Avalon 120

Chapter 120 [Female Blacksmith] Cleaning in the Bathroom

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 ”I never thought you would be willing to serve me…”

 Alexis said as he entered the bathroom after taking off his clothes in the changing room.

 ”T-That’s not how I meant it…”

 Dorothea, who followed him, looked embarrassed, and she kept covering her naked body with a towel. Then, she continued.

 ”I-I mean, you know? The princess is going to wash our stupid prince’s back, and as a Krangal, I don’t think it’s right to make a foreign guest act like a servant, right?”

 ”Hmm, that’s true…”

 Alexis thinks that Dorothea has a point.

 ”So, I’m just saying that I’m willing to volunteer my body for you… C-Can you thank me at least?”

 While Dorothea is talking in a fumbling way, Alexis is sitting on a chair in the washing area.

 ”I see, you’re willing to put your body on the line for me. I see… I see…”

 Looking at Alexis’ back as he removes the towel covering his waist, Dorothea has a bad premonition.

 ”Huh!? Well, T-That’s true, but… Are you sure you’re not thinking something strange, prince…!?”

 ”Well, I just thought you’d be willing to put your body on the line for me…?”

 Alexis picked up the soap and turned around, offering it to Dorothea with a smirk on her face.

 ”W-Well, I can at least wash you…”

 Dorothea accepted the soap, though she had a puzzled expression on her face.

 ”Good, good, that’s an excellent attitude. Of course, you are going to wash me with your body, aren’t you? After all, you said you are willing to put your body on the line for me.”

 Alexis grinned so much that Dorothea couldn’t help but drop the soap from her hand.

 *Thud! A dull sound of something light and hard, echoed through the bathroom.


 While Dorothea’s mouth is gaping open, Alexis points at her.

 ”Let me explain it again. You’re going to clean my body with those luscious breast of yours, aren’t you?”

 He said more brokenly.


 The next moment, Dorothea shuddered and her cheeks turned bright red.

 ”No, no, no, I didn’t mean that! I’m sorry for being so careless!”

 Dorothea rushes to cover her bosom, which is hidden by the towel, and squeezes them with her arms. Then she turned her eyes toward Alexis.

 ”In the first place, my ‘runway’ is not even pleasant for you, is it? If you want something like that, don’t you have princess or Valencia or anyone else who can do it?”

 ”Runway… have I told you that much?”

 Alexis was flustered, but Dorothea seemed to be getting more and more unhappy.

 ”My chest is a goddamn dragon’s runway, you know that right!? It’s a goddamn dragon’s runaway! If you’re gonna do that, you should’ve picked another girl!”

 Seeing Dorothea’s attitude, Alexis laughed bitterly.

 ”Hey… you’re so inconsistent… Who was it that said I can’t have a foreign guest as my servant?”

 ”Uh…oh, it’s me, but…”

 Dorothea, realizing her own incosistent, shuts her mouth.

 However, she still seems to be dissatisfied and groans.

 But then, Alexis reaches out his hand to her and pulls her into his embrace.


 Dorothea makes a strange noise, and then her towel that was covering her body falls off.

 She looks down at the towel fluttering down, and says in a muffled voice, “Oh, my towel…!”.

 Meanwhile, Alexis hugged her tightly, enjoying the feeling of her body, which was generally thin, firm, and supple, but had the softness and texture of a woman.

 ”Still, I think your body is nice enough to touch”

 Dorothea’s face turns red as Alexis says this.

 ”Ugh, uggggh… no, you’re lying… you just flatter me…”

 In response, Alexis says, “I’m not lying,” as he tightens the embrace on Dorothea’s flabbergasted face and he adds.

 ”I told you before, didn’t I? I like you just the way you are”

 ”Uh, no way…”

 Dorothea’s eyes are closed, but Alexis still continues, “Besides”.

 ”I can’t fuck you unless I have a chance. After all, your old man keeps a watchful eye on you at the fort…”

 ”Umm… so you just really want to do that?”

 Although Dorothea looks at Alexis with a stern look, her mouth is slightly smiling.

 Then, with the same expression, she says, “Well, I don’t blame you…”.

 ”I-If the prince insists… uh, can I wash you?”

 She then pulled away from Alexis and picked up the soap from the floor as Alexis relaxed his arm.

 ”I-I have no choice, you know? I have no choice but to do it, okay?”

 With these words, Dorothea wet herself and wet the soap in the wall-mounted shower, lathering it up and applying it to her own body with a towel. She then stretches out and washes her breasts, the area between her breasts, her abdomen, her navel.

 She also stretches out her slender arms to wash them, and lathers the hollowed armpits.

 ”Hey—What are you looking at? D-Don’t stare too closely at me…”

 Dorothea blushes up to her ears.

 ”No, I just wanted to take a look.”

 Alexis replies honestly and says again.

 ”I mean, you’re very thorough.”

 ”Is that so? Well, I must clean myself first… After all, I was sweating a lot. Also, I don’t want to get you dirty.”

 Dorothea turns bright red as she talks.

 Once she had rinsed herself off in the shower, she reapplied soap to her body, lathering it up again.

 After a few deep breaths, she said, “Okay, I’m going to do it…” with a reddish face and gently walks up to Alexis.

 She hugs Alexis who is sitting on a chair and starts rubbing her body against him to spread the bubbles.

 The slippery sensation creates the perfect amount of friction between her nipples.

 ”…Mmm, mmm…,” a lusty voice gradually begins to escape from Dorothea’s lips.

 Alexis, who was getting aroused by watching her, felt his dick getting longer and longer. So, he brings it to the position where he can take it between his belly and Dorothea’s.

 As he expected, it was tightly pressed between his belly and Dorothea’s belly, and every time she moved, it gave him a soft and slippery sensation.

 ”Hey, hey, prince! What are you holding between my belly and yours—”

 To Dorothea, who is flushed to the ears and lets out an upset voice, Alexis replies.

 ”Hmm? But it feels so good.”

 ”Hyah! Mmm—D-Don’t pinch me there. It’s rubbing against my…”

 Dorothea tries to lift her hips, but Alexis pulls her hips closer together.

 Then Alexis’ cock touches Dorothea’s lower abdomen, and also touches the area of her pubic mound below it.

 ”I can’t… ugh, I can’t wash you well…”

 ”Don’t worry, just move.”

 When Alexis gives her a nudge, Dorothea reluctantly resumes rubbing her body together.

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm…”

 Dorothea’s breathing is becoming shallow.

 She sometimes shudders and tries to pull away. But, each time she tries to pull away, Alexis pulls her closer to him to keep their bodies close.

 Eventually, as she moves from right to left, her abdomen strokes Alexis’ cock, causing the tip of Alexis’ p*nis to ooze pre-cum.

 As expected, Dorothea complains.

 ”Hey… P-Prince! Please don’t get wet while I’m washing you…”

 ”Hmm? But you’re the one whose pussy is leaking, aren’t you? The underside of your pussy is getting slippery.”

 Alexis points out, and Dorothea’s cheeks flush.

 ”T-That’s… the soap…!”

 ”You’re lying. It’s so different from the bubbles that it’s obvious.”

 As if to punish her, Alexis reaches down to her lower half. Dorothea tries to escape by lifting her hips, but he says, “Don’t run away,” and he pulls her hips back and restrains her, then quickly dips his fingers into her secret place.

 Sure enough, it was damp and wet.

 As he moved his finger upward, he could see that her clitoris was erect and swollen. Her clitoris was so big that its head must have peeked out from the folds of her flesh and rubbed against it as it erected.

 She had been keeping her voice down for a long time, but when Alexis poked her with his fingertips, she seemed to have become so sensitive that she uttered, “Hyah!”

 ”P-Prince! Don’t touch it…!”

 Dorothea gets teary-eyed and moves her hips, trying to get them apart.

 ”Just be quiet. You’re always so cocky! Who do you think you’re working for?”

 With an accusatory voice, Alexis poked the tip of her clitoris.

 Dorothea shudders each time.

 ”Ha, ya, ah—”

 She finally lets out a squeak and blushes as she says, “I-It’s you, prince…”.

 ”If you are aware of it, why don’t you show a little more loyalty?”

 With these words, Alexis pinches her clitoris repeatedly with his fingertips in an accusatory manner.

 Dorothea’s body shudders and she lets out a cry of “No, ahhh—” and then she says.

 ”Don’t, prince. Don’t, don’t, don’t poke it anymore…”

 Dorothea complains with teary eyes as she moves her breasts up and down. But Alexis said.

 ”I’m just touching you lightly. What’s the matter with you? Instead, you should show more loyalty…”

 ”Hiiuuuu…! Funyaaaa—W-Why loyalty…!”

 Dorothea’s body is trembling.

 Her eyes, which had been moistened, are becoming round and round.

 ”Of course, you have to show it more. Or else, I won’t touch you properly, okay? How’s that? It’s frustrating, isn’t it?”

 ”Ahh, you jerk… Ah, ah…! Oh, no, even if you say so…!”

 Dorothea’s hands are wrapped around Alexis’ back and she hugs him tightly.

 ”…I mean, I’m not frustrated at all…! But I’m going to come, I’m going to come…”

 ”What? I’m just lightly poking you, you know?”

 Alexis poked the tip of her clitoris, and Dorothea shuddered.

 ”No, no, no… stop it—”

 ”Hey, you, you’re not going to cum just like that, are you?”

 Dorothea knew that Alexis was being mean to her, but she couldn’t stop herself from cumming.

 ”No… this is, this is—Funyaaaa—!”

 She seemed to have reached her climax as she hugged Alexis tightly.

 After shaking her body for a while.

 ”…Even though I told you I’m going to come…”

 Dorothea’s lips are pouting as she leans her weight on Alexis and gasps for air.

 ”But, I didn’t think you could come like this, you see?”

 Alexis smirks.

 ”Still, you have a very erotic body. Looks like you’ve been cumming a lot, huh? Like this”

 Dorothea groaned in frustration but then, Alexis gently stroked the tip of her clitoris, which had just reached its peak and was now twitching.


 Dorothea shudders again, then says, “Y-You terrible”.

 She just reached her climax, and she must be very sensitive to it.

 After all, she shudders every time her clitoris is touched.

 But she has more to say than that, and she hugs Alexis again, and they get closer to each other.

 ”B-Because, I can’t help it…”

 Dorothea muttered with a sigh in response to Alexis’ point earlier.

 ”You don’t even treat me at the fort, prince… Even when you come to leave your weapons and armor, you used to chat with me, but lately you haven’t been chatting with me…”

 As she talks, she seems to be getting sad, and her voice is starting to sound tearful.

 Alexis feels sorry for Dorothea when he realizes how much she misses him.

 ”…Don’t tell me you’re sad because you can’t talk to me?”

 He asked her while hugging Dorothea back, and Dorothea nodded her head with a small smile while her ears turned red.

 After that, she became silent, perhaps because she was embarrassed.


 She complains that she misses him when he doesn’t talk to her, even though she complains a lot when he talks to her.

 (She’s like a cat…)

 Alexis gently stroked Dorothea’s black hair.

 She freaked out, but kept quiet and let him stroke her.

 (…but I can’t talk to her because her old man is always glaring at me from the side… Well, all I can do now is just to love her while I can…)

 Alexis is thinking like this while patting Dorothea’s head.

 ”Oh, um, prince…”

 Alexis noticed that Dorothea was giving her a shy, inquiring look.

 Alexis gulps at the unusual expression on her face.

 ”Umm? Can you… let’s do it one more time? Prince, you haven’t done it yet…?”

 Dorothea, her ears reddening, gently puts her hand on Alexis’ p*nis, which is still clamped between her abdomen.

 ”Once more? But I’m still in the middle of it…”

 Alexis replies, Dorothea’s body twitches and she looks down to hide her face.

 She is probably hiding her loose mouth.

 Even without seeing her facial expression, Alexis knows by her unusual reaction and smiles at her.

 ”Hmm? You just want me to fuck you more, don’t you?”


 ”Well, you seem to want a lot, don’t you? I guess so. So, I’m going to have to fuck you a lot for being away from you”

 Hearing Alexis’ words, Dorothea can no longer hide her expression.

 ”Oh, Prince…”

 Dorothea looks up and gives Alexis another hug with a loose expression on her face.

 ”R-Really…? After all, prince has made me your slut. If you don’t use my body, I’ll get angry, okay…?”

 Dorothea pulls her face close to his and stares at him with eager eyes.

 ”Okay, you’re right,” Alexis laughs.

 ”Now that I’ve made you my slut, I’m going to have to use you from head to toe”

 Alexis lifted her hand to touch Dorothea’s lips, and Dorothea’s body trembled.

 ”Well, I’m afraid I’m going to have to use this part of you, too”

 With that Alexis reaches out and touches Dorothea’s lips.

 It was the first time for him to use her mouth. Perhaps because of this, Dorothea is expressing her confusion to Alexis with her gaze alone.

 But then Alexis says, “Open your mouth”.

 So, Dorothea opens her mouth meekly and Alexis’s cock slips into it.

 ”—Mmm, mmmm, mmmm—”

 Dorothea let out a pained sound.

 Still, after rubbing the glans against her upper jaw, Alexis rub the oozing cowper juice against the back of her tongue. He felt the soft skin of her tongue wrapped around the glans.

 At this, Dorothea’s body shudders again.

 ”I’m going to use your mouth like a cunt from now on”

 Alexis declares, and Dorothea opens her eyes, which had been almost closed. Instead of speaking, her eyes are teary, and she expresses her confusion to Alexis with her eyes.

 ”You’ve never given a blowjob before, right? Well, then—I’ll do it for you, and you can pretend your mouth is a pussy and just suck my dick with your mouth closed. Don’t worry, I’ll put this in you too”

 Alexis holds two fingers together and move them once more down Dorothea’s bottom.

 As he dips his fingers into the soggy wet honey pot, he feels the soft warmth of flesh trying to swallow his fingers, and he hears a guttural sound.

 ”…Hmm,” Alexis let out a smile.

 ”It’s too tight, even with two fingers. That means you’re always trying to get my dick in these tight places, aren’t you?”

 Then Dorothea tried to say something and let out a muffled “mmm,” but when Alexis moved his p*nis tentacle, she let out a muffled “ngghh,” and became silent.

 He then continued to move his finger in her vaginal hole back and forth with the piston movement in Dorothea’s mouth.

 Immediately, the corners of Dorothea’s eyes instantly droop and her body starts to shake.

 ”Come on, squeeze your mouth”

 Alexis says, and she seems to obey him in her dazed state.

 He felt a shiver in his hips as she was sucking it.

 ”That’s right. Make sure you’re a pussy, okay?”

 Alexis said, moving his p*nis again.

 He also put his other hand on her red-hot clitoris as his fingers also began to slurp and scratch at her vaginal opening.

 While scratching her vaginal hole, he pinched her larger clitoris between his fingers and moved them back and forth.

 The pleasure of having her clitoris seemed to be irresistible to Dorothea.

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmmbuuuuuuu—!”

 Dorothea’s body trembles as she holds the p*nis in her mouth.

 At the same time her mouth trembles, Alexis smiles.

 ”Come on, you’re going to have to suck me hard or I won’t be able to finish.”

 Alexis pushes his p*nis into her throat, and a “Nggh,” comes out from Dorothea.

 He pushes his p*nis into the narrow part of her oral cavity and pulls it back toward her. Dorothea sucks his p*nis, and Alexis pushes his p*nis back again in response to the sucking.

 (It’s quite nice to move it by myself once in a while… I can enjoy the separate sensations of the upper jaw and the tongue as I like…)

 With this thought in mind, Alexis moved his p*nis.

 Meanwhile, Alexis continued to stimulate Dorothea’s clitoris and vagina at the same time.

 Dorothea had just reached her goal by the light stimulation.

 However, she could not resist the strong stimulation at the two places at the same time.

 ”Nnnngggghh! Nnnnggghhhh!”

 She seemed to have reached the limit in a flash, shaking her body again.

 *Spurttttt, spurtttt! Dorothea squirts.

 Her face changed color as she got soaked in a short time.

 ”Agh… mmm, I’m sorry—Mmm!”

 Dorothea pulled her face away to apologize, but Alexis immediately covered her mouth with his p*nis.

 ”Who told you to let go?”

 He pointed out with a smirk, and Dorothea fell silent with tears in her eyes.

 As he continues to piston and touch her weak spots, he can see her expression change to one of ecstasy again.

 But unlike before, Dorothea seems to be somewhat concerned.

 (—Oh, I see…)

 Alexis suddenly remembers.

 (She seems to think that squirting is peeing. Does she care about that?)

 Alexis was speeding up the movement of his piston finger to make her squirt again.

 Sure enough, Dorothea’s color changes.

 ”Ngg! Mmmmmm!”

 Dorothea tries to escape by turning her body away, but she seems to be unable to do so—and soon becomes weak.

 In the meantime, Alexis’ fingering makes her more aroused, and Dorothea shivers a lot.

 (No, no, no… I said no—!)

 Dorothea’s body was turned upside down by the irresistible thrusting pleasure.


 Dorothea climaxes again and drenches Alexis’ hands and lower body with the liquid.

 This time, however, Dorothea did not apologize.

 She seems to have lost her mind and is only breathing heavily with a trance-like expression on her face.

 Her mouth is getting loose, and Alexis decides that it’s time to end this.

 ”Come on, I’m going to cum in you, too—and you’re going to take it on your mouth cunt!”

 With these words, Alexis spews his cum from his cock in Dorothea’s throat.


 It seemed that Dorothea could not spit out the semen that was suddenly and directly poured into her throat as soon as she could.

 So, she swallows Alexis’ semen as her throat moves.

 But the sensation of the hot, thick liquid flowing down the back of her throat seems to be a euphoric factor for Dorothea now.

 ”Mmm, mmm…—”

 Dorothea closes her eyes and continues to receive Alexis’ ejaculation into the back of her throat, letting the white slime that she could not finish drinking drip from the edge of her lips.

 Perhaps such an action leads to her arousal, she feels the tightening of her vagina by Alexis’ finger, which is still in there.

 —Even though she had cum many times before.

 Slowly, Alexis also pulled out one finger, then two, and so on.

 Even when he pulled out his finger, it was so tight that it bit into it. Alexis thought it was no wonder that he usually had a hard time pulling out his p*nis.

 Finally, after the ejaculation was over, he pulled out the p*nis that had been blocking Dorothea’s mouth.

 ”—Haa, haa, haa…”

 Dorothea is breathing hard with a mellow expression on her face.

 As she rests herself on Alexis’s chest, the white fluid remaining in her mouth spills out and soaks Alexis’s chest.

 ”You need to get me washed again, don’t you, Dorothea?”

 When Alexis spoke to her, Dorothea nodded her head with a pouty expression on her face.

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