Chapter 84 Slave's Will - Part 1

 No one said a word.
 That gave everyone plenty of time to understand.
To be with me, you mean...
 If she became a member of the executive committee, she would have more time to be with Chihiro.
 That's why she accepted Maisaka's request.
 This logic is understandable.
But the positions of student council member and executive committee member are different, and you can't talk to me during the meetings. Besides, I'll be with you all the time when I get back
 Maria doesn't answer.
 She just kept silent, her eyes on the table.
 Instead, it was Aika who answered. 
Still, it would give me more time to be with Chihiro-kun... I suppose
 More time together.
 Thinking about it, that was something that Aika herself was concerned about.
 Even if the time Chihiro used to devote to after-school voluntary training was allocated to the student council, their time together would inevitably be reduced.
 He thought of various ways to solve the problem, but could not do anything about it, and in the end, he solved the problem by showing the connection between them with "objects".
 It's not surprising that Maria is thinking the same thing.
...just for that?
 Why would she go that far?
 As Aika and the others said, then there's no need to be stubborn.
 They should have told everyone beforehand, or given a good reason to explain her participation in the committee.
 There is no need for her to be stubborn and complicate the matter.
Yeah, I think so, don't you?
 Aika said with a hint of anger in her voice.
 But then she shook her head lightly.
But... what I can't forgive is not that, but what's beyond
Yes. The reason she didn't tell Chihiro-kun or me
 Aika then turned her gaze to Maria.
Not because of logic. Just wanted to sneak off. You wanted to be with Chihiro-kun when I wasn't around... right, Maria-chan?
 When asked, Maria slowly looked up.
 Then, something deep and passionate flickered in her jet-black eyes. However, it was Aika, not Chihiro, who was at the other end of the line.
That's not it
No, it's really not
 And then.
 Aika banged her hand on the table and the girl's angry voice echoed in the living room. Riko hurriedly restrained Aika and made her sit on the chair again.
 Aika still stared at Maria, still irritated.
 But Riko looked at her friend wistfully and said.
Takatsuki-san, I also think that what Takatsuki-san said was a little bit wrong
 Aika blinked, as if she didn't understand.
 This time, Hana said in a quiet voice.
It's probably true, but I think Takatsuki-san is aware of it. Just that you're focusing on different things
 "And", she continued.
To put it simply, this whole thing is mostly Izumi-kun's fault
 As usual, her words were as blunt as ever.
 Hana's point itself was within the expectations. In the first place, if Chihiro hadn't built such a special relationship with Aika and Maria, this trouble wouldn't have happened.
 Then, he asks.
Can you tell me what is that about?
 Riko nods and glances at Maria.
It's okay, right, Maria?
...Do what you want
 Her voice was somewhat weak.
 Still, agreement is agreement.
 Riko began to speak as if she had obtained her consent.
I think... Maria just wanted to be with Chihiro at "school"
 Hana nodded at the words.
I suppose so
...But I believe we're together most of the time at school as well
 Chihiro and Maria are in the same class.
 During class and breaks, they can check each other's status just by looking next to each other. So, he replied that.
 But Riko shook her head.
That doesn't mean you're together. You two are just strangers, classmates. You two don't even talk, just being in the same place
 There is a big difference between just being in the same space and being together.
 It's a matter of course.
 He doesn't realize it until he's confronted with it again. 
That's because we promised not to interfere with each other at school
Yes, that's true. But isn't that a promise made by Izumi-kun?
 Hana's point stunned him.
 ...She's right.
 This rule of non-interference within the school was made by Chihiro, and Maria hadn't really cared about it from the beginning.
 She was just following Chihiro's rules.
 So, Maria was actually unhappy?
 If so, she should have told it earlier. Is it arrogance to think so?
 Well, it should be arrogance. While Chihiro was thinking about it, Aika opened her mouth.
 She seemed to have come to a similar thought,
...But, it's necessary, isn't it? Regardless of who made the decision
 Riko nodded and asked further.
Yes, but... Then why do you think it's necessary?
Because otherwise, Chihiro-kun would stand out too much...
 Aika's eyes widened in mid-sentence, and she held her tongue. She seemed to have realized something.
 Hana glanced at Chihiro.
That's what happened. If Izumi-kun's surroundings become too crowded, it will make him stand out and restrict everyone's actions... yes, that's true, but the current situation is crowded enough, isn't it?
 That's true.
 Right now, Chihiro has her girlfriend Aika by her side, and Aika's friend Riko is often there. Maisaka talks to him often, and he had special matches with Kamishiro twice. But――
 Only Maria is away. No, she is separated from the rest.
 Of course, they can talk normally after returning to the apartment.
 In fact, Chihiro often asks Maria to play with him in the evening... but that's why.
 She can't stand to be the only one in the school who is left out of the loop.
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