Apocalypse Saga 44

Chapter 44 After The Audience

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 During the audience that had finally ended, Charles sat on the throne, eyes closed as he looked up at the ceiling. Leaning back against the chair, resting his weight on the back, hands on the armrests, legs crossed… At first, it seemed like he was acting, but now it seems that he naturally behaves like Charles.

 After the audience ended, until receiving the report that the feudal prince Babellion had left, Charles kept his eyes closed in the same posture. Therefore, the audience room was dominated by a silence so deep it made one’s ears ring. The well-disciplined subordinates stood up, like loyal hounds, waiting incessantly for Charles’s words, even if it seemed like a meaningless passage of time had passed.

 However, the reason why Charles continued to remain silent was not because he wanted to make a speech like “It took you guys hours to start talking” just like the Vice Principal hinted at school.

 He is just feeling drained, or rather, feeling exhausted as if all the fatigue had caught up to him here… Reflecting on the fact that he finally saw a certain end to the tumultuous days since being transported to this different world.

 Having been transported with dependable and beloved subordinates, and being protected by the Saint Tower Babellion where his own blood, sweat, and tears had soaked into, he did not feel any fear despite feeling a bit lost. However, not knowing what would happen next in a different world transport, there was a part of him that was still tense and fighting against anxiety.

 It’s not quite time to relax yet. But He doesn’t think there’s any harm in feeling happy that a temporary peace has settled in. After all, he’s both Charles and Haruto. Even though he’s gradually adapting, he still hasn’t completely shed his old self when he was just an ordinary citizen.

 He still doesn’t know where Babellion is heading. Will they continue living peacefully, or are the sounds of military boots getting closer without him knowing?

 But before all that, he wants to savor this joy. There’s also the reward of Lucia’s return that he has been waiting for.

 In his heart, he wants to take her to his bedroom right away and experience the thrill of being with a princess knight. But if he moves too quickly, it might seem awkward, like he’s too eager, and that wouldn’t be cool.

 So, he decided to let Lucia rest for a few days. During that time, Lucia would probably ponder various thoughts in her own heart. He doesn’t know how she’ll mature, but that’s also part of the fun.

 Anyway, putting that aside.

 As soon as Charles opened his eyes, he sensed a change in the atmosphere of his subordinates lined up below. It was like the curtains of a theater opening, signaling the start of the show.

 Although everyone had been focused on him all along, Charles was sure that his subordinates had noticed him opening his eyes. It was as if they were all staring intently, determined not to miss a single move of Charles, which made even scratching an itch feel a bit embarrassing.

 Charles, with a smirk as if to say “Well spotted,” crossed his legs and said,

 ”I’m pleased to be able to see everyone’s faces like this.”

 And, looking down at his subordinates, he spoke his first words. It was the first time he had spoken in front of so many subordinates. Considering that there weren’t even ten people in front of Charles when he sat on the throne before, what he was doing now could be considered a completely different experience.

 Back then, it was right after the transport, and he was nervous because it was his first time meeting his subordinates. But now, he wasn’t nervous at all. That’s probably because both mentally and physically, Haruto had become Charles compared to right after the transfer.

 ”As you all know, about a month ago from today, our Saint Tower Babellion faced an unprecedented situation.”

 Charles spoke his words as if singing them. What came to mind was the scene right after the transfer. Waking up to Reshia and Seshia’s double bl**job… no, that’s not it. It was when he was told about encountering the enemy forces without knowing what was going on.

 ”But we overcame the disaster of being transported to a different world, which even I couldn’t have imagined. I believe it’s simply thanks to… the dedication of all of you, my subordinates.”

 This is the truth. It wouldn’t have been possible with just Charles alone. Indeed, the power Charles possesses is overwhelming in this world. But if asked whether he could have smoothly and quickly taken control of the feudal prince country, the answer would be no.

 ”Therefore, I find that reassuring. And I’m proud of it. But…”

 And, after a few seconds,

 ”Maybe I overdid it with the spice a bit. Did you see that knight? He was trembling like a wet puppy.”

 Charles joked, and the audience in the audience chamber burst into laughter. It’s a story about how jokes are received seriously, but still, seeing his subordinates handle it so well, Charles couldn’t help but crack a smile.

 ”Putting jokes aside. Everyone, it was for a just cause.”


 The responses of the subordinates echoed up to the high ceiling of the audience chamber. Seeing that, Charles nodded again, looking satisfied.

 He doesn’t know what kind of hardships lie ahead from here. This isn’t the end of everything, and it’s not like he expect peace to last forever. But with his subordinates here, it felt like he could overcome any challenge, just by the sight of them.

 After taking another breath, Charles exhaled softly, as if changing the scene of the performance.



 When called, Felshiol, about to kneel, was stopped with a hand by Charles, who continued speaking.

 ”You mentioned there’s a tribute?”

 ”Yes. The list is here.”

 Felshiol nodded, and a soldier from the Imperial Army standing by the wall handed the list to Felshiol. Then Felshiol walked up to the throne, and the tribute was respectfully handed over by Felshiol’s hand.

 Charles still didn’t know much about the world outside Babellion. He wanted to see it, but his position got in the way. So when it came to the tribute from this world, he couldn’t help but wonder what kind of culture it represented.

 ”This is quite a list…”

 Opening the thick rolled-up paper, he found a long list of tribute items inside.

 The texture of the paper felt like parchment. In Babellion, they only used ordinary paper like in the original world, so even just one sheet of paper was intriguing.

 And although the writing wasn’t in Japanese, for some reason, he could understand what it said. Knowing he could understand Lucia’s words meant he could converse, but being able to read the text was a whole different level of strange for a different world.

 However, Charles didn’t just want to know what they received, he wanted to see the actual items. It wasn’t about getting pottery, but rather seeing what kind of pottery it was, something he couldn’t tell from the list.

 ”I’m interested in the products of this world. I’d like to see the real thing.”


 Upon Charles’s order, Felshiol promptly began arranging the presentation items… But it was just a moment from the instruction to the presentation items being brought into the throne room. It was as if they had been prepared in anticipation of Charles’s thoughts from the beginning.

 From the platform with the throne, watching the Imperial Army soldiers bringing in the presentation items seemed like watching ants. Well, the throne wasn’t so high that the Imperial Army soldiers looked like ants, but the way they diligently arranged the presented items gave a sense of superiority.

 Many of these presentation items were packed in wooden boxes. Large wooden boxes were opened and laid out on the floor, while smaller boxes containing what seemed to be decorations were brought to the table and arranged on top. In no time, the center of the audience chamber transformed into a marketplace stall.

 And finally, the Imperial Army soldiers pulled ropes and brought sl*ves. According to the inventory, there were ten men and ten women sl*ves from Sarodgil. The sl*ves all had slightly colored skin and reddish-brown hair, and their facial features seemed a bit different from Lucia and Alfred. They were probably sl*ves from the country or region of Sarodgil.

 They didn’t seem particularly scared or reluctant, just lined up expressionlessly and tied with ropes. Whether they were born into sl*very or captured is uncertain, but they seem to understand their position as professional sl*ves now.

 After the Imperial Army soldiers finished arranging all the presentation items, Charles slowly stood up from his throne. Immediately after, there was a commotion in the audience chamber. It wasn’t a loud noise but rather a strange atmosphere that conveyed a sense of astonishment and panic from everyone’s hearts.

 But Charles continued to step down from the stage and walked towards the offerings with his own feet, paying no mind to the thoughts of those under him blowing in the wind.

 Charles just wanted to get a closer look at the tributes. However, from the perspective of his subordinates, they never expected Charles to stand up from his throne and come all the way to them. In response, they hurriedly stood up straight towards Charles instead of the throne, seeming a bit flustered about whether that was appropriate.

 So, Charles simply raised a hand lightly to signal it was fine, then turned his attention back to the tributes.

 Needless to say, the products of this different world were quite different from what Charles was familiar with, and it was truly intriguing. Whether it was the style of this world or the culture of Ravendora, Charles couldn’t tell, but the patterns painted on the pottery and cloth were unique in atmosphere. And as offerings, the items were all exquisitely crafted to the point where one could tell they were the work of a master, even without knowing the names.

 As he picked up and examined several offerings, he felt a strange sensation that they were all his own, although it looked like he was inspecting goods at a stall.

 Charles, who had just put down the goldwork with a butterfly design he had been holding, turned his gaze towards his subordinates and began speaking again.

 ”Because the battlefield was limited this time, there were few opportunities for achievements. Some may feel dissatisfied about that.”

 It’s unknown if anyone is actually dissatisfied, but actually, only a handful of his subordinates had the chance to shine… Most either ended with just preparation or didn’t even have the opportunity to prepare.

 If they can consider themselves lucky for not having to do anything, that’s fine. But there are probably few who can actually think that way.

 ”But the real busy time is yet to come. Investigating and maintaining the ceded territory, governing the feudal prince’s country… and there may be those who see us as enemies in the future as well. There might even be battles depending on the situation.”

 From here on out, it will be a battle of numbers. Dispersing Babellion’s personnel over a wide area is not preferable, but he wants to avoid being at a disadvantage in case of any trouble, either from enemy countries or internal unrest.

 ”However, among you, there is someone who should be awarded the Medal of Honor. That person and their unit, in the chaos right after the transport and in the first battle of the unknown world, answered my call splendidly.”

 Charles, standing among his subordinates lined up to his left and right, turned his gaze towards a beautiful woman with tanned skin,

 ”Commander of the First Army, Raffanie.”


 As Raffanie was called out, she stumbled forward from the line and kneeled down. Charles walked towards Raffanie and made her raise her face to meet his gaze.

 ”Thinking back, it was the first time we met after the transport. It’s the same for other Army Commanders besides Goldgang… You’d be nervous in front of me. It might be easier if we didn’t meet.”

 Raffanie’s deeply carved exotic features were tense and bewildered. So, to ease the tension, Charles sprinkled in a light joke.

 ”It’s not like that. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time.”

 ”I see. Thank you for saying that.”

 Charles said, raising his voice and laughing. Raffanie, who looked like a new recruit facing the enemy for the first time, seemed to relax a little, and a slight smile appeared on her beautiful face.

 Seeing that, Charles returned to a serious expression and said,

 ”Commander of the First Army, Raffanie.”

 He calls her name again to reset the atmosphere.

 ”The swift occupation of the old capital, Lemar, was truly a righteous act. I believe that this victory was made possible by the efforts of the First Army.

 He believes in the principle of rewarding achievements and punishing failures. He does not take it for granted that his subordinates will always do their best, it is one of the pillars that Charles, as the ruler, intends to cherish. If his subordinates show results, he will treat them with gratitude. It does not necessarily have to be a material reward, but simply expressing gratitude is enough.

 However, it may be desirable to do so while looking down from the throne. He might receive complaints from Felshiol later on. But today, he will not allow any complaints as rgwt face each other closely to commend their achievements. It is because Charles convinced that he wants to do so and that it should be done.

 ”I will give you this brooch as a reward.”

 And what Charles pulled out from his pocket was a cameo brooch. On its surface was a pure white goddess, the huntress with a bow unearthed. The edges were adorned with gems, not to diminish the refined beauty of the cameo but to enhance it, making it a gem of exquisite craftsmanship.

 ”It is a first-class magic item, but this gem will surely look great on your lustrous skin.”

 This is not a tribute from the feudal prince country, it is an item from APOCALYPSE SAGA.

 ”Let me put it on for you.”

 As Charles reached out his hand, even Raffanie, who usually kept her composure, reached her limit.

 ”I-I can’t allow such a disrespectful thing.”

 She waved her hands frantically in resistance. However, when Charles lifted his sharp gaze and stared straight into her eyes, she couldn’t help but notice how long his eyelashes were.

 ”Are you telling me to take back the hand I reached out to you? Hesitation can sometimes earn my displeasure.”

 He expressed his intention in a somewhat forced manner. Naturally, once it’s said to that extent, Raffanie couldn’t utter words of refusal anymore.

 ”It really suits you.”

 Taking Raffanie’s hand, Charles stood her up and fastened a brooch on her chest with his own hand.

 ”Raffanie, and all the soldiers of the First Army. It was for a great cause.”

 ”Thank you very much. This Raffanie swears further loyalty and service.”

 Raffanie, trembling all over like a wet dog or cat, once again knelt deeply, bowing deeply. Looking down at the kneeling Raffanie, one could almost feel their gaze being sucked into the deep valley-like cleavage typical of a dark elf.

 However, even though the atmosphere was somewhat relaxed, what would others think if Charles were to stare at the cleavage in front of his subordinates in a rewarding setting and get aroused… He doesn’t even want to think about it. So, somehow managing to control his desire, he patted her shoulder and said, “Stay strong.”

 Suddenly, he felt a strange gaze on him.

 ”…Huh? Goldgang. You’ve got quite the greedy look in your eyes. Do you want something too?”

 It was a giant man sitting to the right of Raffanie who was giving him the look.

 ”W-well, it’s not like that… But if I could have it, I’d be happy… Ah, no, I’m not begging for it or anything.”

 Goldgang shook his head vigorously to show he wasn’t interested, but what overlapped with the menacing expression on his face from a few seconds ago was Haruto’s face, who could only watch his friends play games from the sidelines.

 ”…He’s an unavoidable guy.”

 Haruto didn’t grow up in a wealthy family. It wasn’t poverty at the level of being hungry every day, but he didn’t have access to entertainment like game consoles or vacations. So, when it came to games as a kid, it was either borrowing them from friends or watching from the sidelines… And even now, Charles couldn’t help feeling envious when he saw others enjoying things he couldn’t have.

 But if he does something equivalent to Raffanie, Goldgang will stand out.

 After thinking for a few seconds, Charles immediately came up with a great idea. There must be something in this place that is worth less than what Raffanie has and is not too shoddy. That would be the tribute items.

 Tribute items are certainly interesting in terms of knowing the culture, but in reality, they are useless items. The masterpieces from another world are inferior to what Charles usually uses in Babellion. Not to mention treasures like gold and silver.

 Turning away from Goldgang, Charles looked at the tribute items arranged in front of him one by one.

 ”How about this flower necklace?”

 What Charles chose was obviously a necklace with a floral design that seemed to be for women.

 ”A flower necklace!?”

 ”Yes. Try putting it on.”

 And then, Charles put a necklace around Goldgang’s neck, surprising him. The necklace was a bit big, but on Goldgang’s thick neck, it looked more like a collar.

 ”Kukuku… It suits you well. It even makes your fierce appearance a bit cuter.”

 Charles chuckled at the absurdity of it. And when he looked, even Raffanie beside him was turning away, trying hard to stifle his laughter.

 Meanwhile, Goldgang, who had become something of a clown, was in a daze, rolling the pendant of the necklace with his fingertips.

 ”What’s wrong, don’t you like it?”

 ”No, I love it! I’ll never take it off again!!”

 In response to Charles’s question, Goldgang shook his head enthusiastically. He seemed to like it more than expected, and the happy expression on his face as he played with the necklace made him look like a maiden in love. It was meant as a joke, but Charles was the one who ended up surprised by the unexpected result.

 But this is not the end of it. When the tribute was presented to Goldgang, several intense gazes suddenly gathered all at once.

 ”If I give it to him, I’ll have to give it to others too.”

 Charles said, reflecting a girl standing next to Goldgang in his eyes.

 ”Commander of the Third Army, Batcherises.”


 The petite girl nodded happily. She may look like a baby compared to the big man who looked pleased to receive a necklace, but she is one of those who claim to be a Army Commander like Raffanie and Goldgang.

 ”As for you… right. Let’s give this tea set. You used to like black tea, didn’t you?”

 ”*nods and smiles*”

 ”You seem to like it.”

 Watching Batcherises nod like a broken doll, Charles nods with satisfaction. It is said that she has a hobby of lining up stuffed animals for a tea party. She will probably use the tea set for that.

 If he continues with Raffanie, Goldgang, Batcherises… the last one will be one of the four Major Army commanders.

 ”Next up is the Commander of the Fourth Army, Papeltico.”

 ”Yes, yes, yes!”

 When Papeltico was called, he eagerly jumped up and down. His face, always adorned with a mask-like inanimate smile, showed no emotion at all. However, it was clear that this attitude was not something he faked.

 ”You’re quite energetic, aren’t you?”

 ”Well, Your Majesty made me this way!”

 Papeltico proudly placed his hand on his hip. Exaggerated reactions were a part of Papeltico’s personality with every word he spoke.

 Dressed in a white formal uniform, the grotesque shadow figure resembled more of a demon or yokai than a clown, causing fear and disgust in some who laid eyes upon him.

 Charles would probably wet himself if he encountered Papeltico on a night road without knowing anything… but it’s strange how even such a creepy and monstrous being created by him can look so cute.

 ”…I realize I’ve never asked about your favorite things.”

 ”Aww, that’s mean.”

 Holding his jaw with his hand, Charles pondered while facing the offering.

 ”But I do know you have a short attention span. You would probably lose any decorative items quickly. So, I’ll give you this wine. Whether you drink it or display it, do as you please.”

 ”Is this wine from this world? Yay, I’ll drink it as soon as I get home!”

 Papeltico, who received a wooden box containing a bottle of wine, jumped around in excitement. Satsuki’s sharp gaze grazed Charles’ cheek from behind, but he didn’t particularly care.

 Once the four Army commanders finish, it’ll be the turn of three special Army commanders next.

 ”Commander of the Beastars, Melissa”


 Charles walked over towards Melissa, who was standing on the opposite side of the gift from Raffanie and the others. Even without touching the petite girl, he could feel the soft texture of her white ears and tail.

 Despite her lovely appearance, she had a rough personality similar to Goldgang. However, being stared at closely by Charles made her blush, unable to meet his gaze.

 As Charles picked up a small box from the tributes, he thought how Melissa’s furtive glances resembled a bashful female yankee.

 ”Let’s give you this hand mirror.”

 Charles chose a hand mirror, with a silver back depicting a scene of trees and animals in the forest, elegant yet cute.

 But when Melissa looked at it, a touch of sadness crossed her face,

 ”…D-do I look pitiful…?”

 Upon hearing those words, Charles…

 ”It’s different. I think you are quite charming.”


 ”That’s why I’m giving you this hand mirror. Take a look and enhance your charm even more. It’s just my personal opinion… but I think you would look good in a frilly dress as well.”

 Melissa usually wears revealing, exotic outfits as casual wear, boasting an impressive beauty that even attracts romantic feelings from the same s*x. However, whether it was the heart of a creator or an otaku, Charles couldn’t help but think that a frilly dress would also suit her lovely appearance.

 But Melissa, being praised by Charles, stiffened up and it’s uncertain if his words even reached her ears. It seems like smoke is rising from her frozen head.

 Seeing her innocent and cute attitude, Charles feels a slight desire to tease her a little more, but he restrains himself because of the lingering gaze from those waiting in line.

 ”ommander of the Skull Army, Sarikir.”


 When called by Charles, Sarikir stepped forward and knelt.

 ”The event at the arena was quite enjoyable.”

 ”Your words are most gracious, I am deeply honored.”

 He had already crossed paths with Sarikir once in the arena. The spectacle of turning the general into an undead to fight Lucia was delightful, and above all, it made him aware of Lucia’s existence.

 ”Take this sword. Whether you use it yourself, bestow it upon your undead subordinates, or simply adorn it… it is yours to do as you please.”

 ”Thank you. I will treasure it.”

 With reverence, Sarikir accepted the sword.

 And then, the last of the three special army commanders,

 ”Commander of the Dragon Army, Rigalvan.”


 Rigalvan swept his cloak like a scene from a play and knelt. He and his “Dragon Army” were handling important missions while controlling a feudal prince’s country.

 ”You and Azuriela really intimidated the imperial capital. Well done.”

 ”Your words are too kind. If I merely flew over the imperial capital, it was all thanks to Your Majesty’s power.”

 ”Is that so… Let’s leave it at that. Take this painting. I’m not sure what scenery it depicts, but it’s a beautiful cityscape reminiscent of the 91st floor.”

 Charles handed over a large oil painting, about 100cm square. The frame was exquisitely decorated, and although he had never seen the scenery depicted, there was a nostalgic warmth to it that felt somehow familiar.

 When Charles turned around with an oil painting, Rigalvan had sharp eyes like that of a hawk wide open.

 ”As expected of Your Majesty… to accurately guess what I desired the most… Is it evident on my face?”

 ”I am your parent. I understand what my child thinks as if it were in the palm of my hand.”

 ”What… ah… I wish to express my gratitude and loyalty once again.”

 Upon Charles’ words, Rigalvan bowed deeply with tears in his eyes. The sound of someone sobbing quietly seemed to come from somewhere, perhaps someone else who was also moved like Rigalvan.

 However, those words were genuine, and there was no need to hide them. Showing that he cherished his subordinates like his own children would not undermine his authority or loyalty.

 Once Rigalvan finished, there were only two people left.

 ”Minister of the Left, Faelrith.”


 Charles approached Faelrith, who had taken a step forward. The role of Minister of the Left was to oversee the defense floor, and although he hadn’t done any visible work before, he had been desperately investigating for any abnormalities inside Babellion due to the transference.

 ”Hmm, is there something you want?”

 It wasn’t the reason, but Charles’s question implied that if there was something she wanted, he would do it. Hearing that, Faelrith hesitated slightly and said in a somewhat lonely tone,

 ”…I want a favor. Something to wear.”

 She said somewhat wistfully.

 ”Something to wear, huh…”

 Upon hearing that request, Charles looked through the tribute items. It wasn’t just about anything to wear. He realized that he was actually trying to pick something that would suit her, which was quite a high hurdle. Therefore, he said,

 ”Then let me give you this hair ornament.”

 Charles chose a hair ornament with a pale color like jade. When he put it in her hair, it really complemented her golden hair as intended.

 ”Alright, it suits you.”

 ”Thank you.”

 Faelrith bowed deeply. Charles confirmed once again that the hair ornament suited her, nodded in satisfaction, and called out the last name, turning around.

 ”Minister of the Right, Esmeralda.”


 He had already decided on the tribute for Esmeralda, so he did not hesitate.

 ”I will give you a sl*ve. You can choose whatever you like and take it with you.”

 ”Hmm… then I shall take this.”

 At Charles’ words, Esmeralda approached the sl*ves and placed her hand on the head of one of the female sl*ves.

 ”You don’t want a male sl*ve?”

 ”Indeed, this one prefer those, but this one is not interested in castrated males. Besides…”

 The fact that he’s been castrated is news to Charles, but if Esmeralda says so, then it must be true, and he’s not going to check for himself.

 While Charles was thinking about that, Esmeralda slowly approached him, and whispered in his ear.

 ”After tasting Lord’s, this one can’t be satisfied with any other man. If you’re willing, this one would like to be held again, noja…”

 Her passionate words reached from his ears to his lower body, but like earlier with Raffanie, Charles managed to keep himself under control in front of his subordinates and casually replied, “Got it,” while patting Esmeralda’s shoulder.

 With that, Charles finished distributing the gifts, letting out a small sigh.

 Except for the absent “Imperial Army Chief” Berdosh, he didn’t give any gifts to Satsuki and Felshiol.

 Their contributions were exceptional, and it felt inappropriate to just reward them with ordinary gifts. It wasn’t about ignoring or excluding anyone.

 Turning away from his subordinates, Charles glanced towards the throne where Felshiol was.

 ”For the other gifts, store them in the ‘Treasury Vault.’”

 ”Understood. What about the sl*ves?”

 ”…Ah, the sl*ves…”

 Charles halted his steps towards the throne at Felshiol’s question. Logically, they should be placed in the Prison (Dite), but when asked about their use, he couldn’t come up with an immediate answer.

 While the female sl*ve was attractive, Charles honestly wasn’t interested anymore after being with Satsuki and Esmeralda. As for the males, they were out of the question; he didn’t even need their labor.

 ”I rescind my previous statement. All the gifts will be distributed among those present here. As for the sl*ves, they will all be given to the Minister of the Right (Esmeralda). Feel free to eat, torment, or do whatever you want with them, along with your ‘Night Bats.’”

 With that, Charles made his decision and resumed his stride. He then departed from the audience chamber through the door next to the throne, reserved solely for him.

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