Apocalypse Saga 45

Chapter 45 Melancholic Tea Party

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 On the 1st floor of Babellion, there stretches a vast plain. No trees, no rivers, no hills, just a mechanical flat grassland.

 However, a unique feature emerges from this monotonous plain just a little further from the main gate.

 It’s a mansion. A Western-style brick mansion with chic colors. Yet, even in such a desolate plain, the mansion is far from being a ruin.

 This place is called ‘Reception Hall (Acheron)’. It’s the gatekeeper’s residence in Babellion where Babellion’s Babellion Six Officers, with one of them being the “Entertainment Officer” Shinoa, are stationed.

 Right now, at the ‘Reception Hall (Acheron)’, a girl is asking questions. She has a doll-like appearance, with a perfect blend of beauty and cuteness. Her golden hair, which could easily be mistaken for a nugget of gold if melted and solidified, is styled in a lovely bob cut.

 The girl standing in front of the door of ‘Reception Hall (Acheron)’ let out a small sigh with a melancholic expression.

 It was three days ago when the feudal prince Fredrin II arrived at Babellion.

 After overcoming the unpredicted event of being transported to another world, and putting the local country, the Ravendora Empire, under their rule, now that the announcement of the Battle Parade being held, the people of Babellion are in a festive mood.

 However, contrary to the victorious atmosphere of Babellion celebrating their victory, the girl’s face shows a melancholy that makes onlookers turn and worry.

 The girl moved her right hand to knock on the door. Hesitating for a moment, she pulled back once, and then directed her hand towards the door again.

 ”Oh? Isn’t it Faelrith-sama? How are you today?”

 The girl… Faelrith the Emperor Dragon (Minister of Left), before she could knock on the door, the door to the ‘Reception Hall (Acheron)’ opened, revealing a woman.

 A beautiful woman in a maid outfit with striking brightly colored curly hair… Shinoa, the owner of the ‘Reception Hall,’ smiled kindly upon seeing Faelrith. However, there was no response to her words. Shinoa, with a look of confusion in her eyes, observed Faelrith’s face and said,

 ”You seem to be lost in thought… Please come inside. We have some good tea leaves today.”

 Realizing Faelrith’s troubled expression, Shinoa invited her into the ‘Reception Hall’ with a thoughtful attitude.

 Faelrith was then guided into the reception room. It wasn’t her first time visiting the ‘Reception Hall.’ This was because Shinoa’s brewed black tea and her homemade tea sweets were highly praised. Many, including Faelrith, visited this ‘Reception Hall’ for Shinoa’s tea.

 Recently, Batcherises the Slime (commander of the 3rd army) received a tea set as a gift and became fond of tea because of Shinoa.

 As Faelrith sat down, Shinoa skillfully arranged the tea set on the table. She poured fragrant tea into two cups and sat across from Faelrith.

 Shinoa is dressed in a maid outfit but she is not a servant. Her title “Entertainment Officer” is a position that follows the Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower, part of the Six Officers. It allows her to sit in the same seat as the “Minister of the Left.”

 ”This tea leaves are really good, aren’t they?”

 Shinoa took a sip of the tea she brewed and savored the taste.

 ”Please, Faelrith-sama, have some too.”

 At Shinoa’s suggestion, Faelrith also held the teacup with both hands and took a small sip, saying,


 ”Isn’t it? This is tea leaves from this world. It was a gift brought to His Majesty of Babellion the other day, and Raffanie-sama (commander of the 1st army) went out of her way to bring it to me.”

 ”If such delicious tea leaves can be grown, then this world is not so bad after all,” Shinoa laughed.

 It’s not that it’s better than what’s grown in Babellion. The difference is like night and day compared to tea leaves nurtured by the blessings of the World Tree. However, the gift tea leaves were very fragrant and of a quality that satisfied the picky Shinoa when it came to black tea.

 Shinoa enjoyed the scent once more, closed her eyes as she took another sip. Imagining where those tea leaves were grown, or what kind of scenery they were created from, was also part of the pleasure.

 After imagining for a few tens of seconds, Shinoa slowly opened her eyes. Her slightly eerie twilight-colored eyes, vertically slit pupils, reflected the melancholic girl in front of her.

 ”So… what brings you here today? If you don’t mind, could you tell me?”

 ”…I have no business. I just came.”

 Faelrith shook her head slightly, looking down. However, it was clear to everyone that she had some ulterior motive for coming, and she didn’t seem to have any intention of hiding it in the first place.

 Shinoa observed Faelrith’s expression. Faelrith’s reason for coming to the ‘Reception Hall’ and her unsmiling face were definitely related. It must be something significant for Faelrith, who rarely showed emotions on her face, to furrow her brows… Shinoa thought for a moment and said,

 ”I heard that Faelrith-sama received a hair ornament from His Majesty. Could it be that you didn’t like it?”

 Faelrith glanced at Shinoa, who had a jade hair ornament that stood out against her golden hair, and shook her head with a hint of appetite.

 ”That’s not it. I was really happy with the hair ornament. I still wear it now, of course. I even keep it by my pillow when I sleep. I really want to wear it to bed, but I’d be in trouble if it broke.”

 Faelrith confirmed the presence of the hair ornament by stroking it. It seemed to be done with a mix of affection, like caressing a lover’s cheek, but also with some complex emotions.

 ”So why do you have such an unhappy expression?”

 Shinoa asked. Faelrith hesitated to put it into words once again. She probably wanted to say it. But the words clung to her throat like hands and feet spread out.

 It must have taken a few minutes. Shinoa waited silently without rushing, and finally, with a determined look, Faelrith opened her mouth.

 ”I want His Majesty’s favor. Esmeralda and Satsuki are both embraced by His Majesty. But I am not invited. If I were invited, I would gladly go…”

 As expected, her response was predictable. However, at the same time, it was something she feared or found difficult to respond to.

 For normal worries, she could give some advice. But when Charles is involved, giving inappropriate advice could lead to charges of disrespect. So, Shinoa carefully chose her words, paying close attention to the latest developments.

 ”Has Faelrith-sama taken any action?”

 In response to Shinoa’s question, Faelrith shook her head.

 ”Dakki and the others told me to sneak into the night.”

 ”I think what your Three Calamity Dragons say is correct, maybe? Sneaking into the night is a woman’s secret weapon.”

 ”That’s impossible… I lack the courage. I might be refused… I’m not charming.”

 ”I think Faelrith-sama is charming, but…”

 Even Shinoa looks troubled as Faelrith, who is already petite, has shrunk even smaller. However, it goes against Shinoa’s nature to turn away after Faelrith had come to her for help and shared her worries.

 Esmeralda and Raffanie, who are talkative and sharp-eared, often come by without reason and gossip freely. Despite never leaving the ‘Reception Hall,’ Shinoa seems to know a lot of information. Perhaps that’s why Shinoa has always been approached by her subordinates for advice.

 For Shinoa, it was just a casual chat over tea, but she enjoys being relied upon by others and is willing to help in any way she can when asked.

 Based on Shinoa’s experience, she believes that such seemingly simple yet very complex worries should not be answered immediately, but rather solutions should be derived together. Therefore, just like melting ice slowly with words,

 ”Why do you think you are not attractive, Faelrith-sama?”

 ”Well… I’m not well-endowed, neither in my breast nor in my butt, and I’m short… I lack feminine charm.”

 ”There are many men in the world, and what each finds attractive in a woman varies. Some have no particular preferences, while others are very particular… and those preferences also vary greatly.”

 For women, there are those who are generally okay with anyone, and there are also those who only react within a terribly narrow range due to their extreme preferences. Even in general classifications, preferences are diverse.

 ”I don’t know what His Majesty’s preferences. However, there are many men in the world who uphold such sayings… such as, ‘It’s the best when they’re almost inflated.’”

 Shinoa raised her hand and pointed her index finger while loudly saying those words. However, Faelrith, with a dissatisfied expression, massaged her delicate bulge herself.

 ”…My breast won’t grow. So, it won’t swell any further. It’s not about ‘swelling’.”

 ”Isn’t that just great? No matter how much you love it, if it swells, it goes against your preferences… But your most preferred body shape is preserved forever. It’s like a bud that seems like it will swell but doesn’t… Those who uphold such sayings would be drooling.”

 As Shinoa mentioned earlier, it’s not certain whether Charles likes small breasts. And if it leads to being embraced by Charles, who is the ruler, after giving advice, it’s a difficult situation for Shinoa, who is just one of the subordinates under the Six Officers, despite holding a position as a member of the executive staff.

 However, now how do she land this… When sweat dripped down, just at that moment, a unexpected helper appeared uninvited, peeking out casually.

 ”Shinoa, this one is come to hang out.”

 Shinoa greeted Esmeralda the vampire (Minister of the Right), who came humming happily, with a big smile on her face.

 ”This is Esmeralda-sama. Welcome.”

 ”Oh, you’ve arrived. Can you bring some tea?”

 Esmeralda cheerfully walked over to Shinoa and casually grabbed a scone from the table, popping it into her mouth.

 ”By the way… this one heard you taught Satsuki the ways of the night. How did you instruct that prude? Tell me…”

 Esmeralda’s words were left unfinished. As she trailed off, she looked at Faelrith sitting across from Shinoa.

 ”It’s not Minister of the Left, right? What’s with the shrinking? Didn’t you notice?”

 With a truly surprised expression, she widened her eyes and swallowed the joke in her mouth.

 ”Faelrith-sama is troubled by not being favored by His Majesty.”

 Shinoa’s teapot is a Magic Item with heating effects. While sitting on a chair, Esmeralda brewed tea and Shinoa briefly explained the situation.

 ”Well, this one haven’t heard about you being brought in.”

 Having grasped the gist of the conversation, Esmeralda nodded with a slightly mischievous smile.

 ”What are Esmeralda-sama’s views on His Majesty’s preferences?”

 ”Well… this one suppose he likes breasts. Even when embraced, he often fondled this one’s breasts.”

 Esmeralda lifted her breasts from inside her dress and jiggled them. Earlier, Faelrith also showed off her chest by squeezing it, but there was a huge difference in firepower like tanks and toy guns.

 However, Esmeralda didn’t show her chest to make Faelrith feel hopeless.

 ”It’s not like small breasts are disliked. If that were the case, wouldn’t everything be created abundantly…”

 Satsuki’s breasts are only as big as apples. They are not small, but compared to Esmeralda, they are realistically sized. As for Batcherises the slime, they are not much different from Faelrith.

 ”But shouldn’t bigger be better?”

 ”I don’t know about that. I’m just stating my own thoughts.”

 Esmeralda, like Shinoa, firmly asserts her own opinion. No matter how playful she may seem, she clearly draws the line as a subordinate. It is extremely disrespectful for a mere subordinate to speculate on their lord’s feelings, especially regarding matters of romance, and spread such opinions as if they were facts.

 ”But His Majesty prefers bigger ones, so His Majesty prioritize the bigger person.”

 ”That may be so. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that His Majesty ended up embracing a girl who happened to be nearby.”


 ”Why do you need to be so timid about it-noja? You were created by Pipi-tai (fat), an ally of our Lord-noja. Why don’t you have more confidence in your own body?”

 ”These things are completely different!”

 ”Enough with the noise!”

 Esmeralda couldn’t help but raise her voice.

 ”You’re so stubborn. Even though you’re not the type to come up with excuses. Why not sneak into our Lord’s bedchamber tonight? If you ask to being embraced while n*ked, our Lord probably won’t refuse.”

 ”The same thing was said by Daki and the others.”

 ”Certainly, those lewd girls with sunny characters are different from you. It might be difficult for the gloomy you… but as I mentioned, that advice is likely hitting the mark.”

 Esmeralda let out a big sigh, almost turning into a sermon. However, she felt Shinoa’s gaze on her. When she looked over, Shinoa had a sly smile on her face.

 ”What’s wrong, Shinoa? You seem to have a meaningful expression on your face.”

 ”Oh, no, I just thought it was a love story with the two esteemed lords of Babellion enjoying tea.”

 Shinoa replied with a forced calm expression, sipping her steaming tea.

 ”Hey, don’t compare this one to this inexperienced girl. This one has already spent passionate and enchanting nights with Lord, where our body and soul melted away.”

 Esmeralda embraced her own body as if confirming the lingering sensation on her skin.

 ”But is it because of desire that Esmeralda-sama has become His Majesty’s favorite? And on top of that, as a subordinate to Satsuki-sama, Satsuki-dono actually spent the night with His Majesty until morning… Can we say they had a passionate night together?”

 ”…Shinoa, you always say such unpleasant things.”

 ”Satsuki’s subordinate? That’s interesting.”

 Faelrith momentarily regained some vitality, but.

 ”Hmph, a naive girl who can’t even become a subordinate shouldn’t make fun of others.”

 ”…I know. I guess my presence is insignificant after all.”

 Esmeralda dismissed, causing Faelrith to shrink back like a puppy once again.

 ”Faelrith-sama is the final boss of this Babellion, so wouldn’t it be better for peace if they didn’t stand out?”

 ”That’s true. But as a woman, it’s different. I am a loser, Shinoa.”

 ”Even if you sulk like that, it won’t change anything.”

 Even the usually sharp-tongued Esmeralda was astonished or rather troubled by this. Esmeralda often teases others. It’s all in good fun, just making jokes to enjoy the reactions of others.

 Normally, Faelrith would respond with a sharp retort mixed with sarcasm… but today, she just accepts whatever is said to her with self-deprecation and self-mockery. Her emotions don’t seem to rise from rock bottom at all. It would be more accurate to say she’s sulking rather than feeling down.

 Certainly, in terms of appearance, she may be enough suitable, but her spirit is naturally mature. In the first place, it’s an unusual sight for the emotionally reserved Faelrith to sulk like this.

 Esmeralda glanced at Faelrith’s face once more. Then, she sighed and crossed her arms under her ample bosom, saying,

 ”…If you really insist, this one can lend a hand.”


 Esmeralda nodded firmly as Faelrith turned eagerly towards her.

 ”Yes, that’s right.”

 ”Can I trust this approach?”

 With a confident smile, Esmeralda replied,

 ”Of course. To be honest, this also won over our Lord in a similar way-noja.”

* * *

 The noble life where many beautiful women wash every inch of your body is something every man dreams of at least once. Haruto was no exception.

 However, at this moment, there was no one in this bathhouse except for Charles.

 Charles is a ruler like no other. He holds absolute power in his hands. So, when he actually tried living out a man’s dream, it was truly pleasurable and gave him an unparalleled sense of superiority to have beautiful maids wash him without him having to move a muscle.

 However, Charles’ life always involves someone else being around. Whether it’s Satsuki, his servants, or members of the Imperial Army, people always gather wherever Charles is.

 Although Charles is not introverted, having others around is not necessarily painful for him. But if it continues for too long, he starts feeling drained and occasionally wishes for some alone time. He needs moments where he can relax and let his mind wander, like picking his nose absentmindedly to unwind.

 The one place where Charles can truly unwind is in the bath.

 When he soaks in the tub and gazes up at the sky, he sees a majestic and beautiful full moon that could outshine even gold.

 In the 100th floor castle’s grand bath, Charles was not present tonight. Instead, he had come to the open-air bath at an inn on the 94th floor for a change of pace.

 The 94th floor has a Japanese style… more precisely, it’s a floor designed to resemble a town at the gate. The mayor who resides in the shrine protecting the quaint cityscape also gives off a character vibe reminiscent of a fox shrine maiden.

 From the open-air bath at the inn on the hill, he can overlook the modest yet beautiful night view of the 94th floor. Moving through the sulfur-scented water with a gentle splash, Charles leaned on the stone edge facing the cityscape, letting out a sigh.

 However, occasionally, visitors would come even during Charles’ solitary moments.

 Hearing the wet footsteps on the stone pavement behind him, Charles asked without turning around,

 ”Who’s there?”

 ”It’s Felshiol. I’ve come to wash your back.”

 And in response, Charles chuckled softly.

 The voice that introduced itself as Felshiol had a seductive tone that made Charles feel like his ears were being licked. It was definitely not Felshiol, and whoever it was, lying to Charles was disrespectful. However, Charles was not so rude as to get angry about it.

 ”Oh, Felshiol, huh? Your voice has become quite sweet and charming.”

 Charles said, turning around slowly. He was more playing along than trying to confirm the identity of the voice’s owner, as he was pretty sure who it was.

 ”Well, well, well. What a surprise to see you both here.”

 Charles exclaimed as he saw something unexpected in his eyes. Behind the woman who called herself Felshiol, there was another girl hiding, a girl that Charles hadn’t noticed before.

 ”If I’m not intruding, how about having both of us by your side? Let me pour you some drinks.”

 ”Pour me some alcohol.”

 Esmeralda, who goes by the name Felshiol, raised the bottle of alcohol in her hand, causing her violently voluptuous breasts, as if embodying a man’s desire, to press against her arm and sway with a thud.

 For her, her own body was her greatest weapon and pride itself, so she saw no need for superficial techniques like hidden eros, shamelessly exposing her n*ked body.

 Meanwhile, Faelrith, standing behind Esmeralda, wrapped in a towel, hugged her body with her arms, looking even more embarrassed.

 Unexpected but warmly welcomed, as the brain realized that an erotic moment had arrived, it felt the blood rushing to Charles’s groin.

 ”Very well, come in.”

 Charles said, inviting the two flowers into the bath.

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