Chapter 116 Festival Act, Maid Riko's Oral Service - Part 2 ★

 While saying these things, Chihiro finished taking off the underwear and stripped naked.
 He handed her a bra and panties, which was a little embarrassing, and as expected, Riko stared at them, and then she moved them to her nose.
 She sniffed them and said something.
「Chihiro, have you been with someone?」
「...You know it?」
「I know, I can tell it. Do you know how many times I've smelled this?」
 Chihiro thought he had wiped up the semen properly, so there was hardly any smell left.
 But Riko stared at him from a close distance with her cheeks puffed out.
「Are you satisfied enough?」
 This question was enough for him to know what she wants.
「Not yet, I guess. I only cum four times」
「...haha. Putting it out four times and saying "only" is a harsh way of putting it」
 Despite her bad comments, Riko's face looked happy.
 But immediately, she took a half-step backward and took a pause to catch her breath with a glimmer of determination in her eyes.
 When she steps forward again, the atmosphere has changed.
「Excuse me ...Master」
 Her behavior become that of a slave, obedient and devoted.
 And the atmosphere is more reverent than usual, perhaps because she is more enthusiastic in her maid's uniform.
 She sits down on the floor with her legs, which are covered by tights, touching the floor from the knees down. Perhaps because of her momentum, her legs roll up the hem of her long skirt, and she almost falls forward.
 However, she was not injured because she supported herself with both hands.
「...It didn't go well」
 Riko stands up with a mumble.
 But then, she sits down again, and almost falls down again.
「Riko? ...What's wrong?」
「I was frustrated that my skirt wasn't billowing」
 She wanted to sit up nicely, so she tried to do it again, but she had failed.
 Well, it's a long skirt that she's not used to, so it's not surprising that she can't get it right easily.
 However, that's not what she wants to hear.
「...hmm, how about lifting up the skirt before sitting down?」
「But that doesn't look good」
「I don't think so. I think it's cute」
「Is that so?」
 Riko stands up again and redoes her movements so that Chihiro can see.
 Then, she sat down while slightly picking up her skirt with her left and right hands and lightly lifting it up. The skirt did not spread with much force, but it looked softly like a petal.
「How is it?」
「Hmm. It's good」
 Riko seemed satisfied and did not try again.
「Well then... excuse me」
 Riko extended her fingers between Chihiro's exposed legs.
 Then, with the palm of her left hand, she lifted her whole body, and put the fingers of her right hand together and squeezed the rod. As she strokes the sack and handles it gently, the role starts to erect gently.
 Riko's lips relax into a smile. It is not intentional but unconscious. There was no mocking atmosphere, only warmth.
 And it is a good face.
 If she is lively, it makes Chihiro happy.
 Once his penis is hard enough, Riko moves on to oral.
 She kisses the tip, then stimulates the urethra with her tongue, lightly sucks it with her lips, and licks it further. Now she takes her mouth away from the urethra, extends her tongue, and licks up the rod from the base to the tip.
 When she repeated this over and over again, he felt an irresistible sensation of pleasure.
「Haa... I'm so happy」
 A sweet voice escaped from her lips. 
 And having finished licking all the corners, Riko opens her mouth. Then, she suddenly takes the penis deep into her mouth.
 The tip of the penis also hits her throat.
 It's an irrumatio. No, it's a deep throat. This is a more difficult service than fellatio, because it involves not only the inside of the mouth but also throat and beyond. Chihiro has not ordered the girls to do this very often, though Maria is happy to do it herself.
「...nn, kuh」
 Why is this so? It is simple: it must be painful for the one who does it.
 In fact, Riko's expression is distorted just by having sucked it.
「Riko, that's...」
 He was about to say, "You should stop", but the words stopped.
 Riko's eyes were serious. With her eyes alone, she said, "I'm not going to stop". She said she was doing it because she wanted to do it.
 Really, she is so stubborn.
 So stubborn, but so cute.
「...okay. But take your time. I don't think you should move until you get used to it」
 With a light nod of the head, Riko maintains the same position in her mouth.
 However, it is not easy for her to keep accepting a penis deep into her mouth without even putting up her teeth. But her expression starts to soften slowly as he watches her.
 As she getting used to it, she starts it with a licks of her tongue, and Chihiro responded by patting her head.
 Riko then slowly moves her head back and pulls the penis out of her mouth. In this moment, Chihiro feels warmth stroking his whole body, and his hips are almost shattered.
 Such a reaction of Chihiro told the result more eloquently than anything else.
 Riko, who seeing this, make a happy face and she slowly but surely handled it all the way to the tip, and then swallowed it once more into her mouth.
 This is a luxury of using someone's mouth as an onahole and letting the other person do the work.
 Looking down, Chihiro can see a lovely blonde maid hard at work. And it made his whole body shudder with pleasure as he satisfied his desire for conquest.
 Finaly, he reached his limit after Riko's mouth went back and forth a couple of times.
「Kuh, I'm going to cum!」
 He ejaculated almost at the same time as he made his little announcement. Still, Riko had just swallowed deeply when he ejaculated, and she hurriedly moved her head back to adjust her position to receive his semen.
 She swallowed all of it in a gulp, resisting a physiological reaction to the white cum pouring down her throat.
「Thank you, Riko. That felt really good」
「Ehehe, I'm glad. ...If you want, I can do it again」
 As Riko said this, she was cleaning Chihiro's penis.
 But suddenly there was a lot of noise outside the locker room at the same time.
「...I guess we don't have much time...」
「? I'll pretend I was just getting dressed, so Chihiro, hurry up and get dressed too!」
 Riko's oral sex was forcibly ended without a second round, and the two were forced to clean up the mess and cover it up in a hurry.
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