Chapter 62 [Princess-maiden] Let the Submissive Princess have the Night-Time Sleep - Part 1

 At night, Fransisca, who was told by Alexis to come to his room to inquire, walks down the corridor in the clothes he specified.
 She was nervous, even though the rooms were very close to each other and she was not in a position where she would pass by someone early on.
 Nevertheless, Fransisca stood in front of his door and knocked.
 Shortly after, Alexis answers, "Come in," and Fransisca takes a deep breath and opens the door.
 In the room lit by a wall sconce, Alexis, dressed in a loose-fitting loungewear, welcomes her sitting on the bed.
 He points to Fransisca, who closes the door behind her, and asks her to take the cloak off.
 Fransisca nodded and quickly dropped it at her feet.
 What appeared from underneath is a pure white negligee made of silk so thin that one's skin shows through it, and a body without a stitch of clothing underneath it.
 The length of the negligee itself is up to the knees, but there is a slit from the abdomen to the lower part of the negligee.
 Her breast area are covered, but the bulge of her breast pushing up the garment and the baby pink color of the tip of the breast are clearly visible through the garment.
 Although her body has been held many times, she still has not lost her purity and mysteriousness, clearly asserting that she is a Princess-maiden.
 This makes Alexis want to conquer her even more.
「It suits you well」
 Alexis smirks, and Fransisca, with a bright red face, lets out a sigh.
「This is the first time in my life I've ever worn a nightgown like this...」
 It was Alexis who handed her the nightgown and told her to put it on.
 Fransisca only wore it honestly, and it was not her own.
 "Isn't it sexy?" Alexis laughs, and Fransisca falls silent with a red face.
 Fransisca feels as if her nightgown was made for sex.
 Indeed, it was. It was meant to be worn by a prostitute. Alexis had ordered it from home in advance for Fransisca to wear.
「When I call you at night, make sure you dress like that.」
 Fransisca nodded "yes" to Alexis' command.
 Fransisca then climbed onto the bed as Alexis beckoned her to do so. She then leaned against Alexis's body without any resistance.
 Alexis could feel the softness of Fransisca's body against him through the thin silk.
 He slowly brushes her hand through Fransisca's silver hair, her eyes still vulnerable as she does so.
「It's been a while since you became my slave, hasn't it?」
 Suddenly Alexis starts to speak in this way.
 "Yes," Fransisca says, feeling uncomfortable about this.
「Have you never thought about it? If you and I had a child, in this situation, which country would it belong to?」
 As he spoke, Alexis put his hand inside Fransisca's negligee.
 When he put his palms on her breasts, Fransisca let out a small "nngh" and pressed her body against Alexis more and more.
「In that case, isn't he going to be Krangal's prince?」
 Hearing Fransisca's answer, Alexis rolls his eyes.
「I don't know. I don't have the right to the throne, do I? No, my father would probably give me a regional title if I told him I would not become someone's son-in-law. But when a man and a woman get married, they usually join the family of the higher rank, don't they?」
「Am I higher in rank?」
「A princess with the right to the throne and a prince without the right to the throne. Of course you are higher in rank.」
 Alexis doesn't even know this at this moment. He' s so naive. But Fransisca was not so naive.
 But Fransisca was not so naive.
「...Princess-maiden is a title. It's a lost title. I have no people. I have no castle. What is the value of such a princess?」
 Fransisca leans forward and puts her hands around Alexis' neck, kissing him lightly. Then, with lips still pressed to his, she speaks in a whisper.
「I have lost my value... perhaps I have been maintaining it by thinking only of the "strategy". Because it is my duty. I told myself that I had to face it because I was born into the royal family of Sagrado.」
 "But for now," she connects with Alexis, her hand on the button of her nightgown.
「I feel like my value is in pleasing you. If my body can bring you pleasure I'd like to be held by you as much as you want. I have nothing else. I want you to use me as much as you want.」
 She tries to unbutton Alexis' buttons with a hand she is not accustomed to using.
 Alexis noticed this, took off her own nightgown, and hugged Fransisca again.
 Fransisca giggles, "Fufu...".
「Your body is muscular and has old scars, and you smell like a man. And the way you talk and your face is simple and wild, you don't look like a royal.」
 At this, Alexis snarled, "What the hell is that?"
 No matter how carefully he tried to put it in the right way, it was obvious that he was said to have a plain, commoner's face.
 Even though it was a story about the royal family that he had rejected, Alexis felt bad when that was pointed out to her.
 "But," Fransisca continued to say to Alexis.
「When I talk to you, I feel that you are a royal person. I think that your imbalance is... well, you know...」
 Fransisca stammers, her cheeks flushing.
「...I find you wonderful.」
 Fransisca then turns red and starts to be silent, which makes Alexis wish she hadn't said anything at all.
(Hey, why am I getting embarrassed too...!)
 This is the first time in his life that he has ever received such a compliment.
 Besides, he is not so good at flattery. It's easy to tell that Fransisca meant what she said. Which makes the situation even more embarrassing.
「...I guess I'm going to have to punish you for this.」
 Alexis's mutter caught Fransisca's ear.
「Eh? What, why?!」
 He pushes down the upset Fransisca and makes her lie down on the bed.
 He rolled up her thin silk, exposing her butt, which are transparent through her negligee, and lightly slap her butt.
 His sudden blow seems to be not converted into a pleasant sensation, and Fransisca shouts out in surprise.
「No, it's too sudden, Alexis-sama...!」
 Fransisca protests and wriggles her butt. It seems that she does this to release the pain.
 But how many men in this world can keep quiet when they see a white, soft, and shapely ass shaking in front of them?
「I have to hit it.」
 That was the conclusion Alexis came to.
 And Alexis raised his hand again. The sound of repeated skin smacks echoed through the room.
「Alexis-sama, please stop!」
 At first Fransisca cries like that, but gradually her voice starts to sound more and more charming.
「Haaah! Hwauu.... A-Again...」
 Judging from her tearful voice, she seems to be fed up with her own sexual habit that she has started to feel pleasure without any elaboration.
「You don't like it?」
 Fransisca groans at Alexis's point of view as she pauses and strokes her red, swollen buttocks.
「Well, how can I like it when I know my buttocks always turn red...」
「But it makes you happy, doesn't it?」
 Alexis then slaps his hand on her butt.
 Fransisca screams "hyaaan", then gasps for air and her eyes water as she says "No, no".
「I'm not happy about this...」
「You shouldn't lie so badly. I can tell by the way I stick a finger in here」

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