Avalon 240

Chapter 240

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 Alexis’ destination is neither Sagrado nor Krangal.

 But it is a port town called “Austell, the city of water” in the northern part of Lynus country. Incidentally, if one goes further north, it is in the territory of Sagrado.

 In Austell, Lynus, there was a week-long festival in full swing.

 The stone city with only waterways was decorated with colorful triangular flags here and there, and many small boats were coming and going along the waterways, on which musicians were playing joyfully.

 When Fransisca saw one of the boats, she blinked, leaned forward, and grabbed the stone railing by the waterway.

 ”What is that?”

 It was the first time for Fransisca to see a performance on a boat.

 About six musicians were seated in a long, narrow, leaf-like vehicle that was large enough to accommodate about 15 people. At the very end stands a boatman, who moves the boat slowly with a long stick-like object.

 Many waterways. A small boat floating slowly. A musician on the boat. Everything is new to her.

 With such a situation already at the entrance of the town, Alexis had a hard time urging her to go further in.

 But after seeing a boat with a bird with a boatman and other tourists on board, Fransisca finally agreed to move out of the place.

 ”Are you okay? If you’re so excited at this point, you won’t even last until noon.”

 Alexis laughs as he pulls Fransisca’s hand through the crowded cobblestone boulevard.

 But she didn’t seem to have time to listen to him, and just said, “Wow, what’s that?”

 Ahead of her was a street performer in the middle of his act, and before Alexis could even begin to explain, “Wow, look at that!”

 Fransisca’s attention was caught by the sight of a big bird with colorful decorations flying over the boulevard, scattering papers. It might have been released by the boatman who had carried the bird earlier.

 The fluttering and falling papers of various colors were pleasing to the eye as if they were large petals pouring down.

 ”That’s supposed to be an advertisement, I think”

 Alexis used to be an adventurer and is a bit familiar with different cultures and customs of the common people. This is not the first time he’s been to the festival.

 ”Ah, yes, you’re probably wondering what happens to the paper that falls into the canal, aren’t you? But the paper seems to be made to float—Here, look at it.”

 Alexis points to a small boat that has just passed by in the channel beside him.

 ”That’s how the boatman rows the boat, retrieving the paper with his “kai”. It seems that every boatman has a bird, and those boatmen who don’t have a bird in their boat scatter advertisements like that… Hmm, Fransisca?”

 Fransisca had not heard Alexis’ story for some time.

 ”Wow, that’s great, Alexis-sama.”

 She was smiling happily at the approaching street performer.

 Alexis sighed.

 He didn’t expect her to be this excited…

 It’s like she’s a child.

 If left alone, she could easily get lost.

 This reminds him of Valencia, but then he reconsiders.

 The knightess, though she is usually out of it, is still a knight in her own way. On the other hand, she would not be so excited in such a situation.

 (Well, should I be glad that she is happy?)

 However, it seems to be too stimulating for her, so she might not have needed to go all the way to the festival.

 Well, Alexis decided to enjoy it as well, since Fransisca was enjoying the festival. However, the main purpose of the festival is to enjoy the evening.

* * *

 ”…This is not the time to have fun…”

 In the crowded central square, Alexis regretted his decision.

 There were many vendors and stalls here.

 It was a good thing that he and Fransisca went to the stores together to buy something, but it was not a good idea to let go of each other’s hands to pay the bill.

 ”I’m getting old…”

 He looked to his right and left, but Fransisca was nowhere to be seen.

 ”I didn’t think she was this unaccustomed to crowded places…”

 He hopes she understands that if she wanders off on her own, she will be separated from the others in no time. This is just like leading a child.

 ”If I find her… I’ll sermon her. No, a sermon won’t do. She needs to be punished.”

 Alexis looked down at the paper bag of waffles he had just bought and sighed.


 At the same time, Fransisca is resting her hand on the stone railing along the canal and absentmindedly watching the boats crossing the water.


 Suddenly, she sees a bird from a billboard flying out of the corner of her eye, and she follows it with her eyes.

 There was no paper in its talons, and the bird flew away in its decorated form to the figure of a boatman rowing a small boat. Then, it lands softly at its feet.

 (Alexis-sama told me that the boatman was also in charge of flying birds.)

 But she knows that this is not the time to be impressed by an unfamiliar culture.

 ”Surely, this is… we got separated, didn’t we?”

 She looks back at the crowd behind her, and murmurs to herself.

 She didn’t intend to get lost actively.

 But she just saw a strange carriage passing by and tried to get a closer look at it.

 The carriage consisted of about four box-shaped carriages for two persons in a row, the first of which was a platform for a coachman, and a horse was pulling it.

 And since it was the first time for her to see such a group of carriages, she was curious about it.

 She wondered if the horses were not heavy enough. or why do the carriages behind follow the carriages in front of them? But before she knew it, she found herself in a different place from the plaza.

 ”…What should I do? Alexis-sama must be worried about me… I have to go back to the square right away.”

 She takes a few steps and then stops.

 —Wait a minute. What if I keep walking in this direction without knowing where I’m going and end up going in a completely different direction?

 In this big city, that would be a real problem.

 While she was worried about this, she suddenly felt a strange sensation in the crowd.

 She noticed a small child standing alone in the middle of the street where many adults are passing by.

 A little girl, no older than 10 years old, is looking around with a worried look on her face.

 It is not unusual to see a child in a crowd. However, upon closer inspection, no one seems to be her guardian.

 ”That can’t be…”

 Fransisca forgot about her situation and walked up to the girl.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 The petite girl looks up with a start and immediately looks disappointed.

 ”It’s not safe for you to be alone. Isn’t your mother or father with you?”

 The girl looked like she was about to cry and shook her head.

 ”I came here with them, but I’m sure they were with me, but I don’t know anyone else”

 ”So you mean you’re lost, right?”

 ”I don’t know…”

 The girl sniffles and sniffles.

 Fransisca could not just leave her like that.

 (Anyway, I’ll have to ask her parents to take care of her…or at least find a guard and entrust her to them if it’s difficult. It’s just too dangerous)

 Fransisca regains her composure, smiles at her, and offers her hand.

 ”If you like, you can come with me to find your parents. I can help you.”

 ”Eh? Really, Onee-chan?”

 Fransisca nodded “Yes” to the girl with big eyes.

 ”And besides, I was just lost too. Lost children are more comfortable together than alone, aren’t they?”

 ”I-I don’t know about that…”

 The girl’s expression changed to one of anxiety.

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