intending to break Fransisca’s womb.

 ”Ah, ahh, ahh!”

 Fransisca’s reaction becomes overtly violent.

 Her expression was anguished, as if she was in pain, but she seemed to perceive sweetness in the pain, as if she was enraptured.

 ”Haah, so hard… —Please, let it out! Please let it out! I want Alexis-sama’s baby…”

 ”You think you can conceive my baby? But with this thing, I can destroy your womb so badly that you’ll never conceive again!”

 ”Haah, haah, it’s okay… no problem, Alexis-sama!”

 Alexis rolls his eyes as Fransisca hugs Alexis tightly.

 In the end, Alexis thought that Fransisca was only saying that she was in love with him because she was spoiled by him.

 She clings to Alexis tightly and presses her hips against him to accept his cock even more.

 ”Mmm, kh, haah… I-If you want to do that to my body, I… I will do everything, everything you want me to do to you…. When I think that my body has been remade by you, I’ll be happy…”

 Fransisca speaks with tears welling up in the corners of her eyes, as if in pain.

 ”…what do you like about me?”

 Alexis was dumbfounded.

 He was born in a family of five brothers, all of whom were superior than him, all of whom were compared to him, and all of whom would never like him. He had always thought there was something wrong, but now someone was showing him love so earnestly, he had no choice but to accept it.

 ”Although I don’t know what’s going on… Fransisca seems to really like me,” Alexis thought to himself.

 ”……Hmm, I see.”

 Alexis mumbles a little and starts to move his hips slowly.

 Fransisca is relieved to see that the movement of the object has switched to a gentle one instead.

 Even though she has been trained to feel pleasure no matter how roughly it is done to her, it is still better to be painless.

 ”Haah, ah, ahh. Alexis-samaaaa!”

 Fransisca wriggled her hips, her back shaking with pleasure, and then, as if she had a thought in her mind, she tightened her arms around Alexis.

 ”Ah, um… I want to think that Alexis-sama is devouring me a little more intensely… like always, to the point that my mind goes blank…”

 She whispered to him, and Alexis couldn’t help but speed up his movements. Just then.

 ”Ah, ahhhhh!”

 Fransisca’s reaction became more and more intense.

 ”Haah, haah, that’s it, that’s it…— Ah, oh, my God— Oh, my God, it’s breaking my uterus—”

 Fransisca’s legs are now entwined in Alexis’ back, and she squeezes him even tighter.

 ”Haaah! I’m cumming, I’m cummmming…”

 Fransisca’s request was answered by Alexis with a gasp.

 ”…Hold it a little longer for me. You’ll have to be patient until then.”

 ”Yes. I’ll hold it— H-Hold it, mmm…— Hold it… ah, ahh, ahhh!”

 Fransisca’s hips are shaking as she was told to be patient, but the movement of the p*nis did not calm down at all.

 ”Noooo— I can’t do it, I can’t stand it— But, Alexis-sama, I want to obey you! I want to be Alexis-sama’s submissive…”

 ”A little more, a little more.”

 Fransisca squeezes her abdomen and tries to hold it in.

 ”Haah, haah, ah, khhhhhhhh—! Ugh, mmm, mmm, I’m trying my best…!”

 It seems that she is so occupied with holding back the pleasure that is rising up so violently that she seems to be unable to speak.

 ”—Here, I’m going to cum. So, you can cum too.”

 As soon as Alexis said that, Fransisca releases her bulge.

 ”Ah, ahhhh, ahhhhhhhhh!!”

 She spasmed violently, and her vaginal hole, which was still connected, spurted out a stream of cum.


 Alexis also ejaculate his load in the deepest part of her womb.

 It seems that Fransisca is experiencing another climax from the sensation of semen pouring into her womb.

 ”Haah, haaaaah, hwaaaaaah!”

 She is still clutching Alexis, her whole body shaking and trembling.

 When Alexis’ ejaculation calmed down, Fransisca also seemed to calm down and started to exhale loudly while her lower abdomen was bulging.

 ”Haaah, haaah…”

 Alexis puts his hand on Fransisca’s head, who is in ecstasy on the bed, shivering at the feeling of semen that sometimes bounces around.

 ”Good job, Fransisca. You did a good job of holding back”

 When he said this in a gentle voice, Fransisca instantly looked happy and her mouth relaxed.

 ”Hehe… well, was I obedient to Alexis-sama?”

 ”Yes, you did. I feel like rewarding you.”

 ”Oh, really? ” Fransisca answered with a sparkle in her eyes.

 ”T-Then, can you give me a kiss? And please hug me a lot…”

 With these words, she reached out her hands to him, so Alexis covered her again and did as she said.

 ”…Are you really in love with me?”

 Alexis said sincerely, and Fransisca’s cheeks were turning vermilion.

 ”W-Well, I think that the feeling of liking is free…”

 She says this in a somewhat nervous tone of voice.

 ”At first, I was reserved because I thought it was too presumptuous for me to be with you. But you don’t seem to mind when I tell you how I feel. So…”

 She wants affirmation.

 Alexis noticed this and felt embarrassed, but instead of saying it out loud, he patted Fransisca’s head with his hand.

 Fransisca looked relieved and spoke.

 ”I have never been told that a Princess-maiden is not allowed to fall in love with someone. So if I am allowed to do so, then this is a good thing.”

 ”…But Fatima once told you that this behavior is not good for your chastity, didn’t she?”

 When Alexis teased her a little, Fransisca’s face turned miffed.

 ”I-I don’t know about that… because, at that time, I was already your…”

 She seemed to have a thought in her mind and stopped her words in mid-sentence, then she let out a sigh.

 ”…Well, even if you say so. I can’t stand it after I even smelled Alexis-sama’s thing. I have endured so much in other places. But still…”

 ”I didn’t know you had loose side too…”

 Alexis blinked his eyes in surprise.

 Fransisca, perhaps sensing that she was being mocked, said, “W-What’s that?”

 ”…Well. I really don’t think it’s a good idea. But when I saw Alexis-sama’s face I couldn’t control it… I didn’t think this would happen to me. I thought I could keep all the commandments. I thought I was good at it, but…”

 Alexis looks at her dejected face and reflects on her usual behavior.

 Indeed, she seems to be trying to maintain her position as the Princess-miaden of Sagrado, even though her country has been dismembered.

 Her decision to keep quiet about the Avalon affair in accordance with the royal protocol may be, for better or worse, her own inflexible nature.

 —But one thing she says is that she can’t stand the act with Alexis.

 (Then, if I suggested to her that I would not sleep with her unless she told me about Avalon, wouldn’t she talk to me?)

 Alexis thought about that, but decided not to do so.

 He was still a member of the royal family. He understood how important the rules of the royal family were. Even if the inflexibility of hers is a nuisance, it is true that in a country under healthy circumstances, her attitude is the most righteous as a royalty.

 (…Besides, I know something. I know exactly how to get her to tell the whole story without breaking the royal protocols and to give full authority to Krangal. I know exactly how to do that.)

 Alexis kept his mouth shut, thinking this was his problem.

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