Apocalypse Saga 27

Chapter 27 The Insult Of The Defeated, Part One※

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 In the morning, Charles regains his consciousness along with his field of vision.

 ”Good morning, my Lord.”

 Satsuki’s voice sounded, and Charles lifted his long bangs that obstructed his field of vision with a big yawn.

 ”…What time is it now?”

 ”It is eleven in the morning.”

 He moistened his dry throat with the water in the glass handed to him.

 ”I slept more than I thought…”

 Satsuki was already wearing her special clothes called a hakama. She also had a Tachi (long sword) by her waist, looking very important. She didn’t seem as intense as she was when he hugged her tightly last night. It almost felt like it might have been a dream, but it probably wasn’t.

 ”Chancellor-dono is seeking an audience. How would you like to proceed?”

 And Charles looked up from his glass at the words uttered by Satsuki.

 ”…Is he here?”

 ”Yes, he is waiting outside the room.”

 ”Let him in.”

 Satsuki walked briskly towards the bedroom door and opened it. And there, as if waiting, Felshiol appeared with a calm expression.

 ”What is it? Has there been any movement in the Empire?”

 When it comes to Felshiol’s business, the first thing that comes to mind is the Empire. After a night has passed, whether it be submission or resistance, Charles’ question was whether the answer had finally been found. However, Felshiol shook his head slightly with a slightly exasperated expression.

 ”No, today’s meeting remains at a standstill as usual.”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Yes. Not only that, but influential nobles who have not seen the ‘Dragon Army’ have started arriving in the imperial capital after rescheduling, and the momentum of the opposition seems to be increasing.”

 ”…We can’t leave as it is.”

 ”Yes, absolutely.”

 From Felshiol’s behavior, it seems that he is also a little tired. He does not panic in order to remain calm, but he’s getting a little frustrated with how relaxed the Empire is acting.

 The Emperor is the highest authority in the country, but not an absolute ruler. Even the Emperor has nobles with significant power that cannot be ignored, and if he tries to force something by restraining them, it will lead to internal strife. Moreover, if there’s a chance of the country becoming a vassal state by another one, things get even more difficult.

 ”I won’t say to leave it alone, but it’s probably fine to observe for now. However, if it drags on too long, make sure to kill and expose the key nobles of the opposition as our doing.”

 ”Understood. I will prepare a list.”


 Charles nods gracefully.

 However, killing the opposition is a last resort. If it is perceived as a purge by the Emperor, it could lead to civil war, so a significant action that can be attributed to Babellion is necessary.

 There is also the possibility that fear could turn into resistance. It is not surprising that those who easily follow someone who kills the opposition might start wondering when they might follow the same path, so a careful plan is needed to change fear into complete obedience.

 Charles, who was lost in thought, thinks to himself, “I never intended to start off by holding hands and getting along. There is no way I can handle it with empty hands.”

 But he quickly interrupts his train of thought, realizing that he shouldn’t overthink things.

 ”So, what is it if it’s not about the empire?”

 Felshiol nods slightly as he brings the conversation back to the initial topic.

 ”Yes, actually it’s about the level of the enemy that was mentioned before the occupation of the old capital.”

 ”Was there a mistake?”

 ”No, we have captured some soldiers as prisoners and we plan to hold a spectacle using them. We would be honored if Your Majesty could attend.”

 Felshiol’s request was different from what Charles had imagined, and it was completely unexpected.


 ”Yes. After lunch, we will have a gladiator-style combat using the prisoners at the 98th floor arena. Sarikir-dono is the organizer.”

 ”Is it Sarikir?”

 And once again, an unexpected name came up, and Charles echoed the name like a parrot.

 Speaking of Sarikir, he is the commander of the special army “Skull Army (Screamer)” and one of the Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower. His role is not that involves hosting events… Charles thought about it, and then remembered that he had once thought of the name Sarikir.

 It was after the occupation of the old capital. When discussing the experiment of turning the corpses of the enemy soldiers they killed into Undead Soldiers, Felshiol mentioned Sarikir as someone who possesses the skill to create Undead Soldiers… or so Charles felt.

 In that case, Charles thought that Sarikir must be the organizer, and this event happening in the arena would reveal the Undead Soldiers he had made, who would battle against prisoners.

 ”Understood. I was also interested in the actual battles of the natives of this world.”

 ”Then I will make the necessary adjustments.”

 ”May it be done for the best.”

 Felshiol bowed and left. And Charles’s heart fluttered with anticipation and interest in the battles of the unseen locals.

* * *

 It was a few hours before Charles woke up.

 The sound of flesh pounding against flesh echoed in the dim dungeon. No, it was more like a squishy sound, as the sticky white fluid left trails whenever the flesh collided.

 ”Ah, I can’t stand it… I’m going to… climax…”

 As the monster looked up at the ceiling of the dungeon, he trembled. The monster with a large hooked nose continued to stroke his flesh rod in the fleshy orifice, his poisonous purple skin trembling.

 ”Mmm… Huff…”

 Inside the dungeon, a girl lay face down on the floor. The chain of her collar stretched up to the ceiling, but it seemed more like a loose connection than a restraint. The girl, who had no remaining will to escape, simply stuck out her buttocks, enduring the desires of the three monsters that gathered around her.

 On the black stone floor, a murky white pool spread out, revealing the extent of the humiliation that had taken place.

 ”If you’re done, get out of here already.”

 As the grotesque flesh rod was pulled out, a crude sound filled the air as yellowed s*men overflowed from the woman’s orifice. But in the next moment, her ankle was grabbed, and her buttocks were forcefully turned, as another fleshy plug was twisted in.

 ”Watch closely, Graffiacarne. This is how I f*ck women.”

 ”Mmm… Ah… Ahh…”

 With a slightly reddish tinge on his dark skin, the grotesque monster forcefully thrust his hips, creating a loud slapping sound against the buttocks. The flesh on her grabbed waist was pierced by the creature’s claws, oozing blood, and her faint moans were filled with agony.

 ”Making noise isn’t enough, you know.”

 Graffiacarne, the grotesque monster sitting cross-legged on the floor of the prison, shrugged his shoulders while stroking his glans with the girl’s hair.

 ”I feel the same way. Chiriat is always so rough. You do all sorts of crazy things, like turning the womb inside out or dislocating the jaw.”

 And Chiriat, irritated by another monster, showed a tense blue muscle throbbing on his temple.

 ”But look.”

 While inserting his c*ck into her, he grabbed her hair and turned her face towards the two of them.

 ”Look at what?”

 ”What are you talking about?”

 ”Huh? She’s sticking her tongue out like she’s happy, isn’t she?”

 ”That’s just how she is.”

 ”Damn it, you guys are so annoying, damn it!”

 Chiliat gave in to its anger and began to shake his hips. Every time he thrust his hips, he grabbed the girl’s hips from behind and pulled the girl’s buttocks against him, giving her a ferocious thrust. Chiriat begins to trample the girl’s innermost part with his c*ck at high speed.

 ”…You bastard… So this is where you were after all.”

 ”Oh, Scarmilione (the intelligent goblin), you were fighting with Esmeralda-sama and almost got killed, right?”

 ”Azuriela-sama ordered me to protect her toys.”

 With a sigh, a new fourth monster being appeared there.

 ”So? While I’m wandering between life and death, You bastards are having fun squirting s*men on her?”

 ”No, this is work.”

 Chiriat points to the back of the room with his thumb. Scarmilione twisted his wicked face with delight as he saw the scene ahead.

 ”Oh… in that case, I’ll cooperate too.”

 ”Then as a celebration, I’ll open her p**sy for you. Here.”

 Chiriat’s meat rod, covered in foaming milky-white liquid, is pulled out. The girl’s opened flesh hole tightens and white liquid begins to overflow from within.

 ”Well then, don’t hold back.”


 And immediately, Scarmilione’s meat rod is inserted.

 ”Being gang-raped and still so tight, huh?”

 ”That’s right. What a good p**sy. Truly befitting of a knight… I would say, but she has already fallen, hasn’t she? The best part of being a knight is corrupting them, right?”

 ”You bastard finished while you were slacking off.”

 Scarmilione grabs the girl’s waist and repeatedly violates her deepest parts with his meat rod. The v**inal hole, which has endured countless lustful desires of males, easily swallows the new meat rod and responds with a lewd squelching sound.

 ”Hey, girl, your mouth is stopped.”

 ”Mmm… oh, ah, mm, gulp.”

 ”Hey, Graffiacarne. You bastard complained, but you’re not holding back either, huh?”

 Her hair is grabbed and her head is lifted, and the meat rod of the monster called Graffiacarne is forcibly twisted into the girl’s dry lips. And just like that, Graffiacarne begins to violate the girl’s throat with its grotesque meat rod.

 ”Throatjob is the best.”

 ”No, deep-throating the back of the cheeks is the best.”

 ”No, using the throat like a p**sy is better… come on, swallow it properly.”

 Graffiacarne forcefully inserts the meat rod all the way into the girl’s throat while holding her head with both hands. Immediately, a large amount of s*men is eja**ated from the tip of the forcibly twisted glans into her throat. However, being forcefully eja**ated in the throat is not the first time for the girl.

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 To prevent choking, the girl’s body has learned a technique to swallow the eja**ated s*men every time his urethra contracts. But even so, she coughs and it flows back through her nose, almost drowning her.

 ”Phew, it’s out.”

 With a squelching sound, the reddish-black meat rod that was violating her throat is pulled out, but the girl already understands that it is not a sign of the end.

 ”Here, clean mine too.”

 While the girl is drowning in s*men, Scarmilione’s meat rod, which had already eja**ated inside her v**ina, slaps her cheek. At that moment, the girl instinctively takes the ugly meat rod, oozing with a foul odor, into her mouth. At first, she resisted, but she no longer had any emotions. She reflexively licks the offered meat rod, a skill she has acquired.

 ”Hey, mine is the best, right? Huh?”

 The girl’s v**inal hole, which was left vacant, is violated by Chiriat’s meat rod without even five seconds passing. It is a meat rod with an exceptionally large glans among the monsters the girl has encountered before, and each thrust feels like her internal organs are being dragged out with a shovel.

 ”Your attitude and p**sy were so stubborn, but now you’ve become completely obedient.”

 ”Look, even your asshole is wide open. I can see all the way inside… let’s see.”

 Chiriat spreads the hole left and right with its index fingers of both hands. It is no longer an excretion hole, but a hole for receiving the excretion of the male.

 ”You’ve only been eating our c*m and your shit is white, huh?”

 ”Something’s inside. It’s white, but is it shit?”

 ”Did Kanyattso just come and kick her in the butt earlier?”

 ”I feel sick!?”

 The monsters peep into the girl’s asshole, making a commotion.

 ”I got a boner again just by watching you guys. Flip her over a bit.”

 ”Hey, Kanyattso, you can use it too.”

 Kanyattso, who was resting against the wall, straddles the girl’s body, which has been turned face up as if handling an object. Then, he grabs her soft breasts with both hands, sandwiching the meat rod between them and starts thrusting his hips. There is no need for lubrication in the girl’s body, which is lying on the floor covered in milky-white liquid.

 ”Ah, these breasts.”

 While stroking the meat rod with the girl’s breasts, Kanyattso sticks out his tongue, seeming to enjoy himself. His face, deformed like a dog, becomes even more grotesque.

 ”Hey, isn’t it a bit small for a titfuck?”

 Chiriat, who was violating her throat from above her head, turns around and asks. But Kanyattso, with a satisfied look, pants like a dog, saying,

 ”It’s better to use the breasts to squeeze it.”

 ”Well, okay then. Just let me know when you’re about to c*m, okay? Otherwise, your juice will splash all over my back──”

 ”Ah… I’m c*mming!”

 Before Chiriat finishes speaking, Kanyattso howls towards the sky. Immediately, s*men sprays forcefully from the meat rod growing from the girl’s cleavage and hits Chiriat on his back, just as he said.

 ”Ugh, it’s so dirty! I’ll kill you, Kanyattso!”

 ”Shorry, shorry.”

 ”Gyahaha, Kanyattso is c*mming in your back, which make my stomach hurts.”

 Chiriat is furious as he skewers the girl’s throat. And Scarmilione is holding his stomach and laughing.

 ”Seriously, isn’t it dangerous to rub three times with her breasts?”

 ”Shut up, my c*ck is a super rapid-fire type… Look, here comes another one!!”

 ”Hey idiot, wait!”

 The floor of the cell was already a pool of s*men, and as the girl, covered in s*men, was being r*ped, it was unavoidable for the s*men to get on her body. So, strictly speaking, it might be too late, but the reluctant Chiriat, who didn’t want to be directly hit, jumped back from the anticipated impact point of Kanyattso’s manhood.

 But before Kanyattso eja**ated, he slowly stood up and, while rubbing his manhood, walked slowly towards the back of the room──

 ”Here’s your treat, a treat. Can’t leave anyone out, can we?”


 A substantial amount, as if he hadn’t eja**ated ten seconds ago, surged up again and spewed fire from the tip. The thick, milky fluid that flew out like a whirlwind landed on the dignified face of the crucified princess Lucia, who was sitting against the wall in the room.

 ”Here, lick the face of your beloved princess and clean it.”

 Upon witnessing Kanyazzo eja***ing on Lucia, Scarmilione pulls the girl’s hair and leads her deeper into the dungeon. He then rolls the girl in front of Lucia and grabs her buttocks from behind.


 The buttocks are carelessly spread open, revealing two holes dripping with milky fluid. Scarmilione playfully taps the two openings with his er*ct member, but regardless of which one he chooses, both holes have experienced countless climaxes.

 ”Perhaps this time, I’ll go for the anus.”

 The monster inserts his flesh umbrella into the girl’s anus and starts thrusting his hips again. With rough movements, he stirs the buttocks with his swollen member, causing the girl to arch her back and stick out her tongue.

 ”Nhiii, nnhhh…”


 Scarmilione holds Elaine, Lucia’s loyal knight, who is being r*ped on both knees. The view of Lucia includes Elaine’s v**inal hole, which continues to secrete s*men, and the anus, which has been impaled by the er*ct member.

 ”Your Highness… everyone… is… fine.”

 Elaine spoke for the first time, her voice small and hoarse. Scarmilione’s breath became heavy as he responded,

 ”I, gwoblin, knight, rwape, rape.”

 With a loud thumping sound, Scarmilione’s member began to violate Elaine’s anus. With each thrust of his hips, his large testicles slapped against her buttocks like a hammer hitting a nail.

 ”Ooh, ooh, it’s uot, ooh.”

 ”What the hell are you doing? Hurry up and get it out!”

 ”Just wait a moment… ah, I’m coming!”

 Spurtt! Scarmilione’s testicles tightened, and as his member penetrated Elaine’s anus, it trembled. In sync with the contraction of his testicles, he eja**ated deep inside her.

 ”There, that’s good.”

 As his member was pulled out with a squelching sound, Elaine fell to the ground as if she had served her purpose. Chiriat, who had been waiting his turn while fondling Elaine’s bouncing breasts, grabbed her buttocks and positioned his member, ready to continue where Scarmilione left off──

 ”Why is there no one to greet meee!!”

 The voice echoed throughout the prison, shaking the ceiling, floor, walls, and even the entire space. It was a furious cry that made me jump.

 From there, everything unfolded rapidly.

 ”Oh no, it’s Azuriela-sama.”

 ”And she seems really angry! What happened!?”

 ”I have no idea, but we have to go quickly.”

 The monsters that had just been happily r*ping Elaine moments ago seemed to have vanished into thin air. Pale-faced and panicked, they grabbed onto the clothes in the corner of the prison.

 ”Wait, this isn’t my spear.”

 ”You can worry about that later. We need to go before we get killed!”

 ”Hey, we forgot to lock the door!”

 ”Oh no, oh no!”

 And so, leaving Elaine and Lucia behind, they hurriedly rolled out of the prison.

 And inside the now quiet cell.

 ”…Elaine…I’m sorry.”

 Lucia bowed deeply to Elaine, who was lying on the ground like a rag.

 ”…I don’t care anymore, go away.”

 Elaine wished many times to just break down, or even better, to disappear. But she couldn’t even lose consciousness due to the effects of the room. All she could do was pray to God, trying not to be conscious and hoping that the nightmare would end as soon as possible.

 ”…However …I, who have been tainted… can no longer… become a bride. Veig-sama… someone like me…”

 Those were unconscious words. A faint expression of resentment towards Lucia, who had a pure body unlike her own, even though she was covered in s*men.

 Elaine embraced her own body, the body she had pledged to only show to her fiancé, but had been violated by the monsters.

 ”…I’m sorry… I’m truly sorry…”

 Elaine wanted to rush over and embrace Lucia, but she couldn’t. She could only apologize to Elaine while her eyes blinked, unable to wipe away the s*men that had been splattered on her face.

 However, Elaine’s suffering did not end there.

 ”The break is over.”

 The sound of the iron bars opening again, and the grotesque monster known as Kanyattso returns. It seemed as if his right eye was even more sunken, but Kanyattso grabbed the chain connected to Elaine’s collar and pulled it with all his might.

 ”Get up now.”


 Elaine, unable to bear the pain of her throat being compressed, rose her body that had been submerged in the milky pool. Then, the milky liquid covering her body slowly dripped down in accordance with gravity.

 ”Where do you think you’re going this time?!”

 As Elaine, staggering, was led away like livestock with her collar, Lucia shouted a question at Kanyattso, who was holding the chain. She didn’t expect any answer. But Kanyattso flapped the bat-like wings on his back a few times, then slowly turned to face Lucia.

 He then aggressively grabbed Elaine’s chest, almost tearing it apart, while showing it off to Lucia.

 ”This guy was given a chance to come home alive.”

 The moment he said this, Lucia saw a faint light shine in Elaine’s eyes. Despite the impossible situation, the unforgiving environment, and the fact that the monster couldn’t possibly be telling the truth… she clung onto the faint glimmer of hope. She could see that Elaine was desperately holding onto the thread hanging from the heavens, not knowing if she could climb it.

 ”Wait, I will be the one to take on this trial!”

 Lucia’s words filled Elaine’s eyes with a sense of murderous intent. She saw Elaine’s lips tremble, as if questioning why she was trying to escape when nothing had been done to her. But Lucia was not a coward.

 ”Elaine is a wreck. She can’t even stand straight, let alone overcome any trials. That’s why I will take on this trial in her place. If I can overcome it, please let Elaine go.”

 Lucia pleaded. It was the least she could do to atone. Perhaps this was her way of repenting for the sins she had committed against her childhood subordinate, best friend, and sister-like companion, who had likely endured the desires and corruption of the monster in her place.

 ”Wait a moment.”

 Upon hearing Lucia’s words, the mysterious monster, Kanyattso, seemed to ponder for a moment. However, it appeared that he couldn’t simply disregard the decision on his own and decided to reattach Elaine’s chains to the cell before swiftly running off towards the corridor.

 ”…Your Highness.”

 Inside the empty cell after Kanyattso’s departure, Elaine, who had long since dried her tears, sat down and let them flow again.

 And after a few minutes,

 ”Permission granted.”

 Seeing Kanyattso return and utter those words, Lucia tightly pursed her lips, trembling with fear at the imminent trial that awaited her, but managed to put on a smile.

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