Chapter 21 Evil Scheme - Part 2

 Afterwards, the matter of stealing Aika is discussed for a long time.
 In fact, the two girls are more enthusiastic than Chihiro, but maybe the same gender can be more cruel to girls.
 The plan also changed two or three times from the beginning.
 In the beginning, the plan is to rape and take advantage of her weakness, just like Riko, but the question arose from everyone whether Aika's heart would be broken just because she is raped.
...It's definitely strange for me to say this, but... The reason I really felt defeated at that time was because my opponent is Izumi. If it hadn't been for Izumi, I probably would have grabbed their weakness back
 The fact that the person who had hurt her so many times had changed and struck back so thoroughly is what broke her heart.
 In the case of Aika and Chihiro, who are very ordinary classmates, it will not go the same way as Riko.
 Aika may cry at first.
 But that girl will not be intimidated. She will go to the police or at least try to warn Chihiro to correct his behavior.
 And Chihiro has neither the time nor the means to patiently train her to obey.
Besides, wouldn't it be boring if Kamishiro wasn't harmed anyway? If that's the case, why doesn't Izumi just beat Kamishiro in a match or something?
I see. That's what you're going to show to Takatsuki-san
 Defeating Kamishiro in public humiliates him, and turns Aika's attention to Chihiro.
 The idea is fair and reasonable.
 Except for the fact that there are a lot of problems, such as the fact that there is no way that Chihiro can beat Kamishiro in the first place.
I know you're weak, Izumi. But when you attacked me, you were pretty strong. Maybe you can beat him once on a whim
Well. I don't think there's any chance either
 ...Her sanity was in doubt, but Chihiro held back from saying anything.
 Even Chihiro had already agreed to take it. Now that he understood, he couldn't look away anymore.
 Still, he doesn't know if his feelings for Aika are love or not.
 If he fights Kamishiro properly, there is no risk of failure.
 So, he decided that if it's a free challenge, it's not a bad idea to give it his best shot.
 Though, he should try to improve his winning rate by training or something soon.
 Then, on Saturday afternoon, they spent their time in their own way.
 Riko went to the dorm to pick up her stuff, and Chihiro took a nap in Maria's room to get rid of fatigue. Maria seemed to be studying or reading in the living room or her room.
 Riko's luggage is as big as two large bags. As expected of a girl, she had a different amount of personal belongings than Chihiro. Her clothes are stored in the cabinet of the room with the king bed, which is called the bedroom for convenience's sake.
Oh, by the way, Nishizaki-san, please give your contact information to Izumi-kun and me
Wow, that's an order... well, whatever
 Following Maria, Riko's phone number and address are registered in Chihiro's phone.
 Until now, he didn't think he had to register the phone numbers and addresses of two girls in his class.
 As he flipped through the phone book, he found that Maria's phone number and address are registered as "slave" in the "Relationship" page. It must have been in this state since the first time it was registered. At any rate, those two words should be removed immediately.
 After registering, Chihiro spent the time before dinner in light study, while the girls worked together to prepare dinner.
Well, I'm going to make dinner now...
What, your eyes... Ah, I get it! You want me to help, right?
 Riko is screaming at first, but the sound of cooking soon became clearer. Maria didn't seem to want to mess around while using a knife, and their work proceeded briskly.
 Soon, the room is filled with the delicious aroma of spices.
 Curry and rice. The only remaining ingredient is a simple beef, and there is a generous vegetable salad. The dessert is a cut fruit.
I thought the food would be good for tomorrow morning. How is it?
Yes, it's good
 It's not a compliment, it's really good. It's completely different from the curry in the school cafeteria, a curry to be tasted and eaten.
 After the meal, everyone took a break, and as the girls finished cleaning up, night fell in earnest.
Hey, Izumi-kun, I have a proposition for you
A proposal?
Yes. Why don't the three of us take a bath together?
 Those are the words that came out of Maria's glossy lips, twisted elegantly.
 Chihiro didn't need to say much, but he knew immediately what it meant. It's something Maria had said she wanted to do before, and it's something Chihiro could not have wished for.
 Though, the third girl's reaction is different.
Oh, a bath. This bathroom is too small for the three of us!
Oh, do you even know what "bath" means?
I know what it means, you pervert!
 As she said, Riko must have known that Maria's definition of "bath" did not end with just bathing. Riko's face turned red and she expressed her disapproval.
 She glanced at Chihiro and Maria.
...But I took a shower during the day, so I don't have to come in
 Chihiro nodded at her, feeling that this was the place to push.
Okay. ...Then, Maria, shall we go in alone?
Yes, Master. I'll give you a good workout first until the water is ready
 The two of them then walked together to the bathroom.
 When they took a few steps, they looked back and saw Riko staring at Chihiro and the others with a lonely expression on her face.
 Then, Maria said in a gentle voice.
What do you want to do, Nishizaki-san?
...All right! It's fine if I just go in, right!?
 Riko shouted, half in desperation.
 But, once she decided, it's quick.
 Maria smiled happily and went to the bathroom to start filling the tub with water. After waiting for her to do so, Chihiro moved to the washroom with a red-faced Riko.
 As the three of them, including Maria who had already left the bathroom, cuddled together, Chihiro could directly smell the girls' hair and bodies.
 Feeling nervous, Chihiro put his hands on his own clothes.
Wait, Izumi-kun, let us do it
 Someone else is going to take off the clothes here?
 And by "us", she meant Riko as well.
 When Maria looked at Riko gently, she seemed surprised by the word. At this rate, it might be difficult.
 Chihiro thought.
Come on, Nishizaki-san, you can start from that side
 Maria put her hand on Chihiro's clothes from the left side, and Riko stood on Chihiro's right side without hesitation.
Riko, are you sure?
Of course, it's okay, I'm Izumi's slave, aren't I?
 She replied bluntly.
 ...I see. Even though she usually acts strong, she doesn't really intend to rebel against Chihiro and the others. In her own way, she is accepting her own position.
 Then, there is no need to be too reserved.
 Chihiro left Maria and Riko to take off his clothes by hand. His top, pants, shirt, underwear, socks... It took a while because of Riko's unskilled hands, but each time her fingers occasionally touched his skin, a pleasant sensation flowed through him.
 Maria, on the other hand, carefully put the undressed clothes into the laundry basket.
Then, we'll do the same
 They put their hands on their own clothes, leaving Chihiro in the same space.
 The first to make a sound is Maria, who exposes her skin with an unhurried hand, while leaving a few pauses as if to tease Chihiro.
 Riko, on the other hand, took off her clothes with a slow movement that showed a lot of confusion. Still, perhaps out of a sense of rivalry with Maria, she did not stop.
 They are so close that their skin touched each other easily, and soon they are completely naked.
 And now, this is the first time they had a chance to look at each other closely.
 Maria's body seemed to be designed to please men, and Riko's body is about to change from a girl to a woman. It's hard to compare the two.
I don't want you to look at me too much...
 Riko cowered, hiding her breasts. Toward the girls, Chihiro decided to honestly express his feelings about their naked bodies.
You look beautiful, both of you
 Riko quickly turned her head away.
That sort of thing won't make me happy... you idiot
Come on, then, let's go in quickly. Even in early summer, you might catch a cold if you're naked
I mean, listen to me!
 Of course, Maria ignored Riko's protests.

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