Chapter 87 Orgy after Welcome party・Part Three

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The third part of orgy....
 Akane who is dragged in by Shinji's beckoning had her maid uniform taken off quickly. 
  She is lifted up and laid on the desk, leaving behind her headdress, garter belt and high socks.
  Shinji opened her legs, brought his face close to Akane's private parts, and sucked on them which getting wet by early masturbation.
"Ah~ Master~ Don't... Nn~ Ah~ "
"Shinji, she calls you Master~ I'll lick you too~ Chu…… Nn~ Jupo~ Jupo~ Jupo~ "
 Shinji's tongue invades Akane's private parts and continues to lick away her love juices.
 He sucks on her love juices, making a slurping sound as they overflow one after another with pleasure.
 Emily crouches down at Shinji's feet and takes his still erect penis into her mouth.
 She moves her head back and forth, caressing the penis with her tongue, not caring that it is covered in the love juices and semen of the three women.
 Her small mouth squeezes Shinji's penis tightly, giving him a pleasure that is truly worthy of being called a mouth pussy.
 The pleasure of sucking to the root made him feel like he is about to ejaculate.
"Ah~ Ah~ Master~ I'm cumming~ Cummmmming~ Nn~ ♡♡♡"
"Nfu~ Gulp…… Gulp…… Puha~ Hah~…… "
 Shinji press his finger against Akane's clitoris which is hardened.
 Akane's clitoris which is being pinched made her body trembled and climaxed as she leaned back.
 Shinji also ejaculates into Emily's mouth without hesitation while he continues to carefully caress the entrance of Akane's vagina, which climaxes and twitches violently.
 The amount and thickness of his semen did not diminish, and Emily swallowed it without spilling any, even though it was hard to breathe.
"Ah~ Master's~ Cock~ Ah~ Nn~ Nn~ Like yesterday~ I feel it too~ Nn~ ♡♡"
 As Emily removes her mouth from his penis, Shinji stands up and inserts his penis into Akane's vagina.
 He applied his magic to the crest he had carved yesterday to increase the sensitivity of her vagina, and she climaxed lightly just by inserting it.
 Then, he begins to thrust Akane's vagina, which tightens up when she climaxes earlier, with a slow pistoning movement as if he were enjoying it.
"Did you have sex with Shinji-san yesterday too? Akane-chan, that's not fair! "
"If Master calls me~ It's my duty to answer when I'm called by Master Ah~ Ah~ Why are you suddenly doing it so hard ......"
 Akane replies to Milis, who has regained consciousness from the aftermath of her climax, talking to her from the bed. Hearing these words, Shinji's piston movement increased in speed.
"Do you only want to be embraced by me because of the work?"
"Ahhh~ No, it's different~ I... I wanted to have sex with you~ I'm sorry~ I'm sorry, Master~ "
"Akane-chan is also sexy~ "
 Bachu Bachu Bachu Bachu
 Akane apologizes with a debauched expression as her legs entwine with Shinji's and pulls him closer.
 Shinji's penis is in her vagina all the way to the back that made the glans hitting the womb.
 In addition, he started to pokes her vagina again and again as his sexual desire takes over.
 Akane also hold Shinji's arm when he puts his hand on the desk between her face and begs him to ejaculate into her vagina while screaming in delight.
 She has already climaxed several times due to the increased sensitivity of her vagina, and her head seems to be going crazy from cumming so much.
"Ma~ Master~ Please…… Please cum in my vagina …… I'm already …… I'm already ruined~ Ahhh again, I'm cummmmming~ ♡♡♡"
 Dop Dopyu Dok Dop ……
 Shinji ejaculates while Akane's legs are straining and her cervix and his glans are kissing.
 Akane's expression is ecstatic, her mouth slack and half open, drool dripping from the edges. Shinji's impregnation made her felt really good, and the sensation of semen filling her vagina made Akane feel happy as a woman.
(Master ...... Master ...... I'm happy ...... )
 After that, Shinji pulls his penis out of Akane, who faints with happiness.
"Milis, can you bring some water for me, please? I'll drink it after I fuck Emily"
"......Yes~ "
 Shinji exposes his erect penis to the glaring eyes.
 He pushed Emily, who was sitting at his feet, to the floor while Milis got off the bed to get some water.
 Then, he grabbed her legs, bent her over, placed his penis on top of her vagina, and inserted it at once.
"Shinji~ This position ... I don't like it too much "
"I'm going to ...... punish you because you keep fussy, Emily!"
"Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Shinji~ Punish me~ Ah~ Please do it~ "
 Shinji thrusts his cock into Emily's vagina with a powerful thrust.
 His glans presses into Emily's vagina and forcing her to climax while she is unable to move.
 Shinji doesn't care if Emily climaxes or not, he just keeps on thrusting and trying to make her cum.
 Zuchu Gutchu Zuchu Gutchu
 Emily's pussy starts to squirt as she continues to cum.
 Emily's face is starts to melt and her body is completely relaxed, but her eyes are full of pleasure and still looking on him.
"Ahhhhhhh~~~ ♡♡♡"
 Then, he ejaculates into her vagina without warning.
 It made her face flushed and screaming delightly, which was a big gap from her usual innocent appearance and made her look even more nasty and aroused.
 And Shinji's penis will undoubtedly release more semen.
"Hah ... Hah ... I feel... I'm glad ... "
 Even after this one-sided fucking, Emily who is breathing hard, still didn't lose consciousness. Shinji felt that Emily had become accustomed to sex very quickly.
(Maybe she's a genius at this too, not just at fighting)
 It is a nice miscalculation on Shinji's part.
 After that, Shinji pulling his penis out of Emily, stood up and walked back to the bed.
 He took a cup of water from Milis and gulped it down, then pushed Milis down on the bed.
"You like me more than you like Alvin, don't you?"
"It's only on sex...... Because it's so bad ...... That Shinji-san's dick feels too good ......♡♡"
"Then let's taste your cheating dick as much as you want and go home"
 In missionary position, Shinji inserts his penis into Milis.
 This is the position in which she can compare sex with Alvin, which has become a regular occurrence.
 She feels Shinji's penis is comfortable just by inserting it.
 She enjoys the pleasure of his penis that fills her vagina and rubs her vaginal walls with the back-and-forth movement of her hips.
 Pan Pan Pan Pan Pan
(Ah~ It's deep~ Shinji's cock~ As expected it's good~ )
   Milis's attitude, as she entwined her legs and begged for creampie, convinced Shinji that what he had just heard was true. 
 So, Shinji, suddenly more eager than ever, responded to Milis's expectations by changing his hips to thrust deep into her vagina.
 Her weak spot poked with his glans, and she climaxed while screaming.
"Hah ...... hah ...... How is it?...... Cheating Creampie......."
"Fyes... It's the best... "
 Even though, her vagina is filled with the semen of a man who is not her beloved.
 Milis is very satisfied despite the fact that the act is only for pleasure.
 And, only at this time, the image of Alvin has disappeared from Milis's mind, who melted with pleasure.......
"Well... Let's take a break and have a bath. Freri and the others had prepared it for us"
 Shinji pulled out his penis from Milis and invited his woman in the room to join him.
  • He's still strong after two rounds. 
  • Of course, he's using magic to boost his energy.
  • Emily had plenty of sex. 
  • Milis is a little shy, but she's really into it.


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