Chapter 107 Discussion with the Three Elven Sisters・Part Three

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3P with the three elven sister....
 Beautiful naked elves. Even though he had been fucking all morning, Shinji's penis was still hard from the situation of having all three of the sisters next to him.
 Shinji looks down at the three sisters as they stare passionately at his big cock.
 Lila is lying on her back in the center of the room, her legs spread open like an upturned frog, a pathetic and delightful position.
 As Shinji inserts his penis into Lila's vagina, Lili from the left and Lilu from the right lean towards her.
"Onee-chan is too mellow ...... Ah~ "
"It's seems so ...... Ah~ "
"It's been a while since I've done anything with either of you, so I'll have to play with you first"
 Shinji crawls his fingers over Lili and Lilu's private parts.
 When sending magical power to the crests of their vagina to increase sensitivity, both of their vagina began to overflow with love juice just by touching them a little.
 He did not forget to poke the back of Lila's vagina with a piston movement while moving his fingers. The function-granting magic has already been lifted. It's an unnecessary spell if he wants to enjoy pure sex.
"Because... Shinji's cock~ It feels good ... Ah~ Both of you~ Don't rub my boobs~ "
"Your fingers feel good~ You're demon as expected~ Your caress is also very good~ Ah~ Ah~ Nooo, my clit~ "
"Ah~ I didn't say anything~ Fah~ Shinji's finger~ It's too skillful~ "
 Lili and Lilu rubbed Lila's breasts with one hand each, the way they swayed in time with Shinji's movements was exciting enough, but it was even better to see the sisters' hands rubbing them as much as they wanted.
 He rubbed Lili's clit with her finger who says cheeky words, and made Lili squirm.
 He also inserted his finger to Lilu's and found a spot that responded well to her and rubbed it intensively, making her squeal and writhe.
 While listening to the beautiful elf's trio of beautiful voices, Shinji turned the piston movement into a violent one in order to ejaculate. The bed creaked under the weight of the four of them.
"Your sisters are going to be my sex friends, what about Lila?"
"Ah~ Ah~ Nn~ Shinji-san~ Sex friend... Even if it's a sex friend...... Will you impregnate me? If I can't become your lover... Nn~ I want your child... "
 Shinji chuckled at Lila's coercion.
"Could you raise it properly?"
"I'll raise it properly~ "
"We'll help you too~ "
"If you want, you can impregnate us together~ "
 Lilu's proposal was so unethical. However, Shinji felt a tremendous attraction to her.
 No negative words came out of all three sisters, and all six gorgeous eyes were waiting for Shinji's answer.
"When the time comes that it's safe to impregnate all of you, I'll impregnate all three of you. I promise"
"...I'm happy~ It's a promise~ Shinji-san~ "
 Lila finally gives up after hearing Shinji's words, and a pink lewd crest appears on her vagina as she loses her resistance from his magic.
 Shinji took his hands off from Lili and Lilu and hugged Lila's body as hard as he could. His glans poked the back of her vagina over and over again with the pistoning movement as if she was being slammed from above.
 Lila also hugged Shinji back. She piled her lips together and twirled her tongue as she prepared to receive her beloved man's semen.
 And then, Shinji shoots his semen into the wriggling vagina that is seeking semen.
 "Nuu~~~ ♡♡♡ Nn~ Nn…… Nuu …… Chu …… Chu …… Rero …… Juru …… "
 Lila climaxes as her womb is bathed in hot semen.
 She enjoys the aftermath of her climax with a deep kiss. Lili and Lilu were looking at Shinji with an impatient look in their eyes.
 After pressing his hips and ejaculating, Shinji slowly withdrew his penis.
 Semen and love juice overflowed and stained the sheets.
 Immediately, he opens Lili's legs like Lila's, who is lying next to him.
 He put his penis, which is still the same as it was before I ejaculated, on her secret area, which is still wet with my love juice, and slowly push it in.
"Ahhhhh~ It's came ... Shinji-san's thick cock~ "
 The big cock that filled her vagina reached the back of her vagina, rubbing up and down her vaginal walls. It was enough to make Lili's mouth slacken and drool from the edges.
"Do you like my cock?"
"Nn~ Fahh~ I like it~ I like your cock~ "
"Lili-chan first, I envy......"
 While playing with Lili's modest breasts.
 Shinji pulled his penis until it was almost out, feeling the folds of her vagina sucking on it as if to tell him not to go. And Lili turned her head back as he inserted his cock deep into her vagina with great force. She seemed to have climaxed lightly.
"I like your vagina too, Lili"
"Ah~ Ah~ Oh~ Nh~ More~ More~ I want you to poke a lot~ "
"Lili is the one who's so horny.... "
"I'm crazy about you.... "
 Lili's vagina seemed to remember Shinji's penis after just one time of sex. It's not too strong and not too weak, but the pistoning movement of the penis rubbing against the vaginal walls is the best feeling ever.
 The heat of Shinji's hips naturally increased and his penis quivered, ready to ejaculate.
"Ah~ I'm cumming~ Cummmmming~ ♡♡♡"
 Lili screams and climaxes, and Shinji ejaculates as well.
 Lili's vagina seemed to be marked as he continued to spit out her semen into her vagina while he was holding her in tightly from above.
 Plenty of cum fills Lili and her womb.
(That felt so good......)
 All Lili could think about was how good it felt. Lili's thoughts of Minato completely disappeared and she was filled with the happiness of being filled as a woman.
 Shinji, who pulled his penis out of Lili, approached Lilu, who was looking at him with an envious look.
"Here you go, Lilu"
 When he put his penis on the entrance of the secret part, which is still twitching from being left alone, he slowly sinks it in. Lilu breathed a sigh of relief as Shinji's penis pried open her vaginal passage.
"Cum inside me ... I can't forget your previous cum before ... Ah~ An~ Suddenly~ Violent~ "
 Lilu's legs are tightly entwined around his waist. And Shinji starts pistoning as he is invited to do.
 Unlike Lili, whose vaginal walls are the best, Lilu's vaginal depths are the best.
When the penis pushed up the deepest part of her vagina, he felt the pleasure of being sucked around the glans. Lilu had a womb that greedily begged for semen.
 At the same time, the back of her vagina seemed to feel the best, and when he continued to torment the back of her vagina with his cock, she stuck out her tongue and went crazy with pleasure.
"You've got a nice face. It's a very erotic face"
"Because... Such... Thick cock... That guy's didn't reach it... But Shinji-san's can do it~ So, I'll leave it to Shinji-san
 Shinji pinch Lilu's nipples, which expose her throbbing face.
 And Lilu quickly climaxes from Shinji's slow and careful penetration of his hips and the two-point torture of her hardened nipples.
 Shinji smiles as he savors the pleasant vaginal convulsions.
"If so, don't remember him again ... I have to develop a lot of your vaginal back!"
"Nnn... Nhii~ Please do a lot~ "
 Shinji poked and prodded the back of her vagina, causing her to shed tears of pleasure and pleasure. Shinji also began to feel the need to ejaculate again.
 The glans and the womb kissed as the penis pushed in. And then, he spewed out a semen that filled her womb.
 Lilu climaxed as a shiver ran down her spine, and she hugged Shinji tightly.
"Hah~... Hah~... Nn......"
 After a brief kiss, Lilu released Shinji's body.
 Shinji pulls out his penis when he is able to move.
 When he stepped back, he could see the three sisters dripping semen from their vaginas.
 The sight made him feel satisfied.
"There's still time until nightfall, so let's do more. You can't do it with any other man until you get pregnant, okay?"
"""Yes ......"""
 Shinji covered Lila again.
 The flirtatious voice continued unabated until the sun went down.
  • The three sisters bowl
  • He books them all for impregnation!
  • If Iris-chan's dream comes true or the party activities are suspended, then it's time to conceive the three elf sister!
  • Lila loves Shinji-kun.
  • Lili is a sex friend without favors.
  • Lilu is a sex friend with favors. (*Is it changed?)

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