Chapter 149 The First Round of the First Event - The High-Speed Spear User - Part 2

「...then, I'm going to increase the speed!」
 Just as he declared.
 His speed increased.
 Chihiro and the others could grasp the situation from a distance, but for a moment, it looked as if he had disappeared again.
 Kamishiro couldn't guard himself in time.
 And the hilt of the spear had dug into Kamishiro's side, at the same place where Minamoto had been hit by the kick earlier.
 Seeing this, Minamoto laughed.
「Now, the next one!」
 Another barrage of attacks.
 Yes, that was the only way to describe it.
 If Kamishiro can handle it properly, even if the trajectory is not so good, he can deal with it. So, Kamishiro shifted his weak points and tried to prevent them by relying on his intuition, but he was not perfect.
 His strength is being drained away slowly and gradually.
「Why didn't that spear guy go all out from the beginning?」
 Lucille answered to Hana's question.
「I wouldn't be surprised if he says it's because it's cool... But maybe his body has a reaction? I mean, if he's forcing his body to accelerate, it's only natural that there's a strain on the muscles」
「I see」
 So, she is saying that he couldn't force himself, since he would have been sunk by his first blow.
 However, it seems that such calculations have been blown away now.
 Minamoto swings his spear again and again, as if he is happy to fight against a strong opponent. And Kamishiro, too, had not given up the victory.
 Kamishiro caught up with him.
 After being hit more than ten times, Minamoto successfully defended himself again.
 Minamoto avoided a straight left in return at high speed.
「You missed!」
 Kamishiro clenches his fist again.
 One blow kills. That's what's written on his face.
 Minamoto, on the other hand, says.
「You're tough, man」
「Not yet. I'm not as tough as this」
 "So," Kamishiro continued.
「You can come at me with a thrust」
「...You sure?」
「Yeah. One shot. If I can dodge or withstand a thrust with [Acceleration] on it and counterattack, I win. If not, I lose. Let's make this simple」
 ――A thrust with [Acceleration].
 It's a simple logic. Minamoto will uses his abilities to the fullest. Simply hold the spear and charge, like a medieval knight charging with a lance.
 However, even if there is cotton in the tip of the spear, a thrust at such a high speed is too powerful. It is impossible to use a spear against a sturdy opponent like Kamishiro, unless it is done with his consent.
 And Kamishiro dared to use it.
 It is a "hit-or-miss" strategy. Minamoto's acceleration is a powerful weapon, but at the same time, it is a double-edged sword that can destroy him if Kamishiro counter.
 The plan is to use the opponent's speed to defeat the opponent.
 Of course, it is up to Minamoto to decide whether or not to take advantage of it.
「I like it. Sounds fun」
 Anyway, they're both simpletons.
 Minamoto readily agreed to the plan and sat down deeply, ready for a one-hit-kill attack. The Shibakkou Academy students who were watching the game looked at each other with an "Oh no!" expression.
 They must mean that they could not stop.
「When's the signal?」
「Whenever you want. I'll follow your move」
「I see. Okay, then...」
 One breath, two breaths.
 Minamoto kicks the floor hard, moving so fast unlike early movement.
 He's fast.
 Without the extra movement of swinging the spear, he is more refined and less wasteful.
 Within what seems like a split second, the final blow of the two is over.
 The sound of impact echoed.
 And Chihiro blinks a few times to check the result.
 Kamishiro and Minamoto were lying on their backs a few meters away from each other.
 They must have been struck each other. They seem to have been blown away by the impact of the collision. For a few seconds, they do not move at all, and everyone watch them with bated breath.
 In this moment, Hana shouts in a panic.
「Eh, they're not dead, are they?」
『It's all right. They should not be dead』
「Shouldn't they be dead?」
 Of course, the school nurse is on standby in case of emergency and Aika is in the audience.
 However, it would be too late if they had died.
 However, this time, it did not lead to a serious accident.
 The two of them moved at almost the same time.
 With a muffled sound, Kamishiro and Minamoto exhale air from their lungs.
 Their chests began to rise and fall slowly, and not only the representative members but also most of the people in the room were relieved.
 Now the question is which of the two will be the first to stand up, and whether or not the other will be able to stand up.
 Kamishiro was the first to make a move.
 He folds his knees and puts the soles of his feet on the floor. Using all the strength in his arms and legs, he stood up, almost as if out of sheer will.
 He stumbles and almost falls down immediately afterwards, and Chihiro resists the urge to run to him.
 But the game was not over yet. Kamishiro would be disqualified if he came to his aid now.
「The other boy...」
 Minamoto also moved his arm about a minute later. With a gulp, he half raised his body with his remaining strength and looked at Kamishiro.
 He is just after the damage. He looks as if he is just on the edge, but his eyes have not lost their sharpness.
 His lips open and he speaks slowly.
「I lose」
 His voice, not so loud, filled the room.
「Are you sure? If you have more energy, I can continue...」
「No, I can't」
 Minamoto shook his head with a bitter smile.
「If I rest, I can still fight, but I don't think I can get up right now. I was confident in my speed, but you're tougher than me」
「...I see」
 Kamishiro nodded deeply and walked up to Minamoto and held out his hand.
 The boys hold each other's hands tightly and smile as they stand up.
「The winner, Shibahou Academy, Kamishiro Yuuki!」
 A staff member declared shortly afterwards.
「That's so youthful, isn't it? But they so sweaty」
 Lucille's voice was piercing as usual.
 Anyway, Chihiro smiles and pats his chest with relief.
 ...By the way, what happened to the other side?
 The second round is supposed to start after a five-minute interval after the first round is over. If the second round is still going on, that will give Kamishiro more time to rest.
 Chihiro looked at the other side and stiffened.
 Almost all the students in the other side were staring at it.
 The reason for this was that the first round of games had already finished,
「Hmm. So, my next opponent is that one.... But he looks pretty beat up. Is he okay?」
 The person, who says this, hardly looked tired.
 This person, Saki is a tomboy girl wearing a black T-shirt and shorts over a white training outfit. She looked at Kamishiro with a wry smile.
 And with this, the first round match, Shibatsuru Academy vs Shibaryuu Academy――the winner is Shirahama Saki from Shibatsuru Academy.
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