Apocalypse Saga 5

Chapter 5 Approaching An Audience

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 In Saint Tower Babellion, there are three important defense bases.

 The first base is the ‘Reception Hall (Acheron)’ on the first floor. The first floor of Babellion, which is considered the most difficult level, has been feared and referred to as ‘inhuman,’ ‘unwilling to clear,’ and ‘ a certificate of madness’ on the bulletin board.

 The next important base is on the 90th floor. If this floor is breached, it would invite enemies into the nine cities starting from the First City, making the 90th floor the effective final defense point.

 And the last important base is the 100th floor. This floor consists of three layers of walls centered around Charles’ residence, and it houses the core facilities of the Babellion organization, such as the headquarters and barracks of each army, as well as administrative officials responsible for finance and government affairs. It is the same as Kasumigaseki in Japan.

 The elite soldiers known as the “Imperial Army” are responsible for defending the castle beyond the defeat of the four mythical creatures guarding the first wall and the Arine and Ujika sisters guarding the gate of the second wall.

 On the other hand, there exists an organization led by Satsuki that closely resembles this “Imperial Army” called the “Imperial Guard.” While the words “Imperial Guard” and “Imperial Army” may have similar meanings, in the context of Babellion, they are quite different.

 The Imperial Guard serves as the vanguard when Charles leads his subordinates to raid the dungeons of other players, while the Imperial Army is a permanent defense force on the 100th floor. In other words, the former is an attacking force, and the latter is a defensive force with completely opposite roles.

 When it’s time to protect Charles’s castle, it’s a tricky job even for Charles, who decides on the rules. The rules say the 100th floor is under the Imperial Army’s control to keep things clear, but the Imperial Guard could also claim control since they follow Charles directly. However, they’re not defensive; they focus on attacking. They make sure to boost their skills and gear for offense.

 Therefore, that is why the argument like the one just now happened.

 All of them are part of the game world. This means they gave Charles enough satisfaction, and he enjoyed reading them again and smiling. But he never imagined the game would come true, so now that it’s presented in a fun and playful way, it’s causing problems.

 Now that it has become a reality, he realize that the value of the Imperial Guards is nonexistent during peacetime. The defense of the 100th floor is entirely the responsibility of the Imperial Army, so there is no military duty as a warrior. However, if he was asked if there is any civilian duty, that would fall under a separate jurisdiction.

 As Charles pondered how to change such a delicate jurisdiction setting, it was time for the audience that he had decided. The large, heavy double doors slowly began to open, operated by the soldiers of the Imperial Army.

 The three people he is about to meet are among the twelve high-ranking members of Babellion, known as the “Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower.”

 ”Chancellor” Felshiol.

 ”Minister of the Right” Esmeralda.

 ”Minister of the Left” Faelrith.

 Once released into the wild, they can easily destroy a country. They come from various tribes and classes, but they all have two things in common. They are at level 200, which is the maximum, and they have absolute loyalty to Charles, the supreme king.

 Charles once again organizes in his head what he should do next.

 What begins now is the first contact with his subordinates. Felshiol, Esmeralda, and Faelrith are at the top of the ranks of the great leaders of Babellion, and are in a position that could be called not only the Four Heavenly Kings but also the Three Heavenly Kings.

 To talk about them, it’s about dungeon content from the game’s era.

 During the heyday of the APOCALYPSE SAGA’s Japanese server, there were three major player-made dungeons known as the “Three Great Dungeons.”

 - Charles’s ‘Saint Tower Babellion’

 - NearHero’s ‘Sleepless City’

 - Pipi-tai (fat)’s ‘Dalkia Dragon Empire’

 The masters of the Three Great Dungeons were rivals yet good friends. The days of fair and square battles, the days of running events together, all are unforgettable precious memories. They entrusted their subordinates to Charles and left APOCALYPSE SAGA. However, the memories with them have taken shape and are now with Charles.

 Esmeralda is the overseer of Sleepless City, and Faelrith is the overseer of Dalkia Dragon Empire. In other words, they are mementos of former friends who once played the same role as Felshiol in Babellion, serving as the right-hand men.

 If that is the case, Charles must be an absolute ruler. They are already under Charles’s command, and Charles also thinks of them as his own children, but he had a desire to present himself better than the subordinates he created. He must make them recognize himself as the king he should serve.

 While contemplating such things while watching the large door open, a certain function suddenly came to Charles’s mind.

 APOCALYPSE SAGA had a function called “Effect.” It was just a fashionable item that was added to the permanent gacha at some point. Effects such as stars dancing with the word “Kiran” after one rotation, hearts floating when the princess player winked, and a wolf’s howl echoing when a specific pose was made… At first, they had no meaning in battles and were used by many players as a joke.

 However, it was nothing but a hindrance to have sound effects every time they walked during serious battles, or thunderclaps every time they swung their swords. As a result, an implicit rule of “no effects during battles” was created, and eventually, it became too much trouble to remove them and was forgotten, becoming a representative example of useless items that only hardcore role players used in the warehouse.

 People who draw a lot of gachas are generally collecting them because the rate is relatively high. In fact, when it was first introduced, some people also drew gachas for their special effects, which were quite popular. Charles also had a favorite effect that he enjoyed and used for some time because it matched the character’s design and background.

 Now, it was the first encounter as Charles. So, he might as well make it look cool.

 Then, with such a lighthearted feeling and whim, two forgotten items were fitted into the effect slot after several years.


 ’The Wail of Resentful Souls’

 The spirits do not forgive the living. Wandering souls beg for companionship, while letting out cries of anguish.


 ’Majestic and Grand’

 High in the sky, the trumpet of glory resounds. As the grand army marches, the people naturally kneel. Before you, ordinary people prostrate themselves, trembling, waiting for you to pass by.


 The next moment, the voices of Resentful Souls echoed throughout the grand hall, saying “Ooooh…”. It was the pitiful repentance of the deceased, seeking salvation from God. Like clinging to the thread of Buddha hanging in hell, the fierce souls grabbed Charles’ feet, crying out in anguish.

 ”H-His Majesty Charles is entering.”

 Satsuki’s voice, echoing in the enormous space that could easily accommodate a thousand people, had a peculiar high-pitched quality. Without paying it much attention, Charles took his first step, and the effect of the “Majestic and Grand” was inadvertently triggered.

 With each step, the sheer force and intimidation of the flavor text became a wave that shook the ground. The tense, cold air trembled, and the exquisite walls adorned with sculptures and paintings creaked. At the same time, the souls of the dead clung to Charles, groaning as if marching out of hell.

 When it was just a game, there was not a hint of horror, but now that it had become reality, the power it exerted sent shivers down one’s spine. It felt as if the souls clinging to his feet would be reflexively shaken off.

 However, this also taught Charles that the APOCALYPSE SAGA had come true, and he found it unbearable deep down. He tried hard to hold back the urge to flee and reveal his true feelings. Instead, he moved forward step by step, pushing through the crowd of souls.

 It was a stunning sight with a white and gold-themed decoration. The color scheme was similar to a bedroom, but this one was much more beautiful and majestic. Countless chandeliers adorned with jewels hung from the high ceiling, delivering a divine light to the space. Like the cathedrals he visited during his youth travels, the first world heritage site he saw that brought tears to his eyes, the magnificence of this place was beyond comparison.

 If it follows the deep red carpet laid out as if guiding the way, there stands a throne with the Babellion flag behind it, boldly like a character from mythology. Its name is the “Throne of a Ten Thousand Crowns,” a unique throne sent by the administration along with the title of “Your Majesty.” Stuck into its back is a two-handed sword known as the “Sword of a Ten Thousand Crowns.”

 As Charles approached the throne, a divine light overflowed into the grand hall, as if eagerly awaiting the arrival of a king. Charles sat on the throne with satisfaction, crossing his legs and resting his cheek on his hand.

 And as he looked down at the scene below, a smile formed on his face.

 The cause of Charles’ smile was none other than the lower level between the stair-like thrones. In front of Charles, seated high above, were his subordinates, all kneeling in unison and bowing their heads.

 Lined up before him were the twelve high-ranking officials of Babellion, known as the “Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower.”

 Chancellor, Felshiol.

 Minister of the Right, Esmeralda.

 Minister of the Left, Faelrith.

 Commander of the Second Army, Goldgang.

 As Charles gazed at each of them in turn, he noticed a man kneeling there who he hadn’t called for. He was slightly puzzled by the presence of Goldgang, whose massive body, covered in muscles too thick to fit in his armor, was curled up like a puppy.

 ”Your Majesty, the Minister of the Right and Commander of the Second Army, stand before you along with my subordinates.”

 Representing his followers, Felshiol, who prostrated himself in the center as if representing them, spoke in a pleasant voice, much like the wind racing across the grasslands. He is a beautiful young man with twilight-colored eyes set in a deep blue hair that shines like the starry night sky. Wrapped in high-ranking priestly attire, his back bears two pairs of jet-black wings, each folded with three joints.

 ”Chancellor” Felshiol, a level 200 [Fallen Angel], serves as the deputy castle lord in Babellion’s absence. He was once Charles’ right-hand man, known as Charlieriel, one of the “Ten Pillars,” a high-ranking god in the heavenly realm. Originally, he was a corner of the highest-ranking angels, destined to ascend to godhood. However, when Charles committed a grave sin and was exiled from the heavens, he followed Charles and fell from grace… That is the premise.

 ”Raise your heads, my subordinates. I am truly delighted to have witnessed the sight of all of you gathered. I shall show my gratitude for your loyalty.”

 As Charles spoke those words, he once again realized that he had unintentionally acted as a ruler. It may be possible for him to put on an arrogant attitude, but it seems impossible for Haruto, a commoner, to use the first-person pronoun that kings and emperors use. So, he briefly worried if there was a different pronoun that he could use to avoid exposing his true identity. Fortunately, it did not come to mind.

 As Charles contemplated these thoughts,

 ”It is too much to be grateful. We are your faithful servants, Your Majesty. If it is Your Majesty’s command, we will gladly rush to fulfill it, even if we are on the other side of the world.”

 Along with Felshiol’s words, the three subordinates standing slightly behind him nodded in unison, as if they had previously agreed on it.

 ”Good answer.”

 There is no turning back now. Since there is no doubt that Charles is the highest rank in this Babellion, whether he tries to cover it up or not, it cannot be overturned.

 ”Now, let’s get to the point.”

 With that, Charles rearranged his legs and calmly began to address the main topic.

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