Apocalypse Saga 6

Chapter 6 First Audience, Part One

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Let’s get to the point.”

 Charles said, prefacing his words and gazing at each of his kneeling subordinates in turn.

 There are three things Charles must do in this audience.

 Firstly, exchange information. To prevent discrepancies and unnecessary confusion, it’s important to share the information currently available.

 Secondly, establish the future direction. By using Charles’s opinions and the opinions of Felshiol and others, discuss whether to make a move, invite to the dungeon, or take a friendly approach through dialogue. Considering that the first move decided here will surely influence the future of Babellion, it goes without saying that the upcoming meeting is extremely important.

 Lastly, confirm the loyalty of the Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower. Particularly, it’s not about the subordinates who were created by Charles, such as Satsuki and Felshiol, but rather the legacy of former friends, so to speak, the retainers of the outsider. Truth be told, this was also the biggest reason for gathering the three parties during the audience.

 Under the assumption that a level 200 subordinate like Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower were to battle Charles, it is almost certain that the former would win. They are not mere creatures like high-difficulty event raid bosses, but they are the raid bosses themselves. Challenging a raid boss of such strength that requires multiple party members to repeatedly attempt the conquest, solo combat would be impossible.

 Of course, there are players who enjoy soloing raid bosses. The way to play APOCALYPSE SAGA is infinite. Once, a live streamer specializing in APOCALYPSE SAGA successfully solo-cleared a raid of a difficulty level that ranks among the top five in the history of APOCALYPSE SAGA, sparking a significant discussion. However, these individuals are a type of devoted player who have mastered character control to an extreme degree in order to solo clear content, and they are different from Charles, who focuses on dungeons. Just because others can do it doesn’t mean Charles can.

 If that’s the case, he must avoid antagonizing as much as possible. If someone becomes a thorn in his side, he must deal with them at an early stage.

 ”I’ve gathered you all here for one reason and one reason only. You’ve probably already heard, but I want to talk about the abnormal situation currently unfolding in Babellion.”

 Thinking that others can understand the urgency of creating emergency plans is not good at all. Even if you believe the other person knows what you need, you should always communicate it first, or the conversation might go in the wrong direction.

 However, before getting to the main point, there was something that needed to be asked. It was about the man who, following Felshiol, knelt alongside the Minister of the Right.

 Prefacing it with “But before that,” Charles voiced his question.

 ”Why is Goldgang here? I intended to summon the Chancellor and the Ministers only.”

 ”I allowed Goldgang to attend at my discretion. As for confirming the situation outside of Babellion, it was a soldier belonging to the Second Army.”

 Felshiol was the one who had the answer to Charles’ question.

 ”Where is that soldier?”

 ”I have him waiting in a separate room.”

 ”Bring him here.”

 ”As you wish.”

 When Felshiol gave a signal to the rear, one of his subordinate officials who had been waiting by the gate for the entrance of the courtiers, far behind the audience hall and facing the throne, bowed and then went out beyond the gate.

 While watching this scene, Charles had a smile of satisfaction on his face. Felshiol understood the reason he was called and took proactive action to gather detailed information from the soldier who had seen the outside in order to devise a strategy. And that goes beyond the in-game status, as it represents Babellion’s proxy and intellect.

 Other subordinates, what about them? It was only natural to be curious when faced with subordinates who had always been residents in the game.



 Goldgang, who had never expected to be directly addressed as he had only heard Felshiol speak before, hurriedly replied with a face as if he had been shot by a pea shooter.

 Goldgang is one of the highest-ranking species among the ogre race, known as the [Giant Ogre King (Tauta Ogre)]. If Charles were to compare the two protruding horns on his forehead to the polished ivory horns of Satsuki, Goldgang’s horns would be like rocks. His massive body of dark skin is supported by tree trunk-like limbs. If one were to be stared at by his fierce face and the sharp twilight-colored eyes, ‘The Crying Children’ would not only fall silent, but also pray to God.

 Although he is supposed to be the top fierce commander of Babellion, leading the second army, which consists of many rude soldiers specializing in destructive power,

 ”Why are you shrinking like that?”

 It is both a kind of teasing and a simple question. The settings given to Goldgang are filled with bold words that indicate being a fearless and unparalleled general, full of courage and audacity, and the best of Babellion.

 However, the Goldgang in front of himis not even a borrowed cat, but a frog being stared at by a snake. The fearless man is trembling like a newborn fawn.

 ”Oh no… Ah, n-no, I am humbled in the presence of Your Majesty’s great authority.”

 ”Do you fear me?”

 ”Of course, Your Majesty. You are our father and our god. I, on the other hand, am like a speck of dust that could be blown away with a single breath.”

 I had an image of him being the type to speak casually even to Charles, more than being fearless, more like a fool who can’t understand fear, but…


 ”Hahaha… just kidding.”

 Goldgang, with a face as fierce and wicked as if he had been rejected by a lover, had a look of painful despair. It was so amusing that Charles couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

 ”You’re quite the adorable one, despite your rough appearance.”


 Goldgang prostrated himself with a gesture that made his cat fur stand on end and tremble. Whether out of fear or overwhelming emotion, it was clear that he had a lovable personality.

 It was impossible not to feel happy with the loyalty and trust he conveyed. At the same time, a slightly sadistic emotion sprouted. Now, how should I prepare him? Charles thought.

 ”Your Majesty, I have brought the soldier in question.”

 The doors of the audience chamber opened once again, and the civil servant who had left earlier returned with a soldier. Right after that, Charles thought he heard a clicking sound of a woman’s tongue twice, but he decided to dismiss it as his imagination and asked Goldgang again.

 ”Goldgang. Is that soldier undoubtedly the [Ogre] who has seen the outside?”

 ”Yes, undoubtedly.”

 ”I see… Lift your head and give a direct answer. State your name.”

 ”Y-yeash. I belong to the Second Army, Shax Battalion, and I am called Middle, the corporal.”

 With that, a soldier of the [Ogre] clad in the armor of the Second army introduces himself.

 ”Now, Middle. Explain again everything you saw in detail.”

 Middle prostrates himself, then raises his head again and begins to accurately recount only the facts of the scene he witnessed────.

 Ultimately, what Middle recounted was no different from the report given to Satsuki in the bedroom earlier.

 Middle had been on a mission to inspect the simple defense facilities such as the abattis set up on the outer perimeter of Babellion, but in the blink of an eye, he found himself teleported in front of the door to the ‘Reception Hall (Acheron).’ Thinking that he had accidentally triggered a teleport trap set up on the outer perimeter, Middle tried to return to work and opened Babellion’s main gate. However, the moment he saw the scene that lay beyond, he instinctively withdrew his head, sensing that an abnormal situation was unfolding.

 Outside the partially open main gate, the view revealed a dilapidated house and a fortress-like building atop the hill. Despite reports of local residents’ voices, amidst the chaos, it remained uncertain whether they belonged to the Hume race or if meaningful communication was feasible.

 ”That’s all I have to report.”

 ”Very well. Middle, you should wait in the separate room again, and Goldgang should return to his army. There is a real possibility of mobilizing the army. We need a commander on the ground.”


 To be honest, the likelihood of using the second army is close to zero. The second army, deliberately populated with ogre and giant types of creatures, prides itself on its mobility and overwhelming destructive power. However, the power-based, brute-force group is extremely weak in delicate tactics and on-the-spot adaptive responses. They excel at swiftly and thoroughly crushing enemy strongholds, but occupation and feints are not their specialty.

 As he watched Goldgang leave with Middle, Charles was rolling over the contents of the report he had just received.

 ”Without Shiki’s report, I can’t say anything for certain, but it’s likely that Babellion has transported to crush a city or at least a settlement resembling a city.”

 Babellion is a colossal tower, with an outer perimeter that is not as thin as a twig despite its towering height. The fact that there are still cities or towns remaining even with Babellion on top suggests the likelihood of a city with a considerable population, rather than just a small village. If there was a castle, then it’s even more likely.

 ”I should have been able to survey the area around the tower with my authority, but that’s no longer the case after the anomaly. Babellion has probably transported beyond the reach of my authority in the surrounding region of its current location.”

 The area within a 300-meter radius centered on Babellion, which was treated as part of the dungeon as a garden, is no longer within Babellion’s domain after the transport. As a result, one of the Dungeon Master’s abilities, the intrusion monitoring monitor, which can project all areas within the dungeon, is no longer viewable.

 After hearing the report, Charles had been operating under the assumption that the battlefield was within the dungeon. Therefore, he ordered a check for any disturbances within the dungeon before the audience.

 Babellion is a dungeon designed to lure intruders and eliminate them. While it’s not impossible for a level 100 in APOCALYPSE SAGA to be equivalent to level 1 in this world, if that were the case, there would be virtually no way to survive upon being transported above the city. Therefore, believing the enemy is overwhelmingly powerful is pointless. It would be more constructive to devise strategies under the assumption of equality or otherwise.

 If one were to gauge the enemy’s level, the ultimate challenge would be whether one can surpass the ‘Reception Hall’ on the first floor. Babellion’s concept is that of the strongest dungeon. It is not designed for subordinates or traps to enjoy delaying or defeating intruders. It’s created to be an absolute dungeon that does not allow anyone to trample upon it.

 The reason why Babellion is called the derogatory term “punchline dungeon” on the internet is because the difficulty level of the first floor is abnormal. In most dungeons, the enemies become stronger as you advance, but in Babellion, the final boss-level enemy awaits one from the first floor. For example, when someone leave the starting village, a dragon king appears instead of a slime, and they can’t even leave the village.

 Also, if they can break through this ‘Reception Hall’, they can climb up to the upper level. Charles’ intention is that a party strong enough to break through ‘Reception Hall’ will be able to conquer up to the 30th floor.

 Pulling the enemy into the dungeon means that there will be a battle with “Entertainment Officer” Shinoa in the ‘Reception Hall’, and if she is defeated, they may be able to invade the depths of Babellion. It means. Of course, Charles doesn’t intend for them to conquer everything. Even if they feel unsatisfied with the appearance of demon knights and dragons after the Dragon King, if they proceed any further, strong enemies such as Shisa and Zombie will be waiting for them. The fall of Babellion, which has never been conquered even when it was a game, is impossible even in another world. This Babellion has that confidence and trust.

 However, that is only Charles’ judgment. It is also true that there is a question as to whether it is okay to invite an unknown enemy inside immediately after the abnormal situation of being transported to another world. The three parties were brought together to dispel those concerns or to hear better ideas.

 This rating is not to inform Charles of his decision, but to give him input to help him make his decision.

 The question is what kind of plan does Felshiol, who has the personality of a castle lord, have in mind? The adjutant in front of him gave a nod of agreement and then slowly opened his mouth.

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