Chapter 74 Aika's Anus Development ★

 Chihiro has been aware of sexual acts performed in the "other hole" for a long time. This is because many of the works that Maria had recommended to him or that he had searched for himself contained such descriptions.
 However, Chihiro has never been involved in that area.
 He was satisfied with the vagina alone, and he knew that it would take a lot of time and effort to develop it.
 Also, with the possible exception of one person, he knew that women would be reluctant to have their defecation holes played with.
W-Why all of a sudden? Besides, why me?
 As expected, Chihiro replied to Aika's tense expression.
...You see. The other day, when I peeked into Aika's desires...
F-Forget about that
Sorry. I'm sorry, but it's not directly about what I said
 What's important is that in that image, Aika wanted to have sex with Chihiro without contraceptives.
 The fact that she didn't want to do vaginal ejaculation (Nakadashi) was only to avoid pregnancy, but he felt that Aika also wanted to be held directly.
...O-Of course, that's natural. I really want to be with Chihiro-kun too
That's why
 Chihiro nodded and smiled at Aika, who turned red and looked down.
 Until now, she had given up on the pill because it was not absolutely safe, but ....
 When he saw that image, he realized that she wanted to have direct sex too. So, he thought, if he can't insert it raw into the vagina, he can simply use another hole.
What do you think?
Even if you say that...
 Aika was mumbling and wriggling her mouth.
 But Maria opened her mouth instead.
Izumi-kun, are you saying that Takatsuki-san is the main one because of what you just mentioned?
Yes. I'd like to do it with Maria and the others, but in the case of Maria and Riko, I don't think there's any hurry
 It's possible to mix and match to add variety to the play, but the main focus should be on the previous hole, I think.
 Maria exhaled lightly, probably relieved to hear Chihiro's answer.
Good. You'll do it to me, too
That's. ...Well, I knew it, but...
 Riko looked at Chihiro with a slightly puzzled look on her face.
Well, if Chihiro wants to do it, then do it, but it's embarrassing
Don't worry, you'll get used to it
What? Hey, don't suddenly go into sadistic mode
 The meaning of her dyed cheeks is still unknown.
 So, while chuckling, Chihiro turned his face back to Aika, and she looked up at him at the same time.
...Yeah. But be gentle
 Of course, he nodded without a second thought.
 ☆   ☆   ☆
 Once that was decided, they started moving right away.
 However, it was a sudden idea and they hadn't prepared for it. There are some tools that are necessary, so it is necessary to quickly prepare them.
Riko, is the nearby drugstore still open?
Eh? Yes, I think it's open until about ten o'clock
Okay, then it should be fine
 For now, at least having "that" should be enough.
 As Chihiro took out his wallet, he noticed that Maria looked at him as if she wanted to say something.
 ...Don't tell anyone.
 Somehow, Chihiro knew what she wanted to say, so he pulled a bill out of his wallet and told the girls.
Well, Maria and Riko, why don't you play rock-paper-scissors and the loser goes to the store?
Sure, what do you want to buy?
An enema
 ☆   ☆   ☆
...Here you are
 About 20 minutes later.
 Riko comes home from shopping, turns her head away and presents the shopping bag.
 Chihiro thanked her, took the bag and checked the contents. Sure enough, there is a box of ten enemas that can be injected by themselves. There are some other things in there as well.
You know, it's really embarrassing to buy that much. Fortunately, the shopkeeper is a woman, still I didn't want to buy such a thing at night. What if I meet my friends?
 There are tears on her face as she desperately pleads.
 It's not like Chihiro is totally okay with letting a girl buy such a thing.
Thanks for your help. You had a tough time
 Chihiro patted Riko's head, and then hugged her and buried her face in his arms. He patted her head for a while, resisting the urge to kiss her.
 Aika's cheeks puffed up as she looked at Riko, but she had a complex expression on her face that she couldn't say she wanted to go.
...It's a shame
 Then, Maria mumbled to herself, "If I hadn't played scissors there, I would have lose", while Maria sorted through the items other than the enema solution. A few sweets, block food, energy drinks, condoms...?
 If she loses, she probably chose only the latter half of the items without a second thought.
Nishizaki-san is quite clever, isn't she?
 To Maria's muttering, Chihiro made no comment.
So, Chihiro-kun. What are you going to do?
Yes. First clean yourself with this enema
 He didn't say what, but Aika could tell.
 The back hole, the anus, is usually used for defecation, so it's naturally dirty. So, she would need to use an enema to clean it before playing.
...Okay. I'll go do it
Please. By the way, if you can't do it the first time, do it again
...Hmm. Maria-chan, I'll rent your room
 Aika nodded her head and moved into the corridor. She is probably embarrassed.
 After all, this is not a sexual act, but a preparation for it.
 Now Aika will go to Maria's room, take off her underwear, inject the enema and wait for a while, and when she can't stand it anymore, she will go to the bathroom.
 In her current state where she is not sexually aroused, she should be quite resistant.
 Then Maria said to him...
So it's not like Master is giving her an enema?
That would be... a little too hard
 He replied with a wry smile.
 Too hard is not for Chihiro, but for Aika.
 It's true that it's a bit hard anyway.
But I'll give you an enema and make you cum right in front of me, but I'll save that for Maria or Riko
Oh...yes. Thank you very much
However, um... I'd rather do it in the bathroom too
 While he was saying this, Aika came back.
 She walks over to him, worrying about her ass, and whispers quietly.
Um, are you done?
Thanks. Shall we go then?
 Aika gave a small nod again.
 ☆   ☆   ☆
...Why are Riko-chan and the others coming with us?
...Because we're interested too
 "And it's not fair to always be left out", said Riko. Maria also nodded, "That's true".
It's embarrassing
 "But, I can't help it", Aika sighed.
 It seems that they've gotten to know each other pretty well, thanks to the many times she's been to the apartment to talk to them, and the time they've spent together serving Chihiro.
 ...Although it could be said that they've been stained by Chihiro's colors.
 At any rate, Riko and the others don't seem to want to interfere, so Chihiro ask them to watch from both sides of the bed.
Aika, let's do it
 First, they kiss while standing.
 Chihiro uses his tongue to ease Aika's mind.
 Because she seemed to be very tense due to the enema and defecation she was not used to. As he caressed her mouth, her body gradually relaxed.
 When he undressed her in between kisses, she stripped almost without resistance.
 As they continued to kiss, Chihiro led her onto the bed, and ended the kiss when he had her lie on the back.
 He then whispered in her ear so that she would not wake up from her reverie.
Do you prefer to be lying on your back or on your knees?
Either is fine?
 It's easier to play with her butt if Aika turns her back to Chihiro, but standing on her legs is tiring and hard to keep stable if she's not used to it. On the other hand, the M-shape leg-opening position allows him to move his fingers easily without worrying about the strength, so it might be better for her.
Hmm... then, I'll choose this one
 Embarrassed, Aika chose the kneeling position.
 It was true that she could see too much of her own actions when she was lying on her back.
 To make it at least a little easier for her, he place a pillow on her face so that only her upper body is propped up. This should be better for the muscles in her arms.
Okay, here I go
 Her reply is faint.
 And because of her position, Chihiro can't see her directly, but perhaps she's still embarrassed, so Aika closes her eyes tightly. Seeing this, Chihiro tried to be as gentle as possible, and decided to start caressing her.
 Picking up a small amount of the lotion he kept on hand, he reached out his finger to Aika's asshole... on her cute little opening
It's a little chilly
 Gently touch the entrance to the hole.
 ...Anal development is all about patience and, above all, taking it easy.
 After all, the anus is not originally designed for sexual activity, so don't be in a hurry. If he push her too hard, he may tear her muscles, so he should be very careful.
 If he overdoes it, he will have to rely on Aika's own ability.
 Thinking so, he stimulates the entrance with a very light force, as if applying lotion. As he moved his index finger in a circular motion, Aika let out a wistful breath.
Are you okay?
Yeah. It feels a little ticklish
 So far, it didn't seem to hurt.
 Then, slowly apply the lotion and insert a finger into the hole. Unlike the vagina, there's no lubrication, so it's important to keep it moist with lotion.
 Squelch… Squelch…
 Because it is a viscous liquid, the frequent sound of water is very obscene.
 The sound makes him aware of the fact that they are having sexual intercourse, that he is trying to change her excrement hole into a sexual organ. Althought it's an abnormal act, it excites him.
 As he moves his fingers, the hole gradually becomes softer and softer.
 With the help of the lotion, his finger almost sinks into the hole.
 A faintly sweet voice echoed.
 Chihiro want to hear more, he wants Aika to squeal more.
 So, when he thinks it's time, he sinks his finger lightly, just a little. Then stimulate the inside and the entrance again in a circular motion.
 Her asshole tightens, and his finger tightens.
Aika, relax. I've heard it's easier to get hurt if you put a lot of pressure on it
Y-You don't have to tell me that
If it's hard to pull it out, you should put more force on it
...I'll try that
 After a while, the tightness loosened.
This is embarrassing
 So Aika is now putting as much pressure on it as she does on excrement.
It's okay. That's why you cleaned yourself up
Yes, but...
 In order to calm down Aika, who still looked uncomfortable, he gently stroked her soft buttocks with his free left hand. And her half prostrate body shivered.
 Nevertheless, she relaxed just a little.
 And after that, he releases his finger from her anus.
 But when he feels the pressure of his fingers easing a little, he pushes his fingers into the anus again.
 Inhale... Exhale...
 Aika's breathing, which had been choppy, became much steadier, as if she was relieved by Chihiro's touch. By the way, there was a description about the importance of breathing.
 And then...
Aika, my index finger is all the way in
No, you're lying
It's true
 The girl's asshole swallowed Chihiro's finger firmly.
B-But it's a butt hole, you know. It's not easy to get a finger in there
 He doesn't know anything about that.
 Still, Chihiro replied gently to Aika's mumbling.
Well... this may sound a little dirty, but... It's a place where thicker things come out, so it's only natural that if I follow the proper procedure, it'll go in
C-Come... out... Chihiro-kun, you idiot
Wait, Aika, if you move now, it'll be dangerous!
 Aika's face turned bright red and she almost cowered, but fortunately she listened to his words of restraint.
 Rather than getting angry, her embarrassment seemed to have reached an unbearable level.
 After breathing hard for a while, she finally calmed down.
...I'm sorry, I don't like it when you say things like that
 With his finger still in her anus - a somewhat dumb face - he apologizes, and Aika smiles at him.
No, I'm sorry too. But, um... I want you to kiss me
 Then the anal development had to stop.
 However, deciding not to rush, Chihiro decided to listen to her request and slowly withdrew hiss finger.
Hmm... really, there was a long one in there
 Another girl's voice answered Aika's somewhat stunned words.
Yes, it was. I'm pretty sure we saw it
 Maria crawled closer to them and whispered softly.
Master, Takatsuki-san, would you mind letting me take over here while you two kiss?
Eh, what?
Oh, that sounds fun. I think I'll play with Takatsuki-san's ears then
 Aika couldn't refuse their suggestion, and in the end, she was forced to do it.
 As a result, Aika covered by Chihiro on the bed and they kiss each other slowly.
Ah... hmm...
Mmm... *Kiss*
 Maria strokes Aika's buttocks, which are now lightly thrust out, and applies lotion to her fingers, mimicking Chihiro's actions.
It's okay. My fingers are supposed to be a little thinner than Master's
 In fact, Maria's fingers are thicker than most girls her age due to her training, but they're still slender and supple.
 Chihiro's fingers are quite thin for a boy, but compared to a girl, they are less better.
Ah. Okay, Takatsuki-san... you should concentrate on kissing Chihiro
 That's what Riko said. Naturally, there was no way Aika could do that in this situation.
 After all, the girls are relentless in pampering Aika in their own ways. Perhaps they are releasing their frustration of being "always the excluded ones" in the cutest way possible.
 Embarrassed but unable to resist, Aika devoured Chihiro's tongue as if to distract herself, and was even sweeter than usual.
 Chihiro was happy to hear that, and he also actively intertwined his tongue with Aika's.
 Kiss... Kiss... Slurpp…
Yes, yes. It feels good, doesn't it? It really feels good, doesn't it? Chihiro is a good kisser, right?
 And so on, they became more and more absorbed.
 Chihiro, and surely Aika, couldn't think of anything else but how good it felt, and as they continued to hug and kiss.
 Aika's body began to tremble.
 Not dangerous spasms, but the sweet trembling that precedes climax. This is a signal that the pleasure is becoming too much for her body to contain.
 Even knowing this, Chihiro did not stop kissing her.
 Rather, she held Aika tighter and tighter, and they exchanged saliva.
 Maria caressed Aika's anus with her index finger, or slowly pulled it in and out to stimulate it.
 Riko, on the other hand, whispers sweet words to Aika.
 Each of them gave Aika pleasures that alone would have been inconclusive, and these mixed together.
Fuaahh... ahhh!
 Aika screams loudly and climaxes.
 As she slumped against Chihiro, Maria and Riko smiled and released Aika.
 But Chihiro wondered if they are helping her to loosen up for some reason.
Well then
Now that Takatsuki-san has already given up, it's our turn, isn't it?
 After this, Chihiro is firmly squeezed by both of them.
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