Apocalypse Saga 9

Chapter 9 First Army

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Located on the second floor of Saint Tower Babellion, ‘Corpse Plain, Dream’s Trace’.

 After defeating Shinoa in ‘Reception Hall (Acheron)’, you’ll find a vast old battlefield after climbing one floor. The desolate landscape, shrouded in the flames of war, plays a mournful melody, while the wind, rustling the pampas grass, conveys the solitude of the plain to intruders, turning them into the deceased.

 In the originally desolate battlefield where the pampas grass swayed as if sobbing, now it had transformed into a chaotic layer where you couldn’t hear anything even if you were right next to it.

 And that was to be expected, as currently, all the forces from the First Army to Fourth Army, gathered by Charles’ orders, were assembled on this second floor. Approximately 200,000 people in total, with about 50,000 per corps. These 200,000 people, with different races, levels, physiques, and abilities, followed the commands of their respective unit commanders and formed a massive camp with their tents lined up.

 They began their preparations for battle, sharpening their weapons, polishing their armor, engaging in swordplay with their comrades, and moving their bodies as they saw fit. Although there was no one drinking alcohol, one could say it was a festive atmosphere.

 In the central area of such a large camp, a commotion was about to break out in a tent that stood out more than the others. The entrance of that tent bore the emblem of the First Army, a well-known fact that it served as the headquarters of the First Army. Three monsters (mamono) rushed into the tent without even introducing themselves.

 ”Hey, Raffanie. I heard that Felshiol entered your tent!”

 Goldgang, the Commander of the Second Army, known for his gray skin and massive muscles, is a level 200 Giant Ogre King (Tauta Ogre). He’s not so much as entered the tent as he’s about to knock it down like a huge boulder.

 ”What do you mean Felshiol has come?”

 Challenging Goldgang is Papeltico, the Commander of the Fourth Army. He’s a level 200 Ugly and Despicable Monster (Calfelnix Chimera) ── the flavor text of that species states the following.

 ’It is a dog, an elephant, a bird, a fish, a dragon, and even an insect. It encompasses all living beings, yet it is not all living beings. It possesses everything, and thus has lost the meaning of individuality, becoming a grotesque monster.’

 When created by Charles, it was designed to be cute, but its form is still that of a different species, without a gender. It has a height as low as the [Dwarf] race and a delicate body, but with abnormally long limbs. Its entire body, lacking in irregularities, is painted in a dark color that seems to absorb light. It is as if a shadow puppet has gained substance.

 A creepy black and white clown mask is fitted onto its flat face. No, more accurately, it is just a clown face painted with paint on the head of a non-existent shadow puppet, and there is no real face underneath. That’s why the expression of the mask does not change, whether they laugh or cry. Their eyes capture the void, and their mouth forever carries a faint smile. It is because of this that they exudes a disturbing feeling that speaks directly to one’s instincts.


 After a heated exchange between Papeltico and Goldgang, the “Commander of the Third Army,” Vacherises, emerged with a sly smile. It was a level 200 [Deadly Viscous Substance (Cocytus Slime)]. She had peculiar, swirling emerald-colored hair braided into three large plaits at the back, and was holding it down with a large witch’s hat. Her slender figure, similar to Papeltico’s, stood out in a white dress. Despite being designed as a beautiful girl, she is actually a [viscous entity (slime)] and thus has no concept of gender.

 Each of them had been commanding their respective armies’ headquarters, but almost simultaneously, Felshiol received a report and dashed out of the tent, abandoning their work. Consequently, they all gathered at the First Army’s headquarters as if they had planned it that way.

 ”You know, this is the headquarters of the First Army. Would it be too much to ask for outsiders to at least knock?”

 Raffanie, the owner of this tent, the “Commander of the First Army,” frowned and expressed her dissatisfaction. She is a captivating beauty, a level 200 [Death Spirit (Reverse Draw)]… a superior species of [Dark Elf] with a tanned complexion.

 Her long ears, resembling bamboo leaves, peek out from her faded chestnut hair. And her clear jade-like eyes, which are hard to believe belong to darkness. Her feminine, curvaceous body is a natural wonder. As if proclaiming that her body itself is armor, she adorns herself with only a jet-black breastplate and gauntlets adorned with goldwork. Revealing her ample cleavage and the seductive navel just beyond her alluring abdominal muscles, she holds nothing back. The enticingly plump thighs that peek between her black leather shorts and socks are also a target that captivates the gaze of any man.

 Three people – or rather two people since one of them isn’t speaking – interrupt the commotion of the others complaining and whining, and Felshiol interjects between Raffanie and the three of them, sighing as if bothered.

 ”Well, I’ll go ahead and make the announcement. His Majesty has given orders to occupy the old capital, and Raffanie, your First Army has been chosen for this important task.”

 He said it as if saying that it saves him the trouble of delivering the message.

 ”That’s it.”

 ”What the hell? Our soldiers were the first ones to look outside!”

 ”The Second Army may have destructive power, but you all too rough and not suitable for the occupying forces. The same goes for the Fourth Army.”

 ”That can’t be true!”

 ”That’s it.”

 Raffanie repeats the exact same response as Felshiol.


 ”The Third Army doesn’t have any particular issues, but this time, please leave it to the First Army.”


 When Felshiol saw the slime like that, he may not feel entirely free from the pangs of conscience.

 ”Well, that’s how it is. If you understand, then please leave. I need to hear the mission given to the First Army.”

 ”Tch, can’t be helped.”

 ”Oh my, you’re giving in quite easily. I thought you would throw a tantrum and say ‘I don’t want it, I’m going to go’.”

 Raffanie makes a provocative remark. Normally, Goldgang would go wild and rampage, but now he seemed different that day. Instead of letting the provocation get to him, he had the composure not to get angry.

 ”Haha, your cheap provocation means nothing to me now. My heart is filled with something else. More than you.”

 ”What? Did you have s*x with a cute girl?”

 ”I just had an audience with His Majesty with Esmeralda and Faelrith. And His Majesty personally said to me, ‘You’re such an adorable person!’”

 This is nothing more than a brag to those who haven’t had an audience yet.

 ”What? What’s that? I’ve never been told such a thing!”

 ”What do you mean? I also want His Majesty to call me adorable!”

 ”*Nod nod*”

 And the effect of Goldgang’s bragging was remarkable. Surrounded by the three who immediately widened their eyes and approached Goldgang, he laughed happily.

 ”Hahaha. With this, I can proudly say that I’m the most favored by His Majesty. You guys are just useful subordinates, but I am both adorable and useful, you know!”

 ”You… Are you happy to be called like that with that appearance?”

 ”Stop pretending. You’ll just end up pathetic by barking, you know?”

 ”What is it, you b*tard?”

 ”If you guys dare to call me cute, I’ll half-kill you and then throw you into the 58th floor lava pool. If that’s what His Majesty said, I couldn’t be happier. Got it!?”

 ”…it’s so loud”


 ”…I don’t know anymore, I’m no longer motivated.”

 Raffanie puffed her cheeks and turned away. But there was one person who reacted to the content of those words.

 ”Are you seeking rewards for your loyalty?”

 Raffanie flinched at Felshiol’s sharp three-colored eyes. With just a single glance, she silenced any complaints and snorted as if to say, “Just do as you’re told from the beginning.”

 ”Raffanie, unlike personally the other three, you were appointed by His Majesty as the leader of the vanguard, so there’s no need for you to sulk.”

 Felshiol has always been in charge of the strong-willed four army commanders.

 ”… Well, that’s true. After all, I’ve been entrusted with the vanguard’s life. There’s still a chance to receive praise from His Majesty.”

 So, it was a piece of cake to make wild beasts jump through hoops. Raffanie, who sulks if not praised, Goldgang, a brute who doesn’t listen to tactics, the reticent Vacherices who rarely assert themselves, and the carefree gambler Papeltico, who is fine with reckless tactics.

 They are all eccentric commanders, but behind their achievements, there are the relentless efforts of Felshiol, who skillfully steers them on a track unknown to Charles, and the painstaking efforts of their respective vice-captains, who are positioned to compensate for the shortcomings of the leaders.

 Even so, it was not until Felshiol sent away the two who complained while hanging their heads and Goldgang who wouldn’t stop laughing, saying “There are plenty of opportunities,” that it finally became quiet in the tent. Felshiol then returned to a serious expression, facing Raffanie once again.

 ”Are you ready for the First Army’s deployment?”

 ”Of course. We have been ready since we were deployed to the second floor The honor of being the vanguard has also boosted the morale of the soldiers.”


 Raffanie confidently puffs out her chest. Her ample bosom, hidden beneath her chest armor (bikini), is emphasized with a slight bounce. However, Felshiol doesn’t even flinch. Of course, Raffanie has no intention of tempting Felshiol in the slightest.

 ”Do you have a map?”

 In response to Raffanie’s question, Felshiol hands her a large sheepskin parchment that was folded on the circular operational table in the center of the tent. As a signal, the high-ranking officers of the First Army, who had been hiding their presence against the wall as if they didn’t want to get involved, approached and quickly spread out the sheepskin parchment on the operational table, holding onto the edge of the map.

 ”I have the map entrusted to me by Shiki.”

 ”It’s a great map even though it’s only been a while since we transported…”

 Raffanie was impressed by the quality. The map depicted the complete former capital city of Lemar, from the shape of the city walls to the layout of each individual house, as if seen from above through satellite imagery.

 ”I heard this accurate map was created based on reconnaissance done by Chloris’ crow from above.”

 While holding the command baton placed on the strategy table, Felshiol looked down at the map on the table.

 ”Here is the castle. This is the main gate of the castle walls, and this is the back gate. There are soldiers stationed here and here.”

 Points marked in red on the map were shown one by one with the tip of the baton. Shiki had written in neat handwriting what each red mark represented, but Felshiol confirmed it again to make sure nothing was overlooked.

 ”According to Shiki’s information, the enemy troops have already deployed their forces in front of Babellion’s main gate. The enemy soldiers number five thousand.”

 Raffanie and the battalion general of the First Army are gathered around the strategy table, contemplating. Each of them is organizing information in their minds and devising tactics to take. At the same time, the generals are awaiting Raffanie’s instructions.

 Inside the tent, which is insulated from the outside noise by soundproof magic, the only sound that echoes is the rhythmic tapping sound, like the sound of hooves galloping on the ground. It is the sound of Raffanie’s gauntlet fingertips hitting the marble strategy table.

 Starting from the little finger and moving to the index finger, Raffanie has a habit of tapping out a rhythm while refining tactics. Without blinking, she stares at the map, and for about a minute, only the fingertips of her right hand play a light rhythm.

 ”What is the level of the enemy?”

 ”The average level of the enemy soldiers is 50. The second princess serves as the ace unit, but Shiki will abduct her as part of the initial operation. The actual ace unit is a general named Kassandros, with a level of around 70.”

 In response to Raffanie’s inquiry, Felshiol succinctly presents the required information. Raffanie’s aquamarine eyes narrow. Her gaze swiftly moves around the red marks on the map, then, still looking down, she issues orders to her vassals.

 ”It wouldn’t be prudent to attack with all fifty thousand troops… First, we shall control the walls from the main keep and cut off their retreat. Aaron will take the main gate.”


 Aaron, the general in charge of the main gate, aligns his heels and makes his military boots resound. As the battalion general of the First Army, he is the leader of the vanguard, always entrusted with the most daring tasks, wearing an eye patch and the symbol of the [Dark Wolf General (Narvolph)].

 ”Guillaume will take the back gate.”

 ”As you wish.”

 The general of the [Paladin Liches (Paladin Liches)], Guillaume, is tasked with the back gate. Towering like Goldgang, he carries a menacingly large shield and a sword blade akin to a board, exuding a roughness at first sight. However, in reality, he is a solid strategist, making shrewd moves like a military advisor, never choosing a losing course.

 ”The castle will be captured by the main force. However, I will take command from the rear and leave the troops to Blackback.”

 ”Understood, Anego.”

 The adjutant, Blackback, crosses his arms in three pairs and holds out his chest. When Raffanie takes the lead, he holds a shield to protect her blind spot, and when Raffanie concentrates on commanding from the rear, like this time, he uses a six-sword style spear. He then leads the main army in Raffanie’s place, and is the strong general, who can be called the core of the First Army.

 ”The soldiers will break through the surrounding. However, Aaron and Guillaume, you will be in charge of the mission to reach the castle gates, regardless of enemy soldiers. We will build the main camp while destroying the enemy soldiers around the main gate and protecting the hole. After that, we left 3,000 soldiers in the camp and attacked the castle with 7,000 soldiers. This is what I think.”

 Raffanie paused, looking down, and paused for about five seconds.

 ”There is no need to blindly follow my orders. Each of you should think and act for yourselves. Even if the world changes, the battlefield remains the same. We, the First Army, have always crushed our enemies in this way, haven’t we?”

 The strength of the First Army lies in its flexible strategy. Raffanie determines the core tactics, and the four battalion generals use those tactics as a basis for their own thinking and actions. Of course, it is not allowed to leave the battlefield without reporting, but the high degree of freedom gives the First Army the aspect of being both a single corps and a gathering of five independent allied forces.

 From the perspective of the Third Army, which traps the enemy in a carefully planned tactic, the actions of the First Army may appear impulsive and haphazard.

 However, the coordinated tactics by the battalion generals, who can see the battlefield from a strategic perspective rather than just tactics, have indeed produced high problem-solving abilities and significant destructive power.

 Instead of moving according to predetermined tactics and roles, each individual thoughts and moves. This is why, at the moment a problem arises, in other words, the moment it seems to deviate from the path set by Raffanie, the problem is solved on the spot, preventing inconsistencies on a corps level. And even if something collapses, someone fixes it, preventing collapse on a corps level. This is why Charles can reliably carry out the missions assigned to him.

 This stability and flexibility are the true strengths of the First Army, which Charles trusts.

 ”Should we just kill the people, or is it better not to touch them?”

 It was then that Raffanie raised her gaze from the map. Her eyes filled with the power of the vast ocean, captured Felshiol.

 ”We have received a direct order from His Majesty not to harm the people. It is said that having as much information as possible is better.”

 ”Oh… How kind of him.”

 To be precise, it is an order that says “do not lay a finger with all your might”. Felshiol prefaced this statement.

 ”People are insignificant beings, but they still have value for now. It is not too late to kill them off when they become unnecessary or get in the way. Personally, I do not find it desirable to have nests of pests around Babellion, so eventually, they will be cleared away.”

 Felshiol agreed to keep the people alive for the time being.

 In the first place, there is no need to resort to occupation if they are going to massacre the people. Furthermore, there is no need to use the First Army. It was one of Felshiol’s ideas to use Twelve Pillars of the Saint Tower, including Rigalvan’s “Dragon Army,” to wipe out entire cities. Perhaps that would be easier. If they blow up cities, it would result in a war with the Empire, but they can also use the same firepower to turn the imperial capital and the army into ashes.

 Yet, the reason why they deliberately chose the troublesome occupation was because they saw value in the resource known as the populace. As they know nothing about this world, even the smallest piece of information is precious. Information that may seem useless at first glance, such as what kind of culture and values they hold, how they live, and what they eat, might prove useful in setting strategies in certain situations.

 Apart from information gathering, Babellion also has a facility called the human flesh farm, as there are many Monsters who prefer to consume human flesh. There is also the value of being food for Monsters like vampires who prefer to drink blood. Additionally, there are various roles such as using disposable laborers in places like mines as slaves.

 Then, Felshiol continues,

 ”As there is no prospect for replenishing soldiers including resurrection, the soldiers are to be preserved as much as possible to avoid losses.”

 ”There are no fools in the First Army who would be killed by a Level 50 human. If there were such fools, I would kill them before they were killed.”

 Raffanie said with a confident smile, leading her subordinates out of the tent. They would now gather in front of the ‘Reception Hall (Acheron)’ on the first floor and wait for Shiki’s signal.

 The contact between Babellion and the Empire was imminent.

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