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Chapter 145 [Medical Officer] Trick Her into Thinking He Has No Ulterior Motive and Then Do Intercrural Sex

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 ”No… nothing…”

 Lily swallowed what she wanted to say

 She wanted to say, “Don’t touch me after that”

 But she couldn’t. Because..

 (If I said that, it would mean that I thought Prince had an ulterior motive. It’s too rude to think such a thing to a Prince…)

 That’s why she couldn’t say anything

 It’s all right. It’s embarrassing, but it will pass soon if she just endure it

 While Lily was thinking like that, Alexis’ hand finally touches Lily’s breast directly

 Lily bit back the moan she was about to make

 And, before she knew it, Alexis had put down the bath towel and was touching her directly with the palm of his hand, which was covered with foam. Lily was flustered when she noticed this, but managed to tell herself that it was okay

 (Breasts are a sensitive place. So, Prince is just being considerate… He doesn’t have ulterior motives…? Maybe…)

 As Lily stiffens, Alexis’ hands start to crawl on her breasts

 ”Mmmm… Hmm…”

 Lily couldn’t help but squeal

 ”That tickles, Prince…”

 Alexis replied, “Ah, sorry”

 ”Well, should I put a little more pressure on it?”

 Alexis’ fingertip squeezes Lily’s pale bulge

 ”Hyah!” Lily let out a startled cry

 ”Eh, ah… don’t, don’t exert too much force… Hmm! …uhh…”

 Alexis’ hand moves in circles while squeezing them, and Lily jumps up involuntarily

 ”Ah, wait, Prince…”

 Lily gasps and shuts her mouth

 She hesitated to reject him

 But she is soon reminded that she should not have hesitated

 After all, the palm of Alexis’ hand rubbed the most sensitive part of her breast


 Lily tries to shut her mouth in a panic, but Alexis’ hand continues to rub her breasts

 He also rubbed Lily’s small nipples

 The slippery foam provides just the right amount of friction, and Lily shivers with a sweet tingling sensation that is not quite ticklish

 ”Hwah, ah, ahh…”

 Lily’s body shudders and shakes continuously, and her small nipples become erect without any choice. The rubbing increases, and Lily feels an even more peculiar sensation

 She soon realized that it was a sensual sensation, and she was turning red with embarrassment and apology

 ”Ah, uhh… Prince, no, don’t do that…”

 ”I said,” Alexis says

 ”I told you it’s okay. Are you really that uncomfortable with me washing you?”

 ”It’s not that…”

 (Prince, he has no ulterior motive, but I, like this…)

 Lily’s sense of shame is further accelerated by this thought

 But Alexis’ hand does not stop

 ”So, shouId I wash you a little more carefully?”

 He continued to play with Lily’s breast with his palm

 Lily tried to keep her voice down, but she was getting helpless

 ”Hyan, ah, no… I’m sorry, I…”

 She apologizes in a voice that sounds like it’s about to disappear, and Alexis replies to her in a completely debauched expression

 ”There’s no need to apologize. I don’t have any ulterior motives. Okay?”

 ”That’s… ah, ah…”

 Lily is shaking, and trembling

 Alexis noticed that a clear liquid was slowly oozing from the crack of her ass on the chair

 ”Ah,” Alexis says, bringing one hand down to reach her soft cleavage

 He slides his fingers between her buttocks, and it makes a wetting sound

 ”This one’s dirty, too, so I’m going to have to wash it properly, okay?”

 After saying this, Alexis removes the towel covering her crotch and extends his tentacle. She does not notice this because she does not look back

 Alexis again places both hands on Lily’s breasts and begins to rub them

 ”Mmm—,” Lily lets out a troubled sigh

 ”—Haah, haah, Prince…”

 Lily wriggles her hips, and Alexis inserts his p*nis between the chair and her ass

 ”Hyah!” this time Lily’s body jumped up and down

 ”Prince, what did you…?”

 Alexis hear Lily’s upset, almost crying voice

 ”Well, I thought I’d wash this place too. Don’t worry, I don’t have ulterior motives”

 And then Lily’s body shakes

 ”…I-Is it okay…?”

 Hearing her fearful voice, Alexis nodded

 ”Yes. This isn’t naughty at all, so, it’ll be fine”


 Lily finally swallowed her discomfort and decided to go along with Alexis

 Thinking that there was no need to be so reserved now, Alexis continued to caress her breasts and rub his p*nis back and forth against Lily’s secret place

 Lily’s body trembled and Alexis could hear her breathing heavily, as if she sensed more pleasure than before

 ”Oh, ah, ah… is this… is this… okay?”

 In between the debauched tones of her voice, Lily confirms

 ”This is—uh, ah… uh, it’s not naughty, right? I mean, is it okay…? It’s not weird, right? It’s… ah, ah…”

 Lily’s body slowly falls backward, leaning against Alexis’ chest

 ”Haah, haah, p-prince…”

 Lily’s back is completely resting on Alexis’ chest, and she is looking down at her own body

 She should have had a clear view of Alexis’ hand firm squeezing of her breast and the p*nis peeking out from between her legs

 However, Lily ignores this fact and instead chooses to accept Alexis’ words that it is not naughty

 Instead, she closes her legs slightly and grabs her chair tightly with both hands

 Then she rests her body against Alexis’ chest, almost bouncing up and down

 ”Ah, ah, hwahh—”

 A sweet sensation rushes up from the place where Alexis is touching her

 She is so embarrassed to speak out. But..

 (It’s not naughty… it’s okay, it’s okay…)

 She manages to control herself from being pulled back into a state of semi-doubt, and tries to trust Alexis

 But she couldn’t help the sweet sensation that was running through her body


 Lily finally says out loud

 ”Ah, prince, prince…—it’s so weird—Ahhh, this, I can’t stop..—”

 Lily managed to plead, her body trembling and her face in a state of utter debauchery

 But Alexis nodded and whispered, “It’s just on your mind,” as he quickened his pistons

 ”Fuee, please stop it, ahh—Ahhh—!”

 Lily, who could not believe that she was imagining it, climaxed with her inner thighs closing together

 Alexis’s cock was aroused by the sensation of being trapped between Lily’s slippery secret hole and her thighs

 So he ejaculated silently, not even telling her that he was going to cum


 Pushing down the sigh that leaked out, Alexis spurted out his cum between Lily’s thighs

 Lily was watching the white spurt wetting her inner thighs and the floor of the bathtub with her dim eyes and relaxing her body

* * *

 After a quick cleaning and a fresh cleansing, Lily and Alexis were immersed in the same bathtub

 Lily’s cheeks are still stained with embarrassment, and she turns away from Alexis, though she accepts his invitation to join him

 (Did I force her too much? Did I make her feel awkward…?)

 While Alexis thinks so, Lily starts talking to him, “…Um”

 ”…Prince, you didn’t…do anything naughty, did you?”

 It was Lily’s careful confirmation

 ”No, I didn’t.”

 Alexis responds, and Lily murmurs, “That’s right, isn’t it…?”

 ”B-But, Prince, you said you don’t have ulterior motives… M-Maybe, it’s like that, right…?”

 With a fading voice, Lily seems to have taken in the current situation in her own way. In other words, she has decided to trust Alexis

 (She’s a very determined person, isn’t she?)

 Alexis thought so

 ”Yeah, maybe that’s the way it is.”

 Alexis answered

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