Chapter 123 Festival Act, A Rotor's Walk with Maria, Part One - 1

 When Chihiro came back to the partition of the changing room, he found something hanging on a hanger.
 It was a school uniform. Girls' school uniforms, specifically.
「Aika, did you put the uniform here?」
「Uh, yeah. But that's not mine」
 When he looked at her, he saw that Aika had her own uniform ready. So, whose uniform is this?
 Aika giggles and says to Chihiro.
「It's a uniform my friend used to wear. I got it because Chihiro-kun might use it again」
「A friend...ah, I see」
 The meaningful smile on her face convinces him.
 Someone who is a friend of both of them, who has already graduated from the school, and who would be willing to provide Chihiro with uniforms. If these conditions are specified, there is only one person who comes to mind.
 However, where in the world did Suzu keep the uniforms?
 Chihiro tilted his head and wondered if she went to her parents' house to get the uniforms.
 ...But later, he was told that she had kept the uniforms in the log house and brought it with her when she moved to the apartment.
 The reason was that "I might have a chance to play with the uniforms someday".
 This is a very Suzu-like story.
 However, her wish came true just yesterday, not with her own uniform but with Yotsuba's uniform. And by the way, she said that even her own uniform was no longer wearable, since her breasts have grown so much since her high school days.
「I heard she won't be using it anymore, so you can use it without hesitation」
「Okay, thanks」
 However, Chihiro has no desire to wear a girl's uniform.
 Especially, there is nothing special that he can't do unless he's dressed as a woman.
 Anyway, since things turned out like this, let's meet up with "that girl".
 Chihiro comes up with an idea of how to make use of it, and decides to continue wearing women's clothes. He changes from a maid's uniform to a girl's uniform, and adjusts the tips of his wig and his makeup.
 It seems that Suzu's school uniform is also suitable for him to wear.
 It must have been quite a long time ago when she was in service, but it is well preserved. There seems to be no changes in the design, which is a relief.
「Let's see...」
 After finishing the preparations, he sends an e-mail.
 Soon he received a reply, and the other party agreed to meet up with him.
 Chihiro leaves Aika, who says she is going to the infirmary, and meets up with "her" in the corridor a short distance away from the changing rooms.
「Hello, Misumi-san」
 Jet-black hair and eyes of the same color.
 Fukami Maria, a petite girl in school uniform, smiles softly at Chihiro.
 Maria is the one whom Chihiro is meeting.
「I'm sorry for calling you so suddenly, Fukami-san」
「No problem... But why me?」
「Because I wanted to go around the school festival with Fukami-san」
 For some reason, he hardly talked to Maria yesterday.
 Even though he had dated Aika and played with Suzu, Yotsuba, and Riko. And because of this, he felt uneasy about the fact that he had not made any memories with her.
 ――With this, Chihiro decided to be friends with Maria at the school after the recent turmoil.
 However, it is also true that he is worried about being seen by others in the school.
 If Chihiro, who is dating another girl, is walking alone with Maria, some people may think badly of it.
 But what if he is dressed as a woman?
 Even though the identity of "Chisato" would be obvious to the casual observer, in this case, at first glance, they would look like two girls. The date-like atmosphere would be reduced considerably.
 It's a pity that Chihiro can't go around together with her in his usual attire.
「Don't be shy, Fukami-san」
 In "Chisato mode", Chihiro nailed Maria.
「We're just friends playing together, so you don't have to worry about it, do you?」
 Then he smiles at her.
 Maria looks surprised, then smiles and nods her head.
「That’s right. Well, I'll take your word」
「Yup, I'd be happy if you do」
 He says and offers his right hand.
 The girl's supple fingers then intertwine with his.
 With this, they walk down the corridor, holding hands. And thanks to the skirt, his stride naturally becomes shorter, and his pace is in step with Maria's.
「Fukami-san, is there anything you want to do?」
「Well, that's right. ...Umm, let's do...」
 The last word made him speechless in the bustle of the room.
 Maria saw this and put a mischievous expression on her face and brought her ear close to Chihiro's.
「...I want to take a walk with a rotor inside me...」
 Said Maria with a mysterious voice.
 Chihiro feels like this is the first bombshell he had heard in a long time.
「Do you have one of those?」
「Yes, I always have it with me. In my bag」
「I would be scared if you had that in your pocket!」
 What if it falls off at some point?
 ...But when he thinks it again, it seems she would call it a shame play, including the part to cover up the fall.
 The fact that it immediately came to his mind indicates that they have been together for a long time.
「I don't mind that. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the school festival」
「It's not that it doesn't matter at all. Besides, this kind of excitement is not my thing」
「I see」
 It was surprising, considering the way she teased Riko, Aika, and Suzu at every opportunity.
「Oh...but. Having a party with a few acquaintances is totally different from being in a crowded place with many people, isn't it?」
「Yes. I prefer to watch this kind of event from the sidelines」
 And yet she is running for a committee member.
 Well, her goal was really to be close to Chihiro. Everything else was secondary, and she was willing to do so even if it meant changing her nature.
 And because she loves him.
 This girl is smiling with crazy greed and love.
「I think it's a terrible story. But I don't hate my job as a committee member」
「Is that so?」
「Yes. The people behind the scenes are a little different from those involved」
「I see」
 It's kind of like student council.
 They may look like they are standing on the stage, but in reality, they are just behind the scenes, helping out. Most of the students do not even know what they are doing to make the school festival run smoothly.
 In a way, this is Maria's kind of job.
 Kind of a bad role.
 Because she is so different from others, she has lived for more than a decade without fulfillment.
 When she finally found her Master, he was immature and weak. To protect him, she even gave herself once.
「I wish Fukami-san would be happier」
「That's difficult」
「Because, right now, I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life」
 The words are so heartwarming that it makes his heart flutter.
 Truly, this is how this girl makes Chihiro's heart flutter.
 Chihiro turns away from Maria, embarrassed by the blush on his cheeks.
「A-anyway. Let's go back to the front of the classroom. Don't you need your stuff?」
「Sure. Yes, let's do that」


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