Apocalypse Saga 19

Chapter 19 A Scene In A Certain Tavern, Part One

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 Babellion, 98th floor, “8th city floor”

 This floor is a city of pleasure, where everything revolves around pleasure. Alcohol, gambling, prosti**tion… all desires of every living being are fulfilled in this nocturnal city. Regardless of how many years or millennia pass due to the fixed time setting, the night floor never ends, bustling with vibrant lights and the voices of various races, never knowing sleep.

 The “8th city floor” is divided into four sections by the main street, which is marked by a cross.

 The northwestern district is the red light district of the city, where all races gather and indulge in various s*xual desires. There are popular establishments that cater to the general public, such as special shops for succubi and incubi, as well as shops for [Forest Spirits (Elves)] and [Beastmen (Therian Slopes)]. There are also unique establishments like [ogres] with muscular bodies, [slimes] with slimy tentacles, and hobbits with childlike appearances. From exotic establishments that cater to specific preferences, such as ghouls, goblins, and centaurs, to niche shops that cater to specific clientele, there are male and female prost**utes from all races to please the customers.

 In addition to the differences in races, even when it comes to breasts, there are various aspects to consider, such as large breasts, small breasts, no breasts, the number of breasts, and the presence of breast milk. Furthermore, whether they are slender or voluptuous, whether they prefer being dominant or submissive, and whether they prefer private rooms or group activities, Monsters (Mamono) have different body types and preferences depending on their race. However, this district is a perfect and flawless s*xual zone that accepts all Monsters and fulfills any desire.

 In the northeastern district, there is a spread of popular taverns, and the residents of Babellion show the most liveliness here as they come to drink. There is laughter, but also fights. It is a place where people can forget their work clothes, their struggles and fatigue, and enjoy themselves by revealing their true selves.

 In the southwestern district, there is a gambling area. From horse racing to arenas, card games to dragon fights, all kinds of gambling can be found here. It is common for winners who have won a large sum of money to head to high-class broth*ls. Conversely, it is also common for people to lose their money in an attempt to increase it and return home without even being able to have a drink.

 In the southeastern district, high-class restaurants line up, creating a calm and sophisticated world that is completely different from other areas. Everything is first-class and prestigious, attracting the people with status in Babellion. There are also people who act as escorts to seduce their desired partners, and sometimes important people have business meals here. Although the prices are high, it is the best district where they can get the appropriate taste and satisfaction.

 Now, in a certain place in the southeastern district. A few streets away from the dazzling main street, there is an alley.

 There is a staircase with a slightly eerie shadow created by the flickering light of pearl-colored old-fashioned wall sconces. There is a blackboard-style stand sign placed next to it, with the word “BAR” and the opening hours written in white chalk.

 The sound of the coffee shop doorbell rang, creating a lively atmosphere.

 The owner (Master) who was polishing glasses behind the counter turned his face towards the door.

 He wore a white shirt with a black vest, a bow tie around his neck, and had the appearance of a clean and tidy bartender. However, he didn’t look slim or refreshing. Peering from the counter was the upper body with a thick chest that strained against the vest, thick arms, and a lion-like face with black beautiful mane and clear ice-like eyes.

 ”Gardreo, can you make a seat available?”

 Upon seeing the customer who opened the door along with that voice, the owner (Master) called Gardreo frowned and let out a big sigh.

 ”…Could you come a bit later to avoid intimidating other customers?”

 The one who appeared after opening the door of the shop was a beautiful girl who seemed to fit well with the sound effect like “twinkling” or “ding-dong” in a bell. However, she wasn’t exactly a delicate girl who would suit a white dress and a straw hat.

 Her hair, with a base as pure white as virgin snow and black mesh interspersed, is loosely gathered at the back, leaving only the sides as a fashion statement, or perhaps just for comfort.

 And while her body is slender, the movements reveal the presence of abdominal and back muscles on her fair skin, but without the softness generally associated with youthful appearances. It’s as if she exudes confidence in her ultimate physical beauty, almost as if it were the perfect dress… The only thing covering her budding bosoms is a black tube top, and for the lower half, she wears black and white short pants that reveal the lines of her groin.

 However, it’s clear at first glance that she is no ordinary human girl. In contrast to her spiky hair, she has round, fluffy ears resembling clumps of fur. Fluffy fur-like growths adorn both of her wrists, resembling fur on a bee’s pollen ball. And a white tail sways from the hole in her buttocks.

 The girl’s name is Melissa. She is the commander of the “Beastars” and a high-ranking member of the Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower.

 The “Beast Army (Beastars)” is one of the three special army organized in Babellion, consisting of 500 elite members of carnivorous [Beastman (Therianthrope)] with a level of 175 or higher. Their strength lies in the mobility and long-distance marching capabilities generated by the skill of beastification. It may not be an overstatement to say that they are the strongest ground force in Babellion.

 The boss of this group of high-level wild beasts is the [Beastman (Therianthrope)] – level 200 [White Holy Tiger].

 Her demeanor is rough, but her appearance reflects an innocence or purity befitting her age. However, this is not in a positive sense; there is a mercilessness and frightening nature in the way she plays with killing enemies, similar to pouring water on an anthill with a hose.

 In response to Gardreo’s sigh, Melissa, far from feeling remorse, walked into the store laughing.

 ”Sorry. It’s not just me, you know.”

 She said with a mischievous expression, after finishing her prank. And within seconds, Gardreo would come to understand the meaning behind this smile.

 ”Get out of the way.”

 ”Excuse me.”

 With those words, two men appeared from behind Melissa’s small back.

 ”Oh, I was wondering where I were being taken. It seems this is quite an interesting place.”

 Someone said a voice that resonated from the depths of the earth, as he casually surveyed the interior of the shop.

 One of them was a man with black hair and red eyes. His sharp gaze, which suited his slender tall figure, was covered by a black eyepatch adorned with a gold emblem on the left side. With his hair tied up to his waist and dressed in a suit, his devilish smile resembled that of a beloved butler favored by young women, yet his choice of words overflowed with the arrogance of a user rather than a servant.

 On his temples, sinister purple horns protruded in pairs, large and small. And on his back were wings resembling bats, with a sharp tail covered in scales extending from his buttocks.

 The man’s name is Rigalvan. He is the commander of the “Dragon Army” and a high-ranking officer of Babellion, counted among the Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower.

 The “Dragon Army” is one of the three special army alongside the “Beast Brigade (Beastars),” constituting the strongest aerial combat force consisting of over 500 high-level [Dragon] species at level 175 or above.

 The [Dragon] species is always mentioned when selecting the strongest species. It is fundamentally different from the [Earth Dragon (Lizard)] and [Flying Dragon (Wyvern)] in lineage. The [Dragon] species are dragons from start to finish. Though there may be differences in strength within the species, they are the quintessential representatives of monsters, neither exceeding nor falling short.

 The true king who reigns over these arrogant kings of the sky is the level 200 [Chaos Dragon (Jabberwock)].

 ”Hohoho, those words are disrespectful to the Master.”

 The voice that laughed, as if mocking Rigalvan, was an eerie voice that stroked the spine.

 Though it was a male voice, its authenticity was uncertain. Wrapped in a cloak from head to toe, it was impossible to discern the state of the body, nor did it give any inclination to be known. Only the skull, adorned with an unusually long chin beard, nestled within the hood, clearly conveyed that he was not among the living.

 However, contrary to his fearsome appearance, he was extremely gentle and gentlemanly. And so, even the skeletal figure, devoid of the concept of expression, seemed to wear a grandfatherly smile.

 The name of this deceased individual is Sarikir. He is the commander of the “Skull Army (Screamer)” army, the last of the three special army alongside the “Beastars” and “Dragon Army.” He is also a high-ranking executives of Babellion, counted among the Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower.

 The Skull Army (Screamers) is also composed of higher-level Undead Soldiers (Undead) at level 175 or above, but their number is less than half that of the other two squads, totaling only 200. However, each individual possesses the skill to generate Undead Soldiers, enabling just 200 of them to produce a large army. Despite the drawback of being weakened by the sun, being the fearsome army without the concept of supply lines or fatigue due to their status as the deceased, they can tirelessly march as far as the horizon extends.

 The person who leads this formidable horde of the dead is the No Life King (Shinigami King) at level 200.

 ”…Well, I thought I was giving praise, but…”

 ”Oh, I see. My apologies.”

 As they exchanged such words, the two of them made their way to a nearby table that was unoccupied. Gardreo, glancing at this scene, looked troubled as he scratched the back of his head.

 ”…Hey sis. I don’t intend to badmouth my own shop, but this bunch certainly deserves a place that matches their status.”

 Gardreo takes pride in running a first-class establishment. In fact, this shop is located in the southeast district, just a little off the main street, where high-end shops undoubtedly line up. The clientele here has a decent amount of money and each one possesses a discerning palate that can truly appreciate the taste of the liquor that Gardreo confidently procures.

 It may not be the most luxurious, but it’s a well-known hidden gem. That’s how Gardreo sees it, and from a customer’s perspective, those who know Gardreo’s shop consider it a must-visit.

 However, that perception is limited to the local scene──

 ”Yeah, yeah, I’ll do that from now on.”

 Melissa responds with a nonchalant nod to Gardreo’s distress.

 ”Give me the strongest bottle of liquor in the store.”

 She then orders, leaning on the counter without a care for Gardreo’s feelings. Upon hearing her voice, Rigalvan and Sarikir, who were already seated at a table in the back of the shop without waiting for Gardreo’s guidance, raised their voices in excitement.

 ”Store owner. I don’t like sweet alcohol.”

 ”I think I’ll take the shop owner’s recommendation.”

 Gardreo then realized that there was nothing he could do.

 Gardreo and Melissa met several years ago when Commander of the First Army Raffanie brought him to the store. Melissa loved Gardreo’s selection of drinks, and she has been a regular visitor ever since.

 However, their visits always come suddenly. Raffanie is concerned about other customers and lets him know in advance that she is coming. So she can reserve it in advance, and he can prepare drinks and simple food for that purpose…but Melissa doesn’t have that.

 And today, she’s bringing two of the Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower with her. He doesn’t intend to change the drinks or customer service based on the customers, and he always open the store with the best possible preparations… but when it comes to Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower, things change.


 Gardreo nodded quietly with a resigned voice.

 The store was quiet. However, it was not as if there was nobody there. Naturally, it had been three hours since Gardreo’s shop had opened, so there were onlookers observing their interaction from a distance.


 ”…Yeah. What’s the matter with all three commanders of the Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower gathering in this tavern?”

 ”Why did three of the Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower end up in this tavern?”

 ”Wait, I’ve heard something about this. I’m sure the master of this shop used to hold a decent position in the military.”

 ”…something, huh.”

 ”Shall we go home?”

 ”Let’s do that.”

 Two customers sitting at the counter, sipping their amber-colored liquor, left the shop as if fleeing, leaving behind money. They may have been able to appreciate the taste of the alcohol, but they were nothing more than ordinary citizens. In front of those three, they were less than insignificant, so it was only natural to feel intimidated.

 But the cause of it all, Melissa, didn’t even acknowledge them, saying “I’m counting on your drink selection,” as she headed towards the table where Rigalvan and Sarikir were waiting. Then, she hopped onto the chair, putting her feet up and sitting cross-legged.

 ”Sigh… just as I thought. All the customers have left.”

 The departed customers, fortunately or unfortunately, were regulars who recognized Gardreo.

 Thinking that he should apologize when they come back, Gardreo headed to the back room to offer his special liquor, but before the next victim appeared, he had to close the shop. He turned the “OPEN” sign on the door to “CLOSED.”

 It’s hard to imagine how the fleeing customers felt. Melissa and the others are high-ranking officials, but from the perspective of the citizens, nobles are just nobles, not much different from kings. And especially because they are physically strong.

 So, if you had to compare, it would be like feeling as if well-known kings from a powerful nation came to the local tavern and sat at the next table. You wouldn’t know what to talk about, and you might even imagine being silenced if you asked something you shouldn’t. And adding the fear of their physical strength, it’s natural to want to run away. Well, the three of them don’t care at all, but in a way, that’s what’s unsettling.

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