Chapter 70 Soaked in Service ★

My condolences. But it was a pitiful loss for you, Izumi-kun
 When Chihiro arrived back at the apartment, he was greeted by Hana's tongue.
 And it was hard for him to get used to the harsh words coming from the thin lips of a literary girl with glasses, and for a moment, he felt a pain in his chest, but then laughed.
 ...Because the moment he come, Hana came happily from the living room, and she looked so cute.
You gave me a note, so I thought you'd left
 Hana, who hears that, turned away from Chihiro with a pout that did not fit her quiet face.
I just thought you'd be more willing to listen to me than if I told you face to face
Yes. I certainly got it. Thank you. I'll be sure to thank you in some way
...heh~, you're a lot more honest than I thought
 Hana paused for a moment and muttered, then walked back to the living room. Chihiro then followed her with Aika and the others, and saw Maria in the kitchen as they passed by.
 It seems that the preparation of dinner was in the final stage.
 According to Riko, she had sent Maria a text to prepare a dinner just as they left the school.
Welcome back, Izumi-kun. I'm sorry to see you fail again
 Unlike Hana's message, this one meant to express her gratitude to Chihiro.
I'm sorry, I troubled you too, Maria
...troubled, huh?
No, it's nothing. I'm going to make you some food, so you'd better go change
 As soon as Chihiro and the others finished changing, they are served with an easy to eat dinner, mainly risotto. This is very thoughtful for Chihiro.
 The seasoning is surprisingly rich, and as Chihiro took a bite, his face naturally broke into a smile.
 But Hana is staring at him.
 As he didn't understand it, Maria explained it to him with a chuckle.
Well, Hana-san helped me today
I see. It seems Hana is a good cook...
Please don't call me by my first name. Do you want me to double your loan?
 ...While she said that, she stared at him.
Oh, by the way, you got an unexpected harvest
Yeah. I wonder if [Pain Relief] really exist
 It would be better to have Chihiro look into it.
 After all, the abilities of [Lost Item] vary widely, and in some cases it's hard to tell whether it's been acquired or not. This is especially true for abilities that are always active.
 In such cases, the only way to know for sure is to have an expert check it.
 To find out, it is necessary to request a research by a rare person with the ability to examine abilities. Basically, this is done at the time of the assessment... or to be more precise, a few days before the day of the assessment.
Oh. I haven't taken it since I was little
Oh, me too
Abilities often manifest themselves at an early age. If nothing is found, it's a waste of money, and if asked too often, they may get angry
 Shortly, the staffs, who can examine, are short.
Well, since this is a good opportunity, I'll ask them to examine it in detail
Right. There may be more hidden abilities
Huh. I don't think it's going to work out that well, though
 Perhaps it was because the four girls kept opening their mouths and shouting brightly.
 Despite the fact that it was after such a long battle, the dinner went by in a surprisingly relaxed manner.
 ☆   ☆   ☆
...So, um...
What is it, Chihiro-kun?
It's hard for me to sleep like this...
 After dinner, everyone took turns taking a bath.
 Some of them, about three of them, offered to help Chihiro because his hands might still be sore, but he refused because he might not be able to finish just bathing, and so he washed himself and soaked in the bathtub alone.
 Later, at bedtime, Chihiro for some reason is half restrained by the girls.
 He is lying on the bed in his bedroom almost naked, wearing only his unbuttoned pajamas.
Because Izumi-kun has trouble using his hands, right?
 On the right side of her upper body is Maria, sitting in black lingerie and a black collar, her eyes moist with anticipation.
That's why we're here to serve you... that's what it looks like
 On the left side is Hana, wearing simple white underwear, with a slightly disapproving expression. A pink collar, which is wrapped somewhat carelessly around her neck, shows her motivation.
No, I don't need that...
Don't worry, Chihiro-kun
We'll do our best to serve you
 In the lower half of his body, next to his waist, sit Riko on the right and Aika on the left. Their underwear is lime yellow and light pink, respectively.
 Riko has a brown choker around her neck as usual.
 The situation itself is very pleasing, with all the different types of girls surrounding Chihiro. It sounds like a cliché, but it could be mistaken for heaven.
 ...But there's no need to gather so many for a mere service.
 It's not cramped thanks to the huge bed, but it's a bit overcrowded and overenthusiastic.
You'll get bored if all you get is blowjobs over and over again, right? However, if four of us do it in turn, I think the mood will change
 The girl who came up with the idea kept a clear face.
 In her case, I think it was mostly because she wanted to try it, but the other three were also relatively in favor of the idea, with one in favor, one reluctantly in favor, and one against.
That's how it is, Izumi-kun
Well, you can ejaculate as much as you want
 Different tones of whispers flowed into both ears, causing his body to tremble.
Oh, it's getting bigger
It seems to be turning you on
 The first to move are the two women on the lower half of his body.
I don't think Chihiro-kun will be satisfied if I do it alone
Except for the two of us together, right?
 After said that, Riko and Aika are laying down, their faces close to Chihiro's penis.
 They are embarrassed by the closeness of their faces to each other, but extend their tongues and lick the rod from both sides.
 Aside from the visual impact, there is more than Chihiro had imagined when he felt the different sensations from both sides at the same time.
 The stimulation is not doubled but squared, making it that much more difficult to predict the next stimulation.
 When Aika crawled her tongue from the left side, Riko boldly licked up the right side from the base to the tip.
 While Aika kisses the base repeatedly, Riko takes the tip in her mouth and stimulates the urethra with her tongue. This sensation is numbing and pleasurable.
Takatsuki-san, I think you're in my way
No, Riko-chan. You should be more restrained
 Occasionally bumping into each other and saying something lightly raises the level of "unpredictability".
 Pant... Pant...
 It seems that the two of them are getting more and more excited, and they are getting more and more passionate in their service.
 It's like two kittens fighting for the same food.
 Chihiro, who was being serviced, felt a rapid rush of arousal, but still held back until the very last moment before shooting out a cloud of white liquid.
 Because it just the two of them, neither of them is able to catch it and it stained their faces. Riko wiped it off with her fingers and took it into her mouth, but Aika remained stiff and confused.
Takatsuki-san, would you like me to lick that for you?
I-I don't want it
 Aika came to her senses and mimicked Riko in cleaning up the fluids on her body.
How was it, Chihiro?
...Yeah. It was amazing
 Even though it was his first time, Chihiro felt quite satisfied.
 He could only give an abstract reply, but Riko seemed to have understood his feelings and smiled happily. Next to her, Aika's cheeks are dyed too.
Well then, it's our turn now
...I guess I have no choice
 Maria and Hana exchange positions with Riko and the others.
 Yes, this is not the end of the game. In fact, as long as they're going to satisfy him with their services, it's only the start.
 Ffffff... Maria's breath hits his penis.
Fufu... I'll take it
 Maria takes the rod into her mouth. She licks off a little of the white slime and the saliva of the two girls, and slurps it up.
 This is another unexpected move.
 Chihiro thought it would be from both sides again, since the two of them will serving him.
Well, it helps me that your hair is trimmed
 With that said, Hana moved her face to the base.
 She took the testicles in her mouth and rolled them around with her tongue. Although she seemed casual about it, she knew how to control the pressure, and stimulated it gently, finding the line where it would not hurt.
 To be honest, the testicles themselves didn't give him much pleasure, but the awareness of being stimulated by Hana's mouth and the sensation of her tongue, combined with Maria's service, heightened the sexual sensation.
 And if he thinks about it, Hana is a lesbian.
 She's a lesbian, which means she's very particular about the way she treats women and their delicate parts. But now, her partner is a man, so she closes her eyes and tries her best, and this is what she could do.
 And now, while Maria licks the rod in all directions and strokes the glans with her fingers, Hana stimulates the other testicle in the same way.
Oh, I'm sorry. Was that too much?
 Chihiro is startled out of her daze by a finger poking his scrotum. Then, with a chuckle, Maria sucks his dick hard.
 His arousal is suddenly heightened. In terms of surprise and suddenness, there's nothing greater. Then Hana resumed her service, and Chihiro is forced to ejaculate.
 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurtttt!
 Maria occupied the tip, so no semen splattered out. The dark-haired girl took it in her mouth and then moved her face closer to Hana's mouth.
 If it hadn't been for Maria, Hana would have rejected it immediately.
Eh, wait, Maria-cha...mmm?
 A lesbian kiss mixed with semen happened.
 At a time like this, and precisely because it was a time like this, Maria really wanted to tease Hana's mouth. She makes a lot of noise, puts her hand on Hana's chin and pours saliva and semen into her mouth.
 A kiss from someone she loves and unwanted semen.
 Hana seemed to be struggling to decide which she preferred, but in the end, her face is in a state of debauchery. And now, she aggressively licked her tongue and twirled the semen around, swallowing one after another to cleanse Maria's mouth.
 Just as she is about to kiss again.
Yes, we are done
 Maria smiled as she easily parted her lips.
Eh, Maria-chan...I'm not done yet
What are you talking about, Hana-san? This is your service to Master. You've swallowed his semen, so you need to continue serving him
 Hana was shocked.
 But then Aika came over to her and gently held her by the shoulders.
I'm sorry Hana-chan... it's our turn now
...Really. It would be easier if you could monopolize Izumi-kun
Haha. Sorry, I guess I can't
 "After all, being with Hana-chan and the others is also a bit fun".
 While saying that, Aika starts to serve with Riko.
 Kissing the penis from both sides first.
 And since she's still paired with Riko, it's the same as the first time. But then――
 Chihiro felt a tongue stimulation on his nipple.
Fufu. I'm sorry, Izumi-kun
We won't let you get used to it and take a break
 Apparently all four of them at once will service him.
No, but nipples...
Oh. Even for boys, nipples are great erogenous zones. If it's developed slowly, you'll eventually be able to feel them as much as girls
...Fumu. It seems to be fun to have Izumi-kun moan like a girl
Hey, that's a little scary...hmm!?
 Without question, the girls' services began.
 Riko and Aika took half of the penis on each side. Maria is on the right nipple and Hana on the left.
 However, the other three members moved aggressively to cover Aika's rather poor movements, and Aika, on the other hand, performed a good role as an accent.
 Riko's devotion and Hana's precise technique are in contrast, and Maria's movements are erratic, as if she is enjoying the situation to the fullest.
I can't stand this...
 It's not like Chihiro is instantly going to shoot off, after all he can hold off for a while. But that seemed the end of it. Chihiro ejaculated as fast as he could.
Spurt! Spurttt! Spurtttt!
Oh, not again...
 Perhaps she had gotten used to it after the first time, but this time Aika quickly wiped off the semen with her finger.
 As she licked it off, Chihiro felt the realization that he was dyeing her and his breath leaked out.
Okay, I'll do the next one
Eh, Hana? All alone by yourself?
Don't worry. It's just that I'm the only one who can do this to Izumi-kun
 With that said, Hana took his penis in her mouth and began to work it with her lips.
 Because this is the fourth time service, Chihiro senses began to dull, but the actions of the other girls made that impossible.
 Aika puts her hands on Chihiro's nipples, which are now sticky with saliva, and begins to stimulate them with gentle hands. Aika's gestures are much more gentle than those of her blowjobs.
 Then Maria and Riko said.
I'll start from the left
I'll start from the right... Ffffff
 They breathe in his ear.
 Naturally, his body jolts with excitement. And then, when his nipples and penis are being tortured, the experience he had to hold his ejaculation is no longer enough.
 Spurt! Spurttt! Gulp… Gulp…
Yes. So, let's do two more
 Two times for the two of them, or one for each of them... Was that the calculation? And now, Aika's second round is accompanied by Riko, who was probably just a helper.
 Maria and Riko played rock-paper-scissors, and the winner Riko straddled Chihiro. Then, Riko took off her soaking wet panties and threw it on the ground.
...Eh, don't tell me you're doing it
Ah... Yeah, cowgirl
 Sure, Chihiro doesn't have to use his hands, but ....
 He never thought he would be forced to despair of pleasure.
pant... hmm
 Aika, on the other hand, kissed Chihiro as Riko's vagina swallowed his honest penis, which is still erect. Really, even his mouth is controlled, and then
Does it feel good?
Come on, let's do it for the fifth time. I'll make you feel better
 They whispered from both sides, breathing into his ear. And Maria and Hana each reached out with one hand to play with his nipples. And then――
 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttttt!
 After that, the sixth time is even worse.
 Maria is still bucking her hips, and Aika is still kissing Chihiro and playing with his nipples at the same time. Riko and Hana, on the other hand, started to lick his ears and not just his mouth, and they made him feel so good that he lost track of everything.
 From that time, Chihiro doesn't remember anymore. He doesn't know if he passed out after the sixth time, or if there was more to it.
 And when he woke up, the discomfort in his arms had eased, but his body was limp and heavy. But then――
 Chihiro unintentionally became aware of the pleasantness and horror of training by pleasure torture.

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