Chapter 87 Daily Life Continues without a Girl - Part 2

 After classes in the afternoon.
 Chihiro first went to the girls in her class.
It's okay if I don't have the executive committee meeting
 It was about the measurements for the maid's uniform.
 He reported that it would be better to make a schedule as soon as possible, and the girl responded promptly.
Good. Let's do it today
 Well, the sooner the work is done, the easier it will be to buy the fabric.
Y-Yeah. I understand
 Chihiro was a bit puzzled, but that's no problem.
 In fact, he agreed to her offer, saying that it would be convenient for them to finish the project as soon as possible.
 Then Aika, who had come close to him during the conversation, whispered to him. 
Chihiro-kun, is everything alright over there?
Mmm, it's fine
 Maria has been given a minimal amount of water and food.
 Unlike the restraint she had been in this morning, there is enough time to change her position if necessary. She can be left unattended for the duration of the class, so it won't make much difference if she takes a little longer here.
 It's tempting to check her, but don't be in a hurry.
 Her current condition has been emailed to Aika, Riko and Hana.
 Aika probably asked him because she was still worried, but Riko, who has known Maria for a long time, didn't seem to be so worried.
See you later, Takatsuki-san
Eh? Oh, yeah. Bye, Riko-chan
 Chihiro watched Riko leave the classroom, greeting Aika with her bag in her hand. And her greeting to the other classmates did not show any self-consciousness. She went home early, and he could sense her intention to "leave the house to me".
 Seeing this, Aika also exhaled lightly, as if relieved.
 Then the other girl smiled and said.
Hey, Takatsuki-san, do you want to participate in Izumi-kun's measurements?
Eh, well... I'll be in the infirmary again today...
Really? But when I think we take Izumi-kun's measurements, we'll use a measuring tape, so we'll have to get pretty close
No, I'll do it!
 ――And so the measurements were taken.
 As the curious girls looked on, Aika used the measuring tape to measure Chihiro's shoulders, chest, waist, and other parts of his body.
...Chihiro-kun, don't move
Uh, yeah
 During the measurement, Chihiro sits, stands, and raises his arms with his school uniform jacket off, and Aika comes up to him and applies the measuring tape.
 Naturally, there are many times when her hands and fingers touch his body, and he can smell Aika's good smell through his nostrils. There are even moments, such as when measuring his chest circumference or waist, in which he thought he could touch Aika's breasts through her uniform.
 This made Chihiro blush, but Aika, though embarrassed, carried out the measurements quickly and efficiently.
As expected, it's different when it's a boyfriend and girlfriend
Yes. I'm pretty sure I'd have to stop several times in embarrassment
I think I'd rather play a few pranks on Izumi-kun
 In the meantime, the crowd is saying whatever they want....
Geez, there's no need for so many people to stay!
 Aika's frustration is understandable.
 Anyway, the measurements went off without a hitch. And the girl who was good at sewing nodded at the numbers Aika had written down.
...Heh. Izumi-kun is really slim. A girl's size medium would be enough. This should be easy to make
 The girl looked up and smiled, ignoring the not-so-pleasant words spoken.
Thank you, Takatsuki-san. It's perfect
So, you can make a costume with this?
Yes. Well, we need to decide on the design first. And Izumi-kun, if you have a plan, please let me know
 At these words, Chihiro gave a slightly drawn-out smile and left the classroom.
 He parted ways with Aika, who said she was going to the infirmary, and went to the apartment.
I'm home
 He closed the front door and called out to Riko, who appeared in her casual clothes.
Oh, Chihiro, welcome back
Riko, where's Maria?
Hmm. She's sleeping in bed as usual
 Riko told him that she had just checked her color and temperature and left her alone because there was no problem.
 It's a pretty good way to go.
Because, considering Maria's strength, there's no need to worry about her
 Well, actually, she's right.
 Chihiro thanked Riko, changed his clothes - not the ones he left in the bedroom, but the ones he wore briefly in the morning - and went to check on Maria.
I'm home, Maria
......welcome home, Master
 Maria, who was lying on the bed facing right, responded to Chihiro's voice with some delay.
 She moved her head and sat up in a slow motion.
 ...As Riko had observed, her complexion was not so bad.
 But the messy hair, the vacant eyes, the faintly open mouth... the whole atmosphere showed that she was mentally exhausted.
 It's about time.
 Nodding her head, Chihiro told Maria slowly.
 Chihiro nodded inwardly and told Maria slowly, so that it would penetrate her dulled mind.
Well then, Maria, I think it's time to start the real training
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