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Chapter 165 [Princess-Maiden] It’s My Wedding Night, so I’m Going to Pour a Lot of Seed Into Her

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 Fransisca nodded and smiled shyly, but then she sat up and began to take off her clothes. She slipped off her gown, pulled off her one-piece dress from her shoulders, and slipped it off her body

 There is nothing underneath. Not even a single piece of underwear was on her

 Her skin, as white and smooth as porcelain, is unsparingly exposed before Alexis’ eyes

 Her baby-pink nipples, pointed at the tips of two plump fruits, remain upturned as when Alexis first touched them. She is at the mercy of his gaze with her slightly elevated skin color

 When Alexis turns his gaze toward Fransisca’s legs, further toward the base of her thighs, she does not resist but rather opens her closed thighs to the left and right so that Alexis can see her more easily

 As expected, she seemed embarrassed to do so without being told; even her ears were reddening. Even so, Fransisca opens her legs to form an M-shape and shows her most embarrassing part of herself to Alexis

 ”Look at this,” Fransisca says in a muffled voice

 ”This is all yours. But you belong to me too, don’t you?”

 Alexis, who had a bright red face and knew what she meant, smiled bitterly, nodded “yes, yes,” and then sat up and took off his clothes

 When he was completely naked, it was obvious that Fransisca’s eyes widened and became wet

 Her eyes were wet with excitement, and she was still showing her secret place to Alexis

 But she is happy to be seen as well as to be looked at

 Fransisca’s body is trembling slightly as her folds begin to flood with a thick, clear fluid even though it is not touched. Her breath also rushes out in little gasps

 Then, with loose lips, she gives Alexis a debauched look

 She wants to be touched, right? But she is also enjoying the situation. And now, Fransisca is waiting for Alexis’ command

 Finally, Alexis hugs Fransisca again, and she smiles a small, involuntary smile

 ”Sharing a place to sleep is much more than I thought it would be. Married couples are so special…”

 Fransisca pulls herself close and places her hips against Alexis’s growing cock. She moved her hips, listening to the squeaking sounds she made, and pressed her clitoris against Alexis’ pole, letting out a nasal breath

 ”Mmm, mmm… Alexis-sama… Please lie down…”

 Fransisca speaks brokenly between breaths, and Alexis nods without asking why. For tonight at least, he was going to give her what she wanted

 ”—Remember that? I was the first,” she says as she mounts on top of Alexis

 ”The day I first asked you to tear my virginity”

 Fransisca lowers the corners of her eyes and places one hand on her breast and the other lightly on Alexis’ lower abdomen. She then positions her breasts so that they lightly touch the tip of Alexis’ p*nis

 The position of the two is frustrating for Fransisca, as she only gently pokes the entrance of the honeypot. And despite her gasping for air, she continues her story

 ”For the first time in my life, I accepted your cock, and it filled me up so much. The pit of my stomach, which was so sad, was so, so full… so, Alexis-samaaaa!”

 Fransisca looks at him with a debauched look in her eyes and says in a voice full of debauchery

 ”Please, Alexis-sama! Please give me Alexis-sama’s cock! Haah, haah… I want it… inside my pussy. Please grind my pussy… please, take all of me… Alexis-sama…”

 Alexis grinned and said, “Okay.”

 Then, while lying on his back, he put his hand on his cock and let his moderately stretched p*nis stand out

 ”Do it yourself. Swallow my cock yourself and give me everything you’ve got”

 Fransisca smiled happily and nodded “Yes.”

 Then, as if she had been waiting, the cock thrust deep inside her


 She seemed to be very stimulated by the hard thrusts

 Her body shook violently, and she trembled with the p*nis inserted up to the base for a while

 Eventually, when she calmed down, she moved her hips up and down, enjoying Alexis’s p*nis

 ”Mmm—Ah, ah, ahhh—”

 She has a debauched expression on her face, moaning without trying to hide her moans, and is swinging her hips like a mad woman

 Her well-trained vagina is sucking on Alexis’s cock, making a gurgling sound as the love juice overflows, soaking the bed sheets

 And while looking down at Alexis, Fransisca smiles at him enchantingly

 ”Alexis-sama—enjoy your wife’s body, okay…”

 She says this as she sways her hips

 Alexis nodded and reached out with both hands to fondle Fransisca’s breasts. She then becomes even more hyperactive

 ”Oh, hmm, ahh—! No, if you touch me there, I’ll end up before I can enjoy it…”

 Fransisca shivers, tears forming in the corners of her eyes, biting her lip as she tries to hold back

 Alexis smiles and pulls Fransisca’s nipples


 She wobbles and shudders, and then, Alexis says to her, enjoying the tightness of her vagina

 ”Aren’t you just enjoying my cock now?”

 Hwahhh— Haah—! That’s not right, Haah!”

 Fransisca got teary-eyed and said in a muffled voice, “It just feels so good!”

 But perhaps Fransisca had come to her senses. She rubbed Alexis’ abdomen again and started shaking her hips

 ”I’m going to cum—I’m going to cum, but please enjoy it as much as you can…”

 Fransisca shakes her hips, talking in between moans

 ”Hwah, ah, ah! Aaah—! I, I, I’ll keep moving until you’re satisfied… nnggghhh! I’ll keep moving, ah, ahhh!”

 Fransisca seems to have already reached a light orgasm, and her body trembles

 Seeing this, Alexis pinches her nipples harder, and her body convulses even more violently

 ”Oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh—!!”

 Fransisca’s vagina spurts out a stream which drenches Alexis’ lower part of her body

 But Fransisca did not stop moving her hips

 —She was still moving her hips. However, she was not able to move her hips in any direction. She fell on top of Alexis’ body, clinging to it limply and wiggling her hips helplessly

 Alexis laughed at her lack of skill, but he decided to give her a chance to get over her feelings

 So, he grabbed Fransisca’s waist with both hands and said, “Let me do what I want,” and then moved his tentacle cock as he declared

 ”Nn—ahhh! Aaaaah!”

 For Fransisca, too, it seemed better to have Alexis move his cock than to move it herself

 And because she had climaxed several times, her chin averted, her body shaking and trembling

 Now, Alexis switched with Fransisca and fucked her as much as he wanted

 ”Now you’re going to have to have a lot of my babies”

 Fransisca smiled happily in her dazed state

 Deep inside her, Alexis was pouring a lot of semen into her


 Fransisca accepted Alexis’s white sperm deep inside her womb until her abdomen swelled up in ecstasy

 After that, when Alexis tried to pull his p*nis out, Fransisca stopped him by hugging him and whispering to Alexis

 ”…No. You have to keep it in there until I get your seed in me…”

 She wanted to conceive Alexis’ child, and Alexis couldn’t help but laugh when he realized it

 ”But we still have to do something first, don’t we?”

 Alexis put his hand on Fransisca’s head and hugged her

 ”I’m going to need you next to me for a few things”

 Fransisca blushed up to her ears and nodded her head

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