Chapter 118 Festival Act, With Sister and Lover, Part One - 2

Hey, Chihiro-kun... should I greet her?
Eh? Umm... I wonder...
 Kaede's words and actions are difficult to grasp.
 Chihiro has not reported the fact that he has a girlfriend to her, but he had told his mother when he went back home before. So, it is quite possible that his sister has also heard about it, and it is easy to imagine that she would order him to call her to see her.
...she's a troublesome person, so I don't want see him too much, I guess
 Nevertheless, he wanted to keep his sister and Aika away from a future of face-to-face meetings.
...I see
 Aika also understood Chihiro's feelings from his reaction.
 She nodded lightly and smiled.
Tell me more about it sometime
Okay, I promise
 After thanking Aika for her offer, Chihiro and Maria headed for the executive committee meeting.
 In addition, he will send a brief message to Hana and Suzu about the situation.
 He also asked Suzu to inform Yotsuba of the situation.
 After the meeting of the executive committee to report the progress of the first day, to discuss the problems that arose, and to decide the policy for tomorrow, Chihiro went to the student council meeting.
 After the meeting, he reports to the student council.
...I guess I'm a little earlier than average these days
 Still, the time is close to dinner time.
 After leaving the school gate, he turns his feet toward the dormitory, where he naturally walks to his apartment. He puts his hand on the door of his room with mixed feelings about the place he has not visited for a long time.
 And after it is opened.
Welcome back. You're back late
 It seems that Kaede was earlier than him.
 The window is open and the room is ventilated. In addition, the floor has been roughly vacuumed.
 It seems that the girls' belongings are safe, but the strange feeling in the room must have been noticed.
 His big sister was half lying on Chihiro's bed, checking her smartphone. She has taken off her suit and hung it on a hanger, dressed in a rough outfit.
 Or rather, a little too rough.
 On her upper body, she was wearing a white blouse, which she had been wearing under her suit. And a black sports bra is slightly transparent under the blouse.
 Her lower body is a simple pair of black panties.
 For the breast, Kaede has small breasts. Her size is A or B, but that does not mean that she is not attractive as a woman.
 Her height is tall for a woman, and her slender figure gives a sense of functional beauty, and her slender legs are beautifully toned and give off a healthy sex appeal.
 Now that he is more involved with girls, Kaede is a beauty to look at again.
 If other men see her like this, it will be a big problem.
Didn't you bring a change of clothes?
No. Besides, it's not like anyone's going to see me, so I can dress comfortably, right?
I'm the one who's going to watch
Exceptions are made for relatives
 Well, Chihiro is not so indiscreet as to touch his own sister.
 Still, he let out a sigh and let the conversation drift away.
 And as he thought it again, most of his personal clothes had been moved to Maria's apartment, but they were mostly for spring and summer. Fortunately, he bought some new winter clothes, so he still has some old clothes in here.
 Chihiro then quickly take off his uniform jacket and pants, hang them on a hanger, and then puts on his shirts.
...You are familiar with this...
 Kaede muttered.
Well, it's been more than half a year since I entered the school
No, it's not. It's just that you're not as shy in front of women as you should be
 He could say she's right.
 He doesn't care much about being seen these days. After all, Maria and Riko are very noisy when he tries to change his clothes in another room because of his shyness.
 Besides, it is difficult for him to change his own clothes, because they are always concerned about it. But――
I think it's because of sister (Nee-san)
 Kaede has always been like this.
 She knows the importance of dressing well and is well dressed when she goes out. On the other hand, when she is at home, she often wears only underwear or a shirt.
 She is somewhat of a lazy person, and does not like to put unnecessary burden on her body.
 Due to the fact that they are eight years apart in age, the difference in age has been a source of discomfort for Chihiro for a long time.
I'm surprised because you didn't get used to it until now. So, you know a woman
Mom told me. I heard you got a girlfriend. Did you embrace her?
 Kaede nodded "fumu" as Chihiro moved his mouth around.
It's time to eat anyway. Let's invite her to join us for dinner
No, she might have already eaten already. It might be a nuisance to call her suddenly...
Let's call her
 In the end, Kaede did not listen to him, even after nearly ten times of protests.
 And he gave up when she tried to forcefully take his phone away from him. So, Chihiro called Aika's number quietly.
* * *
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you come after all
No problem. It's good that I haven't had dinner yet too. I also wanted to meet your sister (Onee-san)
 At once, Aika greets her outside the room.
 She was dressed in plain clothes, smiling and shaking her head. Perhaps she dressed like that because she had finished her work at the infirmary. And since she was not wearing the clothes she had left at the apartment, it was clear that she had gone back to her dormitory.
I didn't buy any food or anything, is that OK?
Yes, it's okay. Just came here
 Aika followed Chihiro into the room.
 Looking a little nervous, she quickly looked around the room and straightened her posture when she found Kaede.
Nice to meet you. I am Takatsuki Aika, who has been dating Chihiro-kun
Nice to meet you too. I'm Izumi Kaede. Please, come in
 Kaede greeted Aika in the same underwear as before.
 Although she was off the bed, the blouse did not cover her shorts. Despite this, she was still very imposing.
 At Kaede's urging, Aika takes off her shoes and enters the room.
 Aika and Kaede sit at the table facing each other, and Chihiro sits between them. A box of pizza that had just arrived was placed on the table around them.
 Kaede, who had proposed the meal, suggested ordering the pizza, saying meaningfully, "For some reason, the refrigerator was empty".
 However, Chihiro wonder if this room has a connection with pizza.
 After all, Aika seemed to think the same thing when he recalled that they had eaten pizza here before. When he thinking this, Aika squinted her eyes kindly and murmured.
Somehow, I feel nostalgic...
Hmm. So, you've been in this room before, apparently
Oh... Y-yes
 Kaede picks up the murmur and Aika shudders at Kaede's words.
 It seems that the atmosphere is becoming more and more like a job interview.
 That's why Chihiro didn't like it.
Aika, it's okay. You're not a bad person
Oh. There's nothing in this pizza either. It's just that neither Chihiro nor I are very good at cooking
 Aika's expression relaxed just a little as she looked at Chihiro, who sighed and said, and Kaede, who nodded.
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