Apocalypse Saga 23

Chapter 23 Saint And Emperor, Part One

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 A room in the imperial capital Ballistok ‘Imperial Castle’.

 In a room relocated from the darkened throne room, senior officials of the empire were having a heated discussion in a sweltering atmosphere.

 The topic of discussion was, of course, about Babellion, especially the fact that Emperor Fredrin II himself would be visiting Babellion, and what that would mean for the Ravendora Empire to descend upon Babellion.

 His Majesty, what are your intentions to personally go to this so-called Babellion?

 In the midst of the debate, Marquis Riodore, who strongly opposed, raised his voice while gathering white saliva at the corner of his mouth.

 ”That’s right. Wouldn’t it be tantamount to submission?”

 ”It’s not about submission, but about having a conversation.”

 ”So, will His Majesty go to meet with the kings of other countries?”

 ”Well, that’s…”

 ”Your Majesty, I understand that you cherish the Crown Prince and the Princess as a father with children, but Your Majesty is the ruler of this country…”

 ”Watch your tongue!”

 Duke Marshall cut off the words that Marquis Riodore was about to say to King Fredrin II in a harsh tone.

 ”His Majesty’s decision to go to Babellion was not out of concern for the lives of the Crown Prince and the Princess.”

 Marshal Duke asserted this while glancing at Fredrin II’s expression. And as he saw Fredrin II trying to discuss the fate of the country without showing any signs of grief despite having his precious children taken away, he stared even more sharply at Marquis Riodore.

 ”Duke Marshall… what does that mean? I would like you to explain it to me so that I can understand.”

 Even after he retired from the battlefield and became Minister of Defense, Duke Marshall’s spirit still remains undiminished. However, the Marquis Riodore, without flinching, meets his piercing gaze head-on. A man who has long fought with words and pen against other countries as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he is no less than a general on the battlefield.

 ”Riodore, you do not understand because you have not seen it. Barellun, , and others are the same.”

 Some time has passed since Azuriela’s arrival and the dragon’s attack, and those who were not present at the time were now present. The Marquis Riodore was one of them, having left the imperial capital for a falconry trip.

 ”We must not fight them. They don’t belong in that dimension.”

 Marshall asserts strongly, recalling the terrifying sight that even a battle-hardened general who had survived many life-threatening situations was shaken by.

 ”Duke Sandril, as someone who saw this together, you would think so too, wouldn’t you?”

 ”Yeah… but I can’t afford to go down to the military without a fight.”

 ”Duke Sandril, how foolish you are.”

 Duke Marshall is at a loss for words and wonders if he will still choose to fight back after seeing that. He thought that everyone who had experienced that horror had the same opinion. However, Duke Sandril, who was supposed to be there, didn’t not agreed with Duke Marshall. It was the opposite of what he thought.

 The fear of the opposite party still makes Duke Sandril tremble. However, at the same time, there is also pride as a nobleman, and an attachment to his position as a great aristocrat who has served the Empire since the time of the rise of the country, which makes him fearless. He refused to become a vassal state.

 ”You’re the one who’s stupid. How dare the great Ravendora Empire kneel down to some mysterious tower without a fight!!”

 Marquis Granham, who was standing next to Marquis Riodor, raised his voice in hopes of receiving reinforcements.

 ”Granham is right. His Majesty is also His Majesty. He goes to the tower himself and bows his head? Please stop making jokes!!”

 ”Watch your mouth, Riodore!!”

 ”No, let me say it. If you orders me to fight, I will gladly lead the army into battle. But I cannot accept the thought of the Ravendora Empire becoming a vassal without a fight… It would be a disgrace to our ancestors who served the emperors of throughout history.”

 ”You fool, it would be a disgrace to our ancestors to be defeated without a plan!!”

 ”You, who assume that we will be defeated without a fight, should be ashamed!!”

 ”No, you don’t understand because you haven’t seen it. It’s on a different level, where sending a million troops would be pointless. It’s that kind of situation.”

 Duke Marshall knew. They must not engage in battle. No, what awaits is not even a battle, but a one-sided trampling.

 However, those who have not witnessed the scene cannot understand the fear of Duke Marshall.

 ”…Duke Marshall has also grown old.”

 With a mixture of astonishment and ridicule, Marquis Graham said,

 ”Once hailed as a great general, who was said to be a presence in the empire, now he is being consumed by the worms of cowardice in his old age.”

 ”You’ve become quite bold, Granham. You, who only scratches the heads of enemy commanders I have defeated while hiding behind me, now dare to call me a coward?”

 ”I was only cleaning up after Duke Marshall.”

 ”What did you say, you bastard?”

 ”Both of you, restrain yourselves. We are in the presence of His Majesty.”

 Finally, Grand General Brocken, who had maintained silence up until then, stopped Duke Marshall from starting a fight. Grand General Brocken was also one of those who were not present at the moment of the incident. He had been conducting military exercises with his troops on the plains east of the imperial capital, and had rushed back upon receiving the urgent report.

 ”What do you think of it, Count Brocken?”

 Duke Sandril asks Grand General Brocken in order to change the atmosphere that has become too heated. However, Grand General Brocken did not change his expression at all.

 ”I will follow His Majesty. That’s all.”

 But his answer is enough to further escalate the rising tension,

 ”If you have no opinion of your own, there is no point in discussing. Should I ask you to leave?”

 Duke Marshal raises his voice again. Following His Majesty means being on the side of Marshal Duke, but,


 Grand General Brocken turned on his heel and left the conference room without saying anything. Then Duke Marshall barked again.

* * *

 Meanwhile, in the castle’s public bath on the 100th floor.

 ”My Lord (Nushi-sama)? How is the pressure? If there is any discomfort, please let this one know.”

 Charles is enveloped in a new sensation of having his wings washed.

 ”Well… It’s no trouble at all.”

 Charles replied like a lord in a historical drama, as he entrusted himself to Esmeralda’s service.

 Feeling Esmeralda’s fingers moving over his wings, Charles once again realized that his wings were real. Though the wings only had structure and flesh in the upper part, similar to a bird’s, the sensation was more like having one’s hair washed. Just as hair doesn’t have feeling itself but can sense movement, when his wings were washed, it felt as though they were being cleansed.

 Moreover, the wings were being washed with shampoo meant for the hair. The shampoo seemed to be a high-quality product made for delicate things like the fur of beastman or the wings of angels. With just one pump, a pleasant smell filled the air, creating fluffy bubbles while being wrapped in both foam and fragrance.

 ”…To say it’s merely imitation by a maid… I must admit, you’re quite skillful, wouldn’t you agree?”

 ”This one doesn’t allow oneself to wash anyone else’s body other than my lord’s… but it’s an honor to receive your praise.”

 Though he can’t see her face, Charles sense a shy presence from Esmeralda behind him. As she washes his wings, he feels a certain determination. However, Charles finds it amusing that Esmeralda, who acts like a devoted maiden serving her lover, is like this.

 ”Kukuku, I suppose you say the same thing to other men as well. Except for me… I wonder.”

 He teases her slightly. It’s amusing to think about what a seasoned warrior, who has experienced things that surpass even the imagination, is saying.

 ”Oh, are you jealous?”

 Esmeralda laughs heartily at Charles’ words.

 ”Jealousy is an emotion that I am unfamiliar with. I am the ruler who has obtained everything. As proof… there is no one else who can wash my body like this, is there?”

 ”Of course.”

 ”But there is one thing that I’m curious about.”

 It’s a half-joking, half-genuine question.

 ”You say that I am the only one who being served by you in a meaningful way, but isn’t it considered service to serve a man and suck his ‘essence’?”

 The act of burying one’s face in a man’s crotch and indulging in his desires, is it not a one-sided bestowal of pleasure upon the man? It raises such questions about the nature of this service.

 ”You are quite the wicked one. Are you enjoying teasing this one like this?”

 ”Perhaps I am.”

 Esmeralda, looking at Charles through the mirror as he smirks impishly, laughs again. But this time, she quickly stops laughing and seems to smirk with a hint of mischief.

 ”Well… that answer may not be so easily pondered.”

 And with that, Esmeralda’s face draws close to his ear.

 ”This one quite enjoy the taste of a man’s essence. That’s why this one indulge in the act of pleasuring and savoring a manhood.”

 Her breathy, alluring voice sends shivers down the spine, as if feeling the gaze of a predator in the nighttime graveyard. It’s the sensation of a herbivorous animal being targeted by a predator. However, the predator does not leap at its prey immediately. It slowly, steadily advances, only stepping closer to the assured capture distance.

 At the next moment, as Esmeralda’s arms, wet from washing his wings, grasped Charles’s shoulder, he felt himself slowly reclining, as if in a reclining chair. Resting against Esmeralda’s knees as he sat in the chair, he was met by her enchanting and radiant smile, her lips forming a crescent moon.

 Adjusting his position due to discomfort, Charles sat on the floor and locked eyes with Esmeralda. Then, he uttered just one word.


 That’s all he could say.

 It was the first time he had laid eyes on Esmeralda’s nude body. The sensation of her soft thighs was undeniable, but above all, her magnificent bosom, viewed from below, was truly spectacular. There are various terms to describe a bombshell or melons, but those words pale in comparison to Esmeralda’s bosom. It was a sight so breathtaking that no other comparison seemed fitting.

 Esmeralda began to lather shampoo and wash his hair. As Charles felt like he was about to close his eyes due to the exquisite head massage and hair washing, he couldn’t take his eyes off her swaying bosom with each movement of her arms.

* * *

 In the absence of Grand General Brocken, the meeting room fell silent, and the words of Fredrin II, who was observing the proceedings from the head seat, resonated.

 ”Both sides’ perspectives are understandable.”

 Duke Marshall thinks it’s best to try everything to stay alive when faced with strong enemies instead of fighting. And Marquis Riodore believes it’s not okay to let the empire’s 500-year history end without a fight. Fredrin II understands both views.

 And Fredrin II agreed with Duke Marshall’s personal opinion. However, if someone hadn’t seen that moment, they wouldn’t understand how it felt. Even those who saw it still questioned if it truly happened. Those who didn’t witness it couldn’t imagine it at all.

 ”Marquis Riodore, I would like to hear your thoughts.”

 Fredrin II looked at the opposing Marquis Riodore.

 ”Even if we were to escape the threat of Babellion, do you believe that there would still be the same dignity in the Emperor and the nation, having allowed the Crown Prince to be taken by enemy and left to perish without making any effort to reclaim him?”

 ”I don’t understand. However, if Your Majesty were to lower your head, you would leave behind the stigma of being the foolish emperor who sold the country for the sake of Your Majesty’s beloved child.”

 ”But wouldn’t it be better to avoid being attacked and destroyed due to our lack of strategy, and thus avoid the disgrace of foolishness?”

 At that moment, General Astroz interrupted. However, Marquis Riodore stared at General Astroz with a contemptuous expression.

 ”If this empire can be so easily destroyed, that would be the end of it. In that case, there will be no one left to carry on our name, as the entire continent will be trampled upon.”

 He understand Marquis Riodore’s point of view. In fact, from an objective standpoint, it is rather absurd for a long-standing powerful nation to willingly become a vassal state without resistance.

 ”But, Your Majesty, if it is perceived that you abandoned your own child, it is possible that the loyalty of the nobles will be lost.”

 ”Ah, yes. It is not surprising to consider that we ourselves may be abandoned next.”

 It’s like the supporters and opponents are competing to see who will tip the scales first.

 ”…Understood. I won’t give an answer right away. Let’s reconsider once more.”

 However, due to the nature of the matter, it was not possible to ignore opposing views and proceed forcefully… Fredrin II let out a small growl and urged the meeting again.

* * *

 Meanwhile, in the castle’s public of Babellion.

 ”Ahh, it’s irresistible.”

 Charles was soaking in the tub, letting out a deep sigh of admiration. The milky-white water seemed to have some medicinal properties, as just soaking in it made warmth well up from within the body.

 ”It’s heavenly.”

 Esmeralda was beside him, emitting a charming voice, melting into the water just like Charles. Only her large bosoms, overflowing in her palms, asserted their presence.

 Floating in the water, they were tantalizing fruits that occasionally bounced in sync with their owner’s movements. The water being milky-white made it seem like the essential parts were visible yet not, tempting to gaze at. When she noticed, Esmeralda seemed to have joined in as well. She flashed a sly and alluring smile and leaned her weight against Charles’s right arm, between her mounds. The marshmallow-like softness directly transmitted to bare skin.

 ”By the way…”

 For a few minutes, Charles was captivated by the hot water without saying a word. As he gazed at the ceiling, adorned with a beautiful painting, where white steam enveloped the room like clouds, he suddenly came to his senses.

 ”Do you think the emperor will willingly come to the castle?”

 It was a question in response to the outcome of a move made a few hours ago, directed towards Esmeralda, who was sitting to his right. However, the answer to Charles’ question did not come from the right, but from behind.

 ”Allow me to answer that question.”

 A young man, dressed in clothes despite being in the bathhouse, appeared from behind the thick steam, making a steady sound with each step he took on the stone floor.

 ”His Majesty, please forgive the intrusion while bathing.”

 Felshiol, the one speaking, knelt behind Charles. However, as expected, there were those who were not pleased with Felshiol’s appearance.

 ”Felshiol. How dare you step into a girl’s bath?”

 Without a flinch or attempt to hide her body, Esmeralda let out a small gasp and boldly turned around to confront the intruder. Although her milky-white skin didn’t reveal everything, her naked form was directed towards Felshiol. However, Felshiol remained unfazed, without even raising an eyebrow.

 ”It’s quite surprising to find Minister of the Right-dono here.”

 Felshiol said, without stopping at just those words. Then, he continued,

 ”As for me, I have absolutely no interest in Minister of the Right-dono’s naked body, and moreover, I don’t think the Minister of the Right-dono would even blush if someone saw her n*ked body.”

 Felshiol declared with a serious expression. In reality, Esmeralda probably didn’t think much of it. But it seemed that there was a difference between saying it herself and having Felshiol say it to her.

 ”Are you saying I’m a cheap prost***te who shows her n*ked body to anyone?”

 Esmeralda’s gaze felt like it turned blood-red.

 ”I’m not saying that… but you’re not entirely wrong, I guess.”

 ”Oh? You’re such a straight-laced person. Have you fallen from heaven and lost your balls?”

 ”Well, I think it’s just hubris that everyone is fascinated by you.”

 Without flinching, Felshiol and Esmeralda’s gazes met for a few seconds.

 ”My Lord, Felshiol is bullying me.”

 Esmeralda was the first to give in. She dove into Charles’ arms like a girl being bullied, and Charles instinctively embraced her soft body.

 It may not be just playful, but neither of them was really serious in their argument.

 Esmeralda didn’t really care about being barged in on in the bath. Besides, only her cleavage was visible in the milky white water, and even if she had been seen completely naked, it would be like not minding being seen by a one-year-old boy in the women’s bath while with his mother.

 And Felshiol also has no interest in Esmeralda’s naked body. However, it’s a bit scary here, or perhaps Charles is worried that his buttocks are being targeted, but that’s beside the point.

 Therefore, the two of them were just playing with words. So there is no need to blame them, but it would be troublesome if they continued to play around forever.

 ”Felshiol, turn around.”

 In response to Charles’ command, Felshiol turned around without any particular objection. Esmeralda also sensed the serious atmosphere and quickly returned from being a weeping maiden to the Minister of the Right, and once again stood by Charles’ right side.

 And Charles also wrapped his arm around Esmeralda’s waist, sliding it down to her lower breast, playfully jiggling her ample bosom, while saying,

 ”How about it? Do you think the Emperor will become a vassal state?”

 And he asked Felshiol, who was behind him, once again.

 The term “移露(essence)” used here refers to s**en.

 By the way, Esmeralda, in fact, is a great wh**e who has seduced hundreds of men in two senses. Well, given Esmeralda’s character, is it really feasible for her to be a pure maiden? I can’t help but think it’s a bit of a stretch. I won’t go into detail, but considering her character, it wouldn’t be surprising if she were to engage in a massive o*gy with a hundred male prost***tes to release her lingering excitement. I hope you can understand Esmeralda’s character in light of these aspects.

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