Apocalypse Saga 8

Chapter 8 First Audience, Part Three

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 ”I said earlier that a defensive battle is best, but if the enemy is around level 50, I agree with the Minister of the Right. At present, it is best to avoid scattering troops indiscriminately. However, there is no point in occupying the old capital.”

 After receiving reports on the enemy’s level, Felshiol’s opinion also changed to an offensive plan. However, Charles ordered Felshiol to continue talking, to make sure that this was not a result of arrogance, but rather had a sound basis.

 ”Yes. Given that Babellion is located on top of the old capital city, the empire should consider taking action to deal with Babellion. From their perspective, a mysterious tower has appeared within their territory, so there is no option to leave it be in order to maintain the nation.”


 ”Yes. However, it is highly unlikely that the empire can penetrate the ‘Reception Hall (Acheron).’ Nevertheless, even without penetrating it, if, for example, a plan to contain Babellion is extensively deployed, it could become an obstacle for us as we consider future activities outside of Babellion.”

 ”So, what is the Chancellor’s intention?”

 In response to Charles’ inquiry, Felshiol confidently proposed as if delivering an oracle.

 ”We will occupy the old capital city. It does not mean that we should massacre the residents. We will neutralize the soldiers and bring them under our control. Fortunately, there are even two members of the royal family in this old capital city, so we will capture those two.”

 Felshiol had also considered the two imperial children to be important pieces. Of course, this was considering their value as hostages. According to Shiki’s report, the second Imperial Princess is eighteen years old, and the Crown Prince is twelve years old, which is quite significant.

 ”…The age of the Crown Prince, isn’t it?”

 ”You are absolutely right.”

 Confirming that they had come to the same conclusion, Felshiol relaxed his cheeks with satisfaction. Was he proud that he had come to the same conclusion as Charles, or was he enjoying the conversation of precise intelligence?

 From her reaction, Esmeralda also considered the potential of the Crown Prince. However, there was one person who tilted her head with a look of doubt.

 ”What do you mean?”

 Felshiol, who was questioned, turned to face Faelrith, the questioner.

 ”The Crown Prince is twelve years old, while the second Imperial Princess is eighteen. Considering the age of the first Imperial Princess, the Crown Prince is the third child, and if there is a third Imperial Princess in between, he would be the fourth child. The greatest responsibility of the head of the royal nobility is to produce an heir and ensure the continuity of the legitimate line. If it is considered that after daughters, or after daughters and daughters, finally the Crown Prince was born, then his value as a hostage is immeasurable.”

 Felshiol’s words were exactly what Charles had in mind. By capturing and holding them as literal hostages, they can force them to accept advantageous conditions in return for their release. And if they subject them to brainwashing before returning them, it will lead to the creation of a puppet government called the Babellion regime in the future.

 However, Faelrith seems dissatisfied.

 ”I can’t believe they would sell off our territory for the sake of a mere child’s life. It would be a complete loss of face to submit. They would lose both our power abroad and the loyalty from within the country.”

 Without skipping a beat, she counters with a hint of aggression. Felshiol understand what she’s trying to say, and she’s not entirely wrong.

 ”I understand what Minister of the Left-dono is trying to say, but in the old capital, they have not only the princess but also the crown prince. Although he is still young, if they were to hand over the crown prince’s head without a fight, they would undoubtedly be met with suspicious gazes from the nobility within the country. It wouldn’t be surprising if they were abandoned for easily sacrificing their son’s life.”

 ”In addition to Chancellor, the Emperor is the one who has given the position of representative to the 18th princess. Normally, he would let her marry freely, so it is quite conceivable that he has a soft spot for children.”

 However, Faelrith still seems dissatisfied, slightly distorting her unchanging, doll-like visage. Charles’ support seemed to swallow her doubts, but it was easy to sense that she wasn’t satisfied. Besides, Faelrith’s doubts are not unfounded. It is important to consider the initial steps, as he let Shiki investigate what kind of person the Emperor is.

 But then, Faelrith’s rebuttal does not stem from hatred toward Felshiol, but rather from considerations for Babellion. Furthermore, she wants to avoid any perception of favoring Felshiol’s opinions due to the friction with the hereditary outsider.

 As she pondered what to do, unexpectedly, support came flying in from Faelrith’s right side.

 ”Minister of the Left. Let’s say that you and His Majesty’s child were taken hostage. If you don’t take any action and let them be killed, it means that you think they have no value because you can have more children, right?”

 ”That’s impossible. I will go to help with all my power.”

 ”That’s the way it is.”

 Faelrith immediately responded, and after a few seconds, she nodded in agreement. It was a strange sight. Yes, although there were some parts of the analogy that bothered her, overall, what Esmeralda said was correct.

 Abandoning one’s own child is not an easy thing to do. Even if there were circumstances where it had to be done, it is not always easy to remain rational.

 While Charles was amazed by Esmeralda’s persuasive skills that completely convinced her in just under ten seconds, Felshiol cast a sharp sideways glance.

 ”Minister of the Right-dono. That analogy just now was disrespectful.”

 ”Felshiol is still a stubborn person. Just a metaphor, one suppose.”


 ”Chancellor, Minister of the Right. Save the playful banter for after the council meeting.”

 ”Yes, I apologize.”

 ”This one apologize.”

 It seemed like the story was going off the rails, so Charles is going to lightly criticize them.

 Felshiol values order and self-control, but can be inflexible and stubborn. He is sharp-minded and reliable, but when opinions differ, he calmly argues with reason.

 On the other hand, Esmeralda possesses a tactical mind similar to Felshiol’s, but also has a tendency for pleasure and pride. She is the type to confidently declare what it means to be a ruler. This difference in thinking between the logical and bureaucratic Felshiol and Esmeralda requires some attention.

 Charles clears his throat and continues speaking.

 ”Did Minister of the Left agree with that?”

 ”Yes, I did.”

 Those words seemed to come from the bottom of her heart. She had a completely different expression, as if the clouds had cleared up. Another difference was that her cheeks had turned slightly red.

 ”Your Majesty, if necessary, I can deploy my troops.”

 Faelrith stood up straight and spoke with a lack of intonation, almost as if she had a rough, wheezing breath.

 ”Deploying your direct troops would be excessive in terms of military strength. Besides, they may be suitable for annihilation, but they are not specialized in occupation.”

 Faelrith’s suggestion was rejected. In fact, there was no need to even consider it.

 Faelrith’s direct unit, “San Karyu” (Three Calamities Dragons). It consisted of only three members. They were the same individuals who had once been the main force of the former Dalkian Empire, and their existence was synonymous with violence.

 Considering the performance of the weapons they were equipped with, it wouldn’t be surprising if they ended up destroying the world. Therefore, they were by no means suitable for a relatively easy task such as occupation.

 Of course, their sole purpose for being created is to seal away the “Rankers.” With their [skills] and [equipment] optimized for killing players, they can rightfully be called PK machines. It is a precious sight to see this hobby-filled army of beautiful girls from a distance, but when fighting all four of them at once, even Charles would be completely defeated without being able to retaliate.

 Therefore, he will say it again. They are definitely not the ones to be used for occupation. Their true time to shine is in battles that have the potential to destroy a country.

 For the same reasons, other elite forces are also unusable. This includes any troops under Esmeralda’s command. In that case, one of the Four Great Armies, or rather, the army that should be entrusted with this task, naturally comes to mind.

 Charles could feel that his subordinates had grasped his decision, as they straightened their posture and waited for their master’s words. The sound of a sword being unsheathed behind him was likely Satsuki, who had completely concealed her presence since entering the audience chamber, also straightening her posture in response to her master’s instructions.

 Looking down at the situation, Charles once again considers the measures to be taken, including the underlying issues.

 And after nodding slightly, he spoke out his decision.

 ”We will occupy the old capital and place it under the control of our Babellion. And at the same time, we will capture the Crown Prince and Princess as hostages.”

 Without waiting for a response from his subordinates, Charles continues speaking.

 ”The active force will be the First Army. The military power will be entrusted to Raffanie. However, make sure to strictly command them to refrain from violence and abuse towards the people. The civilians are still a valuable source of information.”

 The First Army is the first one to be established in Babellion, and it is also the most stable unit in terms of its composition. It is reliable and has a proven track record, capable of handling any mission without hesitation or being too clever.



 ”This time, capturing the Crown Prince and Princess, especially the capture of the Crown Prince, is of utmost importance. I want to eliminate the worst-case scenario that First Army might miss. Is it possible for you to capture both the Crown Prince and Princess and abduct them into Babellion?”

 ”If it is your command, I can do it immediately.”

 ”Then, after the First Army’s preparations are complete, Shiki will abduct the Crown Prince and Princess. We will confirm the success of the operation as a signal for the First Army to commence their march.”

 Of course, the Crown Prince has value as a hostage, but Charles is also interested in the Princess. She will serve as a guinea pig to measure the enemy’s level. Even at the same level 100, strength can vary greatly depending on skills and weapons. To understand the standards of this world, Lucia, the second Princess, is the perfect guinea pig.

 ”As for relaying the message to Raffanie…”

 As Charles pondered over the trivial task of relaying the message, Felshiol raised his hand, sensing my hesitation.

 ”Your Majesty, I will convey the orders to Raffanie here.”

 ”Very well, I leave it to you.”

 As expected of his right hand man, while expressing gratitude, Charles decides in his heart to use the Imperial Guards for menial tasks from now on. It would be a waste to let them rot, and since Satsuki is always together with Charles as his attendant, he doesn’t think there would be any discomfort even if the subordinates increased. But he doesn’t mean to have them do things like floor cleaning or dishwashing. Still, whether it’s guarding or serving, he thinks there are tasks that align with the role of the Imperial Guards.

 ”Minister of the Right and Minister of the Left, return to your respective duties. If necessary, I will call upon you again.”

 Esmeralda has the task of confirming the abnormalities in the city, and Faelrith has the task of confirming the abnormalities in the defense layers.

 ”Well then, each of you, fulfill your loyalty to me and Babellion.”

 ”””Yes, Your Majesty.”””

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