Apocalypse Saga 50

Chapter 50 Child Of Babellion

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 The city district of Babellion was in a festive mood, with the enthusiastic crowd going wild. For the past few days, taverns had been offering cheap drinks and food, and the crowd was having the time of their lives, holding cups of liquor and causing a ruckus throughout the city.

 The reason for this grand celebration was the announcement that a victory parade would be held to commemorate the heroes who had overcome the crisis of being transported to another world.

 To the people of Babellion, the 4 Major Armies were heroes. The fact that these heroes would be marching through the main street to celebrate their victory in another world was enough to get the crowd excited.

 But then, an announcement was made that added fuel to the fire.

 It was said that there would be a live broadcast at the end of the parade.

 The excitement that followed the announcement was indescribable. The entire city of Babellion erupted in cheers.

 The fact that the First Army, which had achieved great military success in the face of unprecedented circumstances, would be at the center of the victory parade was enough to get the crowd excited. And with Charles’s words to look forward to, the city district had already surpassed the level of a festival and was now in a state of utter chaos.

 However, even with the guards patrolling the area, the crowd still managed to restrain themselves, singing and dancing with all their might. This was because they shared a common understanding that they couldn’t afford to let things get out of hand.

 The First Army would be marching through the main streets of each floor, excluding the 90th floor, which was dedicated to food production. As a result, the crowd would inevitably choose to watch the parade from the floor they lived on or from a different floor with their friends.

 The best place to watch the parade, of course, would be along the main street where the parade would pass through.

 On the other hand, the video of the Emperor’s surrender broadcast can only be seen in areas where each floor’s video is projected. Although the audio is broadcasted through speakers and the like throughout the city, if someone wants to watch the video, they have to go to a location where the video is displayed, away from the main street.

 However, as it has been said many times, all the citizens of Babellion are excitedly leaving their homes to enjoy the parade and the Emperor’s surrender broadcast.

 Looking at the time, it’s possible to see both, but if all the citizens move, it’s clear that they’ll be fixed in one place. The city is overflowing with people, making it difficult to move around. Moreover, if everyone is heading to the same destination, it’s even more so.

 Therefore, the citizens were forced to make a choice. Would they watch the victory parade directly from the roadside or watch the Emperor’s surrender broadcast as a video?

 Of course, this was intentional on the part of Felshiol and his subordinates, who planned and organized the victory parade. Even if they went around multiple floors, if everyone gathered on the main street, it would cause chaos. So, they set up 2 gathering points to disperse the crowd.

 Such were the days of great commotion, and finally, the day of the parade arrived.

 As the time drew near, the citizens gathered on the main street. Various monster groups, big and small, lined up along the roadside, leaving no space to move.

 The smaller monsters were in front, or on the roofs of buildings along the road, while the larger monsters were towards the back. Instead of fighting for a good spot, everyone was sharing in the joy, waiting for the moment to arrive.

 10:00 a.m.

 With a loud cheer, the victory parade began. The honor guard led the way, accompanied by the sound of trumpets and the rhythm of drums. The Babellion flag, waving elegantly like a heavenly maiden, stirred up the excitement of the citizens.

 And then, the main attraction of the day appeared.


 ”Long live the First Army!!”

 ”Well done, you guys!!”

 As they received a grand welcome with fireworks and flower petals, the First Army emerged on the triumphant path. They were lined up, but they weren’t marching in a formal procession like the honor guard.

 They’re the ones who accomplished it, they’re the ones who received Charles’ order and thrust the first spear into this otherworld. And with their hands waving, or their own weapons held high, they’re laughing together with their comrades as they walk along the crowd’s path.

 The image the people have of the First Army is that of elites. Of course, all 4 Major Armies are elite, and the numbers one to four originally represented the order of establishment, but now they’re just identification numbers with no ranking implied.

 However, the First Army, which is often entrusted with the first spear due to its stable abilities, has an especially excellent image.

 But no matter how many times it can be said, the soldiers of the 4 Major Armies are objects of admiration for the people. They’re high-level subordinates who were gathered by Charles’ order, allowed to fight under the flag of Babellion.

 Among them, even the captains and above are like superstars to the people, gathering fame and support.

 ”Wow, Blackback!!”


 ”You did greattt!!”

 ”Buy us drinks again!!”

 The 6-armed monster, Blackback, the vice-commander of the First Army, raises his sabers high with 2 arms while folding the other 4, and the crowd responds with explosive cheers and thunderous applause.

 Blackback is a popular figure. Not only is he incredibly powerful, but as the vice-commander of the First Army, a position recognized even by Charles, he also shows up at a common tavern, enjoying drinks with the patrons and visiting brōtḥels with them.

 Despite his rough personality, he’s kind enough to lend a listening ear to the people’s trivial concerns, earning him immense support as a beloved older brother figure.

 But even the crowd that was about to calm down after Blackback passed by couldn’t rest, as the commanders’ appearance sent them into a frenzy.

 As the First Army’s procession reached its midpoint, a single woman appeared, spreading a huge cheer like a massive wave.

 That was Raffanie, one of the Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower of Babellion. To the people, she was an existence above the clouds, a highest-ranking officer of Babellion who would never be seen unless it was a special occasion like this.


 ”Commander of the First Army-sama!!”

 ”Whoa, I’m so glad I came here!!”

 ”Raffanie-sama!! First Army!! Thank you!!”

 As she appeared, receiving a huge applause, it was no exaggeration to say that she was the main star of this victory parade, Commander of the First Army Raffanie.

 Her beauty, like a moon shining in the dark night, captivated people of all ages and genders. On her military uniform, the brooch given to her by Charles on the day of the audience was proudly displayed.

 Raffanie, wearing the First Army’s mantle, smiled and waved her hand from horseback towards the crowd.

 It wasn’t directed at a specific person, but rather a kind of fan service. However, the crowd was under the illusion that the existence above the clouds was waving at them.

 On the other hand, Raffanie on horseback was feeling an exhilaration that could be counted on 5 fingers in her long life.

 Since the creation of Babellion through the otherworldly transport, she had been entrusted with the first spear by Charles, and she was able to meet those expectations. And as proof of her military achievements, she was awarded a brooch directly from Charles’ hand, which she wore on her chest, proudly decorated with a triumphant return.

 Raffanie was a person who didn’t easily show affection to anyone, but she was also moody. As she received the crowd’s applause, she was greatly exhilarated, and

 ”Hehe, thank you everyone!!”

 she replied with a full-faced smile, waving her hand.

 It was just Raffanie’s whim. However, her voice, which could be heard clearly even on the battlefield amidst explosions and gunfire, resonated through the applause, slipping through the gaps in the waves of cheers and reaching the ears of the crowd.

 Immediately after, a huge applause erupted like a thunderous sound.

 And then it was past noon.

 Most of the crowd was waiting for Charles’ speech at the same place as the victory parade. Those along the main street were listening to the speakers set up along the road, while those who chose not to watch the parade with their own eyes were eagerly waiting for the broadcast to start, their eyes glued to the screens────.

 The holographic image flickered out. Almost simultaneously, the microphone let out a loud static noise, signaling that the broadcast was about to begin.

 The city was enveloped in an eerie silence, a stark contrast to the bustling atmosphere just hours before. It was as if everyone was holding their breath, not wanting to miss a single word.

 No one knew who started it, but the crowd’s reaction to the start of the broadcast was uniform. They all knelt down, bowing their heads deeply, their faces filled with reverence.

 And then the screen changed again,

 ”Lift your heads!”

 Charles’ voice echoed throughout the city.

 The crowd was trembling. They didn’t even need to look up, the sound of his voice alone was enough to bring tears to their eyes.

 Most of them had never seen Charles’ face before. They didn’t know if they were allowed to look up, or if they should be grateful just to be able to see him. The crowd exchanged nervous glances, unsure of what to do, until Charles spoke again, “Look up!” and they hesitantly followed his instruction.

 And then Charles began his speech.

* * *

 ”Lift your heads!”

 Charles stood in front of a camera-like Magic Item, speaking his first words.

 This was Charles’ first speech to the people. He had prepared meticulously for this moment. He didn’t want to waste this opportunity to reaffirm his authority to the people.

 However, this wasn’t an election speech, so he didn’t need to talk for long. He would convey his message concisely.

 However, what’s crucial in a speech is technique. It’s not just about saying what you want to say. Content is important too, but if he doesn’t master the technique, he’ll only get half the effect, and that’s no exaggeration.

 ”Babellion has been in this world for a month now.”

 Charles began to speak, his words flowing like a poem.

 ”This unprecedented phenomenon of being transported to another world, and encountering enemy forces immediately after, was a difficult situation.”

 Even now, he thinks it was a desperate battle.

 In reality, there was a huge difference in military power. The battle was over in no time, like twisting a baby’s arm.

 But they didn’t have any preparation time and had to face the local forces right away. And it was a miracle that they were able to gain the upper hand in terms of military power, which is why they’re here now… Of course, he won’t say it was just good luck.

 ”However, thanks to the efforts of my loyal subordinates, starting with the First Army, we’ve been able to share in the joy of victory. First, let me offer my gratitude here.”

 He paused for a few seconds, not because he was unsure of what to say.

 Before getting to the main topic, he would start with the story of what happened to Babellion, how difficult it was, and how he felt about it.

 To the people, Charles was like a god, a distant existence. But by recalling a shared memory, their emotions would become more immersed in the speech.

 And from here on, the main topic would begin. Using the weapon of speech to unite the people even more, to lift their spirits.

 ”But, there may be those who think… ‘We didn’t fight. We’re just ordinary citizens, so it has nothing to do with us’.”

 Charles’s eyes snapped open, and he clenched his fist.


 He raised his voice to its loudest, and without pausing, continued to speak with force.

 ”It’s true that the First Army fought and won. This first achievement is undeniable. But I believe that every citizen of Babellion is a hero who contributed to this victory.”

 This was the truth. It wasn’t just a means to hype up the crowd.

 Many people must have been confused by the unexpected transport to another world. What will happen from now on? What kind of enemies will appear? Will the city be burned down in a war?… Some people might be worried.

 After all, Charles hasn’t heard the story of how the people are worried. But everyone knows that they’ve been transported to another world. Even if they say that Charles and Babellion are reliable, there must have been some anxiety somewhere.

 That’s not strange at all. Charles himself felt anxious too. If it weren’t for Babellion and his subordinates, he would have been terrified.

 ”But everyone remained calm and didn’t cause a big commotion. And everyone fulfilled their roles, just like before, or even more so. This greatly helped us in this battle.”

 He can’t afford to be careless inside and look outside. Even if it didn’t lead to a riot, if a big confusion had occurred in the city right after the transport to another world, Charles would have had to spend time and personnel to suppress the riot or calm down the confusion.

 He might have had enough soldiers. But an organization isn’t just a combat team. If he uses the resources inside, it means he’ll have fewer resources outside, and who knows if he could have achieved the same result.

 ”Everyone worked for Babellion and achieved this victory. Therefore, I want to express my gratitude to all the people of Babellion. I’m proud of you.”

 Of course. Because everyone is a citizen of Charles. Although they may not be as well-known as the Twelve Pillars or the Six Officers, they are still essential pieces that make up Babellion. If even one of them were missing, Babellion wouldn’t be complete.

 ”No matter what difficulties lie ahead, no matter what enemies we’ll face… as long as I have the people of Babellion, I’m confident that we’ll overcome them. I believe that.”

 Charles understands that he can’t always have peace, but he has no fear of Charles. Charles can overcome any trial, and he believes that.


 Charles raises his voice.


 Charles directed his gaze. He made eye contact with all the people behind the camera.


 Then, he raised his fist high in the air.


 After a few seconds of silence… a massive earthquake shook the castle. It was the roar of the crowd. Only those on the 100th floor were supposed to reach the castle, but it was as if the entire Babellion was trembling with excitement.

 The speech ended, and the image froze, but the crowd’s fervor didn’t subside.

 Was it a celebratory cannon, or the sound of instruments cheering on Charles?

 Charles would continue to move forward. On his own path, the path he believed in.

 When he glanced back, Satsuki was crying tears of joy. The Imperial Army soldiers in the corner of the room were also trembling with excitement, their armor rattling.

 Charles had everyone with him. He had his children who supported him. That’s why he could move forward. Anywhere, on the path he wanted to take.

 The first volume has come to an end.

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