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Chapter 29 [Princess-maiden] Punishment By Covering Her Mouth in the Middle of the Camp

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Hah, hah”

 Her breath is already coming in ragged gasps

 However, Fransisca removes her clothes with trembling hands and finally strips naked

 This time she has no garter belt or socks, not even panties, since she was told to “take those off, too”

 As the floor of the tent is bare, she has to put the soles of her bare feet directly on the soil

 And so, in the tent, which serves as a command center surrounded by soldiers, a beautiful naked girl – a woman who is in a position to command the soldiers – is standing with her skin dyed vermilion

 This situation alone makes Alexis’s tentacle swell up

 Alexis quickly loosens his belt and, sitting on a chair, slips it out and orders Fransisca to serve him


 Fransisca nodded her head and kneeled down with her naked body and kissed Alexis’ tentacle p*nis

 When Alexis placed her glans against Fransisca’s lips, Fransisca opens her mouth and takes it into her mouth

 ”…Mmm *Kiss*… *Slurp*…”

 A watery sound echoes through the tent

 Fransisca’s tongue is still sloppy, so Alexis decides it’s time to educate her

 He asks Fransisca to put her hand on his ball sack and says, “Touch this side”

 Then he orders her to lick the back of his balls and the neck of his tentacle p*nis while she sucks them in her mouth

 Fransisca closes her eyes and does as she is told, playing with Alexis’s tentacle p*nis with her tongue in her mouth

 Still the awkwardness is not removed, and Alexis thinks, “Well, I guess I’ll just have to take my time”. But――

 ”Then, it’s time to go!”

 Alexis pulled out his tentacle p*nis from Fransisca’s mouth


 Fransisca looks over at Alexis with some reluctance

 ”Now, you’d better take this so that your voice doesn’t leak out before I punish you”

 Alexis tells Fransisca to open her mouth

 When Fransisca opens her mouth, Alexis puts in the crystal ball he had brought back from the dungeon today. It was just the right size


 Fransisca’s eyes were filled with tears

 ”Hwah his hit?? Hwah..?”

 ”I don’t know what you’re saying. Well, it looks pretty sturdy, so I don’t think it’ll crack even if you put your teeth into it, right? If it breaks, well, I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe it’ll have some kind of magical effect”

 Anyway, he wrapped the towel around her mouth and tied it


 Fransisca put her hand on the towel with tears in her eyes. But――

 ”Oh, by the way, if you take that off, you’ll be publicly executed”

 Alexis said smilingly and Fransisca’s hands stopped suddenly. In other words, he is threatening to show her to the Krangal soldiers who are still around the tent

 (I-I don’t want that!)

 Fransisca shakes her head shakily

 ”Then listen to me. Do you understand?”

 Alexis instructed, and Fransisca could do nothing but nod

 He made Fransisca bend down on the table, and then he squuezed Fransisca’s ass with the palm of his hand


 Fransisca was ticklish and embarrassed, but Alexis was telling her

 ”I’m going to spank you right here, so clench your teeth!”


 (How can I clench my teeth when I might break the crystal of my mouth?)

 Fransisca was in tears because she wanted to say so

 But all she could do was to wait trembling for Alexis who raised his hand and said “Let’s go!” because she doesn’t want to be publicly executed

 Slap! A sound echoed


 Fransisca uttered a muffled cry

 Then, her tooth hit the crystal, and Fransisca hastily opens her mouth

 (Thank God, it’s not broken…)



 Fransisca shivers

 She thinks to herself, “It still hurts…”

 And she reminds herself that her orgasm yesterday was an illusion

 But every time Alexis hits her with the palm of his hand, she feels a tingling, numbing sensation in her core. When it reaches her waist, it turns into a tingling sensation

 (Hyaaa, this is not an illusion…)

 As Fransisca was lost in thought, Alexis took out his tentacle p*nis and slid it into Fransisca’s pusy

 Her pussy is still wet as usual, so it is easy to insert it into her


 Even though her mouth is closed, her sweet-sounding voice is easily recognizable

 Fransisca was happy because she felt she had been penetrated very early today

 (Hmm? Is it okay? Can I have it already?)

 With that thought, her eyes lit up in anticipation. But――


 Her butt spanked with her pussy still inserted, and she screams, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

 ”Damn… Well, it looks like the rumors are true”

 Alexis is muttering

 ”Huh, huhhh?”

 Fransisca says, a question that is hard to put into words

 ”Yeah, I heard that spanking makes it tighter, so I wanted to give it a try”

 After saying this, Alexis moves his tentacle cock


 Fransisca shudders, and Alexis spanks her butt again. She seems to like that, too, after all, she lets out a debauched muffled “Mmmm!”

 (I have to use a restraint when I fuck her here…)

 Alexis thinks about this and lets his tentacle p*nis go deeper

 Then Fransisca’s body twitched as if she noticed it, and her hips was pressed tightly against Alexis’ thing

 ”Fuu, fuuu!”

 Fransisca’s breathing is ragged as she wriggles her hips against Alexis

 ”You really like it when someone comes deep inside you, don’t you?”

 Alexis pointed out, and Fransisca’s cheeks turned bright red

 However, it seems that she could not stop her action, and she continues to press her hips against Alexis with a mellow expression on her face

 ”All right, I’ll stop hitting you. So, you can shake your hips and cum all by yourself, okay?”

 Alexis patted Fransisca’s head from behind and said

 Fransisca nodded her head and started to shake her hips

 When Fransisca’s hips was pressed tightly against Alexis’ tentacle p*nis, Alexis stretched his tentacles deep inside her

 Fransisca seems to be trying to guide it in deeper and deeper, and finally the tip of the tentacle hits the opening of the cervix


 Fransisca’s body trembles

 But Fransisca still presses her hips against Alexis’s tentacle p*nis, so it is pushed in deeper

 It passed through, pushing her cervix, which was hard and tight like a ring

 Due to this, Fransisca’s hips bucked and spasmed, her spilled tears falling onto the table


 At last, Fransisca’s hips had stopped standing up

 She was lying down on the table, and Alexis couldn’t help but ask her “…are you OK?”

 Fransisca nodded her head and tried to move her hips, but she seemed to be unable to do so

 ”You’re so pathetic…”

 Alexis grabbed her hips and slid her hips up and down

 ”Huh…? Fugahhhh!”

 Fransisca’s hips jerked wildly

 She seems to have reached her climax again, and then she comes again and again

 Alexis thinks he should blame her for coming on her own, but he decide to leave her like this for today

 Instead, Alexis let his tentacle p*nis penetrate further into her vagina, holding the stimulation from her vagina, which was about to squeeze out his semen

 Fransisca reacts violently as the tentacle p*nis rubs the wall of her uterus


 She makes a muffled sound, and when a squishy sound can be heard, all the dirt from the wooden box which forms the table to her feet is soaking wet

 (Did this girl squirt?)

 Alexis, who thought she was supposed to squirt by stimulating her clitoris, was a bit surprised, but he decided to leave the matter aside for the moment. After all, Alexis had reached his limit by now

 ”Here, I’m going to give you your favorite cum, drink plenty of it”

 As soon as Alexis said that–

 Spurtttttt! Spurtt, spurtttt!

 He was spewing out the cum he had been holding back one after another


 Alexis’s hips trembled with the sensation of ejaculation

 Fransisca was also accepting it with her body convulsing. Her face is ecstatic with tears, and she looks very happy

 (Ahhh… Alexis-sama’s stuff is flowing into me so much…)

 Fransisca was loving even her own lower abdomen, which was gradually swelling up, and she gently put her hand on her abdomen to feel the swelling

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