Apocalypse Saga 2

Chapter 2 Initial Knowledge

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 ”Now, we can’t just sit back and watch while an abnormal situation is happening.”

 ”Y-Yes. I understand.”

 With Charles changing the atmosphere, Satsuki quickly corrected her posture. Her unusual blushing didn’t change, but Charles was impressed by how quickly she regained her composure. Perhaps the settings he made for her were being reflected.

 Putting that aside, the most important thing at the moment is information and safety. No, it would be in initial response, including all of those. He had often fantasized about what he would do if the game became a reality, so various countermeasures came to mind like a spring.

 Now he realizes that ultimately, there was no hope or dream in the real world, which is why even after being transported to a different world like this, he doesn’t cling to the real world… However, Charles realized it was pointless to keep thinking about those things. Instead, he shifted his attention to the urgent tasks of surviving and adapting to this new reality.

 ”First and foremost, defense is crucial. Keep the first floor plain as it is, and deploy the First to Fourth Army to the second floor to prepare for external intruders. In addition, each special forces unit should be ready at their respective posts in case of any unforeseen circumstances.”

 It’s most troublesome to be invaded by someone from the outside. If this were a game world where common sense applies, it would be easier to eliminate them if they infiltrated. However, unknown enemies pose too high of a risk.

 ”As for the first soldier, who peek outside, they will not be questioned, but from now on, no one is allowed to leave without my permission. Make sure to strictly command Shinoa to keep a close watch both inside and outside.”

 Since we have teleported in a way that crushes the settlement, sooner or later we will have to come into contact with the residents outside. But Charles’s true desire is to have more time. The pure white tower, untouched by impurities, has an appearance full of holiness that is hard to believe is ruled by the Fallen God. All he can do is pray that the residents of the settlement hesitate and hesitate to invade.

 In APOCALYPSE・SAGA, it cannot be denied that a level 200 may only possess the power equivalent to level 1 in this world. It is wiser to prioritize defense now rather than taking reckless gambles.

 However, it cannot be said that staying holed up without obtaining external information is a wise strategy.

 ”…Shiki, are you there?”

 ”Yes, right here.”

 As Charles continued to face towards Satsuki, he called out another name, and from the shadow in the corner of the ceiling, a woman’s voice with a hint of bitterness responded. Charles wasn’t sure that she was there. However, she was… there.

 ”Intelligence Officer” Shiki.

 One of the six individuals in Babellion who holds an “officer” position. Her role is to gather information on enemy forces. She is a monster lurking in the shadows, capable of seeing through all blind spots.

 ”Immediately begin external investigations. Start with the settlement that Babellion has targeted, focusing on secrecy. The scope will extend to the country to which the settlement belongs, but the decision to expand is up to you. Use anyone under your command, whether they are Chloris or Yoruki. Some recklessness is tolerable.”

 Information is a treasure that cannot be compared to gold, silver, or treasure.

 First, let’s find out what kind of world the outside world is. Whether it is a completely unknown different world, or the world of APOCALYPSE SAGA. That information alone is valuable.

 In addition, the combat level of the enemies outside. If they are strong, they have strong tactics, and if they are weak, they have weak tactics.

 Charles wants to complain that this kind of otherworldly transport is not supposed to happen in a remote plain, but if he show any signs of weakness, what will people think of him?

 APOCALYPSE SAGA’s dungeon content does not have a system for subordinates’ rebellion or loyalty. If people install it, they can use it. That’s the world of games.

 Of course, he doesn’t doubt the loyalty of Satsuki and the others. However, the world of games has already become reality. Loyalty is not eternal, as can be seen from world history or Japanese history.

 He also doesn’t to show his pitiful self to his adorable children.

 Still, he has never imagined a setting like teleporting above a settlement and counting down to first contact. So he cannot come up with a well-thought-out plan.

 However, it is important to gather information in any situation. On the contrary, because there is a time limit, it is positive to think that taking forceful measures is allowed. If the enemy hasn’t noticed, it’s important to be cautious, but if first contact is just a matter of time, it doesn’t matter if they are noticed. As long as they don’t engage in hostile actions such as slaughter or plunder, there is room for negotiation regardless of the situation.

 ”I apologize for my impudence.”

 ”Be careful.”

 Shiki’s presence disappears from the ceiling. She is a monster who is good at stealth, and if she really hides, even Charles won’t notice, but now he knows that Shiki is really gone.

 Apart from being transported to another world, this series of events is a situation that did not exist in the game. However, strangely, it seems that Charles has a sense that Shiki is on the ceiling, as if some sensation that didn’t exist in the game is planted in him… While thinking about such things, Charles once again looked at Satsuki.

 ”As for external information gathering, for now, it remains as you have heard. At the same time, we need to confirm if there are any changes within Babellion. It is especially necessary to accurately understand the military situation. In addition to establishing defensive positions in each division, we need to investigate the whereabouts of missing soldiers and check for any missing weapons. Furthermore, we must strictly order the supervisors (Area Bosses) of each floor to investigate and assess any abnormalities.”

 There is no time to take things one step at a time. If a war were to break out, it is urgent to confirm that there are no abnormalities in order to have the option of retreating into the dungeon. If there are any traps or popping monsters, or if any of the supervisors (Area Bosses) of each floor are absent, it would result in drawing the enemy into the dungeon.

 ”Y-yes. What about the non-combatants in each city?”

 ”Well, I suppose we should issue an order for a roll call to each city mayor. Unlike the military, there is no need to rush on this matter. Make sure to prevent the occurrence of confusion to the maximum extent.”

 Babellion is a tower-like dungeon, but it is not simply a dungeon where one continues to climb stairs endlessly. Each level has its own sky, rivers, and various worlds. And due to the compression of space, each floor is much larger than the area that can be calculated from the circumference of the tower.

 This is based on the specifications of the APOCALYPSE SAGA, and each dungeon has a maximum area, so it is up to the player to decide how many floors to build as long as it does not exceed that area. In simpler terms, if the maximum area of the dungeon is determined to be 10,000 square meters (107,639 square feet), the player has the freedom to create 10,000 floors of 1 square meter each, or create one floor of 10,000 square meters.

 The actual limit is broad, and it is not entirely accurate to say this without considering factors such as information capacity, but it is a simplified explanation.

 Babellion consists of one hundred floors, and from the 90th to the 99th floor, there are not only farmers, carpenters, and blacksmiths, but also various residents such as tavern masters, waiters, and housewives living in cities and farms.

 Although only demi-humans and monsters live in Babellion, they have their own lives. They communicate their intentions through language, engage in purchasing activities by paying with currency, give birth to children and continue their lineage with their partners. And the system allows them to use the tax revenue from the citizens they have set up as a civic unit for the operation expenses of the dungeon.

 So, Babellion is a dungeon and a nation. And the lives of all citizens rest on Charles’ shoulders. Therefore, there is one thing that must be done immediately. The outcome of the initial action will determine everything that follows.

 However, it is important not to forget that Charles is not alone. Unlike when it was a game called APOCALYPSE SAGA, he is now able to communicate with his subordinates. In the past, exchanging opinions could only be done between players. That was only natural, and it was fun to interact with other players. But now, Charles has his own subordinates.

 If Satsuki, the Head of the Imperial Guard, is fulfilling her role as a guard, then there are also subordinates who are given the roles of strategists and advisors. If they possess the abilities as described, they might be able to come up with better ideas than Charles, who is just an amateur.

 If it is difficult to make a decision alone, it is good to seek opinions from subordinates. After all, it is not a bad thing to ask for the opinions of subordinates. But if you only listen to the words of your subordinates and follow them, or if you are swayed by multiple opinions and cannot make a decision for a long time, then you are a foolish king. However, it would be a wise king to seek appropriate opinions from subordinates and make a decision based on your own judgment.

 It is not necessary to call all the people in positions. If Charles were to call the Commanders who were just ordered to investigate the soldiers under his command, chaos would ensue on the scene. That is why Charles calls upon the three subordinates he trusts the most.

 ”Gather Chancellor, Minister of the Right, and Minister of the Left in the audience chamber immediately. We will conduct an emergency assessment shortly after.”

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